EnhanceLite® A19 Generation-2 LED Lamps - World’s Highest Efficacy Warm White

Lednovation Breaks 100 Lumen/Watt Efficiency Barrier With Introduction Of World’s Highest Efficacy Warm White Led A19 Replacement Lamp - First high-quality Edison-type LED replacement offers no-compromise downlight alternative

LEDnovation, a leading innovator in LED lighting and replacement lamp technology, announced today the introduction of the industry’s highest efficiency and first high-quality 100 lumen/watt, warm white, dimmable A19-type replacement lamp. The first in the series of EnhanceLite® A19 Generation-2 LED lamps, the LEDH-A19-60-1-27D-I offers a 615-lumen output at a warm 2700K color temperature, delivering “on-the-target” light levels equivalent to a 60-watt standard incandescent or 13-watt compact fluorescent in standard downlight applications.
LEDnovation EnhanceLite LED GEN2 A19
* 615 lumen output with only 6.15 W power consumption
* Efficacy exceeding 100 lumens/watt verified at NIST accredited third party lab
* 90% energy savings compared to a 60-watt Incandescent
* 53% energy savings compared to a 13-watt CFL, without harmful mercury
* 2700K dimmable warm white with CRI greater than 90
* Designed for downlight and recessed fixtures

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Sony Ericsson Reveals Black Handsets are Most Popular

Black Sony Ericsson Handsets Are the Most Popular Colour with Facebook Fans - Sony Ericsson has revealed that black handsets are the most popular with Facebook fans. The number of entries received for competitions hosted on Sony Ericsson's global page is repeatedly highest in weeks where either a Cosmic Black camera phone from the Vivaz range or a Sensuous Black handset from the Xperia™ collection is the prize on offer.

The competitions, which can be entered by Facebook users that like Sony Ericsson's Facebook page have become increasingly popular since they started running on a weekly basis in April 2010. One of the most recent competitions launched on October 5 asked 'which women's tennis star won the singles final at the 2010 US Open?'. Over 14,000 people, the highest ever number of entrants in just one week, submitted the correct answer, Kim Clijsters, for their chance to win a Sensuous Black X10 mini.

Trends of colours have changed dramatically since the advent of mobile phones, which were predominantly available in black. Silver phones became extremely popular for a time and more recently, handsets like the Xperia X10 Android phone in Luster White have been treated as having a very contemporary appearance.

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Who's Knocking At My Door? Find Out Anywhere Inside Your Home With Handheld Device

Who's That Knocking At The Door? Find Out From Anywhere In Your Home With The iVision Wireless Intercom System - SpyTown.com announces the arrival of the Optex iVision wireless intercom system featuring a handheld LCD display unit that gives home and business owners the ability to see and talk to whomever is at the door, from anywhere in their home.

Optex iVision Wireless Two Way Intercom System

Shockingly, one of the most common ways for an intruder to enter a home or business is right through the front door. Peepholes and chain latches are increasingly becoming less safe, with thieves appearing seemingly innocent through a peephole, and chain latches being easily violated by a thief. The highly anticipated Optex iVision Wireless Two Way Intercom System has arrived and is here to change the face of front door security.

The iVision wireless intercom system features a handheld 2.25" LCD display unit that allows the home owner to see and talk to the person at their door from anywhere in their home, as well as a camera unit for the door. Its 500 foot transmission range allows anyone at home to utilize the wireless unit, no matter how large or small the home is.

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Tap 4 Tots - Children's iPhone App Makes Fun Learning

Tap 4 Tots - Children's iPhone App Makes Learning Fun - This simple gem of an application targets the tender learning ages of 6 months up to 8 years, and teaches young children the words for our facial features in 7 different languages. Touch the mouth of the cute monkey for instance, and hear the word for “mouth”.

Tap 4 Tots - The iPhone App for Kids

To celebrate, the makers of this iPhone app specifically designed for kids have put it on special for one week.

Sam, who is both a father and the man behind the idea of Tap 4 Tots, said that:

“My children inspired me to come up with an app that was both fun and entertaining, but most importantly something they would learn from.”

“I knew I had a great idea when we created a test version of the app, and my 6 year old son took to it like a duck to water.”

“What really impressed me is that within an hour, my son knew 5 words in Chinese.”

This simple gem of an application targets the tender learning ages of 6 months up to 8 years, and teaches young children the words for our facial features. Touch the mouth of the cute monkey for instance, and hear the word for “mouth”.

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Safely Store Secure-Data on Key-Shaped 2 GB USB Drive - SplashID Key

SplashData Launches SplashID Key Safe – An Inexpensive Gift That Safely Stores Private Info on a Key-Shaped 2 GB USB Drive - SplashID Key Safe enables anyone to store, sort and organize all of their confidential information on a USB drive they can carry on their key rings.

SplashID Key Safe USB Drive

SplashData’s SplashID has provided thousands of PC, Mac and mobile device users around the world with secure access to their most sensitive information – passwords, logins, account numbers, and identification numbers, among others. With the announcement of its new SplashID Key Safe, highly secured personal information can now be stored on a 2 GB USB drive in the shape of a key. Over this upcoming Black Friday weekend, SplashData is offering free shipping anywhere on all orders through Tuesday, November 30.

In this age of identity theft and free-flowing electronic data, protecting sensitive personal information should be a top priority for anyone. SplashID Key Safe enables anyone to store, sort and organize all of their confidential information on a USB drive they can carry on their key rings. Business travelers can access their data by inserting the Key Safe into the USB port on their laptops or any hotel computer. Upon removing the SplashID Key Safe, not a trace of data is left on the computer.

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Hungarian Theaters First to Screen 3D Movie Previews - Without Glasses

Largest Hungarian Theater Chain First to Screen Previews in 3D – Without Glasses: iPont International Features First-Ever Auto-Stereoscopic, Multiview Movie Trailers in Palace Cinemas

iPONT International, a creator, converter and distributor of glasses-free 3D, and Palace Cinemas, the largest cinema chain in Hungary, will screen 3D movie trailers without the need for 3D glasses -- giving movie-goers the first-ever opportunity to preview movies in 3D while in the lobby.

Beginning November 25 at the Palace Cinema West End in Budapest, Hungary, movie-goers will be able to see autostereoscopic movie trailers from MegaMind, Tangled, Tron and Narnia on a 65-inch 3D display. Timed to coincide with the Hungarian premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the trailers can be viewed from virtually any angle.

“To be able to walk up to a screen and see the action just pop right out at you – without glasses – is spectacular,” said Glen Harper, Sales Director of iPONT International. “We believe that once movie-goers get a taste of this experience, they’ll want more.”

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Innovative case to Enhance your iPad™ Experience - ZooGue

ZooGue: A Must Have iPad™ Case - The iPad™ is a revolutionary device, and it’s vital to have an innovative case to enhance your iPad™ experience.

 V2 iPad Case Genius

With the hundreds of iPad™ cases on the market, customers may feel lost in finding a case that will actually be a solution to the everyday use of the iPad™. Most cases have a couple angles which are ok; however they are unstable and limit your iPad™ experience. The ZooGue V2 Case Genius on the other hand is the only iPad™ case that is adjustable to any angle securely with its ingenious innovative Velcro design. ZooGue simply makes your iPad™ experience limitless at any angle. The ZooGue is cleverly convenient and any person that's tried it buys it. The ZooGue Case Genius is now available

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Kinect for Xbox 360 - Revolution in Controller-free Entertainment

Revolution in Entertainment Arrives Down Under with Kinect for Xbox 360 - Microsoft brings controller-free entertainment to Australia, with Kinect for Xbox 360 launching at retailers in time for Christmas.
Xbox 360 KINECT Bundle Box
Predicted to be one of the most significant consumer electronic product launches in history, Xbox Kinect’s world first technology features a revolutionary sensor which allows full body play for the first time.

