Online Alarm Clock website Relaunched with Navigation Menu Navigates To A Relaunch:, creators of the world's original online alarm clock website, have relaunched their site by adding a navigation menu which contains links to all of their different clocks.

Online Alarm Clock website Relaunched with Navigation Menu

Tom Churm, who created the Online Alarm Clock website known simply as "Online Clock", said that he'd been resisting making any changes to his website for the longest time. "For, presenting a minimal website devoid of all clutter has always been a very high priority. This is the reason why we resisted adding a proper navigation menu to our alarm clock for so long."

Mr. Churm was talking about the website which is very likely the internet's most popular web-browser based alarm clock. presents austere red digital numerals against a stark black background. There is little else to see on this unconventional website other than simplified controls which enable users to choose a desired alarm time and to change the size of the clock's numbers or to change the background color of the Online Alarm Clock.

With the mini-relaunch of, users of the alarm clock website will finally find it easier to discover all the different kinds of online clocks, countdown timers, online stopwatches and alarm functions which the site offers in addition to its main alarm clock. "Yes, we've had about a dozen different kinds of online clocks available for a long time, but unfortunately they've been rather difficult for our users to find," stated Mr. Churm. "We hope that, with the addition of our new navigation menu, we'll gain more users for some of the other great online alarm clocks and timers on our

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Experience Real Beach Volleyball Competition, Tactics in Immersive 3D World

Beach Volleyball Online Receives New Upgrade; Opens Item Mall: Beach Volleyball Online, the free-to-play Beach Volleyball game from Radiance Digital Entertainment and Omniverse Games has been upgraded to improve key in-game systems and to enhance player experience. In addition, the item mall has become fully operational, allowing players to customize their characters in thousands of new ways.

Beach Volleyball Online

The latest upgrade to Beach Volleyball Online improves key in-game systems and enhances a variety of other features. Both the game engine and the artificial intelligence have been optimized. NPC character action has been vastly improved, as has the physics related to ball movement. Additional enhancements include tweaking item durability so items last longer before requiring repairs, and bringing back the popular sea shell collection mini-game. The game text has been improved in all areas including menus, tutorials, the character creation area, and in the item mall, which is now officially open.

“It’s exciting to see the game progressing so quickly, and we can’t wait to announce some of the new features we have in store coming soon”, says Jonathan Seidenfeld, CEO of Omniverse Games. Beach Volleyball Online has been in open beta for

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Laptop Charger with iGo Green Technology to Save Money and Power

iGo Debuts New Line of Green laptop Chargers for EMEA: Products Reduce Vampire Power to Protect the Environment and Save Money

With more and more consumers looking for smart and easy ways to protect the environment and save money, iGo® (Nasdaq: IGOI), the leading provider of green power management solutions, has launched two new laptop Chargers featuring iGo’s proprietary and patent-pending iGo Green™ Technology.
iGo New Green Laptop Charger
Vampire Power, or the energy drawn from devices that are plugged in but not in use, wastes 15 billion euros annually in Europe alone. iGo Green Technology products automatically detect when a device is fully charged (or disconnected), and shuts off the power drawn from the wall; then, once the battery requires further charging intelligently switch back on to provide the necessary power. iGo Green Technology virtually eliminates Vampire Power.

“Whether we realise it or not, devices continue to draw precious power from the wall, even when they are not in use,” said Rob Falconer , MD of iGo EMEA. “Whilst it can be impractical for consumers to unplug their devices every time they are not being used, iGo Green Technology makes it easy for consumers by automatically regulating power, thereby reducing the standby power that each device draws.“ iGo green chargers may also protect the Laptop’s battery by not continually trying to charge; only when the battery requires power does the Green charger switch back on. Aesthetically iGo Green laptop chargers have to be the best looking chargers in the market today and with their aggressive price points means consumers get “Green for Free.”

