Homeowners Monitor Home and Control Lights From a Computer or Web-Enabled Phone

Schlage LogoSchlage Cameras and Light Modules Let Homeowners Monitor Home and Control Lights From a Computer or Web-Enabled Phone: Now available at Lowes.com, new accessories expand utility of innovative Schlage wireless locks and Schlage LiNK home-management system.

Schlage LiNK Wireless CameraSchlage®, the most trusted brand of door locks, today announced that remote monitoring Schlage cameras and Z-Wave®-enabled light-control modules for its Schlage LiNK remote home-management system (http://www.link.schlage.com/) are now available on Lowes.com (http://www.lowes.com/schlagelink). The innovative Schlage LiNK System interfaces with various Z-Wave-enabled devices to provide a secure Internet connection, enabling homeowners to grant entry into their home from a computer or most Web-enabled mobile phones, including Apple's iPhone and RIM's BlackBerry.

"We are extremely pleased to offer owners of the Schlage LiNK System new options for monitoring and controlling their home environment," said Dwight Gibson, General Manager, Intelligent Residential Electronics, for Ingersoll Rand, the parent company of Schlage. "With our new plug-and-play cameras, on-the-go homeowners will be able to see who is at the front door and monitor areas in and around the home from any remote location. And with our easy-to-install Light Module, they will also be able to remotely control lighting."

"The convenience and additional home security and control provided by the new cameras and light control modules greatly expand the utility of the Schlage LiNK System, providing additional benefits to our customers," said Ed Pomeroy, Lowe's Vice President of Merchandising in Hardware.

See Live Video from Home While You're Away

Have you ever wished you could check up on your home while you were at work or away for the weekend? Schlage is offering two Network Cameras that let you do just that. The WCE100 wired model ($149) [http://consumer.schlage.com/products/Productdetail3.asp?StyleID=140&FinishID=12&FunctionID=82] and WCW100 [http://consumer.schlage.com/products/Productdetail3.asp?StyleID=141&FinishID=12&FunctionID=83] wireless model ($179) are preprogrammed for plug-and-play integration with the Schlage LiNK System and connect securely to the Web via the home's existing router, enabling homeowners to view live video on any Internet-connected computer and most Internet-enabled mobile phones. The Schlage cameras are designed for use indoors and include the following features:

* Color feed with VGA resolution (640 x 480) at 30 frames per second
* Support for MPEG-4 and M-JPEG dual video streaming
* Compact, lightweight enclosure, measuring 3.8 x 3.5 x 1.4 inches (H x W x D) and weighing only 0.65 pounds (with stand)
* Compatibility with many browsers, including Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher, Safari, Opera and Firefox
* Supplied mounting bracket, AC power adapter and Ethernet cable

Turn On Your Foyer Light From the Driveway -- Or From Anywhere

How often have you come home later than planned to a dark house? The Schlage RP200R Light Module ($49.99) [http://consumer.schlage.com/products/Productdetail3.asp?StyleID=139&FinishID=12&FunctionID=77] lets you remotely control a Z-Wave-enabled table or floor incandescent lamp from any Internet-connected computer and most Internet-enabled mobile phones. The plug-and-play module includes functionality that makes dimming and on/off controls available on your PC and cell phone, or you can dim a lamp by simply tapping the button on the module itself. You can also program the Schlage LiNK System to turn Z-Wave-enabled lights on whenever specific access codes are entered into a Schlage wireless lock or deadbolt and set on/off timers to conserve energy while you're away. Set up is easy. Just plug the small rectangular Light Module into an AC wall outlet and plug the light you want to control into the wireless control outlet on one end of the module; the other end has a standard AC outlet.

Schlage LiNK System: Convenience, Control and Peace of Mind

Schlage wireless deadbolts and locks eliminate the need to carry or circulate keys, allowing homeowners to enter a 4-digit code on the lock's keypad or grant access remotely via an Internet-connected computer or mobile phone (a data plan is necessary to access the password-protected Schlage LiNK Web and mobile interface). The Schlage LiNK System also lets homeowners:

* Receive e-mail or text notifications when specific user codes are entered on the lock's keypad, providing peace of mind for working parents with latchkey kids
* Set up temporary entry codes for day workers, such as a plumber
* Access a 90-day log showing who accessed the lock at what times and on which days

The Schlage LiNK System Starter Kit (http://consumer.schlage.com/link/browse_products.asp) includes one Schlage wireless deadbolt or lock, a Schlage Bridge, an Ethernet cable, necessary batteries and one Schlage Light Module. The Schlage Bridge connects to the home's existing router and uses Z-Wave wireless technology to transmit data to the Schlage wireless lock. Additional Schlage wireless deadbolts and locks are sold separately and finish options include bright brass, satin nickel and aged bronze.

The manufacturer's suggested retail price of the Schlage LiNK Starter Kit is $299 and additional Schlage wireless deadbolts or locks are $199 each. There is also a $12.99 monthly subscription fee--which works out to less than 50 cents a day--for 24-hour access to the Schlage LiNK Web and mobile interface, which makes it possible to remotely control Schlage Cameras and Light Modules and various other Z-Wave enabled devices, including soon-to-be-supported Z-Wave-enabled home thermostats (http://consumer.schlage.com/products/Productdetail3.asp?StyleID=142&FinishID=12&FunctionID=84).

Easy Installation

Installing Schlage wireless deadbolts and locks is a straightforward process that typically requires only a screwdriver. Replace the existing door lock with the Schlage wireless deadbolt or lock and enroll the lock or deadbolt and Schlage Light Module into the Schlage Bridge. The next step is to go online to register the Schlage LiNK System. Once installation is complete, you can begin assigning codes for anyone who needs access to the Schlage wireless deadbolt or lock.