Instead of using a traditional controller and pressing buttons, the player’s full body is captured by the Kinect sensor, enabling their movements and gestures to control the action.

By freeing people from the boundaries of a controller, Kinect brings entertainment to life in extraordinary new ways, getting people off the couch and using movement they intuitively know in real life to interact with the game. See a ball? Kick it. Control an HD movie with a wave of the hand. Want to join a friend in the fun? Simply jump in.

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New Wideband Tunable RF-to-Digital Transceiver - Spectrum

Spectrum to Demonstrate New Wideband Tunable RF-to-Digital Transceiver and High-Performance PC-Based Signal Processing Platform at SDR'10 - Spectrum will showcase the RF-4902, a 3U wideband, frequency agile RF tuner and exciter, and the SDR-2010, a pre-integrated PC-based signal processing system, at this year’s Wireless Innovation Forum SDR ’10 Conference in Washington, D.C. starting November 30th.

RF-4902 3U wideband frequency RF tuner and exciter

Spectrum Signal Processing by Vecima (“Spectrum”), trusted supplier of embedded computing and processing solutions for more than 20 years, today announced they will demonstrate two new high-performance signal processing solutions at this year’s Wireless Innovation Forum SDR ’10 Conference in Washington, D.C. starting November 30th.

The demonstration will highlight the newest additions to Spectrum’s arsenal of production-ready, flexible signal processing solutions: the RF-4902, a 3U wideband, frequency agile RF tuner and exciter, and the SDR-2010, a pre-integrated signal processing system that combines A/D and D/A conversion and FPGA processing in an Intel-based PC.

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3DComposer Software Creates 3D Photos for Viewing on 3D TVs or PCs

3DMedia Software Lets Consumers Create 3D Photos for Viewing on 3D TVs or PCs - 3DMedia Corporation released version 2.0 of 3DComposer, a software tool that allows users to create 3D photos using their existing digital cameras. 3DMedia's technologies address the problem of generating content for 3D display devices such as HDTVs and PCs.

3DComposer Software Creates 3D Photos for Viewing on 3D TVs or PCs

3DMedia Corporation recently released version 2.0 of its PC software product, 3DComposer. 3DComposer is a tool that allows users to create 3D photos using their existing digital cameras. These 3D photos can be displayed on 3D-capable computer monitors or TVs. 3DComposer is designed to be very simple to use, so even novice photographers can easily create 3D images. "We believe giving consumers the power to create their own 3D content will inspire them to embrace 3D technology," said Jason Hurst, General Manager of PC Products at 3DMedia. "This release underscores 3DMedia's continued commitment to delivering the highest quality 3D creation technology." A free trial of the 3DComposer software can be downloaded at 3dcomposer.com.

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Cell Phone Radiation - Electropollution, the New Invisible Pollutant

Cell Phone Radiation: We Know the Dangers, What are the Solutions? Ann Louise Gittleman Ph.D. has a Master Plan for Safety - ZAPPED a new book by health expert, Ann Louise Gittleman Ph.D. is the first comprehensive, step-by-step guide to protecting yourself from everyday exposure to hazards like cell phone radiation. Award-winning author, nutritionist, and First for Women magazine columnist Ann Louise Gittleman combines the best of energy medicine with the latest scientific research in a user-friendly plan designed to safeguard you and your family.

Zapped Cell Phone Hazards of Electronic Pollution Ann Louise Gittleman
In 2005, Ann Louise Gittleman was diagnosed with a benign tumor of the parotid, one of the salivary glands located just below the earlobe. It's a very rare tumor most often caused by ionizing radiation from X-rays, which she hadn't been exposed to. But, she had been addicted to her cell phone, and on it constantly, for years.

In 2008, researchers in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that individuals who kept their cell phone against one side of their head for several hours a day were 50 percent more likely to develop parotid tumors.

Unfortunately, like most Americans, she was under the false assumption that cell phones and other household electronics were safe. Now, she knows better. And it is even more crucial to be aware of the danger to children.

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Ultimate Media Player for MAC or PC - ARIA Entertainment Software

The Ultimate Media Player for MAC or PC: Make DJ Mixes, Scratch Videos and Sing Karaoke Anywhere - Not sure what to get this holiday season- the latest hot new entertainment software, or the coolest Android™ or iPhone™ Karaoke application?

ARIA Mobile Karaoke for iPhone and Android phones

Digital 1 Audio, makers of ARIA entertainment software believe the choice is easy – both. ARIA software (ariaparty.com) allows the user, regardless of skill level, to mix and scratch audio and video files, and turn their computer into a complete karaoke system. ARIA is also available as a Karaoke only version on both iPhone and Android mobile devices.

Digital 1 Audio releases ARIA entertainment software designed to please the DJ and karaoke fan in all of us.

ARIA allows you to have a more intimate and interactive experience with your Audio, Video and Karaoke files. With the success of games like DJ Hero 2, Karaoke and Hip-Hop artist console games, ARIA is designed to make it easy for anyone to DJ, mix and scratch both audio and video files on their Mac or PC, and turn any computer into a karaoke system.

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Cars to Cash - Website Will Buy Your Car Today!

New Bay Area Website Will Buy Your Car Today! - A downtown based website is purchasing cars from all around the Bay Area, paying competitive prices. Looking to spur the economy carstocash.net is paying for all kinds of used vehicles: cars, trucks, vans, minivans, etc.

Cars to Cash Website

An official Kelley Blue Book value estimator is built into carstocash.net so its users can be sure they are getting a fair market value for their used vehicle. Users can upload pictures of their car for sale, and get a quick call back with a quote. Traditionally people looking to sell their car would ask KBB prices through classifieds – online, or in the paper. Cars to Cash wants to make selling used cars a one-day process. Cars to Cash is safer than classifieds, as you don’t have to entertain strangers and give out your home address to make a sale.

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iView WiFi Digital Signage Display - Stylish Design for Retail Locations

iView – Offering a Battery Operated, WiFi Enabled Digital Signage Display with Stylish Design for Hospitality and Retail locations - i-Display’s launch of its simple-to-use digital signage display, the iView, attempts to fill this gap and at the same time to offer an elegant solution to retail stores.

iView Digital Signage Display
If you are an owner of a restaurant or even a personal boutique store you are more than likely looking for new ways to stand out from the competition and entice customers to make a purchase while in store. i-Display’s launch of its simple-to-use digital signage display, the iView, attempts to fill this gap and at the same time to offer an elegant solution to retail stores.

The iView is a compact 10.2” digital signage solution that has the ability to deliver digital communication anywhere and anytime. The iView is equipped with a WiFi system that automatically connects to a web based, easy to use remote content management system. The iView is available with an optional long lasting rechargeable battery, which offers the flexibility of being able to fit in any location, designed for those retailers with limited retail space. The iView provides a replacement to traditional forms of advertising such as Brochure Holders, and allows for interactivity with consumers using more appealing and dynamic content.

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snakebyte™ Accessories for PlayStation®Move from Sunflex USA

Sunflex USA to Distribute a Full Line of snakebyte™ Accessories for PlayStation®Move - Sunflex USA will be the exclusive distributor of the new snakebyte™ Move line for Playstation®Move.

snakebyte Move Motion Controller and Move Navigation Controller

The line includes the first third-party Move Motion Controller, Move Navigation Controller and Camera, which are compatible with all Sony PS3™ products and third-party PS3™ peripherals. To keep up with PS3™ firmware updates, snakebyte™ has equipped the controllers with built-in USB ports so users can easily receive firmware updates via USB.

On the heels of the European announcement yesterday, Sunflex USA, the exclusive U.S. distributor of the video gaming brand snakebyte™ and FINAL FANTASY® XIV controller, announces that they will distribute the new line of snakebyte™ accessories for PlayStation®Move. The line includes a Move Motion Controller, Move Navigation Controller and Snake-Eye Camera, which are compatible with all Sony PS3™ products and third-party PS3™ peripherals.