Two versions are available, one is a replacement wall charger, the other a total travel solution allowing you power your laptop in the Home, office, car or airplane. Both models ship with

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Electric Screwdrivers and Brushless from KolverUSA

KolverUSA Presents Their Brushless Electric Torque Screwdrivers: KolverUSA offers a complete line of Brushless Screwdrivers. The Brushless (BRL) Series feature state-of-the-art brushless motors and clutchless torque control, the perfect solution for clean room applications thanks to zero emissions of carbon and other pollutants in the working environment.

KolverUSA Brushless Electric Screwdrivers
The Brushless Series by KolverUSA are extremely small and lightweight for utmost operator comfort and with advanced ergonomic design, the ensure very low noise level, minimum vibrations, maximum safety, lasting performance as well as maintenance free operation.

The Brushless screwdrivers are available either with a current control system, our AS Series, or with a mechanical clutch, our FR Series. In both cases the electronic controller, EDUBR Series, will cut the power supply to the motor as soon as the preset torque has been reached. All of the KolverUSA BRL drivers come standard with an ESD-safe body, 8.2 ft connection cable and suspension bail. The heavy-duty cables and connectors, developed for robotic applications are made of antistatic dissipative material for a sale use in EPA environment.

Why Choose a Brushless Screwdriver?
There are many advantages to a brushless driver. These drivers offer a wider torque and

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Neato Robotics Vacuum Cleaner is Smarter Robot that Cleans without You

Neato Robotics Vacuum Cleaner Available at RobotShop: Neato Robotics has selected RobotShop, the leading source for personal and professional robot technology, to sell the company’s new Neato XV-11 robot vacuum cleaner online.

Neato XV-11 all-floor robotic vacuum cleaner
RobotShop Distribution Inc. announced today that they will be among the top online retailing stores to sell the Neato XV-11 all-floor robotic vacuum cleaner. As robotic experts and as a specialized robotic online store, RobotShop has been anticipating the release of this new technology from the moment it was discovered. RobotShop is beyond excited to make it available to its customers.

RobotShop has been selling and supporting robot vacuums for the past seven years and is proud to add the Neato XV-11 to its growing line of robotic vacuums. Neato Robotics brings the next-generation intelligence to the robotic vacuum marketplace. The Neato XV-11 is the first robot vacuum system with laser-based vision and room mapping which will revolutionize the way you clean your home. This new technology allows the Neato XV-11 to clean your home methodically and entirely, every time. Through technical innovation, robot vacuums will become increasingly unique and intelligent; they will evolve and learn certain things about their Master and their immediate environment. The Neato XV-11 is proof of this evolvement and it’s now available at

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New 40+Gb/s QSFP+ Passive Copper Cabling from Siemon

Siemon Announces New 40+Gb/s QSFP+ Passive Copper Cable Assemblies for High-Speed Data Center Interconnect Applications: QSFP+ 4-lane low latency interconnect solution provides up to 10+Gb/s of bandwidth per lane to support server blade to box, rack-to-rack and shelf-to-shelf interconnects as well as high-speed networking and storage equipment applications.

Siemon's 40Gb/s 4-Lane QSFP+ Cable Assembly

Siemon, a leading global manufacturer of IT network cabling and infrastructure systems, announces the release of their 40+Gb/s QSFP+ (Quad Small Form-Factor Pluggable Plus) passive copper cabling products. These shielded 4-lane copper cable assemblies were developed as a cost-effective, low-power option for high-speed data center interconnects up to 7 meters, ideal for applications such as high-performance computing (HPC), enterprise networking, video networking and network storage systems.

The QSFP+ form factor interface can replace up to four standard SFP+ connections, providing greater port density and reduced system cost. Advanced design and manufacturing processes, such as precision wire stripping and a unique automated termination process result in optimized Cross Talk control and Return Loss. The same automated processes result in Siemon’s QSFP+ assembly’s consistent and industry leading signal integrity performance.