Award-Winning Technology and Design

The Schlage LiNK System has received Constructech magazine's Top New Products for 2009 Award, honoring the most innovative technology solutions developed for the homebuilding market, and Design Journal 's ADEX GOLD Award for design excellence. ADEX stands for Awards for Design Excellence and is the largest and most prestigious awards program for furniture, fixtures and finishes marketed to the design trade.

For more information about the Schlage LiNK System and related accessories, visit www.link.schlage.com. For details on how to purchase the system and accessories online, visit http://www.lowes.com/schlagelink

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New Pepper Spray Gun - Jet Protector JPX - Home Security Store

The New Jet Protector JPX Pepper Spray Gun From the Home Security Store: The Jet Protector JPX is one of the most functional and powerful hand-held pepper spray delivery system available today.

If you are looking to incapacitate an assailant without a fatal outcome the new Jet Protector is a perfect solution to keep you and your loved ones safe. It is a non-lethal weapon and should only be used for self defense.

LifeAct JPX Jet Protector
LifeAct JPX Jet ProtectorThe handling of the Jet Protector JPX is similar to a handgun, but for most it is much easier to use. The device is operated by pulling the trigger. If you pull the trigger, the internal mechanism then cocks the striker which will be released after passing the trigger point.

The inflammatory agent fired from the Jet Protector JPX is Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) or what is commonly known as pepper spray. When fired, the Protector's pepper spray is immediately effective upon contact with the face of the aggressor. The high velocity of the liquid jet as well as the inflammatory effects of the pepper spray will instantly stop or at the very least, interrupt forward movement.

Each cartridge (two per magazine) fires the exceptionally potent pepper spray at 270 mph with a distance of over 20 feet, but be warned the minimum safe discharge distance is 5 feet from the tip of the magazine to the target. Each magazine contains two charges with a much larger payload than the PepperBlaster, and quickly snaps on the frame of the gun

Pepper Spray (OC) is an extract of the cayenne pepper plant. Pepper spray is believed to be the most effective inflammatory agent available today and is successfully used by law enforcement professionals around the world.

The cartridge of the Jet Protector magazine contains 10% pepper spray. The agent is toxic when inhaled, swallowed, or put within contact with the skin or eyes.

Once the aggressor is shot in the eyes with the Jet Protector, his eyes will immediately shut. The high velocity of the jet ensures that the agent will make its way behind glasses, through cloth masks, and other masks with eye openings. The pepper spray should cause temporary blindness which could last up to 30 minutes. Symptoms should then begin to disappear, usually with no after-effects.

If the pepper spray makes contact with your eyes, flush with cold water for 15 minutes. If the irritation or discomfort persists for more than 60 minutes then seek medical attention.

The makers of the Jet Protector JPX say the power of each payload combined with reloading makes the JPX extremely effective for crowd control, as the conventional double action only trigger automatically resets to fire the other charge.

The Jet Protector is water resistant and both light weight and compact. The gun is just over 7 inches in length and under 4 inches in height. Orange or black gun frames are available, plus an integral laser sight is optional. There is also a black holster available.

The magazines are sold separate from the gun frame and there is a training magazine available that is filled with blue food grade marker dye. There are two charges per magazine. In addition, the Jet Protector JPX comes with a one year operating mechanism warranty.

The Jet Protector JPX is one of the most functional and powerful hand-held pepper spray delivery system available today. If you are interested in this self-defense mechanism please visit the Home Security Store (http://www.homesecuritystore.com/).

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Editors Keys New Studio Range Microphones, Recording Equipment, Editing Keyboard Sticker Sets

Editors Keys.com Creates New Studio Series Range of Microphones, Recording Equipment and Editing Keyboards Sets: New Editing Keyboards & Recording Equipment from Editors Keys, the worlds most used Editing keyboard company. For Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, Final Cut, Avid and More.

Editors Keys are an online company (http://www.editorskeys.com/), which specialize in editing keyboard sticker sets and silicone covers for Audio and Video editing programs., such as Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, Final Cut and Avid. The keyboard sets are used worldwide by some of the worlds most prestigious TV and music companies including the BBC, Warner Bros, MTV, Fox network and Universal. Since its launch in 2005, Editors Keys is now officially the worlds most visited web site for editing keyboards. (Alexa rankings 2008/2009.)

Final Cut Editing Keyboard Set from Editors Keys

Final Cut Editing Keyboard Set from Editors KeysFollowing on the success of the editing keyboards, Editors Keys has just released a range of updated editing keyboards for Final Cut, Pro Tools 8, Ableton Live and Apples Logic Pro/Express. The easy to use keyboard sets, transform your own keyboard into a fully functional editing keyboard for a fraction of the price of a full keyboard. In addition to saving money, the keyboard sets are also great for the planet, as they are made from 98% less harmful plastics than that of a regular editing keyboard.

In addition to this the company has also this week launched its new range of Studio USB Vocal Microphones, Portable Vocal Booths, Pop Filters and Studio Head Phones.

What's great about the new microphone series is that they are all USB compliant microphones, which means users can simply plug them into a spare USB port, rather than setting up a mixer or input device first. Thankfully, due to the internal 'Editors Keys Extreme Drivers' you don't even have to install the microphones either, as this is process is carried out automatically by the microphone once its plugged in. The Microphones start at just $105.99 / £69.99 / €79.99.