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Brand New Range of iPhone 4 Cases for Christmas

New Range of iPhone 4 Cases for Christmas - All 4 iPhone are pleased to announce the release of a brand new range of iPhone 4 cases available from today for the run up to Christmas.

Cavia Series iPhone 4 Case

Since launching the website at the beginning of October 2010, All 4 iPhone have seen steady growth in sales across their iPhone 4 cases range of all colours and designs.

With Christmas fast approaching, Apple are expecting to see rising sales of the iPhone 4 with millions more sold worldwide including several hundred thousand across the UK.

To celebrate the fast approaching festive season and the potential growth available to us, we have put together a range of both soft and hard iPhone cases in different colours and stylish designs.

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New 3.5inch Embedded Motherboard for Intel N450/ D510 Processor Range

3.5inch Embedded Single Board Computer with N450/D510 Intel Atom - Review Display Systems Ltd introduces a new compact industrial Computer ideal for applications where system space is at a premium.

Review Display Systems Ltd have introduced a new compact industrial motherboard based around Intel’s new N450/ D510 processor range.

The 3.5inch subcompact format board offers a comprehensive range of features aimed at industrial designers working on applications where space is at a premium. The Gene-LN05 can accommodated up to 2GB of DDR2 667/800 SODIMM , has two Gigabit Ethernet ports, 18bit LVDS or VGA output to drive a display and onboard resistive touch screen controller.

The N450 1.6Ghz processor option allows the board to operate fan less with just a passive heat sink where the D510 does require a fan to cool it.

The LN05 also has 2 Channel HD audio, two SATA 2 interface ports, seven USB 2.0 ports and six COM ports making it ideal for control and monitoring applications. Operation is from a 5 or 12V dc source.

The overall board size is just 146mm x 102mm, and system expansion

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Sony Ericsson Tennis on Foursquare Page - Tips and Info on Women's Tennis

Sony Ericsson Launches Foursquare Page for Sony Ericsson Tennis - Sony Ericsson has recently launched a Foursquare page for Sony Ericsson Tennis fans. By following Sony Ericsson Tennis on Foursquare, fans can unlock tips and information about women's tennis and the WTA. The page was launched in late October and announced on the Sony Ericsson Facebook page.

Foursquare is an application that encourages people to explore new locations and rewards people with virtual badges and even discounts or special offers. Foursquare engages with mobile customers and those on the go who like to share what they are doing. Customers are rewarded for their loyalty by checking in. Used as a fan engagement channel, Foursquare also enables fans to check in at their favorite sporting events where they can share tips about their experience and read feedback to see what others say.

The WTA and Sony Ericsson Tennis' Foursquare page will be offering exclusive tips for and around the 56 WTA tournaments each year. Recently Li Na, Ana Ivanovic and Daniela Hantuchova recommended the tip "Try the Pevonia Hand Treatments at the spa" at Nikko Bali Resort and Spa, while they were in Indonesia for the 2010 Commonwealth Bank Tournament of Champions. Future rewards will also include the opportunity to get VIP treatment at key events such as the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami, Florida.

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Skankeywear® Stylish Clothes - Resistant to Stain, Water, Fade, Odor and Wrinkles

Skankeywear Launches a Line of Comfortable Protective Wear - Skankeywear launches its one of kind graphic tee line of clothing treated with C6 Technology a revolutionary process that makes clothing stain, water, fade, odor and wrinkle resistant.

Skankeywear Stain resistant clothing

Skankeywear®, LLC. a Beaverton, Oregon headquartered company has launched the Skankeywear® brand; a range of T-shirts for the US market. The products have unique benefits that protect clothes from a number of things that can damage and stain garments. Given the active lifestyles of America’s youth, this product hits the mark. Skankeywear uses C-6 Technology, which is a special eco-friendly process that allows the clothes to be stain resistant, water repellent, fade resistant, odor repellent, breathable and wrinkle free. This advanced technology has been years in development but the results have been worth the wait. Says CEO Nathan Skankey “Skankeywear is the ultimate protective range of clothes for people that lead an active lifestyle.” Simply put, if you spill something on your clothes you will not have to worry about unpleasant odors and embarrassing stains.

Skankeywear clothes do not require ironing they can be shaken out after drying and immediately put on because they are wrinkle resistant. In a world committed to saving our planet, the consumer is now part of the solution given that they can save valuable energy with Skankeywear clothing.

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New High Precision Digital Thermometer - BetaProbe TI

Martel Announces Precision Digital Thermometer - Martel Electronics, the worldwide provider of Beta Calibrators and electronic testing equipment has recently announced the release of the new BetaProbe TI High precision Digital Thermometer.

Beta Probe TI High Precision Digital Thermometer

A new precision digital thermometer, the BetaProbe TI, is coming from Martel as a ready replacement for liquid-in-glass thermometry applications. With a total-cost-of-ownership far less than the traditional devices, the BetaProbe TI offers advantages in terms of reliability, precision, accuracy and ease of calibration.

The BetaProbe circuit design is based on that of the BetaGauge PI-PRO. It’s a solid design with over 5 years of harsh field experience with virtually no failures. The user interface will also be familiar to users of Martel’s gauge product.

The TI offers an accuracy of ±0.06°C over a measurement range of -50 to 160°C. The integral 3/16" (5 mm) diameter probe houses a quick response thin film sensor for quickly acquiring highly accurate readings using minimal insertion depth.

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Printer Paper 10% Discount for 2-Weeks at Inkjetsuperstore

Two Weeks of 10% Discount on Printer Paper at Inkjetsuperstore - The heavy holiday printing season has arrived and to help on printing consumable cost Inkjetsuperstore lowered Paper Prices 10%. People must choose from a complete stock of Laser Printer Paper, Inkjet Paper, Photo Paper, Specialty Paper, Labels and more.

Use Coupon Code: PAPER10 at checkout

Having the right type of Paper for printing projects is the key factor for perfect prints. Inkjetsuperstore knows this and because Holiday related printing has begun they lowered paper prices for the next two weeks.

Savings are valid for all types of printing paper available at Inkjetsuperstore. They have photo paper, laser paper, inkjet paper, business cards, labels,specialty paper, wide format paper and more. People can take advantage of this discount using coupon code: PAPER10 at checkout.

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magicolor® 3730DN A4 Color Printer - Ideal for Small Business

Konica Minolta Introduces the magicolor 3730DN Color Printer - New A4 Color Printer Offers High-Quality Output and a Small Footprint – Ideal for Small Businesses and Office Workgroups

Konica Minolta magicolor 3730DN Color Printer

Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. (Konica Minolta), a leading provider of advanced imaging and networking technologies for the desktop to the print shop, today announces the availability of the magicolor® 3730DN A4 Color Printer. An energy efficient solution that delivers high quality color output in an ultra-compact size, the magicolor 3730DN is ideal for busy, small offices and workgroups with growing document demands.

The magicolor 3730DN does not compromise speed due to its compact size. Printing at 25 ppm in color and B-&-W with a 120,000 page monthly duty cycle, the magicolor 3730DN has a height of only 13.6 inches to fit easily on a desktop or in tight office spaces for maximum productivity. This newest addition to the award-winning family of magicolor color printers is

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New iPad Case thats Stylish, Quality, Sleek and Streamlined look of iPad

New iPad Case Unveiled by Powis - Not your mother's iPad case: Powis iCase offers sturdy iPad protection with personalization, design customization, and 9 positions for all your iPad activities

Powis iCase offers 9+ viewing and working positions

Powis today announced its new iPad case, the Powis iCase™. This stylish, unique cover, which is inspired by the traditional book, enhances the sleek, streamlined look of the iPad, while offering quality protection. The sturdy designer stand offers 9+ positions, for every iPad activity. And there are more than 40 leathers and patterns to choose from.

