New Anaface Calculates Your Looks Instantly - Facial Beauty Analysis Software

New Anaface Facial Beauty Analysis Software Calculates Looks Instantly. A new facial beauty analysis application called Anaface is making it possible for people to receive a numeric evaluation of how they look. Users can upload a photo of their face and get an instant rating of their beauty--so they can emphasize their most positive features and downplay the negative ones.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder--and the computer--according to new facial beauty analysis software that makes it possible for people to automatically calculate their looks. The facial beauty analysis application, dubbed Anaface, evaluates the beauty of a human face and automatically scores its appearance.

Anaface, which stands for "analyze face," allows users to upload a facial photo and receive a specific numeric ranking of their beauty. "Anaface computes a facial beauty score based on the geometry of a person's face, and it is based on substantial scientific research and statistical analysis," said Bryan Cooley, CEO of Atama Group LLC, which created the application.

Essentially, Anaface capitalizes on the field of mathematics to quantify the essence of facial beauty. To determine the most critical characteristics of beauty, the creators of the software considered current scientific research and various elements of neoclassical beauty. They also conducted facial beauty analyses on thousands of faces. - Facial Beauty AnalysisHere's how Anaface works: When completing a facial analysis, Anaface takes 17 data points and performs hundreds of complex geometric calculations to determine in numbers what the human eye perceives automatically. For the most in-depth analysis, people should use a full frontal picture that shows their face, ears, chin and forehead. " considers things like the ratio of the nose width to the face width and the length of the face to the length of the nose," Cooley explained. "It even takes into account whether or not your ears are too long."

Facial beauty analysis software such as Anaface can benefit users in a variety of ways. For example, the average person can use the software to pinpoint their most attractive features and work on those that need improving. "If you know what features of your face detract from your facial beauty, you can make corrections," Cooley explained. "Or you can accentuate certain features through cosmetics, different types of glasses, and in the more extreme case plastic surgery. This can have a direct impact on your love life, job performance, promotions and interviews."

From a business perspective, advertising agencies could use Anaface to select models that would have the greatest subconscious appeal to consumers. Or a plastic surgeon could use a facial beauty analysis from Anaface to immediately show potential patients how their looks could be enhanced by changing the shape of their eyes, nose or ears.

To learn more about the Anaface facial beauty analysis application, visit or contact Marketing Director Jessi Elgin at (888) 372-3640.

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