The other great new product is the Editors Keys 'Portable Vocal Booth'. How many times have you been recording in your home or studio, when you've got terrible sound being recorded, due to the lack of soundproofing? Well the Editors Keys 'Portable Vocal Booth' solves this problem by creating a sound shield around your microphone, to help you record perfect clear vocals every time. The Vocal Booths start at just $129.99 / £89.99 / €99.99

Mark Brown, Company Director of Editors Keys said, 'We've been told time and time again by our customers that's so hard to find great recording equipment, which is easy to use, so we decided to enter the market and create our own range of recording products. We already seeing some amazing reviews worldwide in our first week"

For more information please visit: Editors Keys Website (http://www.editorskeys.com/)

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Pumgo Scooter "A New Way to Ride" and "Fit for Fun"

PumgoLogoThe Coolest Gadget in This Summer - Pumgo Scooter "A New Way to Ride" and "Fit for Fun": This summer people can enjoy some of their routine indoor exercise in the outdoor environment. Pumgo scooter introduces a new concept of exercise and fitness. And that is "Fit for Fun!" Both adults and kids can experience Pumgo Scooter riding with great cardiovascular workout. Visit www.pumgo.com for the product information, including videos.

Pumgo ScooterThe Pumgo Scooter is a new human-powered vehicle. It was introduced to the world for the first time at the New York International Toy Fair on February 15­-18, 2009 at Javits Convention Center. Many show attendees regarded Pumgo Scooter as the best new ride-on product at the show.

The Pumgo Scooter uses a unique and innovative pedal recovery and drive system that creates a smooth and comfortable ride as the rider pumps the pedals up and down, similar to a stationary stair-climber. Unlike seated human powered vehicles, the Pumgo Scooter uses a rider's full body weight to generate driving force, enabling larger children to fully participate in Pumgo riding.

From an engineering perspective, the Pumgo Scooter's simultaneous dual-pedal recovery system combined with its drive system is a true innovation in human powered vehicles. Other mobile products have tried to recreate the non-cycling, up-down motion similar to a stair-climber with limited practical results. Parallel crank shafts engage a pair of gears to produce the reciprocal pedal recovery while two chain wheels, similar to a bicycle, combine with four flywheels to form the drive system. Differentials in the two rear wheels allow for each to rotate at different speeds, facilitating smooth, safe turns. Pedal-powered ScooterThe end result is a natural, comfortable ride that is both fun and healthy. Since the pedals operate only in the 80-degree maximum output zone (rather than a full 360 degrees like cycling), the propulsion is extremely efficient with each "pump," producing the highest amount of forward thrust. Unlike seated human powered vehicles, the Pumgo Scooter uses a rider's full body weight to generate driving force for maximum output and more efficient exercise.

Dr. Batchelor, an Atlanta sports medicine doctor that specializes in the treatment of athletic injury, recently evaluated the Pumgo Scooter. Dr. Batchelor was impressed by the Pumgo Scooter's ability to work the body's core. He stated: "Riding the Pumgo simulates the feeling of being on a stair climber, skateboard, surfboard, and bicycle all at the same time. It also offers less weight-bearing impact than other exercises like running, which can be hard on joints. It's a great cardiovascular workout, with a faster more condensed workout time than running or biking. Pedaling on the Pumgo Scooter offers an efficient exercise with an up-down motion. The Pumgo Scooter offers much more enjoyment than the stationary stair-climber or kick scooter. While your time on an indoor stair stepping machine brings little enjoyment, your time outside, in the fresh air, on the Pumgo Scooter will bring loads of enjoyment and a great workout."
PumgoScooter Easy to FoldThe Pumgo Scooter offers an enjoyable ride with all the benefits of a healthy exercise. Whether you are looking for fun, recreation, a sporting toy, transportation, or a fitness instrument, the Pumgo Scooter provides it all. It's the coolest gadget for whole family.

To find out more about the Pumgo Scooter, visit www.pumgo.com. Pumgo Scooter will be sold at www.ToysRUs.com very soon. If you are in L.A area, you can purchase Pumgo Scooter at Big 5 Sporting Goods headquarter store (2525 E. El Segundo Blvd., El Segundo, CA 90245, Tel. 310-297-7777).

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Corsair® Launches High-Performance Energy-Efficient HX850W Power Supplies

Corsair® Launches Energy-Efficient High-Performance Modular 850W and 750W Power Supplies: Professional Series HX850W and HX750W offer the performance and features that enthusiasts demand, including up to 90% energy-efficiency

Corsair®, a worldwide leader in high-performance power supplies, and computer and flash memory products, today announced the launch of the new Corsair Professional Series HX850W and HX750W modular power supply units.

Corsair Professional Series HX850W
Corsair Professional Series HX850WThe Corsair Professional Series power supply units have been designed by Corsair and engineered to the highest quality standards to meet the demands of enthusiasts that expect the very best. The Corsair Professional Series HX850W and HX750W PSUs utilize advanced DC-to-DC circuitry and meet 80 PLUS SILVER certification standards for up to 90% energy-efficiency, reducing wasted energy and lowering the amount of excess heat generated.

"Our new Professional Series HX850W and HX750W power supplies build on the phenomenal success of the award-winning Corsair HX620W PSU, offering even higher levels of performance, efficiency and reliability, including an industry-leading 7 Year Warranty" said Jim Carlton, VP of Marketing for Corsair, "The HX850W and HX750W have the power to handle the latest multi-core, multi-graphics PCs, and include the features that enthusiasts demand, including a comprehensive modular cable set and super-high efficiency."

In addition to super-high efficiency, the Corsair HX850W and HX750W power supply units utilize a low-noise, temperature-controlled 140mm cooling fan, which use a specially modified fan-speed curve that prevents the fan from 'spinning up' until the PSU reaches 70% of the rated load. This ensures whisper-quiet running in typical PC configurations, even when gaming or performing processor-intensive tasks.