Interoperable with compliant SFF-8436 interfaces, Siemon’s QSFP+ copper interconnects are fully compatible with a wide array of data protocols/interfaces, including

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Creative Sound Blaster Wireless Rock Speaker - Looks Just Like a Rock

Creative Sound Blaster Wireless Rock Speaker Now Available – Just in Time for Summer! Looks Just Like a Rock – Rocks Just Like a Sound Blaster: Sound Blaster Wireless Rock outdoor speaker is part of the Creative Wireless audio ecosystem.

Creative Sound Blaster Wireless Rock Speaker - Looks Just Like a Rock
Creative, a worldwide leader in digital entertainment products, today announced availability of the Sound Blaster Wireless Rock Speaker, the latest addition to the Sound Blaster Wireless family of products, designed to be placed outside bringing the music playing from a Creative whole-home wireless audio system outside. The Sound Blaster Wireless Rock Speaker is a high-quality stereo speaker encased in a granite-rock like exterior, which complements any landscape. The Sound Blaster Wireless Rock Speaker is designed to withstand moderate weather conditions so it doesn’t have to be brought in every time it rains.

Creative Sound Blaster Wireless Rock Speaker
“I’ve set the Sound Blaster Wireless Rock Speaker up at my home and my friends can’t believe that such great-sounding music is coming from a speaker that they thought was a rock,” said Steve Erickson, VP and GM of audio at Creative. “It’s such a fun addition to the party because the music is playing from right outside by the pool and patio and it’s totally wireless, so I haven’t had to install any systems in my yard to get music.”

The Sound Blaster Wireless Rock Speaker works with the Sound Blaster Wireless USB audio system, which is available separately

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Samsung EX-series Professional LED Backlight LCD Displays 400EX, 460EX

Samsung LED Touch Screen - First Ever LED Touch Screen by Tech Global Inc.: Samsung EX-series professional LED backlight LCD displays (400EX, 460EX) are an incredible 1.6" thin integrated with a seamless high-performance touch system brought to you by Tech Global Inc the leader in high-performance touch solutions!

Samsung LED Touch Screen

Tech Global is known for integrating their cutting-edge, high-performance touch technology into leading OEM brands like Samsung, NEC, LG, Dell & HP. The technology partnerships with these leading brands assures top quality backed by the manufacturer.

The Samsung 400EX LED LFD boast world`s thinnest at just 1.6" deep, lightest and most energy efficient professional displays. As the LED leaders in professional displays the world 1st LED LFD have been the most eco friendly product, enable users to feel cutting-edge high technology but reduction of total cost operation. The 120Hz panel refresh rate allows faster scrolling of text, dynamic contents playing. Full HD 1080p for the highest resolution images and rich color reproduction of LED provide the

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Bluetooth-Enabled Tubular Speakers for iPad and iPhone

Tubular Wireless Speakers Now Available for iPad and iPhones: Bluetooth-enabled speakers offer enhanced stereo sound without wires

IPEVO, Inc., a designer and maker of products for emerging Internet-driven behaviors, has released Tubular Wireless Speakers for Apple's iPad as well as the latest generation of the iPhone. Tubular is a portable pair of three-watt speakers that provides iPad and iPhone users with improved two-way stereo sound, as compared to each device's built-in mono speaker. Tubular utilizes Bluetooth technology, such that the speakers can communicate wirelessly with any Bluetooth audio device at distances of up to 32 feet (10 meters).

The wireless capability offered by Bluetooth presents an alternative to conventional dock-style speaker systems, in which devices must be physically connected (“docked”) to the speaker unit to function. This limitation may be undesirable with respect to existing behaviors of iPad and iPhone users, who often need or prefer to hold the unit while they listen. When users choose Tubular Wireless Speakers to improve the audio experience of these advanced devices, they are afforded a degree of flexibility they would not enjoy with dock-style systems.

“Tubular Wireless Speakers offer iPad and iPhone users a clear advantage over bulky, non-portable dock station speakers,” remarked Royce Hong, CEO and big head of design of IPEVO. “Enhanced stereo sound should not have to come at the cost of portability and functionality. From navigating music tracks to enjoying a host of popular apps such as Guitar Hero, users want to keep their devices in hand. And Tubular gives them the freedom to do just that.”

