Fashionable Crystallized Computer Mice Keyboards Headphones Reinvents the Office by Introducing Fashionable Crystallized Computer Products - caters to the fashion enthusiast byreplacing drab office supplies with crystallized computer mice, keyboards, pictureframes and headphones.

Bored with your traditional office supplies? Las Vegas based provides the solution. Now more than ever, employees want to bring their fashion sense to the work place. Identifying this need, developed and recently launched a line of crystallized office products including crystallized computer mice, keyboards, picture frames and headphones.

Fashionable Crystallized Computer Mice Keyboards Headphones

Customers are using the crystallized office supplies as an opportunity to stand out and get noticed in the standard black and white office environment. The products are great for anyone wanting to keep the functionality of office supplies while showing some style at work or in their home office.

With these crystallized computer products, combines two major components: crystallization and office supplies. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, approximately 45% of all office products are bought online. “We saw a huge void in the office fashion marketplace and embraced the opportunity to turn a boring cubicle into a fun, inviting and invigorating work space,” said Jeff Schaefer, General Manager of “The crystallized keyboard, mouse, picture frames and headphones cater to the consumer wanting to merge fashion and functionality. The movement has been tremendously successful. A little bling brings compliments, color and smiles to the business environment,” said Schaefer.

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