The Corsair Professional Series HX850W and HX750W PSUs both include powerful, single +12V rails and are qualified to deliver their full rated power output at an ambient temperature of 50°C, ensuring stability and reliability even under the most stressful conditions. A powerful +12V rail is essential for supporting today's high-end components, which is why the HX850W can supply up to 99% of its total wattage (840W) on the +12V rail.

The Corsair Professional Series HX850W and HX750W are available immediately from retailers worldwide and are backed by an industry leading 7 year warranty and comprehensive customer support via telephone, email, forum and the Tech Support Express helpdesk (http://www.corsair.com/helpdesk/default.aspx).

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Corsair® Dominator™ GT DDR3 Sets World Record For 2533MHz Frequency

Corsair® Dominator™ GT DDR3 Memory Hits 2533MHz, Sets World Record for DDR3 Memory Frequency: Corsair Labs selected the new EVGA X58 Classified motherboard for setting this new world record, along with a Corsair HX1000W power supply and the newly-announced Corsair Storage Solutions P256 SSD, creating a system truly designed for maximum performance.

Corsair®, announced today that Corsair Labs has set the world record for DDR3 frequency on a Core i7 system.

Corsair Dominator GT DDR3 World Record Screen Shot

Corsair Dominator GT world record screen shotCorsair Labs achieved an astounding speed of DDR3-2533MHz with the aggressive memory timings of 7-8-7-20 using a triple-channel 6GB memory kit. This new world record, verified and validated by CPU-Z, the industry-standard tool for verifying overclocking results, is the first time this frequency has been achieved on a Core i7 system with 6GB of memory using three modules; most world record attempts use only a single 1GB module. Corsair Labs engineers used the award-winning Dominator GT 2000C7 memory with eVGA's X58 3X SLI Classified motherboard to shatter the world record for memory frequency. Validated results and setup details can be viewed here: http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=567182.

"When it comes to overclocking and memory, Corsair has proven--once again--that its engineering team truly is the best", said Kevin Conley, Vice President of Engineering for Corsair, "As the new world record shows, Corsair's modules are second-to-none in terms of performance, stability and quality."

Corsair Labs selected the new EVGA X58 Classified motherboard for setting this new world record, along with a Corsair HX1000W power supply and the newly-announced Corsair Storage Solutions P256 SSD, creating a system truly designed for maximum performance.

"eVGA is thrilled to learn that Corsair was able to set a new world record memory frequency on our motherboard. Our goal was to create the best overclocking motherboard on the planet for Intel Core i7 processors and these results prove it," said Joe Darwin, Director of Technical Marketing at eVGA, "When paired with Corsair's ultra-high performance Dominator GT memory, we've not only met our goal, we've blown it away."

All Corsair Dominator GT modules are built using the patent-pending DHX+ (Dual-path Heat eXchange) heatsink, which uniquely cools both the front and back of the memory ICs, and the printed circuit board, for greater reliability and increased overclocking flexibility. All Dominator GT products also ship with the Corsair Airflow fan as standard, which maximizes airflow over the module's cooling fins, increasing heat dissipation to improve memory performance and reliability.

DHX+ modules feature removable heatsink fins, which allows for range of Dominator GT cooling options, including the Corsair Cooling™ Hydro Series H30 waterblock and Ice Series T30 thermo-electric cooler, which actively cools the modules up to 20°C below ambient temperature for maximum overclockability.

The Corsair Dominator GT TR3X6G2000C7GTF with Airflow fan is available immediately from Corsair's Online Performance Shop. Other Dominator and Dominator GT kits are available from authorized resellers and e-tailers worldwide. All Corsair Dominator memory is backed by a lifetime warranty and comprehensive customer support via telephone, email, forum and the Tech Support Express helpdesk.


Buy Corsair Dominator GT DDR3 from Amazon, Info below:

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Corsair® Dominator™ GT is the Fastest Intel® XMP-Certified Memory

Corsair® Dominator™ GT is the Fastest Intel® XMP-Certified Memory: Intel XMP-certification for 2000MHz Dominator GT demonstrates Corsair’s leadership of the performance memory market

Corsair® a worldwide leader in high performance computer and flash memory products, today announced that the 6GB Dominator GT 2000MHz CAS 8 has passed Intel’s XMP-Ready certification for Core i7 Extreme Edition processors, making it the fastest memory kit to gain Intel’s stamp of approval.

The 6GB Dominator GT 2000MHz CAS 8 (TR3X6G2000C8GTF) is part of Corsair’s award-winning Dominator GT line of hand-screened, hand-tuned, extreme performance DDR3 memory for Core i7 platforms. It is qualified and guaranteed to run at a frequency of 2000MHz with tight timings of 8-8-8-24 at a voltage of 1.65V. The platform used for the Intel qualification was an Asus P6T Deluxe.

Corsair Dominator GT“Corsair continues to push the memory speed envelope with the Dominator GT line," said Jim Carlton, VP of Marketing at Corsair. “TR3X6G2000C8GTF is the highest performing DDR3 product currently offered through the Corsair reseller channel, and with its unique status as the fastest XMP-certified memory available, it is destined to become the high performance memory of choice for enthusiasts using the Core i7 platform.”

“Corsair has been a strong contributor to the effort to support the Intel XMP specification,” said Steve Peterson, Director of Chipset Marketing for Intel’s Business Client Group, “This qualification is a landmark for Corsair, solidifying their position as a leading supplier of high end XMP qualified solutions for the Intel Core™ i7 processor Extreme Edition.”