“We set out to develop an iPad case that delivers on customer needs where other cases were falling short,” said Kevin Parker, CEO of Powis. “We heard from iPad users that they want a case that offers multiple, sturdy positions to enhance the usability of their iPad, a case that is easy to clean, and one that offers a variety of styles and ability to personalize. Powis iCase delivers on all these requests.”

What’s Your Favorite Position?
With its patent-pending designer stand, Powis iCase provides more than 9 sturdy positions for every iPad use. Whether you are watching a movie, playing a

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Bloodhound Super Sonic Car Set to Reach 1000 mph Land Speed Record

DiSTI Sponsors the Bloodhound Super Sonic Car - GL Studio Is Instrumental in Display Development for the Bloodhound Prototype Vehicle Set to Reach 1000 mph

Bloodhound Super Sonic Car

The DiSTI Corporation announces its strategic sponsorship of the Bloodhound Super Sonic Car (SSC) project, a U.K. program intending to break the land speed record with a vehicle capable of reaching 1000 mph. DiSTI’s industry leading graphical user interface toolkit, GL Studio, has been used for the development of the vehicle’s dashboard displays as well as the displays within the simulator.

The Bloodhound SSC Project uses GL Studio to gain the ability to prototype, test, train, and deploy their interface designs in real-time, thanks to the unique design architecture provided by the toolkit. With an environment that has no room for error, GL Studio’s high-fidelity and high-performance runtime graphics display engine is tuned to meet the demands of this project. GL Studio has been used to design and create the displays that will be embedded into the vehicle and reused in the simulator, offering critical consistency and efficiency to the program; ultimately conserving time and eliminating unnecessary redevelopment efforts.

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PwrSmart PC Power Management Software Controls and Saves Company's Energy

New Boundary Technologies’ PC Power Management Approved for Manitoba Hydro Incentive Program - New Boundary Technologies® today announced that Manitoba Hydro, a major Canadian energy utility, has approved New Boundary Technologies’ PwrSmart PC power management software for use in its Commercial Network Energy Management Program.

The program seeks to meet energy needs by making existing energy sources more efficient and driving consumers to reduce unnecessary personal computer energy use. Manitoba Hydro will provide rebates to Manitoba customers, covering 100 percent of the cost for each PwrSmart software license installed.

“After reviewing the power management functionality of PwrSmart from New Boundary Technologies, we were pleased to add the software to our Commercial Network Energy Management Program,” said Cheryl Elnor of Manitoba Hydro. “We believe all our customers should be rewarded for working with us to save energy, and PwrSmart makes it easy for them to have a real impact on energy consumption in our province.”

PwrSmart software is a simple, automated PC power management solution that centrally controls PC power settings and energy consumption. PwrSmart can help reduce a company’s overall energy consumption by 15 percent, lowering environmental impact and contributing to sustainability initiatives.

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High End Gaming Accessories and Peripherals Website - Gamingzap

Mobile Fun Launches GamingZap.com Gaming Accessories Website - Gamingzap.com to sell high end gaming accessories and peripherals. Mobile Fun, the UK’s leading Internet retailer for Everything Mobile, is widening its reach in the electronics and entertainment accessories sector by launching GamingZap.com (gamingzap.com), an online retail site dedicated to delivering the best console, PC and online gaming accessories and peripherals.

Saitek Cyborg rat74501

GamingZap will cater for pro and hardcore gamers with a range of high end peripherals and accessories, many of which will be exclusive to GamingZap.com.
PC gamers will be able to purchase the newest and best accessories including gaming mice, keyboards and headsets.

As if that wasn’t enough, GamingZap will also provide console gamers with products such as headsets, joysticks and controllers.

GamingZap’s launch product range features items from well-known pro-gaming brands such as:

* Madcatz
* Turtle Beach
* Razer
* Steelseries
* Sennheiser
* Tritton

Not only will customers have access to some of the best and latest gaming kit on the market, they will also benefit from fast delivery times. Orders placed by

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Get snakebyte™ Premium Fitness Board for Nintendo Wii® and Stay Fit

Stay Active Through the Holiday Season with the snakebyte™ Premium Fitness Board for Wii® - Sunflex USA wants gamers to stay active this holiday season with the snakebyte™ Premium Fitness Board for Wii®! The versatile fitness board double as an electronic scale and is designed to turn gaming into fun workouts by allowing players to stimulate ski jumps, skate, learn fitness coaches, play balance games, and more!

snakebyte Premium Fitness Board for Wii
There are tons of new fitness games released every month that are balance board compatible and this third-party board is sold separately, so gamers can purchase the board without purchasing Wii Fit or Wii Fit Plus!

Sunflex USA LLC, the exclusive distributor of the video gaming brand snakebyte™ and FINAL FANTASY® XIV controller, believes that a healthy lifestyle is important. A great way to get in shape and stay active is by doing it via a medium that’s already a part of your lifestyle — playing video games. Video games have evolved from stationary to engaging and the snakebyte™ Premium Fitness Board for Wii® is designed to turn gaming into fun workouts by allowing players to stimulate ski jumps, skate, learn with fitness coaches, play balance games and more.

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Multi-Touch Technology Explained in New White Paper

Multi-Touch Uncovered in Touch Screen Technology White Paper - Touch screen manufacturer, Touch International, announces the release of its latest white paper, “Putting the 'Touch' in Multi-Touch: an in-depth look at the future of interactivity”, which examines multi-touch technology.

Multi-Touch Technology Explained in New White Paper

Multi-touch technology has experienced explosive growth and popularity in the past few years due to the evolution of the Apple® iPhone and the release of Windows® 7. Shedding light on the multi-touch phenomena, touch screen manufacturer, Touch International, has released its latest white paper, “Putting the 'Touch' in Multi-Touch: an in-depth look at the future of interactivity."

A comprehensive look at multi-touch technology for readers from all backgrounds, this white paper provides a high level overview of multi-touch systems as well as an in-depth analysis of how the touch technologies work and what to expect in the future.

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Designer Laptop Bags and iPad Technology Cases - Kolobags

Laptop Bags and iPad Cases From Kolobags Make Great Holiday Gifts - Kolobags.com, the online boutique that offers the best variety of designer laptop bags and technology cases , is revving up for the holidays with their must-have designer technology bags, including the perfect laptop bag, iPad case, or every-day use bag for that special someone.

Designer Sleeves Laptop Case from Kolobags
Although Kolobags is based in Los Angeles, the staff travels the world to find the most exquisite, creative, and stylish brands and designers to offer their clientèle. Many of these are sold exclusively in the U.S. by Kolobags, giving customers a way to own one-of-a-kind products that, surprisingly, won't break the bank.

The Britto Collection by Heys has been in high demand this season. The vibrantly colored hard covered laptop cases and wheeled luggage are candy for the eyes. Choose from a number of Romero Britto's eclectic pieces of art to grace these extremely durable cases. The laptop cases in a brief and wheeled version are just hitting the market, and are bound to be in similar high demand.

iPads are here to stay and are sure to be the hit gift this season.

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Intel® Reader Handheld Gadget converts Printed Text to Spoken Word

Don Johnston Offers Special Pricing for Intel® Reader Handheld Device Transforms Printed Text to Spoken Word for People with Reading Disabilities - Don Johnston Inc., a company that develops assistive technology for individuals and students with disabilities, just announced a limited-time price offer for the Intel® Reader, a handheld device that converts printed text to digital text and then reads it aloud. Offer ends January 30, 2011.

Intel Reader scans and converts printed text into digital text and reads it aloud
Don Johnston Incorporated, a company that develops assistive technology for individuals and students with disabilities, just announced a limited-time price offer for the Intel® Reader, a handheld device that converts printed text to digital text and then reads it aloud.

