Buy Korea Summit 2012 - International Business Conference and Expo

Buy Korea Summit 2012 to Provide Partnership Opportunities for International and South Korean Companies - Annual event brings together companies from all across the world, offering opportunities for one-on-one meetings and international business development.

Buy Korea Summit 2012, the premier international business development conference and expo, will offer a full day of exciting networking opportunities and one-on-one meetings with leading companies from the U.S., South Korea, and other countries.

The entire event, which is free to attend and takes place on February 14, 2012 at KINTEX Convention Center in Seoul Metro Area, South Korea , will be completely devoted to fostering partnership opportunities between international and South Korean companies. Hosting Buy Korea Summit 2012 will be KOTRA, the South Korean government agency that promotes trade and investment across the globe.

“We are very excited for the great partnership opportunities that will be available at Buy Korea Summit 2012, which is the largest annual event held by KOTRA” says Sungpil Um, President of KOTRA North America Head Office. “Last year, more than 1,000 companies participated, creating many partnerships and exciting business opportunities between U.S., international, and Korean companies. This year, we expect an even bigger, more successful event!”

Over 2,500 South Korean companies so far are willing to meet with potential international partners. This includes leaders from a range of industries, such as, automotive, textile, machinery, medical devices, consumer electronics, semiconductors, telecommunications, aerospace & defense, and more. The opportunities for networking and partnership are plentiful. Pre-arranged meetings can be setup for attendees upon their request along with recommendations from the conference’s industry specialists.

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Samsung Galaxy S II gets Extra Strong 3900mAh Extended Battery

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II T989 gets Extra Strong 3900mAh Extended Battery from Mugen Power - New 3900mAh battery extends the life of T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II T989 by 2.11 times.

Mugen Power Batteries ( the manufacturer of high-capacity batteries for handheld devices, today announces the new HLI-T989XL Mugen Power 3900mAh Extended Battery for T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II T989 which extends the time consumers can use this popular device. The battery is immediately available from Mugen Power Batteries with free shipping worldwide.

Samsung Galaxy S II gets Extra Strong 3900mAh Extended Battery

Designed to provide maximum mobile freedom, Mugen Power 3900mAh (milliamp hour) Lithium-Ion battery extends the life of the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II T989 by 2.11 times delivering more power than the stock 1850mAh battery. This impressive battery performance allows consumers, especially those who are often on the move, to use the device longer. The new battery is fully compatible with the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II T989 and fits well into T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II T989.

As well as delivering longer life, the new battery is also exceptionally reliable. Like other Mugen batteries, the Mugen 3900mAh Extended Battery for T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II T989 has undergone vigorous QA testing to ensure the highest quality and lowest return rate. The battery is also in compliance with the CE requirements.

"T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II T989 owners are often reported to complain about short battery life of the device. We worked hard on this project and managed to fit additional 2050mAh capacity into that new battery. Our solution gives customers added battery life to stay connected longer without recharges and make more with the smartphone than ever before," says Nikolai Lebedovsky, marketing manager at eTrade Asia Ltd.

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Top 10 Best High Efficiency Washing Machines for 2012

10Rate Announces its Top 10 Best Overall HE Washing Machines for 2012 | Go Green with HE detergent - 10Rate Appliance editors Brittany Rowland and John Moore rate and review High Efficiency Washing Machines on a 1-10 scale came out with it's annual 2012 top 10 HE Washing Machines reviews awards last week with the Whirlpool WTW7990XG gaining the top quality spot. The review notes the 7 inch LCD touchscreen as one of the differentiating features that makes the washer stand out along with the dark tinted glass lids self lift feature. The washing machine received a 9.5 out of 10 rating even with a fairly hefty $2099 price tag.

Top 10 High Efficiency Washing Machines

The best value HE washing machine in the Best HE Washing Machines Ratings went to the Frigidaire GLTF2940FS. The reviewers noted that this unit was an excellent value for a front loader washing machine coming in at less that $700 and also touted its reliability.

Next, the best budget award for the Top 10 High Efficiency Washing Machines category goes to the GE WBVH5300KWW. The reviewer, Brittany Rowland noted that the rotary dial mechanism makes it easy to dial in the unit and the LED screen is bright and easy to read which cycle the wash is in.

The company will soon also release its Top 10 Washing Machines overall and its Budget Washing Machines lists as well. The company also lists the benefits to use HE detergent and washing machines as well as guidelines for how to do so.

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Top 10 Best Coffee Makers Under $200 for 2012

10Rate announces its Top 10 Best Under $200 Coffee Makers for 2012 | Cuisinart wins - 10Rate Appliance editors Sofia Schmidt and John Moore rate and review coffee makers on a 1-10 scale. came out with it's 2012 top coffee makers awards last week with the Cuisinart Grind and Brew Thermal 10 cup coffee maker taking the top spot in the $200 and less category and an 9 out of 10 rating. The editors noted that this coffee maker has a great feature set with its grind and view function and stainless steel carafe. “The grind function works well and produces a fresher, richer flavor in the coffee than you get with pre-ground coffee,” notes Sofia Schmidt. “And the price is still very reasonable.” The complete list of best coffee makers 2012 includes 7 different brand names.

Cuisinart Grind and Brew Thermal 10 Cup Coffee Maker

The Cuisinart CHW-12 is also a top choice among editors of the list due to its ability to brew 12 cups, have an adjustable hot plate for varying carafe temperatures and contains a hot water dispenser for tea. This value model sells for under $100 and may be found for as little as $69. Editors awarded it the top value model of the Top 10 Coffee Makers under $200.

Editors awarded the Black and Decker DCM2500B with the best budget model award at a very attractive $38 price tag and noted that the unit had solid functionality with automatic programmable timing, a 12 cup capacity, hot plate, automatic shut off after 2 hours and other very nice features for such a low cost maker. will soon be releasing other coffee maker reviews of super automatic top 10 coffee makers as well as the top 10 espresso makers. “We're close to finalizing those lists,” notes Sofia Schmidt. I'm stepping away from caffeine for a while after reviewing all these coffee makers...”

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Shoppers Do More Research on Buying Smartphones - TechBargains

Survey Shows Shoppers on Smartphones Do More Research Than Buying; Tablet Users Research and Buy - TechBargains Survey rings in the New Year with mobile shopping trends by device, gender and type of products purchased., a leading deal curation website for electronic products, released its 2011 Holiday Mobile Shopping Survey, revealing that while the number of mobile shoppers is increasing dramatically, they are using their mobile devices to research products more than they use it to make purchases. Shoppers are comfortable making purchases from their home computers, but are more hesitant using their tablets and mobile phones to buy online. The survey found that 58% of shoppers have made purchases via their mobile phone as compared to 94% who have made purchases via laptops and 75% via tablets. For those who shop with their phone, 79% use it to research products, 73% to browse stores and 77% to compare prices. Of the 58% percent of shoppers who make purchases via their mobile devices, 69% use both the mobile browser and apps to buy products (18% only use apps, 13% only use a mobile browser).

What consumers are purchasing also differs from their buying behavior on laptops. Laptop shoppers’ most popular items to buy online are consumer products like clothing and electronics, but shoppers buy more digital products like music and apps on their mobile devices. On mobile phones 70% of shoppers purchased digital goods, 60% purchased consumer products, 46% purchased services, and 38% purchased consumable goods. The majority of shoppers (76%) say ease of use is the reason they would buy one category of products over another and 34% cite price point as the reason why they would buy in one category over another.

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Sony Tablet P Gets More Life with 3400mAh Extended Battery

Sony Tablet P Gets Strong 3400mAh Extended Battery From Mugen Power - New 3400mAh battery extends the life of Sony Tablet P by 10%.

Mugen Power ( the manufacturer of high-capacity batteries for handheld devices, today announces the new HLI-SGPT211SL Mugen Power 3400mAh Extended Battery for Sony Tablet P which extends the time consumers can use this popular device. The battery is immediately available from Mugen Power Batteries with free shipping worldwide.