All Corsair Dominator GT modules are built using the patent-pending DHX+ (Dual-path Heat eXchange) heatsink, which uniquely cools both the front and back of the memory ICs, and the printed circuit board, for greater reliability and increased overclocking flexibility. DHX+ modules also utilize removable heatsink fins, which allows for range of Dominator GT cooling options, including the Corsair Cooling™ Hydro Series H30  waterblock and Ice Series T30 thermo-electric cooler, which actively cools the modules up to 20°C below ambient temperature for maximum overclockability.

All Dominator GT products also ship with the Corsair Airflow fan as standard, which maximizes airflow over the module’s cooling fins, increasing heat dissipation to improve memory performance and reliability.

The Corsair TR3X6G2000C8GTF Dominator GT with Airflow fan is available immediately through Corsair’s world-wide authorized dealer channel, and from Corsair’ Online Store, and is backed by a lifetime warranty and comprehensive customer support via telephone, email, forum and the Tech Support Express helpdesk.

The list of Intel XMP-certified memory products can be found here, intel.com/en_US/Assets/PDF/prodspec/XMP_Core_i7_ww18_09.pdf

More information about the Corsair Dominator GT family can be found here, corsair.com/dominatorgt

Shop Corsair Dominator GT memory for LE$$ / Full information Click here!

Buy Corsair Dominator GT from Amazon, Info below:

For more products use Top↑ Products-Search


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WaterField Designs Cases Provide Rugged Protection for Amazon's Kindle DX ™

WaterField Designs Cases Provide Rugged Protection for Amazon's Kindle DX ™

WaterField Designs (http://www.sfbags.com/), an innovative leader in custom laptop sleeves (http://www.sfbags.com/products/sleevecases/sleevecases.htm) and designer bags and cases (http://www.sfbags.com/products.htm) for mobile professionals, announces three protective cases for the Amazon Kindle DX ™ (http://www.sfbags.com/products/kindle/kindlecase.htm): the Slip Case, the SleeveCase and the Travel Case--all custom-fitted to the Amazon Kindle DX ™ dimensions. Each stylish case offers protection and varied functionality, while maintaining a light look and feel. Cases for the Kindle DX ™ are available for pre-order now at sfbags.com.

"Amazon sold an estimated 500,000 Kindles last year, and that number is expected to quadruple by 2010," explained WaterField owner, Gary WaterField. "With the introduction of the Kindle DX the student and business market will drive those numbers way up. We're offering Kindle users a functional and stylish way to protect their electronic reader to ensure its longevity."

 WaterField Designs Slip Case for the Kindle 2The Slip Case for the Kindle DX ™ offers Kindle DX ™ protection with minimal bulk. It sports vibrantly colored, water-resistant material on its exterior; a lightly padded, scratch-free liner; impact-resistant plastic to protect the Kindle DX ™ screen; and a bottom-of-the-case loop to assist with Kindle DX ™ removal. The open top provides secure yet quick access.

The SleeveCase for the Kindle DX ™ offers more rugged protection than the Slip Case. It protects the device with: high-grade neoprene; a sturdy, black, ballistic nylon shell; and a lightly padded flap closure. The Small size, with an impact resistant, screen-protecting insert, stores the Kindle DX ™ "naked". The Large size fits the Kindle DX ™ within a read-through case. An exterior, open-top pocket on each stows a USB cable or ear buds. With the Large, customers can choose a horizontal (for briefcases) or vertical (for backpacks) orientation. Users can toss the case into a bag or opt for a Simple- or Mini-Suspension Strap (http://www.sfbags.com/products/sleevecases/shoulderstraps.htm) to wear it over a shoulder.

The Travel Case for the Kindle DX ™ is designed to carry and protect the Kindle ™ and additional accessories. Users can carry the case in a bag or opt to add a choice of two removable shoulder straps to carry it as a stand-alone case. The Travel Case includes padded, internal compartments to stow the Kindle DX ™ "naked" or within a simple case, the power adapter, the clip light, and other accessories tangle-free and organized while in transport. Self-locking zippers on a front pocket and the main compartment ensure content security. Available in six vibrant colors, the water-resistant case maintains its thin, compact shape, even when fully packed.

Availability & Pricing
Cases are available for pre-order at sfbags.com (http://www.sfbags.com/products/kindle/kindlecase.htm) and will ship within two weeks after Amazon ships. (Kindle 2™ cases are available now.)
Slip Case for Kindle DX™: $33. Six colors: black, blue, brown, green, red, or silver.
SleeveCase for Kindle DX™: Small with screen-protecting insert: $49. Large: $49 Color: Black.
Travel Case for Kindle DX™: $57. Six colors: black, blue, brown, green, red, or silver.
Detachable straps for SleeveCase or Travel Case: Simple Strap: $5. Mini Suspension Strap: $13
WaterField Designs also offers cases for the original Kindle ™ and the Kindle 2 ™.

About WaterField Designs
WaterField Designs manufactures custom-fitted, high-quality cases and bags for a full-range of laptop computers, cameras, and other digital, mobile and electronic gear. All products are manufactured to exacting standards in San Francisco. More information is available at sfbags.com (http://www.sfbags.com/aboutus.htm).

(WaterField Designs, SleeveCase, Travel Case, Slip Case are trademarks of WaterField Designs. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners. WaterField Designs is not affiliated with Amazon.com nor has Amazon endorsed these products.)

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RichardSolo's New 1800 Smart Backup Battery For iPod/iPhone with Free Offer

RichardSolo Introduces Latest Version of Their 1800 Smart Backup Battery, Designed for iPod Touch/iPhone Users, and Announces Free iPhone Case Offer. Thalheimer adds two new products to line specifically for iPhone/iPod touch.