For people who struggle to read standard print, the Intel Reader will increase reading independence and is especially useful for students who have low vision or a reading disability, such as dyslexia. Schools and individuals can purchase the Intel Reader for $899, with additional savings when purchasing multiple devices. The limited-time offer ends January 30, 2011.

Intel® Reader Product Features

Users can point the device’s high-resolution camera on any printed material such as a textbook, novel, magazine, menu, or bus schedule and instantly capture the text in digital format, see words highlighted onscreen and read aloud with quality text-to-speech. Voice preferences can be set for gender, pitch and rate. The Intel Reader can store up to 600 pages of images and text and up to 500,000 text-only pages. Built-in speakers and a headphone jack make any time reading possible and private. A USB port easily transfers the digital text to and from a computer and the rechargeable lithium-ion battery will play up to four hours. The Intel Reader supports DAISY 2.02, DAISY 3.0, NIMAS 1.0/1.1 MP3, WAV, and ASCII text.

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iLIVEx X11 Emulator Brings Firefox, Flash to iPads at SuperComputing 2010

iLIVEx X11 Emulator Brings Firefox, Flash to iPads at SuperComputing 2010 - StarNet enhances its iLIVEx X11 emulator for iPad with the ability to automatically display the Firefox web browser. Now users can run flash video on iPads.

Firefox is displayed full screen on the iPad with iLIVEx 1.1

StarNet Communications of Sunnyvale, California, a leading developer of X11 connectivity solutions, announces iLIVEx 1.1, a fast, secure and fault-tolerant X server for the Apple iPad that is now pre-configured to display the popular Firefox web browser full screen. The iLIVEx/Firefox combination enables iPads to display websites with Flash video.

iLIVEx 1.1 ($14.99 in the App Store) will be demonstrated this week in Booth 1713 at the SuperComputing 2010 trade show in New Orleans, Nov. 15-18.

iLIVEx is designed for first-time Linux users. “iLIVEx enables anyone to use Linux applications like Firefox and OpenOffice without training,”

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Creative's Latest Live! Cam Socialize HD 1080 Web Camera

Creative Announces New Live! Cam Socialize HD 1080 Web Camera - New Line of HD Web Cameras Now Available with 1080p Full HD Resolution, Auto Focus Lens and Ultra Precise Noise Canceling Microphones

Creative's Latest Live! Cam Socialize HD 1080 Web Camera

Creative today announced the new Live! Cam Socialize HD 1080 HD web camera. Sporting a full HD sensor with 1080p resolution, auto focus wide-angle glass lens and built-in dual adaptive array microphones with beam-forming and noise cancellation technologies, the Live! Cam Socialize HD 1080 is a formidable tool for video chatting and more.

“We are constantly pushing for newer and better features for our web cameras. With the Live! Cam Socialize HD 1080, we are offering a wide variety of newly enhanced visual, audio and software features from full HD resolution, an auto focus capability, beam-forming and noise cancellation technologies and also a business card scanning feature,” said Steve Erickson, VP and GM for Audio-Video Group at Creative. “Our aim is to offer users an unparalleled experience when using our Live! Cam Socialize HD 1080.”

The Live! Cam Socialize HD 1080 has built-in dual adaptive array microphones which form an adjustable beam angle that ranges from 20°to 180° and enable the optimal performance of a headset-free

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Computer Cables and Other Items on Bulk Online-Sale

Online Computer Cable Manufacturer, PI Manufacturing Corp., Showcases Featured Items for November - PIMFG.com, the online supplier of computer cables and other top quality computer and security accessories, showcases its featured items for the month of November. Additionally, three of this month’s featured items are available at discounted prices.

Snake Scope CMOS Camera with Flexible Cable

This month, customers can save big on the Bluetooth cellular phone gateway, a product that builds a multi-cellular extension at home, on sale now for only $49.00. The 3 Port USB 2.0 Hub Cable measures in at 2.4 inches in length, and is now available with a reduced tag price of only $5.95. Last but not least, the snake scope CMOS camera with two dimmable flexible cable white LED lights may now be purchased for only $29.00.

Other items on this month’s featured products include USB optical mice, standard USB keyboards with extra keys, numeric USB keypads, dome camera kits, Sony color CCD weatherproof IR cameras, four-channel DVRs with remote viewing, slim adjustable tilting wall mount brackets, and wireless routers. Others November featured products include tons of different kinds of computer cables, including USB cables, HDMI cables, micro USB cables, and dock connectors to USB cables for the iPod, iPad, and iPhone

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Gifts for Lefties of Every Age, Gender, and Range of Interests

The 12 Best Gifts for Left-Handers: Find Gifts for Lefties of Every Age, Gender, and Range of Interests - Left-Handers are great people to give presents to - because there is a group of very useful tools that can make an enormous difference to them. We asked our 3000+ email subscribers to tell us what they thought were the Best Left-Handed Gifts, and used that information to create this list of the 12 Best Gifts for Left-Handers.

Essential Tools for Left-Handed Kids Over 10

The 12 Best Left-Handed Gifts:

Lefties are Great People....to give presents to. Everyday tools and utensils make very thoughtful gifts when they are configured for left-handed use. A handsome pair of left-handed scissors or an elegant pen designed for lefties, make a more personal and meaningful gift than the same item does for a right-hander, because righties do not have difficulty using most of the pens and scissors in the world.

Lefties have very specific functional problems with the right-handed world they inhabit. Scissors don't work well, especially for cutting complex shapes. Pens and pencils smear, and the writer can't see what is being written because their left hand. Covers it up. Writing often hurts their hand after a while because pens and pencils have to be gripped tightly to push the point from left to right. Notebooks and portfolios open backwards, and the spiral coils on spiral notebooks cut into the left hand while writing.

Left-handers also naturally orient towards the left – counter-clockwise. Clockwise rotation in clocks and watches feels backwards, and it's hard to turn the handle clockwise on can openers and corkscrews.

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SLAPPA 'Bottomless Pit' Uniquely shaped, 8-gallon Travel Trolley

SLAPPA, makers of award winning backpacks, laptop cases, iPad cases and bags to port and protect digital gear and multimedia gear for DJ's, gamers, photographers and travelers, today announced the launch of the new "Bottomless Pit" travel trolley. Ideal for the 4-day trip, the "Bottomless Pit" is a piece of luggage that provides users with ultimate flexibility to travel with clothes, multimedia equipment and a laptop.

SLAPPA Bottomless Pit Travel Trolley

SLAPPA invested 2 years in the design and testing of the "Bottomless Pit", which has resulted in this uniquely shaped, 8-gallon trolley that fits as carry-on with many airlines. The "Bottomless Pit" features clean lines, 1680D Ballistix nylon which provides protected space for clothing, shoes, and/or large electronics, inner long lock down straps to secure gaming consoles, DJ mixers OR clothing, and a front "quick-access" section that can fit up to an 18" laptop. Also included on the inside are 8 pockets (4 mesh, 4 nylon) for gadgets

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Archos 101 first Android-based Touch Screen Tablet Available by week

Archos 70 Internet Tablet & Archos 101 Android Tablet Available to Purchase on 11/18/10 - Archos, one of the first manufacturers to offer Android tablets, is pleased to announce the addition of two new internet tablets to its Android-based product line.

Archos Android Tablet 101

The Archos 101 touch screen tablet is quite a handful of technology. With a large high-resolution 10.1’’ screen and less than half an inch thick, it offers internet access and HD multimedia that is completely customizable with the abundance of Android applications. For consumers who prefer a smaller package and a capacitive touch screen, the company has created the Archos 70, with a 7.0” screen and capabilities similar to the Archos 101 plus an optional 250GB storage capacity. Both touch screen tablets allow users to surf the web in full width just like on a PC, so no more fumbling around on scaled-down web pages with less than full functionality.