Sony Tablet P Gets More Life with 3400mAh Extended Battery

Designed to provide maximum mobile freedom, Mugen Power 3400mAh (milliamp hour) Lithium-Ion battery extends the life of the Sony Tablet P by 10% delivering more power than the stock 3080mAh battery. This impressive battery performance allows consumers, especially those who are often on the move, to use the device longer. The new battery is fully compatible with the Sony Tablet P and fits well into Sony Tablet P.

As well as delivering longer life, the new battery is also exceptionally reliable. Like other Mugen batteries, the Mugen 3400mAh Extended Battery for Sony Tablet P has undergone vigorous QA testing to ensure the highest quality and lowest return rate. The battery is also in compliance with the CE requirements.

"Sony Tablet P owners are often reported to complain about short battery life of the device. We worked hard on this project and managed to fit additional 320mAh capacity into same size as original battery. Our solution gives customers added battery life to stay connected longer without recharges and make more with the smartphone than ever before," says Nikolai Lebedovsky, marketing manager at eTrade Asia Ltd.

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Ultra Premium Slim Wallets - New Slimmy® Coloma™ Collection

New Slimmy® Coloma Collection Features Luxurious Korchmar Leather - Ultra premium slim wallets inspired by customer demand.

Already established as the “slimmest wallet on earth”, Koyono’s popular Slimmy® now includes the Coloma™ Collection, made with Korchmar's finest leather. “Loyal Slimmy customers shared a desire for a luxury version of our inspired minimalist design”, said Jay Yoo, company Founder and President “…we specifically chose Korchmar oil tanned steer hides for their remarkable beauty and unsurpassed durability”.

Wallets Slimmy Coloma Collection

Named for the fabled valley where the California gold rush began, the premium Slimmy® Coloma™ Collection evokes an ambitious spirit that transcends the status quo and dares to demand the very best in life. It’s the uncompromising choice for the iconoclast who pursues the gold standard at every opportunity.

During the precise hand crafting of each wallet, top grade Texas steer hides go through a time consuming process of tanning, stuffing, shaving and polishing. Each is thoroughly soaked in vegetable tanning agents and aniline dye that completely penetrate the hide with color, ultimately allowing the beauty of the natural grain to show through. “Only the best hides meet Korchmar’s rigorous standards”, said Yoo, “…otherwise imperfections would be easily detectable”.

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New 3D Series of Home Entertainment Products - Kogan

Kogan Keeping 3D Prices Fair for Every Aussie - Staying true to its promise of making 3D technology affordable for every Australian, Kogan recently unveiled its new 3D TV series.

Kogan today unveiled a new 3D series of home entertainment products, making 3D technology affordable for all Australians.

The Kogan 3D TV LED series has everything you've come to know and love from Kogan's award-winning LED TVs, including a built-in PVR to pause, rewind and record live TV, USB input for playing movies and photos, and a stylish chassis housing a crystal clear LED panel.

Kogan 3D Series TVs convert 2D to 3D on the fly, play 3D video games through your Xbox 360 or Playstation 3, and play High Definition 3D content from any 3D enabled device.

Most importantly, Kogan will never make customers pay for features they don't want. The big name brands lump 3D into every TV in an effort to keep prices high. Kogan is driving down prices of LED TVs while offering more choice than ever before.

Ruslan Kogan said the launch starts the 3D LED price wars and brings the option of 3D to the mainstream.

“3D has been used by big name brands to continue to charge more than they should for the latest TVs.

“We quickly realised that the actual technology in a 3D LED TV that enables this feature is relatively inexpensive, and we’re entirely transparent about the added costs. Essentially, it’s just an additional infared receiver that communicates with your 3D glasses to ensure they are in sync.

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New Jabra Pro 900 Series Wireless Headsets Now Available

New Affordable Jabra Pro 900 Series Wireless Headsets Now in Stock at - now have in stock the most affordable wireless headsets ever from Jabra at $189.95 as well as big discounts on other Jabra Pro wireless Headsets until the end of 2011.

The headset experts at are now shipping Jabra’s new state of the art Pro 920 and Pro 930 USB wireless headset models.
Jabra Pro 900 Series Wireless Headsets
The new Jabra Pro 920 will set a new low-price point ($189.95) for professional quality communications, allowing wirelessly connection to office telephones. It can increase office productivity by multitasking throughout an office environment, up to 325 feet away from a office desk, while still conducting business on the phone. The high quality noise cancelling microphone reduces unwanted background noise from office or call center environment. The headset is very light weight designed for all day comfort, weighing in at only 27 grams or 0.7 oz.

The new Jabra Pro 920 is designed for the individual and office worker needing outstanding wireless quality with their Unified Communications and PC Telephony. Connect with crystal clear wideband audio while conducting conference calls, presentations or softphone calls. The Jabra Pro 930 is also available in a Microsoft Lync optimized version.

Coinciding with the release of the new Jabra Pro 920 and 930’s, special pricing is currently being offered until the end of the year on all the current Jabra Pro models. The Jabra Pro 9450 ($239.95), Jabra Pro 9460 ($269.95), Jabra Pro 9470 ($299.95) and the unique Jabra Go 6470 ($269.95).

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Splashtop to Ship on Intel Sandy Bridge Motherboards in 2012

Splashtop to Ship on Intel Sandy Bridge Motherboards in 2012 - Intel bundles Splashtop Streamer on millions of Motherboards – lets end-users turn a PC into a personal cloud or digital home hub

Splashtop Inc., the worldwide leader in cross-device computing, today announced a partnership with Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) to bundle Splashtop on millions of motherboards to enable personal clouds delivering PC content, media, files and apps to mobile devices and TVs beginning in February.

Intel Sandy Bridge Chip

Splashtop currently bridges over 5 millions mobile users to PCs or Macs worldwide, anytime, anywhere.

Splashtop is fully optimized for the Intel Sandy Bridge CPU chipset and is capable of delivering high-definition video at 1080p and 30 frames per second with low latency to mobile devices.

“People are buying more powerful PCs and turning them into personal clouds to deliver content, files, and applications to their mobile devices," said Mark Lee, CEO and cofounder of Splashtop. " We are excited about partnering with Intel and optimizing Splashtop to deliver the best cross-device user experience."

Splashtop Remote Desktop eliminates the need to transfer, convert or sync files and multimedia among devices. Important work files and office applications, such as Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel and Word, are easily accessed. Content for personal entertainment, including movies, music, photos and even 3D games, can also be enjoyed remotely.

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New Kindle Sleeve Timed with Holiday Tablet and eReader Buying Frenzy

Mobile Accessory Retailer Nuo Launches New Kindle Sleeve Timed with Holiday Tablet and eReader Buying Frenzy - Protect your eReader with a sophisticated, affordable, lightweight case

Capitalizing on the popularity of eReaders and tablets during this holiday season, Nuo Tech, LLC, announced today the company has launched a new sleeve for the Kindle Fire eReader. The ultra-thin molded sleeve is available in three color combinations to offer any consumer a stylish and affordable design choice to protect their mobile device.
Nuo Molded Sleeve for Kindle Fire
“eReaders and tablets are this year’s holiday must-have items and we are excited to expand our mobile carrying-case product line with a quality product and great design at an attractive price point,” said Nuo Vice President and Founder Ty Rarick.
At a $24.99 retail price-point, Nuo expects the lightweight sleeve to expand the company’s holiday revenue given the popularity of the Kindle Fire device. On Black Friday, the Kindle Fire was the bestselling product across all of that day1.
Nuo’s molded sleeve weighs only 1.6 ounces or less than most traditional books, making it a perfect option for readers on-the-go. The sleeve provides an attractive option to protect mobile devices without weighing them down. It is also checkpoint-friendly, meaning that travelers can go through airport security without removing the device from the sleeve.

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All-In-One Light & Sound Mind Machine for Overall Health Benefits

MicroBeatMini All-In-One Light & Sound Mind Machine Now Available Worldwide - Innovex today announced the immediate worldwide availability of the MicroBeatMini all-in-one AudioStrobe® compatible Light and Sound Mind Machine.