RichardSolo.com, the online gadget store created by Richard Thalheimer, unveils the latest innovation to their well-known line of backup batteries for iPhone/iPod. The original RichardSolo 1800 backup battery has a direct plug-in design where the battery latches directly onto the connector of the iPhone/iPod.

RichardSolo 1800 Battery with CableThe newest battery is the RichardSolo 1800 with Cable (http://richardsolo.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=367), model RS008, which uses a cable with a mini-USB to Apple-licensed connector. It works for both versions of iPhone and all models of iPod, except shuffle.

However, the most important design improvement offered by this new RichardSolo 1800, is the ability to listen to music and charge your iPod at the same time. The cable connection does not block the headphone jack, allowing extended and continuous iPod enjoyment, with no interruptions.

If you are an iPod touch user, this is the battery specifically designed for you. It is offered online at RichardSolo.com for $69.95 including accessories.

In addition to charging the iPhone/iPod, the RichardSolo 1800 has a built-in laser pointer and an ultra-bright LED flashlight. The package includes a 110-240 volt AC wall charger, a dual-port USB car charger, and a retractable USB cable. It also comes with a free bonus hard case for the iPhone 3G.

RichardSolo has just released this custom-designed case for the iPhone 3G. The new iPhone case works perfectly with the RichardSolo 1800, models RS001 and RS008. The RichardSolo Custom Case for iPhone 3G has a textured finish that is virtually scratch-proof. It is a low profile case that adds little bulk while protecting your iPhone, and slides easily in and out of your pocket. It sells online at RichardSolo.com for $24.95. But, for a limited time only, the RichardSolo Custom Case for iPhone 3G (http://richardsolo.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=355) is free with purchase of either the RS001 or the RS008 battery.

For more information, visit the website at RichardSolo.com (http://richardsolo.com/)

RichardSolo.com was launched in 2007 by Richard Thalheimer, the founder and former CEO of The Sharper Image. Since leaving Sharper Image in 2006, he has focused on accessories for iPhone and iPod. With innovative solutions, the website has become the market leader in its space of portable charging solutions for iPhone, iPod, and BlackBerry. RichardSolo.com has always put customer service and satisfaction as a first priority.

iPod is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc.

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New Anaface Calculates Your Looks Instantly - Facial Beauty Analysis Software

New Anaface Facial Beauty Analysis Software Calculates Looks Instantly. A new facial beauty analysis application called Anaface is making it possible for people to receive a numeric evaluation of how they look. Users can upload a photo of their face and get an instant rating of their beauty--so they can emphasize their most positive features and downplay the negative ones.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder--and the computer--according to new facial beauty analysis software that makes it possible for people to automatically calculate their looks. The facial beauty analysis application, dubbed Anaface, evaluates the beauty of a human face and automatically scores its appearance.

Anaface, which stands for "analyze face," allows users to upload a facial photo and receive a specific numeric ranking of their beauty. "Anaface computes a facial beauty score based on the geometry of a person's face, and it is based on substantial scientific research and statistical analysis," said Bryan Cooley, CEO of Atama Group LLC, which created the application.

Essentially, Anaface capitalizes on the field of mathematics to quantify the essence of facial beauty. To determine the most critical characteristics of beauty, the creators of the software considered current scientific research and various elements of neoclassical beauty. They also conducted facial beauty analyses on thousands of faces.

Anface.com - Facial Beauty AnalysisHere's how Anaface works: When completing a facial analysis, Anaface takes 17 data points and performs hundreds of complex geometric calculations to determine in numbers what the human eye perceives automatically. For the most in-depth analysis, people should use a full frontal picture that shows their face, ears, chin and forehead. "Anaface.com considers things like the ratio of the nose width to the face width and the length of the face to the length of the nose," Cooley explained. "It even takes into account whether or not your ears are too long."

Facial beauty analysis software such as Anaface can benefit users in a variety of ways. For example, the average person can use the software to pinpoint their most attractive features and work on those that need improving. "If you know what features of your face detract from your facial beauty, you can make corrections," Cooley explained. "Or you can accentuate certain features through cosmetics, different types of glasses, and in the more extreme case plastic surgery. This can have a direct impact on your love life, job performance, promotions and interviews."

From a business perspective, advertising agencies could use Anaface to select models that would have the greatest subconscious appeal to consumers. Or a plastic surgeon could use a facial beauty analysis from Anaface to immediately show potential patients how their looks could be enhanced by changing the shape of their eyes, nose or ears.

To learn more about the Anaface facial beauty analysis application, visit anaface.com or contact Marketing Director Jessi Elgin at (888) 372-3640.

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Hudzee™ - New Internal Hard Drive Storage by Untwist Systems

Untwist Systems Launches New Hudzee™ Internal Hard Drive Storage Solution.
Innovative Internal Storage Case Plays Critical Role in Corporate Disaster Recovery Plans.

Untwist Systems, LLC, a leading New York City systems integrator and reseller, has launched an innovative new product to safely secure backup and archival data. The new Hudzee™ Internal Hard Drive Case is built from special anti-static materials and features a sturdy safety latch. The Hudzee™ is designed to cushion drives in a pressure-free, stable environment, and makes protection and organization easy.

Hudzee hard drive casesThe Hudzee™ can be stored on a shelf vertically, or stacked horizontally; and with the inclusion of a convenient clear plastic title window, the Hudzee™ provides consumers and businesses with a low-cost method of organizing and cataloging their library of internal drives, assuring peace of mind and promoting industry best practices.