A distinctive interlocking design gives Tubular its name. Left and right speakers lock together in a tube shape, and a simple twist separates them. Speakers can then be

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Flying Pasties Protects your Privacy at Airport Full-Body Scanners

Don't Let Airport Screeners See You Naked! Flying Pasties Give You Back Your Right to Privacy While Respecting Security: On Freedom's birthday, Flying Pasties launched a new website at Flying Pasties are meant to provide airplane travelers adequate protection from intrusive full body scanners while not interfering with airline security. For until now, citizens haven't had a proper way to voice their displeasure over the intrusive nature of airport scanners.

Flying Pasties are meant to provide airplane travelers adequate protection from intrusive full body scanners while not interfering with airline security. (

"The Design" Flying Pasties are designed to obscure the most private parts of the human body when entering full body airport scanners. The unique ease of removability will allow travelers the ability to retain their self dignity while respecting the importance of airport security. Citizens all around the world are living in troubled times but the company feels that no one should have to feel embarrassed or indentured for simply choosing to fly on an airplane.

Some religious groups and the ACLU have condemned the use of airport scanners, Flying Pasties now gives everyone the peace of mind to enter these scanner without embarrassment.

"Application" Flying Pasties can be applied two ways: against private areas inside a bra and briefs. Or, with an included

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Toshiba's Ultraportable Full-Performance Portégé R700 Laptop

Toshiba Introduces the Thinnest & Lightest 13-Inch Full-Performance Ultraportable 'Portégé R700' 25th Anniversary Edition Portégé R700 Includes World's First Honeycomb Structure and Fresh Air Cooling Technology in a Laptop
Toshiba's Singapore Computer Systems Division (CSD), a division of Toshiba Singapore Pte Ltd, today announced the Portégé R700, the thinnest and lightest 13-inch full-performance ultraportable. The Portégé R700 provides both consumers and business professionals with unprecedented performance in a highly mobile form factor at mainstream prices.

Previously, most ultraportable required low-voltage and lower powered processors to keep the system cool. At less than 19mm and starting from 1.39kg*, the Portégé R700 is capable of supporting a range of full-powered processors as a result of an innovative new cooling technology. Similar to cooling technology found in jet engines, the new Airflow Cooling Technology, co-developed by Intel® and Toshiba, uses powerful jets of fresh air to cool the heat-generating components, allowing the Portégé R700 to be configured with more powerful full-voltage processors, including the Intel® Core™ i3, Core i5 and Core i7 processors within its slim casing. Now, users can get the performance and longer battery life they need to

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Multi-player Online Game Herotopia for Kids to become Virtual Heroes

Herotopia - The First Multi-player Online Game Where Kids Become Virtual Heroes and Learn How To Deal With Real-life Bullies: Herotopia, The First Free to Play Social Online Game to Empower, Entertain and Educate Kids About Bullying.

Herotainment, LLC, the New York based children’s media company has announced the launch of Herotopia, a free to play social online game for kids ages 6 to 14. Herotopia is a fun and educational virtual world where kids become superheroes. In the dynamic multi-player online game, players explore real world cities and cultures and learn how to deal with bullies, a major issue facing 1 out of 4 of school-aged children.

In Herotopia, each child creates his/her own superhero avatar, chooses a special superpower and travels around the world to play and learn. The site design is a map of the Earth and users can explore nineteen different destinations, from New York to Paris, to Beijing and the North Pole. As kids travel throughout Herotopia, they are introduced to foreign languages, geography and reading skills all in a safe and interactive community setting.

Kids experience a global adventure by playing challenging games, discovering fun facts and hidden quests, and safely interacting with

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Smart and Tough Security Camera from Rugged CCTV

A Dome Camera Rugged Enough For Any Environment - Another Tough, Smart Security Camera design from Rugged CCTV: Security Cameras have advanced to the point where they are smarter and smaller than they once were, but they also seem to be more fragile and have a shorter life than they did a decade ago.

