New Baby Video Monitor with Best Battery Life Ever - LEVANA®

New LEVANA® Baby Video Monitor Features Best Battery Life Ever - Jena's 12 hour battery life provides parents with the power they need to do more knowing their child is safe.

LEVANA is thrilled to announce the latest addition to its family of digital baby video monitors –JENA™. This baby video monitor was developed after extensive market research by the LEVANA team to determine the features that matter most to new and expecting parents.

New LEVANA® Baby Video Monitor - New Gadgets Info

Respondents to numerous recent surveys indicated long battery life to be the most important feature parents looked for in a monitor, so the LEVANA team developed a solution that would give parents at least 8 hours of continuous battery life with the screen on – nearly double that of the competition. This long-lasting lithium ion rechargeable battery is one of many features that make JENA an essential tool for today’s busy parent.

“Put simply: we have the best continuous battery life of any baby video monitor on the market,” said Raj Jain, Managing Director of CWD. “Our long-lasting battery life only grows more impressive when you consider that parents receive a 12 hour charge when our new PEEP mode feature is enabled.” Short for ‘Power-on/off Energy Efficient Picture’, PEEP mode automatically brings the monitor’s screen to life when a baby makes noise and adjusts to power-save mode when all is quiet, further extending JENA’s already stellar battery life to nearly 12 hours while giving parents a full night of rest.

Peace of mind has always been the key to LEVANA’s success, and develops their baby video monitors with parents’ needs in mind from start to finish. A variety of feedback initiatives designed to give parents a voice in the product development process have become invaluable reference points for the LEVANA team. A rebate of over $170 was offered to those who purchased JENA and filled out a brief feedback survey. These types of endeavors allow LEVANA to continue to raise the quality of their products while giving parents the power to do more knowing their child is safe.

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Slim iPad Keyboard Case with Backlight - 2-SKINNY

Hatch & Co. Introduces the World's Slimmest iPad Keyboard Case With Backlight - 2-SKINNY: An iPad protective case suited up with keyboard that lights up - Meet the world’s slimmest & lightest iPad keyboard case with backlight by Hatch & Co. After introducing the world’s first Touch Technology iPad keyboard case (SKINNY), Hatch & Co is now back with the 2nd generation with backlight which enables typing in the dark. It’s called “2-SKINNY” because it’s simply too skinny!

2-SKINNY iPad Keyboard Backlight Case - New Gadgets Info

Hatch & Co. is introducing the world’s slimmest iPad keyboard case, “2-SKINNY”, a protective iPad case with ultra slim keyboard featuring Touch technology and backlight technology. The 2-SKINNY will fit iPad 4 with retina display, the new iPad (3rd generation) and iPad 2.

Following Hatch & Co’s philosophy in combining quality, functionality and design into the products, this all-in-one solution offers a stylish case, an ultra slim Touch keyboard and the convenience of the backlit keys. Utilizing the unique Touch technology that was originally designed for mobile phones, measuring only at 0.07 inch (2mm) at the thinnest point of the keyboard, the “2-SKINNY” is not only ultra thin but is also very responsive.
The same technology produced in a seamless keyboard design (no spaces between keys), which means there is no need to worry about dropping cookie crumbs or spilling coffee. The keyboard with backlight offers a unique look as well as the convenience of typing in the dark as the keys light up.

“We are excited to present another break-through by effectively merging the backlight technology with the Touch keyboard technology, creating unique user-experience while providing functionality.“ said Kenny Chen, General Manager of Hatch & Co.

2-SKINNY comes with unique features that are sure to attract attention:

Backlight: Similar to the keys that lights up on a MacBook, 2-SKINNY’s keyboard comes with backlight, illuminating the keyboard from the back provides a unique look while allowing the users to see the keyboard while typing in the dark.

Incredibly Light & Thin: The keyboard itself is only 0.07 inch (2mm) at the thinnest point and 0.27 inch (7mm) at the thickest point. The whole case barely adds any thickness and weight to the iPad.
Cutting Edge: Utilizing Touch technology, developed originally for mobile phones, making the keyboard incredibly responsive.

Worry-Free: With no spaces between keys, there is no need to worry about dropping cookie crumbs or spilling coffee over the keyboard.

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New iPhone 5, 4 and 4S Most Tough Rugged Case

The World’s Most Rugged iPhone Case Announced by - An iPhone gets thrown out of a second-floor window to a concrete drive and keeps on recording video completely unharmed! The company behind the revolutionary phone case,, is claiming the title of “The World’s Most Rugged iPhone Case”.

iPhone 5 Tough Case - NewGadgetsInfo

Yes, there have been plenty of drop tests done at ‘normal’ heights, 3-feet from your pocket, 6-feet from your ear, or even 10-feet in the air just for kicks. But no one in their right mind was ever crazy enough to throw an iPhone from a second-floor window 32-feet down to a concrete driveway. Unless the phone is wearing the right protection, that is. Watch a video of the ultimate iPhone drop test.. Introduced for the iPhone 5, the Tough Case is also available for iPhone 4 and 4S.

The new iPhone 5 Tough Case offers multi-layer protection using a combination of (1) an outer soft rubber shell, (2) an inner polycarbonate hard case, and (3) a clear lens which covers the screen. This case is supremely shock absorbent and withstood a drop test from a second-floor window, free falling 32-feet onto a concrete driveway, and the iPhone keeps on recording video! Since all buttons and ports are tightly sealed, the Tough Case provides rain and splash protection, while giving the user full access at the same time. The included ratcheting belt holster also functions as a convenient kickstand for movie watching.

“iGear’s Tough Case is built like a tank and offers hands-down the best iPhone protection in the industry,” says Jimmy Sun, president of “To put my money where my mouth is, I threw my own iPhone in the Tough Case out of a second-floor window, to demonstrate to our customers its unprecedented durability.”

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New iPad and iPad-Mini Leather Cases - Xiao Zhi

Xiao Zhi Announces Line of New iPad and iPad Mini Leather Cases - New line of Xiao Zhi leather cases for Apple's newest iPads launches just in time for the holidays

Just in time for the holidays, Xiao Zhi announced this week the release of its new iPad and iPad Mini leather cases. The genuine leather cases from designer Xiao Zhi are a brand-new line of versatile leather cases designed specifically to protect the newest devices from Apple.

Leather case for the new iPad mini - newgadgetsinfo

A leader in leather case design and construction, Xiao Zhi specializes in custom-designed and unique cases and portfolios that provide protection while also incorporating convenient “extras” like roomy pockets, folders and other features geared toward making life a little easier. The new iPad and iPad Mini cases is no exception.

Like its other leather case designs, Xiao Zhi’s new line of case designs run the gamut, from sleeves to portfolios to envelope-style covers, and many feature unique embossing and trim details designed to set these cases apart from the crowd.

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Amazon Kindle Classic Price Lowered for this Christmas

Amazon Kindle Classic Lowered in Price for Christmas According to Those Tech Guys - Amazon Kindle Classic is now at its cheapest price for Christmas according to The selling price has been published in a new article as well as the offer for no cost shipping from some retailers online for Christmas.

Amazon Kindle Classic - newgadgetsinfo

Those Tech Guys have published a new article online that details the new selling price for the Amazon Kindle Classic. The new price has been lowered to $69 and is now shipped for no cost by this retailer online before Christmas. This last minute price reduction is part of the incentives that are now offered to Christmas shoppers online searching for the last deals of the season.

The new article explores the comparisons in technology for the entire Kindle tablet series. The classic edition has been updated to include a newer display that is brighter and larger than those used in previous editions. Part of this display upgrade includes better fonts and darker colors to make text stand out when displayed in daylight or night reading instances.

The classic edition has received a longer battery life to help extend the reading time available for this device. Older editions had smaller batteries that did not live up to customer expectations according to the new TTG article. The new battery now offers up to one month of uninterrupted usage for e-book reading or browsing of content available from Amazon online.

The Wi-Fi for the Kindle Classic has been modified to be similar in usage to the Fire HD series. Expanded speed and service area is now making it easier for users of this device to find books anywhere online without dropping carrier signals during a download.