The MicroBeatMini uses light and sound pulses at specified frequencies to alter the brain wave activity of the user. This is done in order to reach a variety of interesting and beneficial states of consciousness. Behind closed eyelids the user will see a complex kaleidoscope of color, multidimensional layers of fractals and a variety of dream-like imagery.

MicroBeatMini All-In-One Light & Sound Mind Machine

Introduction to Mind Machines

For many years Light and Sound Mind Machines worldwide have been used as a drug-free alternative for treating pain, insomnia, addictions and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) as well as brainwave entrainment.

It has been proven that brainwave entrainment has many benefits. These benefits includes - increasing creativity, memory, focus and learning abilities, reduce stress, enhance lucid dreaming as well as self-hypnosis and deliver a whole new level to meditation practices.

MicroBeatMini Features

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New Shades Vibrant Color Cases for White iPod Touch 4G Model

ShadesCases Releases Shades™ iPod touch 4G Cases for New White iPod touch - With the release of Apple’s® new White iPod® Touch, ShadesCases Inc. has released its Shades™ iPod touch 4G Cases with 11 vibrant colors that look great with the new White iPod® touch 4G model. The new Cases are now shipping and available at 25% off!

ShadesCases Inc. announces the release of its Shades™ iPod touch 4G Cases for the new White iPod® touch 4G model.

New Shades Vibrant Color Cases for White iPod Touch 4G Model

The new Shades iPod Touch 4G Cases are specifically designed to protect and enhance the look of the new White iPod Touch 4G model.

Shades iPod Cases provide full device protection in a one piece, ultra-thin case. Shades™ are made with a durable scratch resistant soft plastic, providing your iPod with full device protection, including Full screen protection, and access to all the iPod's ports. Although thin, the material offers the same elasticity of rubber and toughness of metal, providing ample protection from common drops and falls.

The cases are available in 11 unique and vibrant colors from Ultra Violet, Aqua, and Cool Blue to Clearly Original.

According to Rob Danish, CEO of ShadesCases, “We are extremely gratified by the initial response to our new Shades iPod Touch cases. We spent a great deal of research and development effort to produce the most sleek and attractive iPod Touch 4G case possible, without sacrificing quality or the full device protection our customers have come to expect.”

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Get Heated Mouse and Heated Keyboard Pad for this Holiday Season Holiday Shopping Give the Gift of Warmth - Give the gift of warmth this holiday season. Visit the today!

Revered by the folks at PC Magazine, CBS Early Show, Coolest Gadgets, Entrepreneur, B Net and many more, the website is geared to offer its shoppers the best deals this holiday season.

Get Heated Mouse and Heated Keyboard Pad for this Holiday Season

The more you buy, the more you save. Automatically discounted rates appear in the shopping cart as you shop online at Plus, get Free USA Shipping & No Sales Tax!

"My mouse hand tends to get downright icy, to the point where it actually distracts me from my work," states Rick Broida of CBS News Money Watch, "Enter the ValueRays Heated Mouse, a fairly standard optical wheel-mouse with a trick up its sleeve: it's heated. A built-in carbon-fiber heating element turns what appears to be a typical mouse into a toasty little oven.."

The infrared heated products plug into an USB port on the computer. They include heated slippers, heated shoulder warmer, heated mouse pad, heated mouse, heated neck massage, heated chair pad, heated hand warmer, heated keyboard pad and heated gloves.

The Heated Mouse supports the American Cancer Society, the Arthritis Foundation and the Raynaud's Community. The valuable infrared heat products make perfect gifts for the holidays under $50. They are an energy-efficient and cost-effective source of warmth in a chilly office or work space. To learn more about the products visit or

Win FREE ValueRays Products just in time for the holidays. Click the link below and enter our free giveaway contest.

Enter the Heated Mouse contest and win products free! [Source]

Buy Infrared USB Heated Computer Products, Information below:

Shop Infrared USB Heated Computer Products for LE$$ / Price list Click here!

For more products use Top↑ Products-Search

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Best of 2011 Home Theater Equipment Awards - HomeTheaterReview Releases Best of 2011 Home Theater Equipment Awards - For those looking for the best in audiophile gear and home theater equipment – has compiled the ultimate list is out today with its list of the absolute best home theater and audiophile components, just in time for Christmas. For those looking for the best HDTV, Blu-ray player, media server, video projector, speakers, headphones, HDMI receiver or other AV product, has compiled an ultimate list.

Home Theater Equipment Awards 2011

“With the rise of big box retailers and increase popularity of warehouse stores for higher-end home theater and video products, the need for good information on the elite best AV products is stronger today than ever,” says publisher Jerry Del Colliano. “If you are looking for the ultimate in Christmas shopping lists for tech-savvy movie and music lovers, we have you covered at with our 2011 Best of Awards.”’s Best of Awards, like all of its content, is free to consumers to read and is compiled by the publication’s reviewers, editors and publisher. content is located online and can also be accessed by smart phones.

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Samsung The #1 Global Brand for 3D TVs - Forecast Reports

LCD TV Shipments Rebound Ahead of 2011 Holiday Selling Period, Says DisplaySearch - Q3’11 LCD TV Shipments Rise 13% Y/Y While Overall TV Units Increase 4%; Lean Inventories Coming into the Holiday Season

2011 has been a challenging year for the TV industry. Sluggish consumer demand in developed regions, like North America, Japan and Western Europe, has led to poor profitability on the part of TV set makers and panel makers. With supply chain inventory problems persisting well into mid-year, many TV brands cut back on their shipment plans for 2011 and reduced panel orders in Q3, which resulted in larger price declines for those core panels. The upside for consumers is more attractive retail set prices during the upcoming holiday season, particularly during Black Friday in the U.S.

“End-market demand has been weak in North America during most of 2011, with unit shipments falling around 4% Y/Y through the first three quarters of the year,” noted Paul Gagnon, Director of North America TV Research, DisplaySearch. “However, consumers, still quite sensitive to pricing, may be delaying purchases until the holidays when they expect to see the best deals. Consumers have learned this practice from observing previous holiday selling periods.”

According to the latest figures published in the DisplaySearch Advanced Quarterly Global TV Shipment and Forecast Report, total TV market shipments were up 3.7% Y/Y in Q3’11 to 62M units, a 12% increase from Q2’11. This marks a healthy rebound from the 1% Y/Y shipment decline in Q2’11 and weak 1% Y/Y gain in Q1. However, orders for LCD and plasma panels used in the production of TV sets were both down in Q3’11, resulting in a somewhat lean inventory situation towards the end of the quarter. Many suppliers have taken a conservative approach to inventory for the holidays. Therefore, if demand is better than expected, there may not be much slack in the supply chain to fulfill restocking orders. This could potentially lead to some product shortages.

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Affordable iPhone 4S Battery Case from Horizon Battery

Horizon Battery Offers Affordable iPhone Battery Case - With the release of the iPhone 4S and millions of new 2-year service agreements with wireless carriers, it makes perfect sense to protect the iPhone with a case. Adding an invisible, slimline battery to the case for about the same price is a no-brainer. The Ansmann iPhone Battery Case is the answer.

iPhone 4S Integrated Battery Case

For a few dollars more than a quality protective case, iPhone 4 owners can consider an integrated iPhone Battery Case from Horizon Battery. This sleek, powerful battery case boosts the internal battery life by more than 70% and provides the “smart phone warrior” with extended use time and less charge time.

For those who virtually “live” on their iPhone, the Ansmann iPhone battery can case lasts for a days - without the need to recharge. The more "occasional" user benefits too --since all the iPhone 4S updates, including the new “Siri” feature, increase network access – and battery usage.

Obviously, battery cases for mobile phones are by no means a new idea. The trick is to find quality without spending as much as the phone itself. Make sure the warranty outlasts the phone's 2-year service agreement. The Ansmann iPhone Battery Case includes a no-nonsense, 3-year replacement warranty.

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Power Supplies Available from 100 to 4000 Watts - Behlman

Behlman Manufactures Two COTS Power Supplies to Support the US Navy Electro Optical Sensor System - Another example of Behlman form-fit-function expertise meeting stringent MIL-STD requirements with off-the-shelf power systems.