"Now it's easier than ever to keep tabs on all your important data," said Todd Brous, president of Untwist Systems. "We've seen many people suffer the costly expense of poor data storage practices, and we hope the Hudzee™ will help alleviate the anxiety of safely storing and organizing backup files and archival material."

Interior view of the Hudzee caseThe Hudzee™ internal hard drive case retails for $10, and is available for immediate delivery. Special promotional pricing on individual and bulk orders will be offered through June 15, 2009.

For more information about the Hudzee™, call 1-315-219-4463 or visit the Hudzee™ website at www.hudzee.com.

About Untwist Systems LLC:
Untwist Systems is a new venture formed by Untwist Technology (http://www.untwist.com) - a New York City based IT consulting firm with 10 years of technology and systems architecture experience - providing clients with personalized, comprehensive solutions for all their computing and video infrastructure needs. With a roster of services that includes facility design and implementation, data storage and management, Untwist Technology understands the unique challenges of data storage and best practices.

MEDIA: Interviews, Hudzee™ photos and the Untwist Systems logo are available upon request. Contact Todd Brous at press (at) hudzee (dot) com.

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onCALL 25/8 Computer Repair Offering Free Repairs

onCALL 25/8 Computer Repair Offering Free Repairs Via Stimulus Programs For the Unemployed. OnCall 25/8 Computer Repair Economic Stimulus Package now giving free computer repairs to laid off workers nationwide.

Despite our new administration's best efforts, layoffs continue to increase and Americans continue to lose their jobs. President Obama and economists warn that current conditions will only worsen before we see any significant relief. onCALL 25/8 Computer Repair is giving back to the community by helping those who are out of work.

The layoff statistics are staggering, but we are only at the beginning of our current financial crisis. 10,000 jobs are lost every day. onCALL 25/8 Computer Repair (http://oncall258.com/) is doing its part to help the workforce.

Many jobless individuals are barely getting by on unemployment benefits. Others are turning to the internet to find work. Websites like Monster.com and Craigslist.org are efficient tools for identifying local job openings, but technology also has its pitfalls: outdated or failing computers can immediately handicap people in their online searches. Without a broken computer, job seekers may become crippled.

An Video of Dell XPS Broken LCD Fix By onCALL 25/8

OnCALL 25/8 computer repair, based in Washington, DC, is looking to help these job seekers with its own "economic stimulus package." As a way of giving back to the community, OnCall 25/8 will assist those who have been laid off by providing them with free labor for computer repairs. By footing this bill during the present unemployment crisis, OnCall 25/8 will help valuable workers get back on their feet.

OnCall 25/8 deals with all issues having to do with laptop computer repair and desktop computer repair. Technicians repair Dell, HP, Gateway, Sony, IBM, Lenovo, Acer, Alienware, and Apple computers. You can view onCALL 25/8 repairs on their computer repair channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/oncall258dotcom).

Effective May 2009, onCALL 25/8 will extend its computer repair stimulus package to any individual in the United States, via its mail-in service.

To contact onCALL 25/8 computer repair about its offer to handle repairs for those who have been laid off, please call headquarters at 703.250.2580

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Corsair® Announces New 256GB High-Performance Solid-State Drive

Corsair® Announces New 256GB High-Performance Solid-State Drive: Advanced Controller and Drive Technologies Deliver Industry-Leading Performance and Compatibility. Corsair® www.corsair.com, a worldwide leader in high-performance computer and flash memory products, today announced the launch of the Corsair Storage Solutions P256 high-performance 256GB solid-state drive (SSD).

256GB High-Performance Solid-State DriveThe Corsair Storage Solutions P256 has been designed using cutting-edge technology to deliver the highest performance and compatibility, in a capacity that is big enough to replace conventional storage solutions in a high-performance PC. The P256 uses specially selected Samsung MLC flash memory and a sophisticated Samsung Controller IC, coupled with 128MB of super-fast cache memory and Native Command Queuing (NCQ) support for blistering, stutter-free performance, delivering read speeds of up to 220MB/sec and write speeds of up to 200MB/sec.

“The Corsair Storage Solutions P256 delivers the best computing experience of any single storage drive available today,” said John Beekley, VP of Applications Engineering at Corsair, “Using the P256 results in immediate and dramatic improvements in system startup and shutdown, game level loading, application startup, and many other everyday tasks. Additionally, the P256 is more durable and reliable than hard disk drives, and has been shown in the Corsair Labs to provide up to 25% longer battery life in portable computers.”

The large, 256GB capacity provides ample space for the most advanced operating systems, multiple applications, and large music, photo and video collections. The Corsair Storage Solutions P256 is one of the most compatible solid-state drives available today due to the extensive validation of the Samsung controller and flash memory technology in multiple OEM systems.

The Corsair Storage Solutions P256 SSD is available immediately from Corsair’s authorized distributors and resellers worldwide, and is backed by a Two Year Limited Warranty. Complete customer support via telephone, email, forum and Tech Support Express is also available. For more information on Corsair SSD drives, please visit www.corsair.com
For more information about the Corsair P256 SSD, please visit www.corsair.com/products/ssd/default.aspx.