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New Innovative Products from Yamaha and TC Electronic

New Products From Yamaha and TC Electronic Make Gift Giving Easy This Holiday Season - Innovative Instruments and Audio Gear For The Musician Or Audiophile In Your Life

Yamaha PRO Series Headphones

Hi-tech gadgets and music products are always very popular gifts during the holiday season, and NOT just for the tech or music-savvy. As home and portable technology becomes more sophisticated, and oftentimes more affordable, the average consumer expects more from the products that deliver their entertainment experiences. Below are eight gift ideas that will provide hours of enjoyment to even the most discriminating musicians and audiophiles:

Yamaha PRO Series Headphones leverage the company's expertise as the world’s largest musical instrument manufacturer and the leading choice of professionals for studio and concert audio gear. The top-of-the-line high-fidelity PRO-500 headphones ($399.95 MSRP) are optimized for iPods, iPhones, smartphones and iPads and designed to faithfully reproduce audio recordings from the full spectrum of musical genres with natural sound that is balanced, yet vivid. The aesthetics reflect the power, elegance and performance of racing motorcycles, with dynamic geometry, ultra-clean design lines and bold colors (racing blue and piano black). Two other models, the PRO-400 ($299.95 MSRP) and PRO-300 ($199.95 MSRP) are also available.

The award-winning Yamaha THR10 (MSRP: $460) and THR5 (MSRP: $330) may be the best-looking music player/guitar amps ever made. Though small, they sound huge and serve as great recording interfaces. Compact amps are usually just miniature versions of black vinyl-covered boxes, but the THR is designed for the home, not the stage. Both models draw on Yamaha's innovative consumer electronics and professional audio pedigree to deliver powerful sound in a tasteful, attractive package. (In fact, they have won design awards, so they’re wife/girlfriend approved.) Plug in a smartphone for full-sounding playback. These battery powered, portable and lightweight amps offer easy computer connectivity for pro-quality recording.

Yamaha's PDX-11 (MSRP: $129.95) portable iPhone/iPod dock delivers amazing sound quality anywhere and everywhere. Available in four eye-catching colors, the battery or AC powered PDX-11 features a striking octagonal shape with a perforated steel grill designed for overall toughness. A sturdy “grab and go” roll bar chrome handle makes it easy to enjoy your favorite tunes in the home or dorm room, at a party on the beach, in the backyard or for game-day tailgating. The dock is powered by a 4-inch woofer, which drives accurate, kicking bass and stunning midrange and a separate tweeter that provides crystal clear high frequencies. The PDX-11 also can be connected to a PC, Mac or other digital audio player via a mini jack (3.5mm) on the back of the dock.

Unleash your inner virtuoso with the Yamaha EZ 220 Keyboard (MSRP: $229). Groovy lighted keys, built-in wireless connectivity to the Page Turner iPad app and 100 preset songs with digital scores make the EZ 220 the perfect learn-to-play keyboard. The instrument also features a USB TO HOST port for computer connectivity to interact with a wide range of music programs for hours of learning and fun.

The TC Electronic Flashback X4 Delay and Looper guitar effects pedal (MSRP: $369), with breakthrough iOS and Android TonePrint apps, is the perfect gift for the aspiring rocker. In addition to featuring 12 amazing recreations of delay sounds, it enables guitarists to channel the Rock Gods with downloadable TonePrints – or signature sounds – from Joe Perry (Aerosmith), Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (Guns N’ Roses), John Petrucci (Dream Theater), Steve Morse (Deep Purple) and James “Munky” Schaffer (Korn).

Half guitar, half ukulele and all fun, the Yamaha GL-1 Guitalele (MSRP: $140) is the perfect option for on-the-go pickers looking to add a new sound to their instrument collection. Chord fingering and tuning are the same as any standard-tuned guitar, but now six-string slingers can get in on the ukulele craze with a unique instrument.

Get connected with Yamaha’s P-105, the ideal digital piano for learning, collaborating and interfacing. New this holiday season, the P-105 (MSRP $999) features the PureCF sound engine, which recreates the sound of Yamaha's famous CFIIIS concert grand piano, giving this portable instrument the distinctive sound of one the world's most acclaimed concert grand pianos. The 88 keys feature a Graded Hammer Standard weighted action that gives it a heavier feel in the low end and a lighter feel on top - just like a real piano. Duo Mode, which gives students the ability to practice side by side, each with their own 44-keys and middle C, makes this digital piano ideal for schools teaching group lessons. Finally, the versatile USB TO HOST port and line-level AUX outputs allow a variety of connectivity options with everything from an amplifier to an iPad, unlocking a world of possibilities.

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Fashionable iPhone 5 Super Slim Case - New Diamond Case

An iPhone Can Never Be Too Pretty or Too Thin - One can never be too pretty or too thin, and the same goes for the fashionable iPhone case. iGear's Diamond Case for iPhone 5 offers good protection, an awesome look, while keeping the bulk to a minimum.

iPhone 5 Galaxy Case

The iPhone 5 is taller and thinner than the previous generation, yet the vest majority of cases on the market add lots of bulk to the phone, defeating one of the most important features of Apple's gadget. iGear's new Diamond case solves this problem with advanced engineering, combining beauty with functionality.

The new Diamond Case is a super slim case made for the iPhone 5. This case is made of clear polycarbonate for durability, with a soft-touch rubberized back plate that holds a dazzling array of sparkling diamonds. The wrap-around case also protects the phone’s screen from scratching when placed face-down on a table. It’s one of the thinnest yet prettiest cases for the iPhone 5.

“It’s love at first sight with lady customers...” said Jimmy Sun, president of “ protects all four sides and all four corners of the iPhone 5, while keeping its slim profile.”

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Next Best Noise-Canceling Headphones by Dr. Dre Along with Monster Cable, Brings the Next Top-of-the-Line Noise-Canceling Headphones by Dr. Dre - along with legendary hip-hop icon Dr. Dre, and Monster Cable, brings the next top-of-the-line noise-canceling headphones that the music industry has never heard before

Beats Pro vs Beats Studio

It's been three years since the world was first introduced to the Beats by Dr. Dre headphone line, and it's definitely grown to become a Monster of a business (pun intended). From ear buds to portable speakers to iPod docks to laptops, Dr. Dre and Monster have hit every market imaginable and now with the newly launched, an interactive, easy and fun site lets consumers take control of their music listening experience. Instead of searching for the absolute best headphones at unreasonable prices, not only brings consumers the best shopping experience, but the best factory outlet prices out there.

The new generation of consumer listens to music at an astounding rate, so why wouldn’t you want the best listening experience. offers headphones that when powered up, have unsurpassed noise cancellation ability, eliminating the lower ambient sounds as well as the high-end hiss commonly heard in cheaper noise-canceling pairs.

It’s time to take the next step in the music listening experience. At the newly launched, it is your one-stop shopping experience for the absolutely best headphones, portable speakers, and everything in between. features cutting-edge noise cancellation abilities, the best audio performance, along with a vast selection to choose from. Best of all, you get the best service and prices out there.
The famous "b" logo on the right ear cup acts as a mute button if you want to hear something without taking the headphones off-just hold it down to silence music and disable noise cancellation. The Beats' true asset, however, is its audio performance. The headphones offer intense low end. We placed them through deep-bass boot camp, and they passed with flying colors with thumping drum machines and resonant synch done justice. More bass doesn't mean a better pair of headphones, but for those who crave an extra helping of low-end, will serve it up gracefully.

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Kindle Fire HD is More than e-Book Reader with Wi-Fi and Stereo Speakers

Kindle Fire HD Black Friday 2012 Special Gift Tablet for Shoppers - Kindle Fire HD Special Gift for Black Friday 2012. Book lovers and e-book lovers are flocking online stores as early as today for valuable Kindle Fire HD Black Friday deals. Kindle Fire HD is the most impressive and the most stylish Kindle family member that has been developed this is why so many fans are looking forward to early Kindle Fire HD Black Friday deals for 2012 as early as the past months.

Kindle Fire HD is More than e-Book Reader with Wi-Fi and Stereo Speakers

Kindle Fire HD has the sleekest black design which is quite a huge difference between all the off white Kindle members. Instead of white book pages, shoppers will be greeted with stunning color, fluid video and so many other applications shoppers can never find in an ordinary e-book reader. Kindle Fire HD has broken the norms of boring e-book readers and introduces book lovers to more than books and publications. Shoppers also get to read magazines, children’s books and references that are filled with wonderful color.

The Kindle Fire HD is more than a book reader. Shoppers can download books, videos and other online content through its dual antenna Wi-Fi and with its dual-driver stereo speakers for virtual surround sound. And what is a tablet computer without its handy applications? Shoppers can use Facebook, Netflix, HBO, Twitter and Angry Birds all in one gadget.