Behlman Power Supply

Behlman Electronics Inc., is well known for manufacturing a wide range of Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) power supplies and having the engineering skills needed to modify them for form, fit and function to meet requirements of even the most unique and demanding applications. Behlman is now supplying their Model 94036 and 94037 COTS power supplies for the U.S. Navy’s Electro Optical Sensor System (EOSS).

Ron Storm, Behlman’s Vice President of Marketing and Sales, said, “By repackaging existing COTS power supplies to meet the precise form, fit and function requirements of the US Navy’s Electro Optical Sensor System (EOSS), we helped extend the useful life of the EOSS at a small fraction of the cost for custom engineering a new power solution. Equally important, we were able to accomplish this very quickly, to help ensure that the associated gun sight systems can be deployed when needed.”

The Behlman 94036 and 94037 use the same state-of-the-art Printed Wire Boards (PWBs), with modules configured in either series or parallel to supply 28 VDC or 60 VDC outputs. The units operate from 115 VAC 3-phase DELTA, 60 Hz ship’s power. They feature low ripple and noise; line and load regulation; and protection for over voltage, over current and over temperature. Both models meet the requirements of MIL-STD-1399, MIL-STD-810D, and MIL-STD-461E.

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3G or 3.5G Subscribers to Reach 4.27 Billion by 2017 - Business Report

Global 3G/3.5G Subscribers Are Projected to Reach 4.27 Billion by 2017, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. - GIA announces the release of a comprehensive global report on 3G/3.5G markets. The global 3G/3.5G market is projected to register 4.27 billion subscribers by 2017, primarily driven by factors such as growing consumer demand for high-bandwidth multimedia services, increase in adoption of 3G enabled mobile phones, and continued roll out of 3G networks in developing markets. Robust demand from emerging markets also augurs well for the market.

Follow us on LinkedIn – As consumers purchase more mobile devices and explore applications such as social networking, mobile enterprise, and entertainment, the need for additional network capacity and speed will grow exponentially. Also, increasing volumes of high-definition content, VOD and other personalized video services, and increasing volumes of data that are being transmitted through communications networks would necessitate greater bandwidth requirements. Continued transition from fixed to mobile services with users dumping their landline service to rely solely on mobile phones also puts additional strain on communications networks. These new developments in the communications industry provide a strong business case for high-speed networks such as 3G.

Europe, Asia Pacific and the US are progressing towards integrated mobile applications such as mobile commerce, mobile payments, mobile wallet, e-education, mobile health services, and on-the-go music and video. Integrated applications provide an impending source of revenues for operators where voice revenue growths are flat. Operators endeavor to setup a source of recurring revenues with innovative services deliverable through 3G-infrastructure. Integrated applications such as mobile TV provide opportunities for advertisements and potential revenues. Customer centric features of such applications include enhanced user control and personalization of content. Data revenues from mobile applications are expected to exceed revenues from voice service, which is typically considered as ‘cash cow’.

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In-Ear Headphones is Popular from Past Five Years - IBISWorld Reports

Headphone Manufacturing Market Research Report Now Available from IBISWorld - In the five years to 2016, the Headphone Manufacturing industry will echo a rebound in economy-wide consumer spending, according to a new report from IBISWorld, the nation’s largest publisher of industry research. The US Headphone Manufacturing industry will also benefit from the continued adoption of MP3-enabled cell phones, with in-ear headphones becoming increasingly popular during the past five years. Nevertheless, the industry will continue to have trouble as import penetration increases. Furthermore, the rising price of commodities, including plastic materials and copper, will limit profit growth during the next five years.

In-Ear Headphones is Popular from Past Five Years - IBISWorld Reports

According to IBISWorld, revenue from the Headphone Manufacturing industry in the US has declined in the five years to 2011. A decline in consumer spending and fast-paced offshoring has caused a steep revenue reduction for the industry, affecting industry operators like the Bose Corporation, headquartered in Framingham, MA. According to IBISWorld, revenue for Bose's headphone segment is expected to decline at an over the five years to 2011. Bose manufactures auto sound systems, home stereo speakers, music systems, PC sound systems, headphones and professional loudspeakers.

Despite an overall decline, headphone manufacturers have taken advantage of some key trends during the past five years. In-ear headphones have increased in popularity as MP3-enabled cell phones have become more ubiquitous. Headphone companies have also increasingly relied on marketing and brand development, using celebrity-endorsed products to promote sales. This trend, coupled with rising consumer expenditure, is expected to boost industry revenue in 2011.

According to IBISWorld, despite an increase in consumer spending, headphone manufacturers will continue to move to countries where labor costs are low. US manufacturing has long been vulnerable to cheap imports and the establishment of facilities in countries where labor costs are lower. As advancements in technology and transportation have made it cheaper to transport goods, the propensity for US firms to outsource manufacturing in order to focus on marketing has heightened.

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All-in-One Keyboard Case and Stand for iPad® - ClamCase®

All New iPad 2 Keyboard Case Impresses - ClamCase releases the market's first all white keyboard case & stand, just in time for the holiday season.

ClamCase®, the creator of the first all-in-one keyboard, case and stand for the iPad®, has announced the launch of their most anticipated model to date; the all white ClamCase for iPad 2. The accessory that has revolutionized the efficiency of the iPad is now offered in an alluring pure white. The latest addition to the ClamCase fleet arrives just in time for the holiday season and just might be the perfect present for under the tree.

iPad ClamCase all-in-one keyboard case and stand

The iPad is the most sought after gift, and along with this year’s favorite holiday gadget, comes bundles of accessory options to enhance the iPad experience. Topping the wish-list is the latest model of the ClamCase product line. The ClamCase not only elevates the iPad’s efficiency, but the new sleek white design also gives it an extra touch of style.

It's thinner, lighter and whiter. The newly released ClamCase adds an aesthetic element to a product that is inherently practical and efficient. The fresh white design perfectly compliments the white iPad 2 and continues to offer all the versatility that users have come to know and love. It features a white ultra-durable high-grade plastic shell, the signature hinge (now in white) and a scissor-action white chiclet style keyboard, creating a balance between beautiful design and the ultimate in functionality.

The White ClamCase for iPad 2 will include the Bluetooth® “Easy Sync” system and an extended battery life (with over 100 days of standby). The white hard shell case includes all the necessary cutouts, which expose the back camera, headphone jack, built-in iPad speakers, and serial-port just as the previous models have offered.

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Sprint Samsung EPIC 4G Touch Battery Life Increased from Mugen Power

Sprint Samsung EPIC 4G Touch Battery Life Increased by 8% by Mugen Power - Mugen Power Batteries introduces new extended battery for Sprint Samsung EPIC 4G Touch. This new battery with extra capacity relieves the suffering of short battery life and frequent recharges.

Mugen Power, leading brand of high performance batteries for portable electronic devices, today releases a new extended battery for Sprint Samsung EPIC 4G Touch (HLI-D710SL). HLI-D710SL successfully increases original capacity from 1800mAh to 1950mAh. It's designed for Samsung smartphone users, especially suitable for those heavy users, it relieves the suffering of short battery life and frequent recharges.

Sprint Samsung EPIC 4G Touch Battery

HLI-D710SL is a Lithium-ion based battery. Lithium-ion based batteries have found widespread popularity in all kinds of consumer electronics because of their high energy to weight ratios, lack of memory effect , and low discharge when not in use. HLI-D710SL has 8% more capacity than the standard battery. It is designed to provide longer battery life with higher quality for power-hungry consumers. Besides delivering longer battery life, HLI-D710SL is also exceptionally reliable. Mugen Power Batteries are known to have lowest return rate in the industry. All of Mugen Power products have undergone vigorous QA procedures and have CE and RoHS approval.

"We are proud of the ability to help our customers better utilize their smartphones by improving their batteries performance. We have always considered our customers' needs as our first priority. We are trying our best to satisfy their needs. We understand that our customers want to have smaller the size, larger the capacity. We worked really hard on this battery, and successfully fit extra 8% capacity into the original battery size. We have positive reviews from customers all the time, which encourage us to work harder." says Alice Yang, marketing manager at eTrade Asia Ltd.

