Repair4HardDisk Launches DIY Free Hard Disk Drive Repairs

Repair4HardDisk Launches, Providing Free Do-It-Yourself Hard Disk Drive Repair and Data Recovery Guides

Individuals looking for data recovery and hard disk drive repair services can now complete these often costly services on their own, with the launch of Repair4HardDisk. Repair4HardDisk features do-it-yourself repair and recovery guides for both 3.5-inch desktop and 2.5-inch laptop and notebook hard disk drives.

Hard disk drive repair and data recovery usually requires special and expensive equipment, as well as expert knowledge. But for those who don't have the time, effort or money to get professional support, there is Repair4HardDisk, a new Web directory of hard disk drive-related sites, featuring free do-it-yourself repair and recovery guides for hard disk drives (HDDs) from a number of different manufacturers.

Medic Aid for HDD"If you are having trouble with a hard disk drive and need to recover data, or even if you are feeling daring enough to attempt a repair, visit Repair4HardDisk for tips and tricks for success," says Werner Heuser of Repair4HardDisk. "Repair4HardDisk is the premier Web site to visit for otherwise difficult to find information about resurrection methods for broken or damaged HDDs."

Data is often very precious and should be handled with care by professionals. However, there are cases where individuals may consider performing the data recovery service themselves rather than pay for professional services:

* Professional data recovery services are often expensive. Sometimes data isn't worth the cost of recovery services because it can be recovered manually. In such a case, Heuser says, it's nice to be able to recover the data yourself for free or at little monetary cost.
* Individuals may not want to reveal secret data stored on a HDD to others, not even to professionals obligated to handle data in a trustworthy manner.
* Professional services may take time to recover data. If time is of the essence, do-it-yourself data recovery can be a time saver.
* People who are true geeks may find tinkering with a dead hard disk drive a strong challenge and measure of skill.

All guides available from Repair4HardDisk apply to both 3.5-inch desktops HDDs as well as 2.5-inch laptop and notebook HDDs. Repair4HardDisk also features special sections with guides that explain how to:

* build self-made HDD racks and HDD mounting techniques
* mount a HDD into an external HDD enclosure
* cover all the silencing techniques known to get rid of a noisy and disturbing HDD

In instances where an HDD has gone beyond resurrection, Repair4HardDisk also features modding ideas for dead drives.

"With a vast range of informative guides, Repair4HardDisk is a truly unique site featuring everything individuals need to know to complete costly hard disk drive repairs on their own," Heuser says.

For more information on do-it-yourself tips and guides for repairing hard disk drives, visit

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EarPhones in Fashion - chicBuds with Swarvoski Crystals

EarPhones in Fashion - chicBuds with Swarvoski Crystals is all What a Women Wants in Electronics - Style, Function and Fresh Concepts

According to a recent study by GE Money, the average women spends 399 hours and 46 minutes a year shopping. What are they shopping for? Trends are pointing towards electronics. According to Best Buy recently in PINK magazine women spend 14 billion more on electronics than men. They're spending money on themselves of course, but they are also purchasing gifts for their children, husbands, friends, and co-workers. They are purchasing items for weddings, parties, housewarmings, birthdays, Easter, graduations, and baby showers. Women are looking for that special gift that is different and unique and stands out from all the other gifts.

chicBuds was recently noted at CES, Las Vegas as the trend of the future- Fashion meet Electronics. Kailynn Bowling and Nikki Gutshall founded the company to bring a new twist on electronics. Marketing to women and men differ - a women shops for a need and looks for a product to fill that need. She wants more than pink products, she wants function and something that makes her feel good. It's the whole experience that she expects to get from her products. As women starting out in a "men's based electronics world" ; Kailynn and Nikki feel that the consumer will understand and relate to why they created these products for them.

As many as 22 million American adults, or about 11 percent of the U.S. population, own iPods or other MP3 players, a new study has found ( With every iPod and music listening device comes an essential set of earphones. Sure, the generic earphones will work just fine as far as listening goes, but her cords will tangle, swing in her face and after awhile become yet another tangled mess in her purse. Generic earphones come with an average price of $19.99 to $39.99 and cords can easily be tamed by adding a Belkin earbud clip to manually wrap up her cords priced at $15.00. While the problem may be solved you still have a few missing elements essential to the women's needs- Fashion and Function!