About Corsair®
Founded in 1994, Corsair Memory, Inc., is a worldwide leader in high-performance components for personal computers. Specializing in very high performance memory and ultra-efficient power supplies, our flagship products, including Dominator™ memory modules, are the choice of overclockers, enthusiasts, and gamers everywhere. Our expertise in design and manufacturing is also evident in our complete line of Flash Voyager® and Flash Survivor™ USB storage devices. Corsair offers 24/7 customer support via forums and the Tech Support Express helpdesk. For more information, please visit www.corsair.com

Copyright© 2009 Corsair. All rights reserved. All company and/or product names may be trade names, trademarks, and/or registered trademarks of the respective owners with which they are associated. Features, pricing, availability, and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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TrickleSaver Launches Energy Saving Devices for TV / PC

TrickleStar Selected to Launch TV TrickleSaver Energy Saving Device at Retail Vision, Before Hitting Shelves in the USA

TrickleStar, manufacturer of the world's leading energy saving devices - 'TrickleSavers' - officially launched their new TrickleSaver range of products to the US market at 'Fresh, A First Look at New Technology' recently, before the product is due to hit US shelves in mid May, 2009

Americans will soon be able to save 'trickling' power, save $$ AND save Earth by using the TV TrickleSaver to manage energy used by their home entertainment systems.
PC TrickleSaverTrickleStar'sTrickleSaver products were selected as one of the top emerging consumer technologies to be presented at 'Fresh, A First Look at New Technology', a program designed for vendors with new technology products, that are trying to reach retailers, technology vendors, distributors and industry experts serving the retail channel across North America and Latin America.

The program, which took place at the Boca Raton Resort and Club, is part of the RetailVision exhibition and was presented by Everything Channel, in conjunction with the Sightline Group.

TV TrickleSaverThe Fresh presentation highlighted the TrickleSaver's key features in a lively multimedia production. As such, the TrickleSaver products were presented in a unique stage format to all technology decision-making attendees and TrickleStar co-founders Bernard Emby and Thomas Joergensen were interviewed by Ray Robidoux and Fred Brown, partners of the Sightline Group.

Following the presentation, attendees had the opportunity to engage in one-on-one discussions with TrickleStar regarding the TrickleSaver products.

"Retail Vision was the perfect platform for us to officially unveil our TV TrickleSaver to the industry before we commence shipping the devices to the USA market in early May," commented TrickleStar founder, Bernard Emby.

"Given the economic and environmental issues we all face today, we feel sure that the launch of the TrickleSaver range to the American market will provide Americans with an easy to use, affordable way in which they can take an active role in saving money by saving power, while at the same time helping to save the planet."

"Standby power or vampire power has been estimated as contributing as much as 12% to electricity bills, which means a lot of wasted power, wasted money and unnecessary impact to the planet. The TrickleSaver products put a stop to this economic and environmental drain," he added.

TrickleSaver products offer the simplest and most effective way to reduce the standby power that is consumed by PC peripheral and TV accessory devices.

The TV TrickleSaver product has inbuilt current sensing circuitry that senses when a TV is on or off. So, when the TV is 'on' the TV TrickleSaver switches power to all accessory devices. Conversely, when the TV is 'off', it switches off all accessory devices, so there is no continuing flow of 'standby power'.

The TV TrickleSaver's 'sister product' the PC TrickleSaver reduces the standby power that is consumed by PC peripheral devices. When a PC is on the PC TrickleSaver switches power to all PC peripherals and switches off all peripherals when the PC is shut down.

Both the TV and PC TrickleSavers are typically connected to a standard electrical power-strip in order to power a number of connected devices.

The TV TrickleSaver and PC TrickleSaver are reliable, cost-effective, easy to use, environmentally friendly and offer superior technology to anything else on the market today.

TV TrickleSaver RRP $34.95

PC TrickleSaver RRP $24.95

Units can be purchased via www.tricklestar.com and via reseller outlets.

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BigHand Software for BlackBerry® Smartphones

BigHand Digital Dictation software for BlackBerry® smartphones.. BigHand, the leading voice productivity application in the professional services community, has been certified through the industry-leading Sprint Smartphone Certification Program to work on Sprint networks.
BigHand Digital Dictation SoftwareBigHand software allows professionals to record, edit and send voice files or verbal tasks to office based support, or access outsourced business services. Voice tasks, instructions and dictations sent on-the-go via BigHand then instantly enter the office workflow, and are tracked via status updates, priorities and alerts. Overall BigHand helps users get more work done, expedites the document production process, reduces support costs and improves client service.

BigHand, Inc. is a member of the Sprint Smartphone Certification Program, which provides Smartphone-focused independent software developers access to the application certification process and exposure for applications, within Sprint as well as externally. The Smartphone Certification Program, a component of Sprint's industry-leading Application Developer Program, allows independent developers to market, as Sprint Compatible, innovative applications that Sprint customers can access through the Internet to do more with their phones, whenever and wherever they go.

Steve Butterworth, President & CEO, BigHand Inc, commented:

BlackBerry+Dictation"Using BigHand for BlackBerry® smartphones, professionals can use their voice to generate content and get things done while on the move. Many of our clients use it to connect with support staff or verbally delegate work to team members. The way you can then track the live progress of items you have verbally assigned to individuals, all from your Smartphone, also means that it helps busy business people get overall control of their workload and task list. As an Enterprise application the workflow element is a very powerful productivity tool, with over 800 organizations globally now using it to mobilize professionals and manage the productivity of their administrative capacity."

About BigHand
BigHand is based out of Chicago, London, Sydney and Toronto. BigHand is a Microsoft Gold Partner, BlackBerry ISV Partner, and was voted 'Mobile Product of the Year 2008' at the CNet Business Technology Awards. BigHand also won 'Best of Breed System of the Year' at the Legal Technology Awards for 2008. BigHand was additionally nominated in the Sixth Annual Law Technology News (LTN) Awards for 2009 as 'Dictation System of the Year' and 'Mobile Tool of the Year'. Further information is available at www.bighand.com.

Dan Speed, VP Marketing, BigHand. Tel: +1 312 893 5906

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