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Super Self-Powered Speaker for Digital Age - NHT SuperPower

NHT SuperPower: Activate! A Super Self-Powered Speaker For The Digital Age - Elements of NHT’s SuperZero M-00 Speakers Combine To Create A Super Self-Powered Speaker For The Digital Age

NHT today announced that it will soon ship SuperPower [$199 each]: a compact, self-amplified, high end mini-speaker powerhouse designed to deliver high performance sound from any of today’s digitally connected devices, from smartphones and portable media players to tablets, video games, electronic musical instruments, home entertainment systems, and of course, desktop and laptop computers.

NHT SuperPower Speaker

Instead of starting from scratch, NHT looked for design inspiration from its highly acclaimed SuperZero 2.0 -- an overachieving passive mini-speaker -- and the professional series M-00 (a/k/a, the “moo”), which is a rugged 75W powered mini-monitor commonly found in top-notch recording studios.

Similar to its predecessors, the SuperPower’s acoustics section includes NHT’s time-tested mini-monitor driver complement, featuring a 4.5-inch long-throw woofer and 1-inch silk dome tweeter. The drivers are acoustically suspended in a sealed box that is immediately recognizable for NHT’s trademark high-gloss, black laminate finish.

The rest of the SuperPower’s magic can be found under the hood: each speaker features its own ultra-low distortion 90W power amplifier that boasts over 90% efficiency and in standby mode uses less electricity than a D cell battery. The amplifier is mated with a custom designed pre-amp circuit that shapes the speakers’ response for both bass extension (to 72Hz) additional SPL (over 111dB @1 Meter!)

“SuperPower’s DNA originates from two of NHT’s most beloved speakers – the SuperZero and the NHT Professional M-00 active mini-monitor. That’s really where the story begins,” said NHT partner and marketing/sales executive John Johnsen. “As such, it really represents the best of both worlds, combining our knowledge and experience in the powered monitor arena with our passion for packing incredible high-end sound into a compact, affordable package”

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New Wide 10.1-Inch Sharp® LED-backlit LCD Tablet Computers

New Wide 10.1-Inch LED-backlit LCD from Sharp® Ideal for Tablet Computers - Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas (SMA) announced its new 10.1-inch WXGA LED-backlit LCD (LQ101K1LY04), ideal for computer tablet applications. Sharp technology has addressed key issues for tablets, including the prevention of pooling (image distortion) that is common with touch overlays.

New Sharp 10.1-inch LED Backlit LCD

A 1280 x 800 wide resolution allows for superb viewing of high-resolution images, and a 160°/160° viewing angle and of brightness of 400 nits combine to deliver crisp images from any angle. Additionally, an LVDS interface helps ease the design process.

Sharp’s product line also includes a 12.1-inch WXGA ideal for tablet computers. Other Sharp LCDs featuring the popular wide resolution specification include 3.0-inch, 5.0-inch, 7.0-inch and 8.5-inch products. All of these displays feature specifications perfectly suited to meet the rugged demands of the Industrial Application (IA) market. Sharp’s IA panels are factory-supported for a minimum of three years. They are ideal for applications including Factory Automation, In-Flight Entertainment, Gaming, Medical Devices, Point of Sale (POS) Terminals, Transportation, Test and Measurement, and many others. For details on all Sharp LED-backlit LCDs, visit

Sharp continues its migration from CCFL-based LCD products to an all-LED backlight line-up, averaging nearly one replacement panel per month over the last year. Sharp assists customers in switching from CCFL to LED-backlit displays by helping them better understand the related technology benefits and design considerations; SMA’s online LED-backlit LCD Resources page features videos, “The Switch” podcast, and technical papers to aid your LED-backlit design process. New materials are periodically being added.

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SOUL by Ludacris Headphone T-shirt with all SOUL by Ludacris Purchases and SOUL by Ludacris Team Up To Offer Free T-Shirts With Select Headphone Purchases - Leading online headphone retailer has teamed up with SOUL by Ludacris to offer customers a custom SOUL by Ludacris headphone t-shirt with all SOUL by Ludacris purchases.

Soul by Ludacris SL150 Headphone, a leading online retailer for headphones and headphone accessories is happy to announce that they have teamed up with SOUL by Ludacris to offer customers a t-shirt with all qualifying purchases. Any customer who purchases a SOUL by Ludacris headphone between now and December 15, 2011 will receive a custom t-shirt only available from

SOUL by Ludacris headphones are the latest addition to the celebrity endorsed headphone selection available on Chris Bridges, more commonly known as the rap artist Ludacris, has teamed up with Signeo USA to produce this high quality line of headphones. Models available include the SL49, SL99, SL100, SL150, and SL300.

The SL49 and SL99 are in ear headphones (earphones) which allow for maximum portability without sacrificing sound quality. The SL100 and SL150 are an ‘on ear’ style headphone that provide ample bass without overpowering the midrange and higher frequency sounds.

The flagship SL300 model includes extraordinary noise cancelling abilities and boasts superior sound quality, comparable to headphones normally found in a higher price range. The SL300 features a comfortable headband and earpads which allow for extended undisturbed listening sessions.

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Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Power User Cookbook Book and eBook

Power to the People: Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Power User Cookbook Book and eBook Now Published

Birmingham: Packt Publishing, one of the world’s leading publishers of Microsoft Sharepoint books, announces the publication of its Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Power User Cookbook. As a book and eBook it provides a valuable resource of recipes walking Power Users through a range of collaboration, data integration, business intelligence, electronic form, and workflow scenarios, as well as offering three invaluable business scenarios for building composite applications.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Power User Cookbook Book and eBook

Aimed towards advanced End Users and Powers User of SharePoint 2010 who want to accomplish specific business tasks beyond the basics, this cookbook is not to be missed. It includes instructions on how to: create and publish InfoPath forms to front-end your business processes, understanding who is listening to your information with SharePoint Web Analytics tools and unlocking the true business value of SharePoint with HR, CRM, and PM composite application examples

Packt Publishing has, in recent times, published a number of SharePoint titles including:

Microsoft Silverlight 4 and SharePoint 2010 Integration
Microsoft SharePoint 2010 End User Guide: Business Performance Enhancement
Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Applications on Windows Phone 7
Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Development with Visual Studio 2010 Expert Cookbook

In November, Packt is scheduled to publish:
Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Windows PowerShell 2.0: Expert Cookbook.

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Backpack Solar Laptop Charger from Voltaic Systems

Voltaic Launches Backpack Solar Laptop Charger - Two new solar laptop chargers, the Array and Fuse 10W, are available today. Each power up to 30 minutes of laptop runtime for every hour in the sun.

Voltaic Systems redefines the meaning of mobile computing with the launch of its two new solar laptop chargers, the Array and Fuse 10W. The Array is a rugged backpack and the Fuse 10W is designed to attach easily to other backpacks and bicycle racks. Both provide ample clean and renewable power for the demands of today’s portable electronics.

Backpack Solar Laptop Charger from Voltaic Systems

Created for workers and adventurers who travel far from power outlets, but still need to stay connected, the Array and Fuse 10W provide up to 30 minutes of laptop runtime for every hour in the sun. In addition to powering most modern laptops, they will also charge most tablets, professional digital cameras, and smartphones. When the sun is unavailable, the internal battery holds enough power to more than double the runtime on many laptops. The battery can also be re-charged from the included wall charger.

“Since we launched the first solar backpack in 2004, the number one customer request has been to make a backpack that charges laptops,” said Shayne McQuade, CEO of Voltaic Systems. “With the Array and Fuse 10W, we are giving our customers two great portable charging options.”

Voltaic is also launching the V60 Universal Laptop Battery, which provides backup power for laptops, tablets and smartphones.