Function- chicBuds earphones include a retractable device for the cords. This means that instead of having to wrap it up in a clip, pull gently and the cords go back into the chicBud; they will never tangle in your purse or pocket.

chicBuds Designer Earphones
Fashion-chicBuds come in all kinds of colors and are decorated with Swarvoski crystals for that "Bling" that catches everyone's eye. chicBuds are compatible with any listening device and they have a fastening clip to secure to her shirt or running strap. [chicBuds] run at a price between $9.99-$49.99. Including RockBuds for men, chicBuds juniors for kids, and limited edition chicBuds.

chicBuds hit national retailers in October,2008 and with new products like the small made for her ears PINK tooth about to hit stores- April, 2009... women will finally have what they want in electronics.

ChicBlvd Inc.
1487 Poinsettia Ave Ste 125
Vista, CA 92081
P: 760.992.9113

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High-Efficiency AC-DC Power Adapters By Emerson Network Power

Emerson Network Power Launches High-Efficiency 24 Watt External AC-DC Power Adapters

Emerson Network PowerEmerson Network Power, a business of Emerson and the global leader in enabling Business-Critical Continuity™, today launched its new high-efficiency external power adapter, the AD2412N3L (AD24). The 24 watt AD24 power adapter is the latest addition to Emerson Network Power's rapidly-expanding portfolio of AC-DC power solutions. The external adapter provides a flexible power solution with a compact form-factor for a wide variety of portable and desktop applications including instrumentation, telecommunications, test and measurement systems and computer peripherals.

The AD24 freestanding AC-DC power adapter produces a fully regulated 12 volt output and features a universal 90-264 Vac input, enabling the product's use anywhere in the world. The adapter, which is available with a 3-pin (type C14) IEC320 AC input receptacle with a safety-ground leakage current maximum of 250 µA, delivers DC output via a fixed cable fitted with a standard 2.5 mm (5.5 mm O.D.) barrel plug.

AD24 Power AdapterThe adapter is designed to ensure high levels of efficiency (82 percent typical) and features switching regulators for switched-mode operation to comply with Energy Star and Blue Angel requirements. To increase operating flexibility, the AD24 power adapter can operate at full load in a wide range of ambient temperatures without de-rating - from -5˚C to +50˚C - compared to typical adapters. The adapter also features a built-in EMI filter and meets rigorous EN55022-B and FCC part 15 Level B EMC standards for conducted noise.

The AD24's automatic recovery features protect the adapter against overvoltage and overpower conditions. The adapter also meets K.21 surge certification and has a high calculated MTBF of 850,000 full-load hours at 25˚C ambient. In addition, the product has achieved a best-in-class safety approval profile, including UL/CSA 60950-1, TUV EN/IEC60950-1, CE Mark LVD & EMC and CCC certification.

Emerson Network Power's AD24 power adapters are available for immediate delivery. Standard lead-time is stock to eight weeks and pricing starts at US$14.95 in OEM quantities. For more information, visit

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Voyager Port - Corsair Launches - CeBIT

Corsair launches Voyager Port at CeBIT

In an effort to better market its flash drives as more than just this generation's floppy drive, Corsair has stepped up at CeBIT this year to introduce the Voyager Port. Put simply, this flash drive dock connects to one's PC and provides one-touch backup straight to whatever USB stick is plugged in.

By including the NovaBackup 10 software, the docking station transfers a copy of a user's hard drive to any USB drive (provided that it's large enough), and while you may argue that an external HDD could do just the same, this could be a cheaper option for someone who already threw down for a capacious USB stick. Pop down below for a look at the admittedly simple device.

Voyager Port Corsair CeBIT
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Ultra-Thin Laptops - ASUS U/UX Series

Ultra-Thin Laptops - ASUS U/UX Series

ASUS has announced the U and UX series of ultra-thin laptops, expected to launch sometime in Q2. Both feature an illuminated chiclet keyboard and auto-adjusting LED backlit display. The U series also features a 15.6-inch glossy LCD and a touchpad that uses progressively fading lights to follow your fingertips. Under the hood, there's an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, NVIDIA GeForce G105M, up to 500GB HDD, and Altec Lansing speakers with SRS true surround sound. We don't have nearly as much information on the UX, unfortunately, but we do know it's sporting a slot-in optical disc drive.

