Laptop Charger with iGo Green Technology to Save Money and Power

iGo Debuts New Line of Green laptop Chargers for EMEA: Products Reduce Vampire Power to Protect the Environment and Save Money

With more and more consumers looking for smart and easy ways to protect the environment and save money, iGo® (Nasdaq: IGOI), the leading provider of green power management solutions, has launched two new laptop Chargers featuring iGo’s proprietary and patent-pending iGo Green™ Technology.
iGo New Green Laptop Charger
Vampire Power, or the energy drawn from devices that are plugged in but not in use, wastes 15 billion euros annually in Europe alone. iGo Green Technology products automatically detect when a device is fully charged (or disconnected), and shuts off the power drawn from the wall; then, once the battery requires further charging intelligently switch back on to provide the necessary power. iGo Green Technology virtually eliminates Vampire Power.

“Whether we realise it or not, devices continue to draw precious power from the wall, even when they are not in use,” said Rob Falconer , MD of iGo EMEA. “Whilst it can be impractical for consumers to unplug their devices every time they are not being used, iGo Green Technology makes it easy for consumers by automatically regulating power, thereby reducing the standby power that each device draws.“ iGo green chargers may also protect the Laptop’s battery by not continually trying to charge; only when the battery requires power does the Green charger switch back on. Aesthetically iGo Green laptop chargers have to be the best looking chargers in the market today and with their aggressive price points means consumers get “Green for Free.”

Two versions are available, one is a replacement wall charger, the other a total travel solution allowing you power your laptop in the Home, office, car or airplane. Both models ship with
UK and eu plugs.

Laptop Charger with iGo Green Technology (MSRP 69.90)

* Power Savings: Only uses power when the laptop needs it, the iGo laptop charger can always stay plugged in while reducing Vampire Power.
* Functionality: Compatible with most popular laptops, the charger also comes with a USB port so that low power devices can be charged at the same time using either the USB charge cable that came with their Blackberry, iPod, Iphone etc or by using one of iGo’s power tips, this reduces the need to carry a separate charger or a voltage converter.
* Design: This sleek laptop charger has a slim profile, measuring only 16.5 millimeters thick, which is thinner than a regular deck of cards.


Buy iGo Green Universal Laptop Charger from Amazon, Info below:

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Unknown said...

That laptop charger looks absolutely sexy! I mean just look at that figure. and the color just works for me! I just have a question. you say that it stops when my laptop is fully charged but turns back on as soon as the laptop needs power. so will it constantly go back on at 99% and then off at 100%? wont that destroy the battery even more?

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