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Beach Volleyball Online Receives New Upgrade; Opens Item Mall: Beach Volleyball Online, the free-to-play Beach Volleyball game from Radiance Digital Entertainment and Omniverse Games has been upgraded to improve key in-game systems and to enhance player experience. In addition, the item mall has become fully operational, allowing players to customize their characters in thousands of new ways.

Beach Volleyball Online

The latest upgrade to Beach Volleyball Online improves key in-game systems and enhances a variety of other features. Both the game engine and the artificial intelligence have been optimized. NPC character action has been vastly improved, as has the physics related to ball movement. Additional enhancements include tweaking item durability so items last longer before requiring repairs, and bringing back the popular sea shell collection mini-game. The game text has been improved in all areas including menus, tutorials, the character creation area, and in the item mall, which is now officially open.

“It’s exciting to see the game progressing so quickly, and we can’t wait to announce some of the new features we have in store coming soon”, says Jonathan Seidenfeld, CEO of Omniverse Games. Beach Volleyball Online has been in open beta for
about a month, and has attracted an extremely diverse and intensely loyal player community. The popular social aspect of Beach Volleyball Online is due in large part to the high level of character customization the game allows. Players can choose among hundreds of clothing items, hair styles, accessories, and even tattoos for their characters.

The new item mall allows players to flaunt their individuality in thousands of ways. Items can be purchased either with points earned in the game or with game cash, known as Beach Bucks. Payment transactions are handled by PlaySpan’s UltimatePay system, which allows Beach Volleyball Online players across the world to purchase Beach Bucks using over 85 payment methods including mobile and cash-based options, as well as PlaySpan's Ultimate Game Card.


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