Ultra-Thin Laptops - ASUS U/UX Series
Light and Light – Introducing the New U and UX Series Notebooks

An Intricately Crafted Series of Notebooks that Provide Both Contemporary Style and Effortless Computing On-the-go

ASUS, a leader in innovative industrial design, today presented the new U and UX Series, a new range of notebooks that celebrate contemporary styling and effortless elegance. Each of them a masterpiece so immensely desirable, the U and UX Series takes modern day computing to the streets, bringing delight to the users' senses and allowing them to work or play in style.

Immaculate Design for the Discerning Individual

The ASUS U and UX Series are designed for the modern individual who accepts no compromise when it comes to exquisite taste in high fashion and possesses an eye for the latest trends as well as the intricacies in design. Reminiscent of the streets of Paris with the evening fast approaching, the ASUS U and UX Series' newly-adopted illuminated 'chiclet' keyboard lights up brilliantly, not only providing users with the ability to type in the dark, but its subtle yet assuring glow also reminds the user of the star studded skies above. AI Light sensor technology intelligently detects the surrounding environmental lighting conditions and then automatically adjusts the brightness or dimness of the LED backlit display to provide a comfortable computing experience even in adverse lighting conditions. These features can be found adorning a softly contoured chassis, shrouded in a sleek and sophisticated glossy LCD lid and supported by a frame inspired by the curvature of a butterfly's wings.

UX Series – Gracefully Slim for Added Lightness

ASUS UX Series
The UX Series' strikingly slim profile adds to an impressively minimalistic approach to avant garde notebook design. A slot-in optical disc drive helps the UX Series to maintain its elegant profile, while a contrast of matte and gloss finishes provides a sense of both sophistication and boldness.

U Series – Delight in Style and Substance

To further complement the illuminated 'chiclet' keyboard, the U Series sports an equally illuminated and interactive touchpad which sends a trail of progressively fading lights to pinpoint the location of the users' fingertips while delighting the senses. Powered by an Intel® Core™2 Duo processor which provides the muscle for extensive multitasking and productivity, the U Series is equipped with a hard disk drive of up to 500GB, providing more than ample storage for documents and multimedia. An energy-efficient 15.6-inch LED backlit display powered by a dedicated NVIDIA® GeForce® G 105M with 512MB memory provides users with stunning visual performance for presentations and entertainment while utilizing very little power. Combined with Altec Lansing speakers-equipped with SRS true surround sound that provides high definition audio-the svelte U Series is truly an all-rounded performer for any occasion or a night out in town.

Source: web/engadget

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Alarm clock with Hidden Cameras - Home-Spy-Shop

New Line Hidden Cameras from Home-Spy-Shop To Watch Your Nanny and Protect Your Children

Home-Spy-Shop recently announced the release of a new line of wireless hidden cameras designed for in home use that are so easy to use, that anyone can leverage the power that this technology offers. This new line is just one of the many hidden camera products offered by the Home-Spy-Shop store.

Alarm clock with Hidden Cameras
The latest advancement in hidden camera technology is the ability to record video directly to an SD card that is built right into the camera itself. This is the same type of SD card that most people are already familiar with, as they are commonly used in digital cameras. This card works the same way with a hidden camera video. You simply pop out the SD card, pop it into your computer and you can view the video on your PC using Window's Media Player.

While there are a variety of uses for wireless hidden cameras, one of the most popular uses is as a hidden nanny camera. As the dual income family is on the rise, many parents are choosing to hire nannies to watch their children during the day. As a result of prior horror stories of nannies who have mistreated or even neglected children while the parents have been away, the use of nanny cameras has been on the rise. Nanny cameras also provide parents with the ability to watch their children's daily activities if desired at the end of a workday.

These types of spy cameras are creatively hidden in a variety of common household items or even within children's toys, making them easily disguisable within a child's room or in other strategically selected locations throughout the home. For the best placement options, consider where your children would play or interact with your nanny during a typical day. You may need to work with placement until you find the most ideal locations within your home. The Home-Spy-Shop offers nanny cameras disguised as wall clocks, mantle clocks, DVD players, alarm clocks, baby monitors and even stuffed bears. Nanny cameras offer parents a proven way to protect their children.