What does Amazon have to offer this shopping holiday when it comes to the Kindle Fire HD e-book reader? Amazing price cut offs and bargains are sure to hit screens as the countdown to Black Friday nears! And along with the e-book reader itself, there are surely so many consumers waiting for deals in Kindle and Kindle Fire accessories. These are stuff that makes Kindle tablets and e-book readers more efficient to use. Expect major deals in fantastic accessories like headsets, ear buds, cases, screen protectors, styluses and handy carrying bags.

The best way to find out more about Kindle Fire HD Black Friday deals is to subscribe to Amazon’s daily deals and Black Friday deals. This is the best way to learn more about the latest tech gadgets on sale this holiday.

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Up-to-Date Resident Evil 6 Video Game Series Information

The Latest Resident Evil 6 Game News, Information and Tips Available at - is a website dedicated to providing visitors with the latest news and information about the latest title from Capcom that was released on 2nd Oct 2012.

Up-to-Date Resident Evil 6 Video Game Series Information

The survival horror genre is making it big in the video gaming arena. Setting a perfect example is the Resident Evil series, a video game developed and published by Capcom. Blending the elements of cinematic horror graphics and puzzle solving elements, the action-packed series has generally been received positively by gamers Xbox and PlayStation gamers.

In fact, the Resident Evil storyline has transcended the video gaming landscape, and has become an officially licensed material for novels, comics and mainstream films.

Another much-talked about installment in the third person shooter video game series is Resident Evil 6. Fresh from its release on October 2, 2012, the latest in the franchise can be played on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles, with the Windows version still in development.

Titled Biohazard 6 in Japanese, the latest Resident Evil installment presents to be a promising title, with Capcom reportedly shipping more than 4 million copies of it as of October 3. is home to comprehensive, up-to-date information regarding Resident Evil 6 and everything that relates to the latest in the dramatic horror survival video game series.

Catering to legions of Resident Evil fans, the website serves as the go to resource and news for people seeking to know more about the game, its features, gameplay and gaming tips.

Providing details of the plot, notes that Resident Evil 6 will provide players with an option to choose among three scenarios with connected storylines, with each scenario following one of the three main protagonists, Jake, Chris and Leon.

At, visitors will gain insights to the voice acting, controls and visuals of the game, as reviewed by the website. The Resident Evil 6 online resource Embedded videos also offer visitors a peek at the game's trailers and some of its exciting scenes.

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Full-Customization iPad Mini Case - iGearUnlimited

Quite Possibly The World’s Perfect iPad Mini Case - A new custom iPad Mini case from offers hard shell full-body protection, lightweight slim design, smart cover auto wake/sleep, multiple viewing angles, and allows full customization of the front cover using customer-uploaded photo artwork. Quite possibly, it’s the world’s perfect iPad Mini Case.

Full-Customization iPad Mini Case - iGearUnlimited

Leading gadget case maker asked customers for the features they look for in a “perfect” iPad Mini case, and here are the top 6 answers:

Protect the iPad Mini from all angles — front, back, all sides, and all corners
Auto wake/sleep using Apple’s smart cover design
Lightweight, thin profile, durable protection without adding bulk
Full access to all ports, buttons, and controls
Multiple viewing angles: completely flat on the table, slightly tilted for typing, and at least three vertical angles for movie watching
Customizable design – let users put their favorite images on the case for a completely customized experience

While some cases on the market have some of these features, finding a customized iPad Mini case generally means giving up front protection, since almost all customizable cases only are available as a one-piece clip-on style for the back of the iPad Mini Mini. While a magnet-attached smart cover can be added, many users are thinking twice about this combination because of the horror stories of users grabbing onto the cover while the iPad Mini itself does a free fall.

The new Custom iPad Mini Case from delivers on all points. The case is engineered to great precision and the iPad Mini fits snugly. The lightweight hard shell case is made with polycarbonate, one of most durable materials around, protecting the iPad Mini from daily use and abuse. The iPad Mini is completely enclosed from all sides, with the precise cutouts for all ports and buttons. The Custom iPad Mini Case comes with two sets of magnets – one set to activate the iPad Mini’s auto wake/sleep feature, and another to keep the case closed when not in use. Using three strategically positioned hinges, the iPad Mini can be positioned at five different viewing angles, from completely flat to vertically tilted for use in any situation.

Most importantly, the customization feature on iGear’s iPad Mini case is unmatched by any other similar product on the market. Customers can upload their own photo artwork to the ordering website, scale and crop the image, add text, and approve the design immediately online. The design tool with built-in Facebook integration makes the process super-easy, even for novice users, and the HTML5-based customization engine means it can be used on virtually all mobile devices, including the very iPad Mini the case for which is being designed.

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Best iPhone 5 Bamboo Case to Protect Your iPhone

iPhone 5 Bamboo Case - The Affordable Luxury - Gadget cases made of 100% solid natural bamboo generally represent the high-end of the market at $80 to well over $100 each. iGear’s new iPhone 5 bamboo case brings the luxury of a solid bamboo case to the masses at an affordable price, while offering excellent protection.

Best iPhone 5 Bamboo Case to Protect Your iPhone

iGear's iPhone 5 Bamboo Case features two racing stripes, earning it the "Racer" name. Although bamboo is very lightweight, it's one of the strongest natural materials around. The case protects all sides and corners of the phone, with precision cut-outs for accessing ports and buttons. It features a soft velvet lining that protects the sensitive back of iPhone 5 from scuffing and scratching. All ports are accessible without removing the phone.

"Our bamboo cases are among the very best in the industry." says Jimmy Sun, president of "Unlike other bamboo cases made with a thin veneer or other composite material, our cases are precision CNC cut and hand-finished using 100% solid natural bamboo, and engineered to protect your iPhone and eliminate scratches."

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Liquid Cooled Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessors - Asetek®

Asetek® Liquid Cools Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessors - Asetek to Display Liquid Cooled Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors at SC12 in Salt Lake City

Asetek® Inc., the world’s leading supplier of liquid cooling solutions for computers announced today that it will show direct-to-chip liquid cooling systems for Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors at SC12.

Liquid Cooled Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessors - Asetek®

Asetek direct-to-chip technology captures heat from the hot spots in servers notably CPUs, coprocessors and memory directly into liquid. Once the heat is in the liquid it is easily transported to a suitable point for rejection. Suitable heat rejection points range from within a server’s normal cooling air stream using Asetek Internal Loop Liquid Coolers to completely outside of the data center building using hot water and Asetek RackCDU™ liquid cooling. Rejecting heat at the right point increases cooling efficiency which delivers density benefits and savings in energy costs at the server and in data center cooling.

“Asetek direct-to-chip liquid cooling focuses on removing heat from the hottest locations in servers and Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors are key hot spots in a growing number of high performance servers,” said André Sloth Eriksen, Founder and CEO of Asetek. “Cooling coprocessors is important to our strategy of ‘cooling what’s hot’ in a server to maximize the gains in density and energy efficiency in an affordable manner.”

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Beautiful Portfolio Case for Apple's iPad Mini

Elegant iPad Mini Case Available for Immediate Shipping - Leading iPad case maker iGearUnlimited is offering a beautiful portfolio case for Apple's iPad Mini at an introductory price of $39.99 with immediate availability.

iPad Mini Portoflio Case

The iPad Mini Portfolio Case is a simple and elegant case designed for the Apple's new iPad Mini. It's made of a synthetic PU leather material that has the look and feel of leather, but with much better duability for daily use. It comes with a magnetic cover to keep the case closed when not in use, giving it a clean and tidy look. The inside of the case is lined with a soft fabric to protect the iPad from all angles. The Portfolio Case can be set up at different angles for typing or movie watching. Watch a demo video here.

“The iPad Mini Portfolio Case is among the best on the market,” says Jimmy Sun, president of “It's beautifully simple and elegant, and offers functional protection at an affordable price.”

For customers looking for a durable case for the new iPad Mini, the Portfolio Case features the following:

Durable PU leather padded portfolio case
Full-body protection all around the iPad Mini
Magnetic cover holds the iPad Mini securely
Soft fabric lining protects iPad Mini's screen
Can be set up in multiple positions for typing and movie watching

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Fruit Ninja for PC Detailed Tips and Tricks

Fruit Ninja for PC Tips and Tricks Detailed at New Gaming Website, is the go-to online resource for gaming fans of the ever popular Fruit Ninja game title.