Defender Dome Camera

Most Security Camera manufacturers explain this by invoking the "they don't make things like they used to" excuse. One manufacturer, Rugged CCTV, bucks that trend by making security cameras better and more rugged than the old days, and even tougher than anything the competition currently offers.

"Since the advent of Digital Security Camera Systems, our customers are now confident that the video from their cameras will look great", says Allen Spears, Chief Engineer for Rugged CCTV, a manufacturer of the Rugged Cams brand of security cameras, "But they don't seem to be happy with the overall quality of most outdoor rated dome cameras that are being offered to them." he says. "The most common complaints we are hearing, is that they leak and fog up whenever it rains, or that they simply die after only a year or two in the field. So, our mandate was to manufacture an Ultra High Resolution Dome Camera that is rated to IP68 standards, and would stand up to anything that Mother Nature or vandals can throw at it."

The result is the Defender Digital Dome Camera from Rugged CCTV. The Defender is Vandalproof, Waterproof, Weatherproof and Chemical-Resistant. The Defender packs an amazing 600 lines of Resolution in a small, but tough package. It also has a Manual Zoom lens that is

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Improved HDD Mechanics Hard Drive Recovery Tool with Extra File Formats

Improved HDD Mechanics Hard Drive Recovery Tool with Extra File Formats: Recovery Mechanic Labs announces the update of HDD Mechanics enables comprehensive recovery for dozens new file formats by extending PowerSearch support to new types of files. In addition, the same types of files can now be previewed in pre-recovery mode. The total number of supported file formats now reaches 230.

Hard Drive Recovery Tool

Technical Background

HDD Mechanics offers basic and comprehensive data recovery modes. In basic mode, the tool can recover folders and all types of files. The basic mode, however, is limited to relatively healthy disks that still have a file system (FAT or NTFS) still available. This is not always the case.

If the file system is no longer available on the disk, or if it’s damaged severely, the company offers comprehensive recovery mode to locate missing information. The comprehensive recovery mode is enabled by PowerSearch, the company’s proprietary signature-search algorithm. PowerSearch scans the entire hard drive in order to locate missing files by matching information it reads from the disk against a database of recognizable file formats. Naturally, the more formats are recognized, the more types of files can be

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Start Xbox Gaming with New Xbox 360 Slim 250GB

Kinect Yourself to the New Xbox 360 Slim 250GB: The new Xbox 360 Slim is the long awaited brand new games console continuing the 360 range. With the recent price drop there's never been a better time to start Xbox gaming. The Xbox 360 elite console price has crashed from £199.99 to only £149.99 a new all time low! Furthermore the most exciting news is the new Xbox 360 slim 250GB price has been set at just £199.99 to pre-order online in the UK.

Start Xbox Gaming with New Xbox 360 Slim 250GB

One of the main benefits of pre-ordering online early is to guarantee the cheapest price and earliest delivery date, which will be the same date as high street shops sell the new Xbox slim; providing they still have stock by then. By comparing up to the minute deals shoppers' can be certain of getting the best price Xbox slim bundle. At present the attraction of wanting to buy the new slim console is exceeding expectation, and excitement surrounding Kinect has kept the new slim Xbox in the news. For the new slim Xbox has a dedicated Kinect socket too.

For those new to Kinect, a brief overview follows: Kinect is a whole new world of technology that seems years ahead of its time. Think 'Minority Report'. No wires and no controllers; just you and your body are all that you'll need to use this revolutionary form of gaming hardware. YOU are the controller.

Besides 360's Kinect, game players have already started counting down the days to get a hold of good Xbox 360 games coming

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Liquid Cooled All-In-One PC from Asetek gives True Desktop Performance

Asetek Liquid Cooled All-In-One PC Prototype Demonstrates Consumers Need Not Sacrifice Performance for Sleek Styling: Asetek, the industry leading supplier of liquid cooling systems for computers, today demonstrated how liquid cooling enables all-in-one PCs to deliver performance on par with the best performing desktop systems while maintaining attractive price points & near silent operation.