"Most people haven't been aware until recently that they could obtain and use wireless hidden cameras within their own home. Now, a nanny camera can be used to observe your babysitter at affordable prices, giving everyone the opportunity to leverage this technology. And, wireless nanny cams are easy to set up and use," says Craig of Home-Spy-Shop about this new line of hidden cameras.

The greatest thing about this new SD technology is there isn't a requirement for recording equipment or software for its operation. So, the entire system is simple and easy to utilize, making it available to anyone in the market who is looking to watch their children and their nannies while they are away.

This wireless hidden camera line is just one of the many products offered by the Home-Spy-Shop online. Visitors can also view their large selection of all-in-one cameras, hidden spy cameras, bug detectors, dummy cameras, digital phone recorders, and phone recording software on the company's website.

For more information about the products and services offered by Home-Spy-Shop or to sign up for their free newsletter, visit

Shop Alarm clock with Hidden Cameras for LE$$ / Full Information Click here!

Buy Alarm clock with Hidden Cameras from Amazon, Info below:

For more products use Top↑ Products-Search


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Ultimate Laptop Case HipSlip® by Shootsac

Ultimate Laptop Case HipSlip® - Shootsac will Showcases HipSlip®, Ultimate Laptop Case, with Four New Fabric Covers at PMA: March 3-5, 2009

Shootsac Laptop Case HipSlip®
Shootsac (, the photo industry's first lens bag designed to be worn both comfortably and stylishly, proudly showcases the arrival of the HipSlip®, the new laptop sleeve with four Sharp fabric covers, available for review and advance purchase at PMA in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall. Attendees can order the HipSlip® by visiting Shootsac's booth (V243), where they can also purchase the Sharp fabric covers, a Shootsac and any other accessories. Consumers can additionally pre-order the HipSlip®, for $99, online at

Shootsac Laptop Case HipSlip®
"Shootsac fans have another great way to work in style, thanks to the HipSlip®, and high-end retailers now have an opportunity to carry one of our most eagerly anticipated products. The HipSlip® is a design trifecta, with killer style, smart function and the quality to take the creative abuse your laptop endures. It's sleek, chic and superbly manufactured, delivering exceptional quality and value for millions of potential consumers. Each sleeve is beautifully constructed with smart, thoughtful details. And in true Shootsac fashion -- we always think function first -- HipSlip® takes the concept of sleeve simplicity, packs it with carefully planned details and arrives at a smart way to improve your computing life with some serious style. HipSlip's® distinctive use of the Shootsac fashion cover line also enables people to add elegance to their work with fresh patterns and color, transforming them from laptop case lemmings to style divas. HipSlip® thumbs its nose at the ubiquitous notion of 'pink for girls and black for guys,'" says Jessica Claire, cofounder of Shootsac. "PMA is an ideal venue for us to unveil the HipSlip® because of the notable professional photographers and high respected retailers who are the backbone of this annual event."

"Additionally, the basic Shootsac is a great, classic concept; the inherent function of the bag remains constant yet the style of bag can change seasonally without having to scrap the whole product. We empower people to be fashion conscious and environmentally conscious at the same time," says Keats Elliott, Cofounder of Shootsac. "I encourage our fans - and individuals newly introduced to our products - to explore the Shootsac website and take advantage of all the deals we have waiting for them."

Stylish Practicality: The Shootsac Philosophy
Shootsac's critical and commercial success rests with its union between style and utility. "Our products are the perfect union of pro level function and image enhancing style. Shootsac empowers photographers to wear the lenses they need to create beautiful images without looking like the stereotypical vest wearing photographer. Gear that works doesn't have to be ugly. This approach is at the heart of our business philosophy," declares Elliott.