Slicing and dicing fruit has become a popular activity among gamers. Developed by Halfbrick Studios in Australia, Fruit Ninja for PC requires the player to slice fruit as it is thrown in the air by simply using the mouse. Available for a variety of platform, the seemingly simple game play is enjoyed by many, from young to the not-so-young.


Fruit Ninja was initially released in April 2010 for iPod Touch and the iPhone, and eventually became available for users of Android OS devices, as well as Windows, Samsung's Bada and Nokia's Symbian platforms.

Fruit Ninja Kinect for the Xbox 360 was also released in August 2011, followed by the arcade version called Fruit Ninja FX. When played on such platforms, the player uses the arms and the hands to swipe and "slice" the fruits. is a website that is dedicated to providing comprehensive information about the interesting game. The website is home to information on the basic gameplay, as well as the cheats, tips and news about the title.

Serving as an online guide, strives to clearly illustrate how to play the game in the classic and arcade modes in an efficient manner. With gaming tips and insights, the website also helps depict how the overall game functions can be maximized for players to achieve a superior score. Fruit Ninja upgrades are also discussed on the website.

Offering relevant news, details how the fruit-slicing game, according to researches, has proved to be beneficial for stroke patients as a recovering activity that veers away from the boring routines.

The website cites findings of a neuroscientist from Australia who utilized the game as an exciting addition to the daily doings of stroke victims. Among other games, Fruit Ninja for PC was found to have helped reduce boredom and frustration of such patients.

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Samsung Galaxy 3 - News and Smartphone Information

Galaxy 3 News and Smartphone Information Takes the Spotlight at - is a website that offers comprehensive information and news on anything and everything related to the Samsung Galaxy 3.

Samsung Galaxy 3 - News and Smartphone Information

The surging prevalence of smartphones all over the globe – in terms of usage and popularity – is compelling manufacturers to form better ideas and make astonishing technologies happen for consumers. In most cases, mobile phone giants create products that do wonders for users and entertain them in ways never possible in the past.

Such manufacturers also find meaning in developing new ones that surpass the existing, in an effort to keep surprising customers.

Samsung is one leading smartphone creator that has emerged to be one of the important names in the smartphone manufacturing industry. From the simplest handset released many years back, the company has presented to the public its Android-based Galaxy S collection.

Continuous in its efforts to delight smartphone supporters, Samsung has released the Galaxy 3 as its latest offering from the Galaxy S line-up. Coming primarily in colors of marble white and pebble blue, the newest Samsung smartphone was also released in garnet red model for U.S. AT&T, and soon to be available in sapphire black, titanium gray and amber brown. is a website that offers a wealth of information about Samsung Galaxy S3 and provides feature articles detailing the mobile phone, discussing its design, development and marketing. The website goes on to talk about the mobile phone's software features and expanded hardware – being the redesigned physique of its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S II.

Much as it is a reliable resource for everything Samsung Galaxy 3, strives to offer unbiased and objective information and data. The website recently reported in one of its post about the manufacturing defects of the Galaxy 3 handset, such as chips in the back paint and cracks in the rear cover affecting the edges of the camera.

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Quality Apple Laptop Chargers and Batteries at Unbeatable Prices

Laptop Power UK Offer Apple Laptop Chargers and Laptop Batteries at Unbeatable Prices - Laptop Power UK has come up with top quality Apple laptop chargers and laptop batteries at unbeatable prices. Laptop Power UK stores the largest range of original Apple laptop chargers and laptop batteries. Apple has a reputation as an economy range laptop brand which is designed with price competitiveness in mind. One of the strongest selling points of Laptop Power UK is that they stock every type of Apple laptop chargers and batteries.

Laptop Power is also the largest supplier of laptop hardware and repair services in the UK to the education sector. With skilled laptop and computer engineers, the UK's largest stock of laptop hardware components and their carefully controlled supply chains have the most stringent safety standards and certificates; they represent the ideal ICT partner for hundreds of schools around the UK. They will be able to provide any school with a better quality service, at a competitive price. This keeps all the schools ICT equipment up and running and makes sure that every school gets value for money out of your equipment. They supply only the highest quality laptop chargers and laptop batteries available, from the world's leading manufacturers. They supply Delta, Lieton, Hipro and AcBel chargers. The chargers will be of equal quality to the one which was supplied with original laptop and come with 12 month warranty.

The company provides a 12 month replacement warranty on all the products sold by it. These products are CE certified and comply with all the UK safety standards. The company also sells other OEM spare parts like chargers, keyboards etc. The company has several service centers spread across UK. They offer a free diagnosis and quote to all customers before they commence the repair and don't charge inspection fees.

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New BMW Combines Improved Power and Efficiency - BMW 3 Series Touring

BMW 3 Series Touring Arrives at Cooper Dealerships - Cooper BMW announces arrival of new BMW 3 Series Touring in September at 16 UK dealerships.

It is time to book a test drive in the BMW 3 Series Touring as it arrives at Cooper BMW dealerships in the UK. The new offering from BMW combines improved power and efficiency and also boasts an unrivalled amount of space, out-performing other cars in its class.

NEW BMW 3 Series Touring

The BMW 3 Series Touring is available from September 2012 in a range of models including Modern, Sport and Luxury, and TwinPower Turbo engine sizes including 320d, 328i, 330d 316d, 318d and 320i. Other features that make the 3 Series Touring this year’s must-have high performance luxury estate are:

495 litre load capacity
1,500 litres of overall space with 40:20:40 split rear seat allows
under the boot floor to store the parcel shelf
Rear-wheel drive
near 50:50 weight distribution for agile handling

When it comes to performance, the 320d achieves 0-62mph in 7.6 seconds, combined fuel consumption is 60.1mpg and just 124g/km emissions.

Cooper BMW offer an exclusive ‘Drive It Your Way’ test drive programme, taking the test drive to a new dimension for its customers. Using the uniquely tailored programme, you can now test drive the BMW 3 Series Touring where and when you want, allowing you to take it for a drive on the motorway to experience speed and ability, or in your local area to for testing cornering, agility and urban prowess.

The Cooper Group is one of the largest BMW dealer groups in the UK. All their dealerships are known for providing outstanding customer service from point of enquiry right through to after sales care, with a number of excellent options and packages for its customers to choose from.

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Exercise Device for Seniors to Improve Balance and Flexibility

Seniors Improve Balance and Flexibility with the Revolutionary New 8Board from Grail Sports - The 8Board is an easy to use exercise device for seniors who want to maintain balance, coordination and flexibility in minutes.

Grail Sports Inc is proud to bring the 8Board to the public. This patented training device is revolutionary in that it improves coordination, balance and flexibility for the elderly user. By standing and swiveling on the 8Board the user’s body learns to rotate and pivot properly, on balance. Using the 8Board improves balance, flexibility and coordination for seniors wanting to stay fit and maintain balance.

Exercise Device for Seniors to Improve Balance and Flexibility

The 8Board has become a favorite exercise for seniors because it is easy to do, and can be done at home in minutes. The gentle low impact motion of the "figure 8" helps people over the age of 50 stay "connected" to their bodies, maintain their center of gravity and feel balanced and "centered." The gentle to and fro swiveling action is easy to master and has long lasting benefits. By 8Boarding for just a few minute in the morning, the affects can be felt all day.

The 8Board, originally invented to train tennis players, has only recently been recognized as a useful device for all people wanting to improve balance, flexibility and coordination. And because it is so easy to use, lightweight and portable, it has become a favorite exercise for seniors.

The 8Board has also been used for rehabilitation from injuries, including knees, hips, low back, shoulders and ankles. There are numerous stories of how this simple device has helped prosthetic leg amputees regain balance and equilibrium in minutes. Teachers have had success using the 8Board to improve reading comprehension and behavior in children with ADD, ADHD and autism.

The patented 8Board is the first and only double-swivel device, made in the USA. The 8Board, made of ABS plastic is affordable, light-weight, portable and easy to use for anyone of any age. It can handle weight up to 1500 lbs and is also currently used by obesity clinics for weight loss.

The 8Board invented by tennis coaches Jack Broudy and Paul Mayberry, has been used over the past ten years by many of today’s premiere young athletes. Broudy and the 8Board were instrumental in developing many of today’s top American tennis players, including Sam Querrey, Steve Forman and Steve Johnson. Broudy and Mayberry have also done extensive work with NCAA record setting coach, Peter Smith and his winning USC tennis teams, NCAA Champions 2009-2012. The 8board was also Voted Top 10 Golf Training Devices by PGTAA.

