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Kogan Keeping 3D Prices Fair for Every Aussie - Staying true to its promise of making 3D technology affordable for every Australian, Kogan recently unveiled its new 3D TV series.

Kogan today unveiled a new 3D series of home entertainment products, making 3D technology affordable for all Australians.

The Kogan 3D TV LED series has everything you've come to know and love from Kogan's award-winning LED TVs, including a built-in PVR to pause, rewind and record live TV, USB input for playing movies and photos, and a stylish chassis housing a crystal clear LED panel.

Kogan 3D Series TVs convert 2D to 3D on the fly, play 3D video games through your Xbox 360 or Playstation 3, and play High Definition 3D content from any 3D enabled device.

Most importantly, Kogan will never make customers pay for features they don't want. The big name brands lump 3D into every TV in an effort to keep prices high. Kogan is driving down prices of LED TVs while offering more choice than ever before.

Ruslan Kogan said the launch starts the 3D LED price wars and brings the option of 3D to the mainstream.

“3D has been used by big name brands to continue to charge more than they should for the latest TVs.

“We quickly realised that the actual technology in a 3D LED TV that enables this feature is relatively inexpensive, and we’re entirely transparent about the added costs. Essentially, it’s just an additional infared receiver that communicates with your 3D glasses to ensure they are in sync.

“Other brands will lump 3D into all of their TVs, at Kogan we are giving the customer the option. They can pay $70-$120 (46” - 55”) over our everyday low prices, or have the same technology without 3D,” Kogan said.

While Ruslan Kogan has previously voiced opinions about the limitations of 3D TV, more and more Kogan customers have started asking for the option through emails, Facebook posts, tweets, and blog posts. As a result of this, the company last month threw it out to the public, asking if they wanted Kogan to create a 3D TV.

Ruslan Kogan continued:

“While the amount of 3D content is still small, feedback from our customers through Facebook, Twitter and the Kogan blog showed that the public are split almost 50/50 on whether they want 3D TV in their home. Today’s launch is to ensure we are satisfying the needs and desires of all Kogan customers.

“As our business grows, and the price of 3D technology comes down, we're now approaching a position where we can create a TV with the 3D feature for a few dollars more than the cost of one of our existing LED TVs.

“The team at Kogan are committed to providing exactly what our customers want. We realise 3D TV is not for everyone, but for those who do want it, we set out to create the best value 3D TV in the world,” Kogan said.

The Kogan 3D Series is on sale today using Kogan’s patent pending LivePrice system.

3D Wi-Fi Blu-ray Player with BD Live - Full HD 1080P
Starting at $189

46" Full HD 3D LED* TV with PVR - 3D Series
Starting at $899

55" Full HD 3D LED* TV with PVR (Samsung Panel) - 3D Series
Starting at $1499

3D Rechargeable Shutter Glasses for your Kogan 3D TV $49 [Source]

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