10 Watts of Power for Fast Charging
Integrated into the front of the Array and Fuse 10W are three 3.4-Watt solar panels. Run times will vary by laptop, but these high-efficiency monocrystalline cells will power a MacBook Air for 30 minutes after 60 minutes in direct sun. The cells are encased in a clear, UV and scratch resistant coating, and backed by a rigid aluminum composite material. These rugged panels are waterproof and built to withstand the abuse of everyday use.

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Portable Player Dock for iPod/iPhone by Yamaha Electronics

Yamaha PDX-11 Portable Dock for iPod/iPhone Lets You Take the Party with You - Portability with striking, rugged design and mind-blowing sound is ideal for life on the go

Against an endless sea of iPod and iPhone docks that have flooded the market, Yamaha boldly unleashes a standout: the PDX-11 portable player dock, an entirely new product concept that delivers amazing sound quality anywhere and at a remarkably low $99.95 MSRP.

Yamaha PDX-11 Portable Dock for iPod/iPhone

Available in four eye-catching colors—white, dark blue, green and black—the battery or AC powered PDX-11 has a striking and rugged-looking octagonal horn-shaped design with a perforated steel grill designed for overall toughness. A sturdy “grab it and go” roll bar chrome handle makes it easy to take the PDX-11 anywhere you want to enjoy your favorite tunes—from the home or dorm room, to a party on the beach, the back yard or game-day tailgating.

The iPod/iPhone dock is perched on the top of the unit, and music is played back via an exceptionally powerful 4-inch woofer that drives extremely accurate, kicking bass and stunning midrange, while a separate tweeter provides crystal clear high frequencies.

“The PDX-11 was conceived by Yamaha as a portable playback product that mirrors the philosophy of the iPod itself – to give consumers the freedom to enjoy and share music absolutely anywhere, through a stylish device that is compact, easy and fun to use,” said Tom Sumner, president, Yamaha Electronics Corporation. “There is no other comparably priced device on the market that approaches what the PDX-11 offers in sound quality, portability, rugged design and aesthetics. People who see it will want it. People who hear it will want it even more.”

The PDX-11 can also be connected to a PC, Mac or other digital audio player via a mini jack (3.5mm) on the back of the dock.

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Canon Canada Revolutionized EOS-1D Series Camera

Canon Canada's New Canon EOS-1D X Digital SLR Camera is Available at Henry's Camera - Henry’s Camera announced that Canon Canada has introduced a completely revolutionized EOS-1D series camera, the Canon EOS-1D X Digital SLR camera; re-designed from the inside out.

Canon Canada Revolutionized EOS-1D Series Cameras

Henry’s Camera announced that Canon Canada has introduced a completely revolutionized EOS-1D series camera, the Canon EOS-1D X Digital SLR camera; re-designed from the inside out.

Enhancing the revolutionary image quality of the EOS-1Ds and speed capabilities of the EOS-1D series, the EOS-1D X DSLR features an 18-megapixel full-frame Canon CMOS sensor, Dual DIGIC 5+ Imaging Processors, 14-bit A/D data conversion and capable of shooting an incredible 12 frames-per-second (fps).

Canon’s EOS DSLR cameras and accessories have a long-standing legacy of providing high-quality results to professionals in a wide range of markets, including sports, nature, cinematography, wedding and commercial studios. The addition of this new model will help take this tradition to a whole new level.

“The EOS-1D X represents the re-invention of the EOS-1Ds and EOS-1D series, combining new proprietary Canon technologies with the culmination of customer feedback and requests from the field. We are proud to introduce this camera to the worldwide community of professional photographers and cinematographers with the features and capabilities they need to capture the great moments that display their talent,” stated Ian Macfarlane, Senior Vice-President of Sales and Service Operations, Canon Canada, a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon USA.

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New Point N’ View Binoculars with Built In Digital Camera by Barska

Capture the Moment with New Point N’ View Binoculars with Built In Digital Camera by Barska - The newly designed Point N’ View binoculars feature a state-of-the-art integration of a powerful 8x32mm binocular and 8.0 mega pixel digital camera. This futuristic integration is ideal for those wanting to save an image or video of what’s being observed at a distance.

New Point N’ View Binoculars with Built In Digital Camera by Barska

Barska optics, a world leading manufacturer of sport optics has newly designed a binocular with an intergraded digital camera called the Point N’ View binoculars. This futuristic integration allows the enhancement of one’s view and to capture that moment in time. Capable of capturing images and video the Point N’ View binocular cameras are the ideal binoculars for sporting events, bird watching, hiking, camping, and a great tech gadget for surveillance professionals.

Barska’s new Point N’ View 8x32mm binoculars with 8.0 mega pixel digital camera are capable of capturing high quality images and video clips. Pictures and video can be played back on the flip-up 1.5” LCD color display. Model AH11410 features 8x fixed optical magnification with an up-to 4x digital zoom to achieve a maximum overall magnification of 32X. The 8x32mm roof prism optical design allows for comfortable magnified observation for long periods of time without strain on one’s eyes. The binoculars multi-coated lenses enhance the image quality when viewing distant objects for a more vivid and sharp 3-D image.

The powerful 8x32mm roof prism binoculars allow one to view objects at a distance 8x’s closer then can be viewed with the naked eye. With a minimum close focus distance of five meters one can focus until infinity. The intergraded digital binocular camera features a CMOS image sensor for optimized 8 mega pixel images (3264 x 2448 maximum image size). With a quick change of setting one can take AVI standard format video of maximum 640x480 size, time limit of video depends on SD storage card. All images and video are stored on a removable SD card (not included) up-to 16-gig capacity compatible. This binocular camera is USB adaptable to connect to a PC or Mac as a USB mass storage device to access media files.

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New High-Density DDR2 Memory Products from Memphis

Memphis Introduces DDR2 2Gb and 4Gb DDP (Dual-Die-Package) Memory Components in FBGA63, Completing the Newest High-Density DDR2 Product Line - Memphis introduces its newest high density DDR2 components

Memphis is pleased to announce the release of its newest high density DDR2 component, the Dual Die 2Gbit IC. The MEMPHIS 2Gb DDR2 Dual Die Package (DDP) will be available in a x8 configuration and a FBGA 63 package. The latest MEMPHIS IC will be especially attractive for applications with limited board space and 14 address line limitations (A0-A13). MEMPHIS will also use the chip in its VLP Mini-DIMM and SO-RDIMM products for very compact networking and industrial PC applications.

Technically the Memphis 2Gbit Dual-Die Package (DDP) can be addressed like two separate 1Gbit DDR2 DRAMs, while using the space of only one chip on the board. Compared to a regular monolithic DDR2 IC in FBGA 60 package, the Dual-Die products have 3 additional BGA-connections used for the control-signals Chip-Select, ODT and Clock-Enable of the second Die inside.

Concurrently, MEMPHIS is preparing its 4Gbit Dual-Die DDR2 chip, which is expected to also be released in Q4 of 2011. Using the same FBGA 63 package as the 2Gb Dual Die IC, the MEMPHIS 4Gb DDR2 IC will utilize two 2Gb dies in a single package.

With the release of both the 2Gb and 4Gb DDR2 Dual Die, the DDR2 product line from MEMPHIS can fulfill all high density demands of the industrial and embedded computing market, from 2Gbit DDR2 monolithic DRAM (x4, x8, x16), to 2Gbit or 4Gbit DDR2 Dual-Die (x8).

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One-Stop-Shop for Latest Apple Products and Accessories

Award-winning San Francisco Apple Store Dealer, Create More Inc. Celebrates Over Ten Years in the Computer Business - Create More Inc., located in San Francisco, is your one stop-shop for the all your latest Apple product and IT support service needs.

Create More Inc., an award-winning San Francisco Apple store, celebrates over ten years in the computer business. Create More Inc. is proud to be an authorized Apple dealer, offering all Apple products including Mac laptops, desktops, iPods, iPads and accessories, as well as computer repair services. It is the best one-stop shop for all Mac products and services at or below retail price.