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New iPad® Stand with Flip Mount and Square Card Reader

iPad® Point of Sale Stand for Square™ by nClosures iPad Mounts - Perfect for savvy small business owners using Square Register™, the Sentry iPad enclosure combined with the new Simple Flip Mount and Square card reader adaptor is the best-looking, secure and cost-effective POS stand for Square on the market.

Sentry Squared iPad® Point of Sale Stand for Square™

nClosures Inc iPad Mounts and Stands for Square today announced its sleek new iPad® point-of-sale enclosure for Square™ called, Sentry Squared. Pre-Orders will ship in late October for $199. (

Perfect for savvy small business owners using Square Register™, the Sentry iPad enclosure combined with the new Simple Flip Mount and Square card reader adaptor is the best-looking, secure and cost-effective POS stand for Square on the market.

Spurred on by the exponential growth of iPad use in business as well as the increased availability and adoption of Square payment processing, nClosures design and engineering team developed this Square friendly, Apple inspired, slimmer enclosure and more stylish stand – without compromising the Rhino products’ reputation for durability, security and robust functionality. The Sentry Squared protects and secures both the iPad and Square while plugged into the audio jack.

The new space-saving Sentry Squared mounts almost anywhere; walls, tabletops, counters and even under cabinets. A cutout slot in the base provides a power cord pass-through for running connectors and cabling. The rotating iPad enclosure makes it easy for users to share product or service information and to capture customer signatures.

"Using the Square with my iPad at our fundraising events has really helped increase our revenues, but I am always concerned when I have to hand someone my iPad to get their signature. That, and what do I do with my iPad when I am not holding it? I used to just stick it under the counter and hope that it didn't walk off. Now, with the new Square iPad stand I don't have to worry about it anymore. The iPad flips over to face the customer to complete the transaction and the iPad is secured on the counter." - Kemper Barkhurst, Rio Grande Community Farm

Other notable benefits to users:

Made in USA from 100% recyclable aluminum; available in white or black
Square reader ready; secures and prevents removal and rotation of Square card reader
Allows for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 3G/4G connectivity
Pinhole power button access provides easy powering of iPad
Cutouts for home button and camera use

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No More Shaky iPhone 5 Videos or Blurry Photos - AirClip

The AirClip Steady-Cam Accessory Works with the iPhone 5 - No More Shaky iPhone 5 Videos or Blurry Photos

The thousands of new and current users of The AirClipⓇ have reason to celebrate today with the news that the award-winning mobile accessory works with the new iPhone 5!

AirClip Steady-Cam iPhone 5 Accessory

The AirClipⓇ was originally designed to work with the iPhone 4 and 4S, but it can also work with the iPhone 5.

The AirClipⓇ is a one-piece device that steadies the hand while taking video. By helping the user hold the iPhone in a more natural way, The AirClipⓇ makes the iPhone more stable, and therefore greatly improves or eliminates the natural tendency people have to "shake" their phone while filming or taking pictures. If you’ve ever watch a mobile video on YouTube, then you know how hard it can be to watch due to the shakiness.

By using The AirClipⓇ, users can shoot or record video in a variety of positions (portrait, landscape, even upside-down), or they can even use it as a hands free stand for FaceTime video calling. The AirClipⓇ is small, portable, and most importantly affordable.

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Cost Effective Acer 934T2180F Laptop Batteries - Laptop Power UK

Laptop Power UK Introduces Acer 934T2180F Laptop Batteries Compatible with Acer934T2180F - Laptop Power UK, the UK's leading online provider of compatible laptop spares and parts, introduces cost effective Acer 934T2180F laptop Batteries compatible with Acer 934T2180F laptop. These laptop batteries contain Samsung battery cells, which will be of equal quality to the Acer 934T2180F battery which came with your laptop.

With Laptop Power UK, laptop batteries, that one buys, generally will give 2 hours battery back up when it is brand new, and this will only deplete at the rate of an original laptop battery for the Acer 934T2180F laptop .This laptop Battery has a capacity of 5200mAh and comes with a voltage of 11.1 V DC. They claim to provide best alternative to the original battery, and one can compare it with their original battery.

Laptop Power UK is already one of the largest suppliers in the country for computer peripherals for a wide range of brands including ACER, Apple, Dell, Sony and many more. They can also offer a repair service in the event of a laptop accident, meaning that customers can simply replace their damaged laptop part as opposed to buying a new laptop.

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iPad Galaxy Tab Win Editors Choice Awards in 3 Tablets Categories

iPad, Galaxy Tab Win 10rate Editors Choice Awards in 3 Tablets Catagories - Editors from 10rate evaluate and recommend tablets from various categories and issue Editors Choice awards.

10rate editors Chris and Steve Holdgren cut through all the choices out there in the Tablet category to come up with their top choices. According to the Best Tablets page at they selected their top choices based on the following criteria:

Google Nexus 7 is a very highly rated Android tablet

1. Price
2. Speed of the device
3. Amount of internal and expandable storage for apps, photos, games, and music
4. Wifi and cellular network accessibility
5. Size of screen and resolution
6. Operating system
7. Attractiveness of design
8. Comfortable to use

Blackberry, Apple, and Samsung all had highly rated tablets according to the reviewers.

Editors also evaluated and selected the Best 7” Tablets based on the following:
1. Price
2. OS (Android, Windows, etc)
3. Features
4. Wifi/3G/4G Connectivity
5. Internal Memory Space + Expandability
6. Inputs/Outputs
7. Battery Life
8. Out of box experience/usability
9. Tablet build quality + Look and feel

According to reviewers Google, Amazon, Samsung, and Acer all figured prominently in the rankings.

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Perfectly-Fitting iPhone 5 Cases - WaterField Designs

WaterField Ships iPhone 5 Cases to Fit iPhone 5 Within Third-party Shell or Hardcase - WaterField Designs introduces specially-sized, protective iPhone 5 Cases—the iPhone Wallet, the Smart Case™, the Suede Jacket™, the Hint™—in special sizes to fit the iPhone 5 when encased in a third-party, play-through shell. WaterField also offers snug-fitting sizes of each of these cases for the ‘naked’ iPhone 5. Cases begin shipping this week from WaterField’s San Francisco workshop.

Perfectly-Fitting iPhone 5 Cases - WaterField Designs

WaterField Designs, a leading San Francisco manufacturer of custom laptop sleeve, bags and cases for digital gear, introduces specially-sized, protective iPhone 5 Cases—the iPhone Wallet, the Smart Case™, the Suede Jacket™, the Hint™—in sizes to fit the iPhone 5 when encased in a third-party, play-through shell. WaterField also offers snug-fitting sizes of each of these cases for the ‘naked’ iPhone 5. Cases begin shipping this week from WaterField’s San Francisco workshop.

“We raced out and purchased our iPhone 5s last Friday,” explained Gary Waterfield, company founder. “They are in our workshop now with our design and production team, who are creating perfectly-fitting iPhone Cases to begin shipping this week.”

The iPhone 5 Wallet

Available in custom-fitted sizes for the Apple iPhone 5 ‘naked’ or within a shell
Naturally-tanned, US-produced, supple black or brown leather
Clear, front window for view and use of the Apple iPhone
Rigid, Ultrasuede®-lined divider separates iPhone from cash and cards
Internal pockets hold bills, credit cards and receipts
Self-locking, quality, YKK® zipper keeps contents safe and secure

The iPhone Smart Case™

Available in custom-fitted sizes for the Apple iPhone 5 ‘naked’ or within a shell
Unique, multi-layered padding system with high-impact, rigid insert to protect screen
Naturally-tanned, distressed, brown leather flanks each side for an easy grip
Protective Ultrasuede® scratch-free liner cleans iPhone 5 as it slides in and out
Textured, water-resistant outer nylon material in six color choices
Three style variations offer carrying options: Slip for stashing in a pocket or bag; Flap for attaching to a bag or backpack strap; and Clip for clipping to a belt or bag

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Advanced Xbox Controller Mods - GamerModz®

GamerModz®, LLC Announces New Create-A-Controller Software - GamerModz®, LLC announced on September 21st, 2012 that they have released a new cutting edge Create-A-Controller feature on their industry leading Modded Controller eCommerce website, GamerModz®

Utilizing the custom Create-a-Controller design software allows the user to create a custom modded controllers with ease, users can choose from every color, pattern and finish GamerModz offers in their enormous inventory.

