Affordable iPhone 4S Battery Case from Horizon Battery

Horizon Battery Offers Affordable iPhone Battery Case - With the release of the iPhone 4S and millions of new 2-year service agreements with wireless carriers, it makes perfect sense to protect the iPhone with a case. Adding an invisible, slimline battery to the case for about the same price is a no-brainer. The Ansmann iPhone Battery Case is the answer.

iPhone 4S Integrated Battery Case

For a few dollars more than a quality protective case, iPhone 4 owners can consider an integrated iPhone Battery Case from Horizon Battery. This sleek, powerful battery case boosts the internal battery life by more than 70% and provides the “smart phone warrior” with extended use time and less charge time.

For those who virtually “live” on their iPhone, the Ansmann iPhone battery can case lasts for a days - without the need to recharge. The more "occasional" user benefits too --since all the iPhone 4S updates, including the new “Siri” feature, increase network access – and battery usage.

Obviously, battery cases for mobile phones are by no means a new idea. The trick is to find quality without spending as much as the phone itself. Make sure the warranty outlasts the phone's 2-year service agreement. The Ansmann iPhone Battery Case includes a no-nonsense, 3-year replacement warranty.

Other features include:

Convenient, rapid, recharge in less than 2 hours.
Slim-line, 1700 mah Li-Polymer battery - the perfect size and strength.
Seamless charging and syncing to iTunes without removing the phone from the case.
Only 65g in weight -- 10g less than other cases selling for double the price.
No signal interference with operation of iPhone

It's a smart choice for a smart phone. [Source]

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