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Create-Your-Own iPad Case Helps Celebrate St. Patrick's Day - Customers looking for a personalized iPad case often have to settle for a clip-on back without any front protection. iGear’s new Personalized iPad Case provides excellent protection while offering full personalization, giving customers the option to create one-of-a-kind iPad cases using their favorite St. Patrick’s Day artwork.

iPad Mini Custom Printed Case

Some people are better at gift giving than others. Their secret? They know that the perfect gift is something the person needs or would love - in other words, a gift with meaning that proves that they know their recipient only too well. Thankfully for iPad users, there is a “perfect” gift that’s both useful and unforgettable. Introducing the new Personalized iPad Case and iPad Mini Case, by iGearUnlimited.com

Through a recent survey, iGearUnlimited.com asked customers for the features they look for in a “perfect” iPad case, and here are the top 6 answers:

Protect the iPad from all angles — front, back, sides, and corners
Auto wake/sleep using Apple’s smart cover design
Lightweight, thin profile, durable protection without adding bulk
Full access to all ports, buttons, and controls
Multiple viewing angles: completely flat on the table, slightly tilted for typing, and at least three vertical angles for movie watching
Customizable design – let users put their favorite images on the case for a completely customized experience

While some cases on the market offer some of these features, finding a customized iPad case generally means giving up front protection, since almost all customizable cases only are available as a one-piece clip-on style for the back of the iPad. Although a magnet-attached smart cover can be added, many users are thinking twice about this combination because of the horror stories of users grabbing onto the cover while the iPad itself does a free fall.

The new Custom iPad Case from iGearUnlimited.com delivers on all points. The case is engineered to great precision and the iPad fits snugly. The lightweight hard shell case is made with polycarbonate, one of most durable materials around, protecting the iPad from daily use and abuse. The iPad is completely enclosed from all sides, with precise cutouts for all ports and buttons. The Custom iPad Case comes with two sets of magnets – one set to activate the iPad’s auto wake/sleep feature, and another to keep the case closed when not in use. Using three strategically positioned hinges, the iPad can be positioned at five different viewing angles, from completely flat to vertically tilted for use in any situation.

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Kindle Fire HD 7.0 Best-Selling Tablet

Kindle Fire HD 7.0 Best-Selling Tablet on Amazon - Mingyaa, a website dedicated to providing Amazon deals and information, has recently released a review of the best-selling tablet on Amazon.

Mingyaa, an Amazon related website, has recently released its review of the Amazon Kindle Fire 7.0. As Amazon’s best-selling tablet, the Kindle Fire HD 7.0 offers the best value for the price, with impressive features.

Kindle Fire HD 7.0 Best-Selling Tablet

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The article made note of the Kindle Fire’s 7″ HD display utilizes an advanced polarizing filter and anti-glare technology which gives a rich color as well as a deep contrast from every angle. In addition, the device also features Dolby audio, dual-band stereo speakers and auto optimization software which gives users crisp, clear, balanced audio. The Kindle’s Wi-Fi capabilities on the fastest 4G LTE network are superior to its competitions, and the article also mentioned that the 7” Kindle Fire is available in both 32GB and 64GB.

Mingyaa.com’s unbiased review had a few different aspects, with one of the main focuses being how the Kindle 7.0 has found a solution to the major air gap problem which plagues most other tablets. Most tablet displays are comprised of an LCD plate which has one plate of glass on the bottom of the tablet with a glass touch sensor on the top. These two pieces are commonly separated by an air gap which causes a major problem. The light then reflects off of every surface with the air gap, and as it passes through from the front creating a significant reflections which decrease the quality of the display. In its recent review, Mingyaa.com clearly noted that the Kindle Fire 7.0 solves this problem by laminating the touch sensor in conjunction with the LCD into one simple layer of glass.

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