Advanced Xbox Controller Mods - GamerModz®

Building from the largest selection of Xbox controller parts in the world gives the user over 5 billion possible combinations virtually guaranteeing their ability to build the perfect controller.

After users of the Create-A-Controller software design their modded controller, GamerModz gives them options to fit nearly any budget. GamerModz allows users to choose Parts Only, Send-In Service or Pre-Built. These options allow the user to buy just the parts (Parts Only), send their controller in for GamerModz to install the parts (Send-In) or purchase is built, shipped and ready to go when it arrives (Pre-Built).

After building their modded controller, and choosing their mod type, GamerModz®also gives users the ability to choose the most advanced controller mods on the market. Unlike other companies, none of GamerModz® controllers require holes drilled in to that custom Xbox controller that was just built. [Source]

Buy GamerModz® Modded Controllers, Information below:

Shop GamerModz® Modded Controllers for LE$$ / Price list Click here!

For more products use Top↑ Products-Search

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New Nikon D600 Full-Frame Compact HDSLR Camera

Nikon Announces the D600 DSLR—a Powerful Compact Full-Frame HD-SLR - B&H Photo Video will be one of the first retailers to stock the new Nikon D600 Full-Frame HDSLR camera, designed to meet the needs of photography enthusiasts who demand outstanding performance and reliability, and unparalleled levels of control, speed, and accuracy.

B&H Photo Video will be one of the first retailers to stock the new Nikon D600 DSLR camera, designed to meet the needs of passionate photographers who seek exceptional full-frame, high-resolution performance. For the first time ever, that level of performance is available in a compact, affordable HDSLR.

New Nikon D600 Full-Frame Compact HDSLR Camera

FX-quality images and HD videos
The D600 is Nikon’s most compact full-frame HD-SLR incorporates a 24.3 megapixel FX-format CMOS sensor that captures every detail with lifelike sharpness. EXPEED 3 processing system manages all that data with remarkable speed and accuracy, enabling up to 5.5 fps continuous shooting at full resolution. And the low-light performance synonymous with Nikon is again proven deserved—shoot crystal clear images from ISO 100 to 6400, expandable down to 50 and up to 25600 for extreme situations.

Flawless metering and Onboard Intelligence
Nikon D600’s 2,016 pixel RGB sensor evaluates every scene, taking into account brightness, contrast, subject distance and the scene colors and is referenced against an onboard image database for consistently accurate AE, auto white balance, i-TTL flash and subject tracking autofocus performance.

The Nikon D600 camera details 39 focus points with wide-area AF coverage offer endless compositional possibilities. 9 cross-type sensors and 7 center focus points work all the way down to f/8 for extended AF functionality with teleconverters and long-reach lenses. When shooting photos or HD video in Live View, Nikon’s responsive contrast-detect AF activities for accurate full time auto focusing.

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Get Misting Cooling Fans for Cool Summers

Auramist Makes Headway With Top Quality Fans - Auramist Misting Fans are creating great waves of influence all over the internet with their high tech design outdoor cooling systems.

New technology and advanced mechanics are not the only thing that are keeping your summers cool. Cooling Fans have been around for awhile, but apparently there's a new kid on the block! Auramist has their high-tech mister and cooling fans selling on shelves nationwide throughout major brand retailers.

Misting Cooling Fans for Cool Summers
Heat can cause discomfort for both outside events and those held indoors as people forget to experience what has gathered them together and start complaining of unbearable heat. Besides, it is very uncomfortable for someone to sweat when taking a warm or hot beverage, thus heat can also act detrimentally to the appetite of guests at your event.

Auramist displays a new technology of fans now available to the public, mentioning their different features and showing you a reason or two why you ought to have one for yourself.

Auramist is now offering a range of misting fans for conscious living that will keep your gatherings cool by creating a comfortable atmosphere especially at the hottest months of the year.

Their Velos 16-inch misting fan serves both indoor and outdoor environments. It reduces temperatures by up to 30°F because of its non-clogging nozzles capable of a fine mists that is dry when touched since the water is broken down to microscopic levels. On efficiency, the Velos uses eighty percent less water compared to other misting fans and is UV and rust resistant. You can use any standard garden horse or spigot to connect it to the mains water. The design is practical, portable and versatile. The Auramist cooling and misting fans are showcasing a full one year warranty.

The Milo Auramist 18-inch misting fan is the latest company product that has a streamlined design and has the same unique technologies in addition to an onboard 2.7-gallon reservoir, which provides over 5 hours of misting when fully filled. The fan is 55.75-inch tall and is made from the same materials as other Auramist misting fans.

If you have large areas, it is wise to consider theBrisaAuramist 30-inch misting fan offering the same benefits as the other misting fans from Auramist together with a one year limited warranty.

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Home Theather AV Receiver - Marantz SR7005 Review

Marantz SR7005 Review of The Home Theather AV Receiver Revealed - Marantz SR7005 Reviews are popping up all over the internet due to the increasing popularity of this audio receiver. reveals whether this home AV receiver really offers the incredible sound it promises so people can truly kick back and relax.

Marantz SR7005 Home Theather AV Receiver

A Marantz SR7005 Review reveals whether this audio receiver is just another squeamish machine that seems afraid to throw out a fully powerful sound around the room or is it a bold, powerful machine that the manufacturers claim it to be.

The Marantz SR7005 that replaced the SR7002 was released in August 2010. It has an A/V receiver with 7-channel, 3-source, 3-zone audio distribution capability and support for video performance and high-definition audio from multiple digital sources. The SR7005 has features such as content sharing, 6 HDMI v1.4a inputs with 3D, DLNA v1.5, and also supports high-definition multi-channel formats like DTS HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD.

A Marantz SR7005 Review shows that the price includes high-quality surround sound along with the Dolby digital surround effects that transition perfectly during different sounds. The balance is well-designed, so the bass isn’t too loud and the enhanced surround modes don’t become overpowering or a problem. It is compatible with other products like Apple iPod, Apple iPhone, and iPod Digital Direct with a front-panel USB external control and input and comes with External control, advanced codes, Bluetooth connectivity, and it also decodes audio.

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iPhone 5 - Apple WWDC an In Depth Look

The Top 5 Reasons The iPhone 5 Will Be The Best Phone Ever Made - Presents: Apple WWDC An In Depth Look At The iPhone 5

No. 5: The Audio Port Is At The Bottom.

The audio port on the bottom is one of the most revolutionary changes apple has made in the last 5 years. This way when in the car and charging the iPhone 5 and listening to audio via the auxiliary port in the car, it will not look like you are diffusing a bomb.

No. 4: Screen Size Is Larger

Yes, Apple iPhone's are great but as in all technology, evolution must occur. As multitasking and dependency on technology becomes more prevalent, things must change. That thing, is screen size, the iPhone 5 will have a 5 inch screen size almost a whole inch bigger than that of the iPhone 4s.

No. 3: Standardized Charging Port

Even though the iPhone 5 will have a 28 pinned charging port unlike any other, it must stay F.C.C. compliant. In which a law was passed in 2010 making all cellular phones obliged to having a standardized port by 2012. The Apple iPhone 5 will be able to run off of a 2.4 amp micro USB car charger. Since an average micro USB car charger is lesser amperage, it must be Apples version, however they are still compliant.

2: True Multitasking

Need a little multitasking in the business department? The iPhone 5 will provide true multitasking. This means you can watch a YouTube video, and write and email at the same time just like you would be able to do one the computer!

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New Invisible Back Cover for iPad - Luvvitt® SILVERBACK™ Skin

Luvvitt® Introduces Innovative Back Cover for iPad and for Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover - The SILVERBACK™ Skin - The new iPad protective back skin features cutting edge pressure activation technology with micro-glass beads that fits around the device like real skin. Aluminum colored Luvvitt® SILVERBACK™ Skin provides invisible yet invincible protection.

New Invisible Back Cover for iPad - Luvvitt® SILVERBACK™ Skin

Already known for their innovative iPad and iPhone accessories, Luvvitt® has hit yet another consumer homerun with the launch of their SILVERBACK™ Protective Back Skin iPad covers made specifically for the iPad 2, iPad 3 and Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard for iPad. The protective back skin features cutting edge pressure activation technology that allows the cover to be easily set in place, removed and repositioned with no adhesive or residues. The secret is in the micro-glass beads that fit around the device like a real skin.