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Wireless HD Video Camera - Xcaster® ST 5000

Wireless HD Video Camera - Xcaster® ST 5000

The Xcaster Wireless High Definition Communication Camera, Pixavi today launched its new video collaboration product, the Xcaster. The product is expected to provide considerable cost savings and efficiency improvements to small business all the way up to large multinational corporations and organizations.
Xcaster ST 5000
The Xcaster is a compact, wireless videoconferencing and collaboration camera, capable of communication and collaboration using high definition video and cd quality audio to any computer, video conferencing or telepresence endpoint. The Xcaster can connect from the field to anywhere in the world using a standard internet connection or a satellite link. The Xcaster user is able to connect from the field to experts and coworkers located practically anywhere, in order to solve problems and visually discuss issues and collaborate in real time. Both parties are offered an audiovisual experience so far offered only by stationary and meeting room HD video conference systems. The result is obvious: Reduced travel cost and increased efficiency.

The new and technically advanced Xcaster is designed to help organizations face today's challenging global situation dominated by issues like a financial crisis, global warming, pollution, terror threats, increasing travel costs and increased efficiency demands. The product incorporates cutting edge technology such as high speed wireless (802.11n), Bluetooth, AVC HD and high definition video conferencing.

Video Conferencing support:
The Xcaster has the capability of connecting to any videoconferencing system, Telepresence system or a standard desktop or laptop computer and instantly start communicating using two way high definition video, cd quality audio and 5 megapixel images. It supports both H.323 and SIP, which are the dominant IP video and audio telecommunication standards in today's market. The product can communicate directly over the internet, also with multiparty support without the need for subscriptions or paid services.

The Xcaster comes in a very compact ergonomic and rugged design. Built in high quality Norwegian aluminum, the product is IP68 rated (waterproof), impact proof and drop proof up to 2 meters on to concrete.

Using Pixavi's laser collaboration technology, combined with an integrated gyroscopic MEMS sensor, the user is able to collaborate in real time over a HD video and audio session ubiquitously with his or her surroundings. The result is an unique and transparent user experience, further excelled by an intuitive user interface.

Potential application areas for the product includes among others the manufacturing industry, oil&gas, chemical industries, building and construction, telemedicine, surveillance, ship yards, mining, journalism, firefighting, law enforcement and military.

Pixavi offers the Go Live server solution for improving the manageability and ease of connection between the Xcaster and other systems as well as networked multimedia storage. The next generation, Go Live 2.0 provides a secure, encrypted communication solution based on Web 2.0 technology.

Pixavi CEO, Christian Rokseth explains: "High definition video conferencing is becoming increasingly popular, and almost 50% of the video conferencing endpoints and VC enabled computers are now HD capable. This growing trend perfectly matches our target of developing a HD collaboration camera when we started this project." Mr. Rokseth continues: "This is a communication concept known to both save cost and increase efficiency already proven worldwide by the popular previous generations VisiWear video collaboration products initially introduced by Pixavi back in 1999. Today, many more companies have the Infrastructure in place to start using this technology. Meeting rooms are equipped with video conferencing systems, workers are using high performance laptop computers and wireless networks are therefore becoming a standard. In addition, the Internet has become increasingly suitable for high definition video communication, with increased quality of service, bandwidth and lower latency. In sum this means close to instant access to this technology without considerable investments. Pixavi provides our customers with a complete wireless video collaboration solution, including wireless network solutions, wireless surveillance products and wireless location systems. With this complete offering, our customers can now deploy a cost efficient, secure and industrial grade communication infrastructure solution all provided from one vendor."

Green Technology:
Pixavi Sales Manager, Thomas Zaubi states: "Green technology is becoming an increasingly important, if not mandatory key to success for maintaining the planet we live on. The Xcaster product has the capability of contributing to a lower carbon footprint for businesses through decreasing the need for travel and improving operational efficiency. We launched the Green Ring of Excellence initiative in an effort to put emphasis on this very important aspect."

Pixavi has successfully tested interoperability with HD endpoints from leading vendors like Tandberg, Polycom, Lifesize and Radvision.

Pricing & Availability:
The Xcaster ST5000 will be available in May 2009, with a price tag of 7950 USD. In addition, Pixavi is offering 3 levels of service, depending on the customer needs, including hosted and managed services like Go Live 2.0, SIP services and hosted video conferencing software solutions.

Pixavi will shortly be introducing an EX Zone 1 intrinsically safe and explosion proof version of the product.

Contact for more information:
Thomas Zaubi
Sales Director
USA: "+1 408 627 7811"
Norway: "+47 90943156"
sales(a)pixavi (dot) com

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