One-Stop-Shop for Latest Apple Products and Accessories

“We’re often asked about our prices in relation to the 'store' down the street. There is a misconception that as an independent dealer, we 'mark up' our prices. Nothing could be further from the truth and quite frankly, we’re not sure where this concept comes from. Suffice to say, a $1,199 iMac is a $1,199 iMac. The prices on all items in our store of all brands are always at or below retail pricing,” said Alberto Palacios of Create More.

The San Francisco Mac store sells new Apple products and provides support on Mac desktops and laptops - both used and new. The store carries the latest generation of all available Mac products. Their IT support is more convenient than many competitors since they do not require an appointment. Create More's knowledgeable and friendly staff is able to provide customers with the education they need to make informed decisions.

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Designer Architect Stylus for Apple iPad and Touchscreen Devices

Arctic Announces Designer Architect Stylus for Apple iPad and other Capacitive Touchscreen Devices - The Architect is a stylish and ergonomic stylus that combines style and functionality into one iconic design.

Arctic announces the Architect stylus that aims to provide a stylish instrument and a superior writing experience for all devices with capacitive touchscreens such as the Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire.
Designer Architect Stylus for Apple iPad and Touchscreen Devices

The Architect is a capped, 9.5mm thick stylus engineered from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminium. Its surface is anodized to a smooth, matte finish that gives a premium, tactile feel. The dual purpose cap protects the silicon rubber tip from the elements for lasting effectiveness. A lanyard may also be threaded through the stylized black loop on the cap, offering the user an extra carrying option.

“We felt that the market lacked a fashionable yet professional looking stylus,” said Pedro Gomes, Product Designer for Arctic. “To fill this niche, we sought a design language that communicates elegance without losing sense of practicality.”

The 7.0mm smooth silicon rubber tip is designed with accuracy and ease of use in mind. Together with the extended body length, this small tip offers the user more visibility of his work, a vital factor for note-taking, sketching or playing games.

Much thought has been given to the overall weight of the stylus. At 16g, the Architect has been ideally weighted; just enough to guide each stroke the user makes, and not tire the user with excessive weight.

Pedro articulates, “The overall design is characterized by simple forms produced in anodized aluminium, giving the product a highly detailed and harmonious feeling.”

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Premium Dual Driver Luxury Headphones with Woofer and Tweeter

Leading Headphone Retailer Announces Availability of Phiaton Headphones -, a leading provider of headphones and headphone accessories, is proud to announce the addition of Phiaton headphones to their already diverse selection of consumer and professional grade headphones.

Premium Dual Driver Luxury Headphones with Woofer and Tweeter

As a leading retailer of headphones, earphones, and headphone accessories, is excited to announce the addition of Phiaton headphones and earphones to their product selection. Phiaton, part of Cresyn Co., LTD is manufactured with components found in many of the world’s leading headphones and earphones. With over 41 years experience in consumer electronics, Cresyn’s experience and Phiaton’s ambition to bring style and good sound to consumers has produced a headphone that is sure to please the ears of audio enthusiasts.

“We are excited the new additional of Phiation products to our merchandising mix.” said General Manager Brian Gluck. “They are comfortable, stylish and most importantly great-sounding.”

Phiaton’s earphone line ranges from the PS 20 which boasts a dual chamber, optimized canal dampers, and soft silicon ear tips for maximum comfort and sound quality. As you move up the earphone line, the PS 210i is packaged with a carrying case and custom ear tips to ensure the listener benefits from perfect sound isolation.

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iPhone 4 and 4S Smallest Panoramic Video Camera Accessory

Kogeto Dot™ Available Today ($79) for the Apple iPhone 4 and 4S - Corresponding iPhone application Looker available for free in the App Store.

Kogeto today announces that Dot™, the world’s smallest panoramic video camera accessory for the iPhone 4 and 4S, is available today. This new way to capture the world around you and share panoramic video with family and friends will retail at $79 and is available now at and multiple online retailers. Dot will also be available in Apple Stores nationwide starting on November 1.

iPhone 4 4S Panoramic Video Camera Accessory

Dot's compact and durable design makes it the ideal panoramic video camera for capturing panoramic Dotspots™, in addition to sharing with family and friends on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Dot does not require batteries or external power. Dot also features the least obtrusive design, adding no significant weight to the phone.

Dot works with the iPhone’s 4 and 4S improved video capabilities to capture full 360-degrees and seamlessly integrate the video into an easy to share format without stitching frames together. Kogeto’s proprietary iCONIC™ catadioptric optical system is fully AR-coated for the best color fidelity in iPhone panoramic video and offers the highest resolution.

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Tech Toys 360 is Best in Technology Innovation and Ultimate in Toys

On this week’s episode (Tuesday, October 25th), ‘Tech Toys 360’ focuses on a million dollar car plunging into water, a $250,000 desk made from parts of a race car and an innovation that pushes the boundaries of aviation with an airplane that has folding wings.

Tech Toys 360, a new half hour television series featuring cutting-edge gadgets, gear, and the ultimate in high tech toys, hit the airwaves on Oct. 5th, helping to kick off Discovery’s new guy-centric channel, Velocity. The new Velocity Channel airs 'Tech Toys 360' every Tuesday at 8:30pm.

‘Tech Toys 360’ is produced by Los Angeles-based production company, Revera Entertainment Inc. Revera traveled around the US and the world shooting new high tech product segments in countries such as New Zealand, Denmark, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and many others.

‘Tech Toys 360’ is the most comprehensive and far-ranging series on television to feature space aged, high tech toys. It appeals to savvy technology gurus and those seeking the latest and greatest in automobiles, motorcycles, yachts and electronic gadgets. ‘Tech Toys 360’ provides viewers with unique insight into the world’s most unique products and to those innovators that have brought them to life.

‘Tech Toys 360’ will reach a broad audience as it is scheduled to air in over 125 countries worldwide. It currently airs in the US on Discovery Velocity and in Latin America on A & E/History.

Revera Entertainment is focused on expanding the ‘Tech Toys 360’ global brand. “I’m thrilled that the world will have the opportunity to experience the best in technology through this unique series,” says Jeffrey Levine, President of Revera Entertainment. “From three million dollar submarines, to million dollar supercars to high adrenaline water toys that push the envelope of what’s possible, Tech Toys 360 has something for anyone who loves technology, innovation, and the ultimate in toys.”

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Corona Indie Bundle’s debut on Android Available at Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore for Android Exclusively Debuts Ansca Mobile’s ‘Corona Indie Bundle’ - Charity game pack offers five top-selling games for $0.99 (a $7.95 offer).

Ansca Mobile today announced that their Corona Indie Bundle’s debut on Android will be exclusively hosted by the Amazon Appstore for Android.

Corona Indie Bundle in Amazon Appstore for Android

The 'Corona Indie Bundle' is a pack of five top-selling mobile games created with Ansca’s Corona SDK engine. Following its release on iPhone and iPad just last week, Android users also can now download all five games to their Android smartphone or tablet for just $0.99, with 17% of proceeds going to charity.

“It’s no secret that Corona is a cross-platform game engine and can create apps for a myriad of mobile devices,” says Carlos Icaza, co-founder of Ansca Mobile. “That’s the only way we could launch the 'Corona Indie Bundle' on Android now, just days after we released it on iOS. We also are beyond grateful to partner with Amazon and debut it in their Appstore for Android, seeing how they’ve become such a huge presence in the Android marketplace in such a short period of time.”

The five games comprising the 'Corona Indie Bundle' have topped Android store charts worldwide and sold over 2.25 million copies individually across multiple platforms.

'The Secret of Grisly Manor' by Fire Maple Games: Puzzle/story game (think Myst) that has sold over 100,000 copies on iPhone and iPad, and has been a Top 5 paid in the Amazon Appstore for Android and Top 20 in Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Color app store.

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Games Consoles and Accessories Online One-Stop-Shop

Hot New Gaming Site Unveils One-Stop-Shop for Games, Consoles, and Accessories: Simplifies Online Shopping for the Gaming Consumer - Finding the hot new games, consoles, and accessories at the best prices, sales, and deals is no longer intimidating when shopping online via a trustworthy, well-established website. Whether shopping online for the PS3, Nintendo, Xbox, Gameboy, or the newest release of a game or accessory, Horn Outlets Online has the consumer covered.