Eli Altaras, founder and CEO of Luvvitt said, “The SILVERBACK ™ Protective Back Skin Collection combines next-generation technology with modern design and functionality. The ultra-sleek ipad skin cover is barely noticeable yet provides high-level protection against dirt, dust and scratches. We’re definitely excited about this new collection's addition to out product lineup and know our customers will be too.”

The SILVERBACK ™ Collection features three new products including protective back skins for the iPad 2 and 3 as well as a custom back skin for the widely popular Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard for iPad. Altaras goes on to say, “We value innovation, customer service and a love of technology - The SILVERBACK ™ Protective Back Skin is the fruition of those values seen tangibly through these great products.”

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e-Readers Now Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Paperwhite Available

Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Paperwhite Available at Shop e-Readers - These new devices are available for International Shipping from the World's largest e-Reader Store

Amazon has just announced a family of new devices that are taking the world by storm! The new Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Paperwhite glowing e-Reader are available for international customers at Shop e-Readers.

e-Readers Now Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Paperwhite Available

The new Kindle Fire HD 8.9 features a 8.9-inch, 1920 x 1200 display (254 ppi). One of the great aspects of the screen is that it is high-res and has a polarizing filter that drastically cuts down on the glare. Underneath the hood is a TI OMAP 4470 processor, which promises to keep thing speedy. It also has dual speakers, a front-facing HD camera, and HDMI out. One of the most exciting features is the new dual WIFI antenna, that will give you a faster internet connection then anything else on the market. This is the perfect device for someone who wants to watch 1080 P movies and enjoy a greater portability then the iPad. Various models are coming down the pipe with 4G/LTE internet access and normal WIFI models.

The second new Kindle Fire HD features a seven inch screen with 1280 x 800 here resolution. This basically puts it on par with the Google Nexus 7. According to Amazon, you can expect 11 hours of battery life from the 7-inch model.

Kindle Paperwhite is Amazon's answer to the Barnes and Noble Simple Touch with Glowlight and the new Kobo Glo. It features a six inch e-ink Pearl display with 62% more pixels for unsurpassed resolution and 25% better contrast for sharp, dark text. There are different options for this e-reader such as Special Offers and 3G internet access. The great thing about the 3G connection is that you don’t have to pay anything for it, which makes it a solid investment.

All of these new devices are simply not available outside the USA. Amazon does not ship or sell them and Shop e-Readers will distribute these new products to customers worldwide.

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OontZ Pack - 3 Wireless Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speakers - Cambridge SoundWorks

Cambridge SoundWorks Announces the OontZ Pack, three Ultra-Portable, Wireless, Bluetooth Speakers for Less than the Price of One Jambox™ - With the OontZ Pack you get three OontZ speakers for just $189.99 and with the OontZ Angle Pack you get three OontZ Angle speakers for just $189.99.

OontZ Pack - 3 Wireless Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speakers - Cambridge SoundWorks

The OontZ Team at Cambridge SoundWorks® announces The OontZ Pack, and the OontZ Angle Pack. Customers can now purchase three of the OontZ or OontZ Angle Ultra-Portable, Wireless, Bluetooth speakers, for a package price of only $189.99, a twenty dollar savings for three speakers over the already jaw dropping low price of $69.99 each when purchased individually. At only $189.99 the OontZ pack and OontZ Angle pack give all audio lovers three high quality ultra-portable speakers for less than the cost of a single Jambox. just released a review of the OontZ and OontZ Angle entitled “Get the best bang for your buck with the OontZ and OontZ Angle Speakers”. With the release today of the OontZ Pack and the OontZ Angle Pack the amazing low price is even more jaw dropping with three for only $189.99”

“Since we started shipping the OontZ six weeks ago and the OontZ Angle just two weeks ago, the customer response, reviews, and sales have been fantastic,” said Craig McHugh President and CEO, of SoundWorks, Inc. We have seen many of our customers order multiple speakers for their family members, and as gifts for friends. So we decided to allow our customers to buy a three pack and receive a savings over the already low individual speaker price of $69.99. The three pack price of $189.99 is incredible, when you consider the sound quality and surprising volume that the OontZ and OontZ Angle deliver. Also, they are ultra-lightweight, for example, the OontZ Angle weighs just nine ounces, about 33% less than the Jambox. In the review they noted, “Both the OontZ and the OontZ Angle are constructed from high quality materials that deliver excellent sound. It is clear that the precision drivers in both speakers have been carefully chosen to provide clear, crisp audio that sounds great with every song. The speakers each have a frequency response of 60Hz to 20kHz,”

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High Performance Intel’s Newest Xeon E5-2600 Servers - 100TB Continues to Push the Envelope With Low Prices on Intel E5 Servers - Known for industry changing product offerings, continues its reputation with Intel’s newest E5 product family of dedicated servers at unbeatable prices.

Keeping with their reputation of high bandwidth, latest technology, and low price dedicated servers, adds Intel’s newest Xeon E5-2600 product family to their server line-up. Heralded as the best product family to date, the E5 product families are sure to cause a change in the dedicated server market. has a deep history of market changing products. The name of the company itself reflects an offering their competitors are still trying to achieve: 100 terabytes of top tier bandwidth included with every dedicated web server. Adding the Intel Xeon E5-2600 product families to their current server line-up, and pricing strategy, is hard to beat.

“From the beginning we decided to be an industry leading company. We’ve delivered on that vision several times and offering Intel’s new E5 servers, with 100 terabytes of bandwidth, at the price listed, is definitely causing a buzz,” said Thomas Hancock, the general manager of “There has been a lot excitement surrounding the E5s, we love adding to it.”

The Xeon E5-2600 product families deliver higher performance, efficiency, and security than the prior generation. The new servers optimize I/O throughput and reduce data latency by 30 percent. Running on’s world-class network, the E5 family eliminates network bottlenecks and increases network effifiency.

“The Intel Xeon processor E5-1600/2600 product families deliver up to 80 percent higher performance than their predecessors,” reported Intel in a recent E5 product brief. “ They provide more cores, cache, and memory capacity, along with bigger, faster communication pathways to more data, more quickly.”

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High Performance iPod iPhone Wood Tower Speaker Dock System - Fluance

Fluance® Introduces New Tower Speaker Docking System, Value Unmatched in its Category - Fluance is proud to introduce the FiTSD600 2.1 Wood Tower Speaker. Following the success and technological innovations of the FiSDK500, the FiTSD600 delivers serious performance in sound, functionality and design.

Fluance FiTSD600 High Performance 2.1 Wood Tower Speaker Dock for iPod/iPhone

Fluance is proud to unveil the latest edition to the successful Fi Series with the FiTSD600 2.1 Wood Tower Speaker Dock for iPods and iPhones. The second member of the elite Fi Series and successor to the FiSDK500 High Performance Music System, the FiTSD600 is a floorstanding loudspeaker with a built-in docking station for iOS devices and has multi-functional features for the diverse Fluance consumer. The FiTSD600 is available for purchase through

The FiTSD600 wood tower speaker was designed for music lovers and audiophiles with their need for high quality sound, functionality and design in mind. Made with audio-grade MDF wood and a glossy piano-black finish, the FiTSD600 combines the three-way power of a tower loudspeaker with the innovative technology of an iPod/iPhone docking system. The high quality components that Fluance is known for using are found within the FiTSD600, and the sound engineering ensures exceptional sound reproduction with dual premium 3” midrange drivers, two ultra high-end tweeters, a front-firing 6.5” subwoofer, and a powerful built-in amplifier. “The FiTSD600 is a step up from our top selling FiSDK500 speaker dock. We’ve truly created something different with this tower speaker system: something powerful, something affordable and something incredible” says Deepak Jain, President of Fluance Speakers. “The sound that comes out of this system is simply amazing.” Providing room filling full range sound the FiTSD600 is both a revolution in design and sound engineering at a value unmatched in the iPod/iPhone docking system category.

This latest speaker system from Fluance connects digital media on a whole new level. Android and other smartphone users can connect their digital devices, with the included cables, to the FiTSD600 through the auxiliary input, and view videos and other media on HDTV by connecting to the FiTSD600’s video output. New additions to this Fluance Fi Series model are the full display with built-in FM radio and alarm clock, a heavy duty handle for easy mobility, and two ways to control the FiTSD600: a touch panel full display or compact remote control. This newest Fluance speaker system accommodates diverse lifestyles while representing Fluance’s dedication to value and serious performance.