Both internet tablets also play all music, video, or photo formats, which can even be played via Wi-fi from a PC, reducing the need for storing them on the tablet itself, even though ample storage is available. The Archos 70 comes with 8GB or 250GB, while the Archos 101 offers 8GB or 16GB. Tethering, using a mobile phone’s internet capabilities, enables users to be connected to the internet from anywhere by simply plugging in a mobile phone equipped with 3.5 G and Bluetooth™

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Win nVidia Notebook Computer on Photo Contest at Fodors

Win a Notebook Computer from NVIDIA with "Show Us Your African Safari" Photo Contest on Fodors.com - Fodor’s Travel announces the launch of an African Safari photography contest, “Show Us Your African Safari” through which one grand prize winner will win a notebook computer courtesy of NVIDIA.

From November 12 through December 13, visitors to Fodors.com are invited to upload their favorite African safari photos, detail the stories behind them and share their adventures with other travelers. The winning photographer will receive an Acer Aspire Notebook computer including NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 420M graphics with NVIDIA® Optimus™ technology. Ten runner-up winners will have their photographs featured in a slideshow on Fodors.com and win a Fodor's guide of their choice. All photographs will be considered for publication in the upcoming edition of Fodor’s African Safari guidebook.

“Every day of an African safari is truly unforgettable, from early-morning game drives to amazing stargazing,” says Fodor’s Publisher Tim Jarrell. “Whether zipping from camp to camp in a tiny Cesna or embarking on a multi-day walk through the bush, we have no doubt our travelers are pros at capturing the sights and the Big

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New Samsung Toner Cartridges ideal for Business and Home Prints

GraphicToners.com Introduces New Samsung Toner Cartridges; Plus Free Shipping and Discounts for New Customers - GraphicToners.com, an online retailer of Samsung Toner Cartridges, launches new and popular Samsung toner cartridges that are ideal both for business and home printers. Meanwhile, new customers are still eligible for a 5% discount, while all customers can receive free shipping for all purchases of Samsung toner cartridges and other brands.

Samsung MLT-D105L Black Laser Toner Cartridge
GraphicToners.com, a leading vendor of Samsung toner cartridges and pother laser printer toner cartridges, proudly offers new Samsung toner cartridges for the printing industry. In addition to introducing the four latest black Samsung toner cartridges, GraphicToners.com also carries the complete line of Samsung toner cartridges that are perfect for both company and individual use.

Customers can receive first-rate print quality and save up to $30.00 on Samsung toner cartridges by using Samsung MLT-D209S Black Laser Toner Cartridges. Each product is designed to meet the highest quality standards with page yields exceeding OEM standards. Print like a professional with the premium remanufactured Samsung MLT-D105L and Samsung MLT-D209S now on sale for $48.95 each, originally priced at $78.95. Each cartridge is built for rigorous use and has the ability to generate up to 2,000 pages at 5% coverage, standard capacity.

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New Ultra-High Speed 3.2 GSPS 12-bit ADC XMC Module - Spectrum

Spectrum Announces New Ultra-High Speed 3.2 GSPS 12-bit ADC and FPGA Processing XMC Module - The XMC-1151 provides ultra-high speed analog-to-digital conversion (ADC) at 12-bit 3.2 GSPS combined with high-density FPGA processing in a rugged, space-efficient XMC (VITA 42.3) module.

XMC Module XMC-1151
Spectrum today announced the latest member of its family of analog I/O and processing modules, the XMC-1151. The XMC-1151 provides ultra-high speed analog-to-digital conversion (ADC) at 12-bit 3.2 GSPS combined with high-density FPGA processing in a rugged, space-efficient XMC (VITA 42.3) module. The XMC-1151 enables direct conversion of low-pass or bandpass analog or RF signals up to 1.6 GHz input bandwidth. This allows users to reduce overall system size, cost and power consumption for applications such as software defined radio (SDR), Electronic Support Measures (ESM), RADAR, and

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Affordable, Efficient Packaging Case Sealers at Discount - Best Pack

Best Pack Offers Manual Bottom Drive Case Sealers at a Discount - Best Pack, leading online provider of affordable packaging solutions, gives entrepreneurs an early Christmas treat. The company’s manual bottom drive case sealer is now available for only $2,669, which is $879 off its retail price.

Best Pack Manual Bottom Drive
Best Pack, leading online provider of affordable and efficient packaging solutions and case sealers, gives entrepreneurs an early Christmas treat as it offers its manual bottom drive case sealer at a discounted rate of $2,699, which is $879 less than its original retail price. The manual bottom drive case sealer series is the most economical in Best Pack’s line of manual and automatic case sealers. This operator-fed machine is ideal for light to heavy duty uniform carton closure applications. The manual bottom drive case sealer series is designed with four adjustable legs for quick and easy height adjustment in production lines. This type of case sealer features two bottom belts, a telescopic mast design, adjustable bed height, height adjustment on

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Sony Ericsson says Open Source Mobile OS Android is Best for Brands

Android is The Best Development Platform, Says Sony Ericsson - Android, the open source mobile application operating system, is the best platform for brands to choose as it is already favoured by large numbers of developers and it is now expanding into further countries at a rapid rate, according to Sony Ericsson.

Plenty of organisations have chosen to develop their applications on Android and, as stated by telecom research firm Ovum, the platform is poised for tremendous growth over the next couple of years. In June 2010, Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google said that Android is getting 160,000 new users per day and at the end of September 2010 Android announced that developers from 20 more countries can sell paid apps on Android Market and users in 18 additional countries will be able to purchase paid apps from Android Market by mid-October.

Developers are giving preference to Android due to a number of technology related reasons but one of the main benefits to the system is that it is open source and therefore free. This is especially advantageous for amateur developers who want to try their hand at turning an application idea into a reality that other people can download from the Android Market. Additionally, other platforms insist on approving app products

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ID8-Mobile’s MoGo Talk XD™ for iPhone 4 gets CES Innovations Award

ID8-Mobile Named CES Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering Award Honoree: High-performance Integrated Bluetooth Headset and Case, the MoGo Talk XD for iPhone 4, Recognized in the Wireless Handsets Accessories Product Category.

MoGo Talk XD for iPhone 4

ID8-Mobile today announced that it has been named an International CES Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree for the MoGo Talk XD™ for iPhone 4. Products entered in this prestigious program are judged by a preeminent panel of independent industrial designers, engineers and members of the media to honor outstanding design and engineering in cutting edge consumer electronics products across 35 product categories.

MoGo Talk XD, the world’s thinnest (5mm) Bluetooth headset, is the only integrated headset and protective case system for the iPhone 4. The MoGo Talk XD seamlessly and securely docks and charges on the back of an iPhone 4 case, providing the ultimate communication convenience and mobile device protection, as well as crystal clear conversations, superior comfort and fit, easy charging, and a place to store your Bluetooth headset

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EnhanceLite® LED Product Series has High Quality LED Lamps

Replacing Traditional PAR Lamps, LEDnovation Extends LED EnhanceLite® Lamp Line - PAR, R and CFL reflectors in cross-hairs of high-quality eco-friendly alternatives: LEDnovation, a leading innovator in LED lighting and replacement lamp technology, today announced the addition of PAR20, PAR30 and PAR38 lamps to its EnhanceLite® LED product line.

LEDnovation EnhanceLite LED PAR38
High quality LED lamps, such as the EnhanceLite® series, are currently positioned to deliver equivalent or improved lighting performance in comparison to incandescent/halogen and compact fluorescent (CFL) reflector lamps while reducing electricity consumption by up to 88%.

