Samsung EX-series Professional LED Backlight LCD Displays 400EX, 460EX

Samsung LED Touch Screen - First Ever LED Touch Screen by Tech Global Inc.: Samsung EX-series professional LED backlight LCD displays (400EX, 460EX) are an incredible 1.6" thin integrated with a seamless high-performance touch system brought to you by Tech Global Inc the leader in high-performance touch solutions!

Samsung LED Touch Screen

Tech Global is known for integrating their cutting-edge, high-performance touch technology into leading OEM brands like Samsung, NEC, LG, Dell & HP. The technology partnerships with these leading brands assures top quality backed by the manufacturer.

The Samsung 400EX LED LFD boast world`s thinnest at just 1.6" deep, lightest and most energy efficient professional displays. As the LED leaders in professional displays the world 1st LED LFD have been the most eco friendly product, enable users to feel cutting-edge high technology but reduction of total cost operation. The 120Hz panel refresh rate allows faster scrolling of text, dynamic contents playing. Full HD 1080p for the highest resolution images and rich color reproduction of LED provide the
outstanding display. The new LAN MDC feature offer the powerful remote controlling with the present RS232C daisy chain MDC. The Digital out will bring the clear image to multiple products from single source. The (400EXn & 460EXn) features a built-in PC and exclusive MagicInfo Pro and MagicInfo i software to provide a web-based server, allowing you to access, control and upload content to your display from anywhere.

Eco-Friendly Display with LED Backlight The Samsung EX Series LED LCD displays reduce energy consumption from 30 - 50% (depending on screen size) compared to conventional CCFL backlit LCD displays. Samsung's state-of-the-art LED BLU (Back Light Unit) technology has facilitated this breakthrough in Green Technology Solutions by eliminating mercury, reducing energy consumption and making it easier to recycle.

Full HD Images he 400EXn is designed to be adaptable to any public display usage. Featuring Full HD images, expanded digital connectivity and multi-display control, it allows you to create a digital display environment that is always clear and displaying the highest resolution images.

High Speed Video with 120 Hz Operating at twice the speed of conventional 60 Hz displays, our 120 Hz displays are ideal for high-speed video and scrolling text, delivering advertising and information with complete clarity and seamless speed.

Efficient and Reliable Samsung's revolutionary EX Series LED LCD Displays are easier for integrators and customers to install with its 1.6" ultra-slim design and reduced weight. The EX Series is Energy Star 5.0 compliant (excluding embedded PC models) and conforms to the ADA standards for wall mounting.

The TGTDST-400EX-AA & TGTDST-460EX-AA are an incredible 1.6” thin with a seamless integrated high-performance touch system.

Touch Screen Performance

* Fast accurate, repeatable touch
* Excellent light transmission with 92% Optics
* Chemically-Strengthened glass with anti-glare
* Input flexibility from finger or stylus
* Glass construction with 7-Hardness
* Touch operation is unaffected by surface contaminants
* Available for display sizes 40” to 46”

Features and Benefits

* 10,000:1 Dynamic contrast
* 120 Hz High speed video
* LED backlight technology (reduce energy consumption (from 30 - 50%)
* 1.6” ultra-slim design and reduced weight
* Commercial FLD panel technology for 24/7 usage
* Video walls
* Landscape and Portrait orientations
* Media Player: EX(n) series (Internal): Exclusive MagicInfo™ Pro and MagicInfo™-i

Software a web-based server, allowing you to access, control and upload content to your displays from anywhere

* Multi-display control and daisy chain
* 1,080 Full HD
* Tech Global products are UL Certified


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