Games Consoles and Accessories Online One-Stop-Shop

When it comes to the hot top brand name games, consoles, and accessories, consumers know what they want: the best price, the best quality, the best stores, and they want it now. Many may think it is best to spend countless hours searching site by site for games, consoles, accessories, and related products online. Still others may think online shopping only offers lack of choice, features, availability, and accessories that leads to more difficultly than it is worth. Horn Outlets Online changes everything.

When shopping and purchasing gaming products online, the consumer wants quality merchandise, from a top brand, for the best price, with no hassle, and Horn Outlets Online comes through with excellence! These are the top brands from the industry’s top merchants: no inferior designs, highest quality standards, and the best price. When dealing with merchants the consumer knows and relies on, there is no being stuck with substandard merchandise for an exorbitant price with no one to turn to for customer service.

Horn Outlets Online solves the inherent problem of buying consumer games, consoles, and accessories online by offering all advantages of online order including convenience, time, and cost efficiency. Not only that, but the consumer will be delighted with the selection, quality, and top sought after brands.

Gaming products from industries top merchants sell at the best prices on Horn Outlets Online, which allows students, homemakers, professionals, hobbyists, businesses, and retailers, to choose just the right product for the need at the right price, every time.

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Latest Quality iPhone 4S Cases and Accessories Reveals Latest iPhone 4s Cases - The cell phone accessories retailer responded immediately to the demand for quality iPhone 4S cases and accessories.

In keeping up with Apple’s newest release, revealed its release of Apple iPhone 4S cases and other iPhone 4S accessories on October XXX. The cell phone accessories retailer wasted no time in meeting the ever changing demand of its tech savvy customers.
Walnut Case for iPhone 4/4S (Plain) by SigniCASE
“We are excited to meet our customers’ iPhone needs and stay ahead of the market by releasing our new line of high-quality accessories to complement their new gadgets,” said Jack Sheng, CEO.’s dedication to offering customers cutting-edge accessories at equally cutting-edge prices keeps it at the forefront of online retailers. Internet and mobile shopping makes it easy to beat the new-release rampage by giving people the option to shop for iPhone 4S accessories from the comfort of home.

Customers can keep their new iPhone in top shape with the latest collection of iPhone 4S cases and screen protectors.

Designs reminiscent of wild safaris, surreal dreams, and geometry, along with eye-catching colors and rhinestone bling, are among the array of iPhone 4S cases that hit the virtual shelves this month. TPU rubber cases compatible with the iPhone 4S ensure shock absorption and boast to decrease signal loss. Snap-on, rubber-coated or crystal cases provide hard-core protection without sacrificing customers’ flair for fashion.

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Sports Beanie Built-in Sound Disk System - AERIAL7

AERIAL7 Introduces the Sports Beanie Featuring Sound Disk System - AERIAL7 adds the Sound Disk Sports Beanie Collection to their line up of headphones. The Sound Disk Sports Beanie is made of a light-weight moisture-wicking fabric, and is an ideal fitness accessory.


Bring the tunes and enhance any activity with the AERIAL7 Sound Disk Sports Beanie.

The Sports Beanie is made of a light-weight moisture-wicking fabric, and is ideal for physically demanding activities. Push the limits and leave no sweat behind, the Sports Beanie works well in warm weather by quickly drying and evaporating perspiration. Adjustable Sound Disks allow a user to place them directly on the ear to be fully engaged in the music or slightly behind the ear to be more aware of the surrounding environment.

The Sports Beanie is thin enough to fit under most helmets or can be worn on its own. Remove the Sound Disk after an intense day and toss the beanie into the washer for a fresh clean fit. Don’t miss any important calls with a simple touch of a button on your in-line microphone. [Demo Video] [Source]

Buy AERIAL7 Sound Disk Beanie Built-in headphones and microphone for use with iPhone®, BlackBerry® and Other Mobile Phones, Information below:

Shop AERIAL7 Sound Disk Beanie Built-in headphones and microphone for use with iPhone®, BlackBerry® and Other Mobile Phones for LE$$ / Price list Click here!

For more products use Top↑ Products-Search

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New Molded Sleeves for iPad Made form METRIC 66

Nuo Unveils New Molded Sleeve for iPad - Laptop bag maker, Nuo, releases new collection of breathable, lightweight iPad sleeves made form METRIC 66.

NUO, designers of technology cases for today’s fashionistas and mobile professionals, introduces a collection of molded sleeves for iPad, Kindle, eReaders and Tablets. Built of chemical free, breathable materials tailored to exceed the demands of the most demanding travel environments, the new sleeves come in three color combinations. The Nuo Molded Sleeve for iPad will be available October 2011.
Nuo Molded Sleeve for iPad

Research and Design
Since the brand's inception in 2008, Nuo has led the industry in fashion carrying solutions. With the creation of the new Nuo Molded Sleeves for iPad, Nuo expands their collection of laptop bags, sleeves and cases while staying true to their commitment of environmental value and responsibility. The new sleeves are made of a material called METRIC 66 which is chemical free - No harmful substances unlike neoprene which does contain harmful chemicals.

"At Nuo, we are a mobile technology and travel lifestyle company made up of people just like you. We are creative innovators in the field of mobile carrying cases, travel goods and accessories. We believe that being a great company means more than creating great products…it means extending creativity and passion into everything we do," says Ty Rarick, Nuo Founder and Vice President. "We care about and are committed to improving social and environmental causes and we will actively encourage, build and partner with our customers to develop initiatives that result in a better world in which we live, work and play."

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New Desktop Accessory for Simple Cable Management Solutions

Bluelounge Launches Sumo, A Heavyweight for Small Cables - The new Desktop accessory for simple cable management solutions.

Bluelounge, the award-winning international design studio known for sleek, functional, home/office organization products, today announced the market-wide availability of its latest cable management product, Sumo.

Bluelounge Sumo Heavyweight for Small Cables

The genial inspiration behind the small but weighty Sumo was to provide a discrete and versatile cable clasp that can be use anywhere in the home or workplace without needing to be glued or permanently affixed to furniture of walls. Using a unique high-tech Japanese micro-suction, Sumo is void of adhesives and resists slippage on most smooth surfaces. It can be re-positioned and re-used at will yet does not loose its tight grip. Cables are simply and safely restrained from sliding onto the floor. Sumo truly keeps cables from trailing, dangling or from falling behind a desk or table top. This little heavyweight keeps all types of thin charging and connecting cables tidy and in constant position for re-use.

“Our customers are passionate about enhancing their lives with gadgets and devices but don’t want to deal with the mess or clutter associated with cords or cables,” said Dominic Symons, Bluelounge Principal and Creative Director. ”Continuously inspired to create solutions to solve everyday problems, we proudly introduce Sumo. It’s our latest approach to cable management and Sumo features a Japanese micro-suction technology that creates a bond, without adhesives or residue, to smooth surfaces for anchoring cables and cords. Sumo is ideal for preventing cables from falling behind the desk, bedside table or table top.”

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Install and Replace iPhone 4S Screen - Do It Yourself

iPhone 4S Teardown Video Available Hours After Release from DirectFix - DirectFix Releases iPhone 4S Teardown Video and Repair Directions Hours after its release to the public.

DirectFix, the leader in “Do It Yourself iPhone Repairs”, announced that within hours of the iPhone 4S being available to the public they have the replacement screens available for those that happen to drop and crack their screen the first day it is available. The iPhone 4S teardown & video repair directions showing how to install and replace the iPhone 4S screen are available for free on their YouTube channel

Install and Replace iPhone 4S Screen - Do It Yourself

The directions show step by step how to repair a broken iPhone 4S screen, battery and other parts. Just like in the past DirectFix was the first to carry parts for the iPhone 4S as soon as it was available. The iPhone 4S Replacement Screen are available in both black and white for $99 at introduction. There is a limited supply of these available at this time. DirectFix is also offering a screen repair service for the iPhone 4S starting today for just $120 which includes all parts and labor.

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