* Center beam candle power (CBCP) ranging from 1300 for the PAR20 to 3550 for the PAR38 at 27° beam angles
* Effectively replace 35 to 90 watt incandescent PAR lamps
* Available currently in 27° and 35° beam angles
* The EnhanceLite® line is targeted towards retail, hospitality and commercial markets, cost-effectively delivering high quality light into applications which average 8 or more hours of daily use

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Google Chrome™ Browser Version of SiteLauncher® Released

New: SiteLauncher® for Google Chrome™ released by DoneSmart Ltd - DoneSmart Ltd, makers of the widely-used SiteLauncher Add-on for the Mozilla Firefox™ browser, today officially announce the much anticipated first release of SiteLauncher for the Google Chrome browser.

SiteLauncher Logo
The first ever version of the SiteLauncher software for the Google Chrome browser has now been officially released to the public. The new browser extension - a free-to-use product from UK based startup, DoneSmart Ltd - is designed to give users a faster and clutter-free method to navigate to sites they regularly use and to help them manage their bookmarks in a more efficient fashion.

"SiteLauncher started out with one focused goal - find the way for users to access their important websites and manage their bookmarks in the quickest and most streamlined way possible. A lot of thought and development time has gone into making the user experience feel as quick and light as possible" said David Morrison, DoneSmart CEO. "Technology changes on a daily basis, but what hasn't changed is the user need to regularly get to different services online - the services change

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Matrox Extio F2408 Graphics Expander Connects 8-full HD Displays at 1 KM Away

Matrox Announces New High-Performance KVM Extender for Mission-Critical Environments - Matrox Extio F2408 drives four high-resolution displays, delivering uncompromised performance up to 1 kilometer from the host PC

Matrox Graphics Inc. today announced the launch of the Matrox Extio F2408, the latest remote graphics solution that separates up to four high resolution displays plus USB keyboard, mouse, and other HIDs from the host system by up to 1 kilometer (3280 feet) of fiber-optic cable. Building on the success of the existing Matrox Extio product line, the Extio F2408 unique bus extension technology guarantees full HD resolution support and uncompromised workstation performance at the operator station. Extio F2408 can also add additional outputs with the optional Matrox Extio F2408 Expander to connect up to eight displays—at resolutions up to 2560x1600 per monitor—to reliably drive process control rooms, dispatch centers, and other mission-critical applications from a single workstation, fiber-optic cable, and adapter.

"The Extio F2408 KVM extender allows system operators to benefit from a graphics platform that delivers the same image quality and system performance as if they were located at the host PC," says

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Touch3d™ Release Latest Multi-touch Design "flipbook" Interactive

Touch3d™ Release Latest Multi-touch Interface Design - Latest Industrial designed multi-touch interactive solution. Touch3d announces the release of the latest design "flipbook" interactive. The contemporary design demonstrates the latest optical touch technology with multi-touch interface. Touch3d designs and manufactures its own components and software.

Touch3d™ Release Latest Multi-touch Design Flipbook Interactive
About Touch3d
Touch3d design unique products for a range of solutions. Our industrial design service can provide innovative and functional products including concept design, 3d Cad development, manufacturing and mechanical engineering. We design custom products with Multi-Touch technology and our designers can create innovative and functional kiosks, large format interactive displays up to 120inch, Exterior Through-Glass touchscreens, In-Wall touchscreens, and our own manufactured LCD Touchscreens.

Design requires a unique and provocative approach of understanding technology and custom designs are a common expectation that offer

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Spectrum 3U OpenVPX™ Analog and Digital I/O Processing Modules

Spectrum Announces 3U OpenVPX™ Family of Products for Demanding ISR and Software Defined Radio Applications - Spectrum's new VPX modules will offer an unparalleled blend of performance and quality in a rugged form factor.

Spectrum 3U OpenVPX™ Analog and Digital I-O Processing Modules

Spectrum today announced the launch of a family of analog and digital I/O processing modules based on the 3U OpenVPX™ standard (VITA 65). These new VPX modules will offer an unparalleled blend of performance and quality in a rugged form factor to meet the demanding processing needs of ISR and Software Defined Radio applications.

“Spectrum is committed to providing our customers choice in selecting I/O and processing modules across a range of form factors to meet the harsh size, weight, power and environmental requirements in

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Record Low $1.45 a Month Hosting Services - CPWebHosting

CP Web Hosting Launches Record Low Hosting Services at $1.45 a Month: All Other Services 20% off - CPWebHosting has announced the launch of web hosting plans at a record low $1.45/month! The pricing commemorates a banner year for CPWebHosting – who is further celebrating its success by offering a 20% discount on all other services!

In an industry first, CPWebHosting has announced the launch of web hosting plans at a record low $1.45/month! The pricing commemorates a banner year for CPWebHosting – who is further celebrating its success by offering a 20% discount on all other services!

“We have grown exponentially this year,” says Jim Partner, head of CPW’s Marketing. “It just goes to show that if you offer great services at a great price, the word will get out. We are nearing our goal in becoming one of the top hosting services on the web.”

CPWebHosting offers a full range of hosting solutions that incorporate the latest in web technologies including e-commerce tools, customizable e-mail accounts, branded control panels and site builders

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New Affordable and Secure ATM - Genmega 1900 Series ATM

Genmega Launches the New 1900 Series ATM - The 1900 Series brings an affordable and secure ATM to the retail market. Genmega, a provider of leading edge products and technologies for the retail ATM market, is proud to launch the new 1900 series ATM to better secure and manage retail ATM investments. The 1900 series introduces new layers of security to ward off theft in addition to a cost-effective alternative to upgrade pre-existing ATMs.

A new flashing LED light is strategically placed to inform individuals of the heightened security level, acting as a theft deterrent, and the UL 291 business hour cabinet features a vault door overlap thereby increasing the level of difficulty to obtain access to the unit.

With the new cabinet design, Genmega is now able to accommodate the Talaris SDD 1700, a popular cassette mechanism known for its long life cycle and found in many retail ATMs. As such, many Independent Sales Organizations are now able to purchase a Genmega 1900 ATM without the cassette mechanism. This will allow businesses to update retail ATM estates to meet various regulations and certifications

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PCWorld Awards iVina BulletScan S300 Duplex Color Document Scanner

iVina BulletScan S300 Document Scanner Awarded PCWorld’s The 100 Best Products of 2010 - PCWorld noted the BulletScan S300's exceptional portability, versatility and automatic one-step scanning and uploading to Google Docs as features which makes this duplex scanner an exceptionally useful tech product.

iVina BulletScan S300 Duplex Color Document Scanner
iVina announced today that PCWorld named iVina’s BulletScan S300 duplex color document scanner one of “PCWorld’s The 100 Best Products of 2010”. PCWorld’s 100 Best Products rates the most innovative, useful and influential technologies each year. PCWorld scanned the entire universe of technology this year – HDTVs, phones, tablets, PCs, e-book readers, storage, software, services, apps, digital cameras, camcorders, printers, and more – and picked the 100 best.

The BulletScan S300 ranked #59 in PCWorld’s The 100 Best Products and was also included in its “Storage and Most Useful Gadgets: Best of 2010” subsection. The Google Android was ranked #1 and the Apple iPad as #2

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Popular WP Robot Autoblogging Plugin for Wordpress - Lunatic Studios

Version 3.2 of WP Robot Autoblogging Plugin for Wordpress Now Allows Remote Control and Complete Automation of Any Number of Websites - The release of version 3.2 of the popular WP Robot plugin for Wordpress weblogs, developed by Lunatic Studios, adds several new features and automatic content sources to the software as well as a new remote control service.

Popular WP Robot Autoblogging Plugin for Wordpress

Lunatic Studios launched a new version of its popular Wordpress autoblogging plugin called WP Robot today. WP Robot is intended to help bloggers safe valuable time and earn more advertising revenue off their weblogs by aggregating content from a wide range of sources and posting it to the blog in custom intervals on autopilot.

