TrickleSaver Launches Energy Saving Devices for TV / PC

TrickleStar Selected to Launch TV TrickleSaver Energy Saving Device at Retail Vision, Before Hitting Shelves in the USA

TrickleStar, manufacturer of the world's leading energy saving devices - 'TrickleSavers' - officially launched their new TrickleSaver range of products to the US market at 'Fresh, A First Look at New Technology' recently, before the product is due to hit US shelves in mid May, 2009

Americans will soon be able to save 'trickling' power, save $$ AND save Earth by using the TV TrickleSaver to manage energy used by their home entertainment systems.
PC TrickleSaverTrickleStar'sTrickleSaver products were selected as one of the top emerging consumer technologies to be presented at 'Fresh, A First Look at New Technology', a program designed for vendors with new technology products, that are trying to reach retailers, technology vendors, distributors and industry experts serving the retail channel across North America and Latin America.

The program, which took place at the Boca Raton Resort and Club, is part of the RetailVision exhibition and was presented by Everything Channel, in conjunction with the Sightline Group.

TV TrickleSaverThe Fresh presentation highlighted the TrickleSaver's key features in a lively multimedia production. As such, the TrickleSaver products were presented in a unique stage format to all technology decision-making attendees and TrickleStar co-founders Bernard Emby and Thomas Joergensen were interviewed by Ray Robidoux and Fred Brown, partners of the Sightline Group.

Following the presentation, attendees had the opportunity to engage in one-on-one discussions with TrickleStar regarding the TrickleSaver products.

"Retail Vision was the perfect platform for us to officially unveil our TV TrickleSaver to the industry before we commence shipping the devices to the USA market in early May," commented TrickleStar founder, Bernard Emby.

"Given the economic and environmental issues we all face today, we feel sure that the launch of the TrickleSaver range to the American market will provide Americans with an easy to use, affordable way in which they can take an active role in saving money by saving power, while at the same time helping to save the planet."

"Standby power or vampire power has been estimated as contributing as much as 12% to electricity bills, which means a lot of wasted power, wasted money and unnecessary impact to the planet. The TrickleSaver products put a stop to this economic and environmental drain," he added.

TrickleSaver products offer the simplest and most effective way to reduce the standby power that is consumed by PC peripheral and TV accessory devices.

The TV TrickleSaver product has inbuilt current sensing circuitry that senses when a TV is on or off. So, when the TV is 'on' the TV TrickleSaver switches power to all accessory devices. Conversely, when the TV is 'off', it switches off all accessory devices, so there is no continuing flow of 'standby power'.

The TV TrickleSaver's 'sister product' the PC TrickleSaver reduces the standby power that is consumed by PC peripheral devices. When a PC is on the PC TrickleSaver switches power to all PC peripherals and switches off all peripherals when the PC is shut down.

Both the TV and PC TrickleSavers are typically connected to a standard electrical power-strip in order to power a number of connected devices.

The TV TrickleSaver and PC TrickleSaver are reliable, cost-effective, easy to use, environmentally friendly and offer superior technology to anything else on the market today.

TV TrickleSaver RRP $34.95

PC TrickleSaver RRP $24.95

Units can be purchased via and via reseller outlets.

Source: PRWeb

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