Liquid Cooled All-In-One PC from Asetek gives True Desktop Performance

The sleek all-in-one (AIO) prototype features a 24” display and uses a liquid cooled Intel Core i7-920 desktop processor and nVidia GTX280M graphics card in an enclosure that, at 58mm, matches the slender profile of Apple’s iMac. This prototype shows how liquid cooling overcomes the thermal limitations that have historically forced PC manufactures to use more costly, lower performance mobile processors in their all-in-one designs.

“The all-in-one segment of the desktop market is projected to see an annual growth rate of 13% over the next 5 years,” said Ben Bajarin, Consumer Technology Analyst at Creative Strategies, Inc. “Achieving the full potential of this attractive form factor requires PC manufacturers to deliver greater performance at ever more attractive price points. Utilizing desktop processors in these devices is a key strategy for improving price and performance. We see liquid cooling as an enabling technology for OEMs seeking to implement this strategy.”

Asetek’s AIO prototype takes advantage of liquid cooling’s inherent ability to efficiently capture and transport large amounts of heat to a location where it can conveniently be exhausted from the system. Heat generated by the 130W CPU and 75W graphics processor is captured within the main enclose and

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Firefox Free Add-On 'Zoodles' is First Child Safe WEB Browser

New Free Firefox Add-On 'Zoodles' Makes Exploring the Web Easy Enough for a Three-Year-Old: Just in time for summer, adaptive child browser turns Firefox into a safe, fun place where kids 3-8 can play and learn online, without help from mom or dad

Inquisitive Minds, Inc., today announced a free Firefox Add-on, “Zoodles – Safe Web for Kids,” that turns Firefox into a safe, virtual playground filled with educational games for kids ages 3-8. Zoodles is the first child browser that adapts its interface and content to match the age and skill level of each child so that kids don’t need mom or dad to help. For young children, the simple interface means no reading is required to navigate, so they can explore, play and learn all by themselves.

“We built Zoodles because we felt that the Internet experience was broken for young kids,” said Mark Williamson, CEO and co-founder of Zoodles. “While there were many kids’ destinations out there, they were delivering a one-size-fits-all experience that was frustrating for both kids and parents. You can’t treat a 3 year-old the same as a more web-savvy 8 year-old – their reading, navigation and learning abilities are vastly different. Our goal was to adapt the Internet so that all kids, no matter what their age or skill level, could play on their own. Because each child can choose from hundreds of activities that are suited to their exact level, Zoodles frees parents up while kids play independently. Parents tell us Zoodles is their preferred alternative to the TV.”

By gathering trusted educational content from across the Web in one place, Zoodles gives parents the best of the Internet, customized for their child. Every game, puzzle and

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World's First Cloud Antivirus for Google Android Mobile Handsets

Bluepoint Security Launches World's First Cloud Antivirus For The Google Android Mobile Platform: BluePoint Security, an Atlanta based antivirus company specializing in threat prevention and cloud based antivirus solutions, announced today the launch of its BluePoint Antivirus for the Google Android mobile platform.

World's First Cloud Antivirus for Google Android Mobile Handsets

Android powered mobile devices operate cross carrier and worldwide with Google reporting 60,000 Android handsets shipped each day.

“Protecting mobile devices is critical as consumers increasingly rely upon these devices not simply as phones but full featured computer systems. Our solutions are targeted at breaking the incident response and cleanup cycle and providing real-world threat prevention” said Julie Russell, CEO BluePoint Security. Always on networking, memory cards, email, sms and other forms of mobile communication systems present formidable security challenges. Memory cards transferred from personal computers to phones can turn mobile devices into hosts for malicious code. This fact demands that security solutions be able to prevent a full range of threats on mobile devices.

Nearly all mobile antivirus products simply detect phone based viruses, lacking the ability to detect a broad range of threats. Traditional antivirus solutions face several challenges when

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