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Workstation with NVIDIA Maximus Technology - Nexlink Maximum

Seneca Launches Nexlink 7900 Workstation with NVIDIA Maximus Technology - Engineers, designers and content creation professionals can now create without the wait

Seneca®, a leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative technology solutions, announced today the availability of the Nexlink® 7900 Workstation powered by NVIDIA® Maximus™ technology. The Nexlink 7900 workstation is available in a series of preconfigurations designed to meet the needs of a range of clients, from value-conscious designers to the most performance demanding users.

Workstation with NVIDIA Maximus Technology - Nexlink Maximum

NVIDIA Maximus-powered Nexlink workstations combine the visualization and interactive design capabilities of NVIDIA Quadro® professional graphics processing units (GPUs) and the high-performance computing power of NVIDIA Tesla® GPUs into a single workstation. With Maximus, the Tesla companion processor automatically performs the “heavy lifting” of photorealistic rendering or engineering simulation computation. This frees up CPU resources for the work they are best suited for – I/O, running the operating system and multi-tasking – and frees up the Quadro GPU to be dedicated to powering rich, full-performance, interactive design and visualization.
Designers and engineers can now perform simultaneous CAE, rendering or structural/fluid analysis on the same system being used for design work, and digital content creation professionals can perform faster video editing, effects and animation.
NVIDIA Maximus technology improves workflows in:
3D Design

Continue to design while renders run up to 9x faster in the background
Design and render on a single machine without bogging it down

Engineering Analysis

Interact with 3D apps while running realistic simulations up to 4x faster at the desktop
Complete a required set of engineering simulations or regulatory tests days earlier
Reduce the need for costly prototypes

Media & Entertainment

Obtain up to 8x better price/performance in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and up to 27x faster ray tracing with NVIDIA Optix™
Edit more layers and effects in real-time

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New Product 80W LED Flood Light - Zhongtian Lighting

Zhongtian Lighting Introduces the New Product 80W LED Flood Light - Zhongtian Lighting introduced its new product----80W LED Flood Light. This model is upgraded for many aspects. Firstly, its light body is composed of high quality aluminum radiator, high-purity aluminum reflector, and high-strength tempered glass, sealed with anti-aging silicone rubbers. Secondly, its effective thermal diffusion reduces the lamp body temperature, which makes LED flood lights possess the best working condition, so as to ensure the light source and service life.

New Product 80W LED Flood Light - Zhongtian Lighting

In addition, the small volume and compact structure allow it to be transported conveniently. With various designs of the reflector, enhancing dazzling controlling ability, it gives rise to all sorts of light distribution according to different requirements of different customers. Its major features are as following:

Model: ZT-80W LED Flood Light
Shade dimension: D440*H300mm
Rated power: 80W
Lamp beads: 1 piece
Housing material: PC
Input voltage: 85-264VAC/DC,50-60Hz
Net weight: 4.25kg
Power factor 0.98
Color rendering index: 75±5Ra
Color: Warm white/White/Cool white
Color temperature: (3000K-3500K),(4000K-4500K), (5500K-6500K)
Working temperature: -40℃ - 55 ℃
Luminous efficiency: >70lm/w

It is widely used in the markers, stadiums, squares, billboards, parking, and other outdoor places. Compared with traditional lamps, service life of LED flood light is 60 times as that of incandescent lamps, 12 times as that of energy-saving lamps and fluorescent lights. Its long service life greatly reduces the maintenance cost and saves the material and labor costs. Besides, it can be installed in anywhere without any restriction. It is widely used in the markers, stadiums, squares, billboards, parking, and other outdoor places.

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Audio Entertainment Consoles - New Luxury Audio Brand AudioXperts

AudioXperts, a New Luxury Audio Brand, Launches its 4TV Audio Entertainment Consoles - 4TV home theater consoles set a new benchmark for performance, simplicity of operation, design and visual integration with today’s newest panel TVs

Audio Entertainment Consoles - New Luxury Audio Brand AudioXperts

AudioXperts, the new luxury audio brand, committed to delivering unique audio solutions, introduces the first two models of its 4TV collection, designed to provide users with extraordinary TV/music solutions that truly eliminate the confusion, chaos, and clutter that too often comes with typical component home theater systems.

With their beautiful smoked glass and aluminum enclosures, these ultra-low-profile products provide amazing component-level audio performance, in two unique, easy-to-use models: the Model 5122 5.1 Surround Sound Console (MSRP $3,999.99), a category-defining, 2-piece, true 5.1 channel music and surround sound system with wireless subwoofer, which offers the performance of a high powered 12” subwoofer, and offers several placement options, including standing upright with the included feet, lying flat for versatile, inconspicuous placement, or even placed directly underneath the 5122 main console; the Model 2112 Virtual Surround Sound Console (MSRP $1,999.99), a single-piece, high performance 2.1 channel music and surround sound system with built-in subwoofer that delivers the equivalent bass output of a separate 8” powered subwoofer.

"When it came to developing the 4TV collection, our team of experts set out to produce a product line that would offer a never-before-seen combination of audio performance, technology and aesthetic design," said Eli Harary, president of AudioXperts. “4TVs minimalist, yet ultra-sophisticated form will instantly appeal to those who truly appreciate superior form and function.”

4TV home entertainment consoles are designed to fit directly under the TV, or on top of a furniture cabinet below a wall hung TV set, and feature stunning smoked glass and aluminum enclosures that integrate perfectly with today’s televisions. Unlike sound bars and conventional surround sound systems, which are typically fixed into place, the 4TV console's built-in swivel base improves the user's television viewing experience by allowing them to easily rotate the console and television to the preferred listening and viewing angle.

The units feature backlit top-mounted, touch-sensitive controls and “learn” existing remotes for easy transparent operation. A proximity sensor adds an even greater ease-of-use, automatically detecting when someone is near and instantly lighting up to show the systems status on the control panel.

The home entertainment systems feature patent-pending H.A.R.T. (High Aspect Ratio Transducer) driver technology which utilizes a unique suspension and support system that allows the use of a large voice coil for high power handling in a high aspect ratio design. By incorporating these new drivers the height of the 4TV consoles can be kept to less than 2-1/4".

In addition to providing high quality audio from the listener's TV, cable/satellite box, and gaming consoles, by offering Dolby Digital and DTS decoding, 4TV products are also designed to provide extraordinary music enjoyment by incorporating easy wired or wireless connectivity to all of today's popular music sources with, instant connection for an optional Apple® Airport Express®, or wireless streaming with any Bluetooth® enabled device, and incorporates the new CSR® aptX® codec for crystal clear, full bandwidth performance.

To optimize the listeners experience with any content, 4TV can easily switch between a number of listening modes and EQ settings for both movies and music. In Movie mode listeners can experience all the action with full and realistic surround sound. In Music mode, music can be experienced in true and accurate stereo sound.

For those owners that may experience sensor neural hearing loss, the 4TV’s Enhanced-Dialogue listening mode offers a separate equalization setting that our engineering team developed using data derived from the U.S. Hearing Journal Research.

“Because of its unique industrial design, our 4TV products will naturally catch the attention of anyone with a sense of style, however, what will really capture their attention is the amazing performance of these systems.” said John Fischbach, director of product voicing for AudioXperts.

The 4TV family of products includes:

5122 5.1 Surround Sound Console*

800 W peak/500 W RMS Total System Power
Three 25mm fabric dome tweeters for left/center/right
Six patent-pending H.A.R.T. drivers for left/center/right
Four patent-pending H.A.R.T. drivers for dipole surround
Eight 4.5" long throw woofers for powerful subwoofer performance
Inputs: Digital (2), Optical (1), COAX (1), Analog RCA (1), 1/8" Mini-Stereo (1), USB Audio (1)
Main Unit Dimensions (H x W x D): 2.08" x 50.47" x 17.20"
Main Unit Dimensions with Swivel Base (H x W x D): 1.75" x 50.47" x 17.20"
Subwoofer Dimensions (H x W x D): 2.05" x 50.47" 17.17"
MSRP: $3,999.99

2112 Virtual Surround Sound Console*

350 W peak/200 W RMS Total System Power
Dual 20mm dome tweeters
Four patent-pending H.A.R.T. drive units
Four 4.5" long throw woofers
Built-in subwoofer for deep powerful bass
Inputs: Digital (2), Optical (1), COAX (1), Analog RCA (1), 1/8" Mini-Stereo (1), USB Audio (1)
Main Unit Dimensions (H x W x D): 2.13" x 40.24" x 17.20"
Main Unit Dimensions with Swivel Base (H x W x D): 2.56" x 40.24" x 17.20"
MSRP: $1,999.99

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