This latest release adds several new content sources to the software, bringing the total number of sources WP Robot can aggregate content from automatically to 18, seven of which are monetized and thus can earn the users of the plugin affiliate commissions by displaying the content on their weblogs. The new content sources include Commission Junction and Linkshare.com, two of the most popular affiliate networks with many high-profile merchants

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Wireless Biosensor to Measure Human Emotions - Affectiva's Q™ Sensor

Affectiva Launches Wearable Biosensor to Measure Human Emotions; MIT Media Lab Spin-Off's Q Sensor Now Available in Commercial Beta - Affectiva's Q™ Sensor biosensor is now commercially available in beta form the company said today at the Future Forward Executive Forum, where Affectiva is a featured company.

Affectiva is an MIT Media Lab spin-off developing multiple technologies to measure and communicate emotion. The Q Sensor is a wireless, wearable biosensor that quantifies emotional excitement by measuring physiological responses including skin conductance (also called Galvanic Skin Response or GSR), motion and temperature. It provides an objective biomarker for measuring emotion information that is difficult or impossible to capture otherwise.

The device can help people break through major barriers to communicating their emotions. Unlike traditional questionnaires and focus groups, the Q Sensor measures participants' actual emotional signals rather than their self-reported reactions. Unlike standard GSR devices, its wireless, wristwatch-like form-factor makes it usable in natural settings outside of specialized labs.

The Q Sensor comes with downloadable software for visualizing and analyzing data

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Thousands of Free Online Games Expected to Grow to 15,000 Games

Website with Thousands of Free Online Games Destined to be One of the Largest Online Arcades
NoChargeArcade.com, a website consisting of free online games, announced today that it now has thousands of games from around the web and its selection of games is expected to grow to 15,000 by the summer of 2011, which would make it one of the largest online arcades.

No Charge Arcade announced today that it now has thousands of free online games from all over the web and the overall goal of the website is to have over 15,000 free online games by the summer of 2011.

No Charge Arcade wants to be the number one arcade on the internet for thousands of family friendly games. How the arcade intends to achieve this is to consist of high quality family friendly games and be the one stop website for online gamers. The arcade does not even require a membership and you can play as many games as you want with no daily limit. The website is growing rapidly with new games being added weekly. Over 1,000 games were added just this past week.

No Charge Arcade is also one of the most user friendly arcades on the internet as it does not have intrusive advertisements. The arcade currently has the following categories of games: Action games, Adventure games, Board Games, Card Games, Driving Games, Humor Videos, Puzzle Games, Racing Games, Role Playing Games, Shooting Games, Skills Games, Sports Games, and Strategy Games. More categories of games are coming soon and No Charge Arcade says it is planning to add another thousand games to the arcade within the

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Creative ZiiO Touch Tablet is Pure Wireless Entertainment Tablet

Creative Technology Ltd. today announced the release of a new Pure Wireless Entertainment solution comprising of Creative ZiiO 7” and 10” Pure Wireless Entertainment Tablets, Creative ZEN Touch 2 Wireless Entertainment Device and Creative WP-300 Bluetooth Headphones.

Creative ZiiO Touch Tablet
These new offerings together with Creative’s already extensive range of Pure Wireless speakers, give users everywhere the most complete pure wireless entertainment system available today.

Creative ZiiO Pure Wireless Entertainment Tablet

The Creative ZiiO touch tablet — the world’s first apt-X enabled touch screen tablet — which runs on Android, delivers the best wireless audio performance from an Android™-based tablet in the market, differentiating it from similar devices.

Creative ZiiO tablet also delivers the most seamless, fuss-free Bluetooth pairing experience with Creative’s extensive range of speakers and headphones.

All this has been made possible through the know-how gleaned from Creative’s longstanding history of audio engineering expertise that produced the Sound Blaster, X-Fi and a host of award winning portable media players and speaker systems. In the process of creating a Creative ZiiO tablet, Creative applies these high audio standard benchmarks to

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Creative ZiiSound™ T6 - Highest Quality Wireless Surround Sound Speaker System

Creative Launches ZiiSound™ T6 – the Premium Speakers That Deliver the Highest Quality Wireless Audio with Surround Sound - Newest Addition to the Extensive Pure Wireless Speaker Family is An Excellent Choice for Music or Movie and Game Soundtracks.

Creative ZiiSound™ T6 Highest Quality Wireless Surround Sound Speaker System
Creative Technology Ltd. today announced the Creative ZiiSound™ T6 – the latest addition to its extensive Pure Wireless speaker family. The all new speaker system assumes the position of the flagship Surround Sound wireless speaker in the Pure Wireless speaker range.

Like its predecessors, the ZiiSound T6 retains the characteristics that have made the Pure Wireless speaker range a success: Works with all compatible stereo Bluetooth devices like notebooks, netbooks, the iPhone, iPad, PCs, Macs and tablet computers - Quality wireless audio transmission - Fast and easy connection

The ZiiSound T6 personifies everything the Pure Wireless speaker range is, where speakers have been engineered for wireless audio perfection, based on Creative’s in-house wireless technology reference system – an engineering optimization that brings out the best wireless audio performance in Bluetooth and

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Slam Stick™ - High Speed Ultra Portable Acceleration Data Logger

Simple Solution to Measure Vibrations - The Slam Stick™ is a high speed, ultra portable, rechargeable, data logger capable of measuring acceleration in all three axes. The device uses a USB Port for on the fly configuring, charging and downloading of data. It is seen as the first step for developing any vibration energy harvesting system, and can also be used to characterize g-levels and vibrations in machinery, perform modal surveys, or in other situations where a quick and easy vibration measurement is required.

Slam Stick vibration recorder measures vibrations
To harvest energy from a vibrating source you first need to ascertain the frequency and amplitude of the vibration. Until now this has been a difficult and expensive step. The release of the Slam Stick™ Vibration Recorder now makes that information more accessible, and is seen as the first step in developing an effective vibration energy harvesting system. The Slam Stick can also be used to characterize g-levels and vibrations in machinery, perform modal surveys, or in other situations where a quick and

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New High Capacity SD and USB Interface Portable Memory - Datakey Electronics

Datakey Electronics Releases New High Capacity Line of Portable Memory Tokens - Provides Embedded System Designers a Rugged and Unique Alternative to Consumer Memory Products

Datakey Electronics’ new High Capacity Line of portable memory tokens combines the high capacity and high throughput of consumer memory products (like USB flash drives/thumb drives and SD cards) with Datakey Electronics’ rugged packaging, reliable operation, unique form-factors, and high cycle-life/harsh environment receptacles.

Datakey Electronics Releases New High Capacity Line of Portable Memory Tokens
These features allow embedded system designers to incorporate high capacity memory devices into their designs, without the shortcomings that consumer-focused solutions bring.

The High Capacity Line of re-programmable memory devices includes two families of memory tokens: the DFX Series, which delivers a high-performance Secure Digital (SD) interface (including SPI); and the UFX Series, which delivers a USB 2.0 High-Speed interface. Both series come standard with 4GBytes of non-volatile memory, with larger capacities (up to 32GBytes) available.

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Sony Ericsson Facebook page Offer Mobile Phones as Competitions Prizes

Sony Ericsson Facebook page Offers Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones and Accessories as Competitions Prizes: Sony Ericsson has begun to introduce accessories into its competition programme alongside mobile phone handsets as prizes on its global Facebook page.

Fans of the global Sony Ericsson Facebook page have welcomed the new addition to the competition programme as Sony Ericsson recently introduced accessories as winning prizes alongside popular handsets for their weekly competitions. Competitions have always proved to be hugely popular with fans of the page since the introduction of the dedicated competitions tab, and the addition of an accessory to the latest competition was no exception.

Most recently, fans were given the opportunity to win a white MW600 headset alongside a white Luster White Xperia™ X10 handset, which was the first time in which a mobile phone accessory was offered as a competition prize alongside a handset. The competition proved to be a huge success with the fans and Sony Ericsson is now considering the inclusion of accessories as

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