Fruit Ninja for PC Detailed Tips and Tricks

Fruit Ninja for PC Tips and Tricks Detailed at New Gaming Website, is the go-to online resource for gaming fans of the ever popular Fruit Ninja game title.

Slicing and dicing fruit has become a popular activity among gamers. Developed by Halfbrick Studios in Australia, Fruit Ninja for PC requires the player to slice fruit as it is thrown in the air by simply using the mouse. Available for a variety of platform, the seemingly simple game play is enjoyed by many, from young to the not-so-young.


Fruit Ninja was initially released in April 2010 for iPod Touch and the iPhone, and eventually became available for users of Android OS devices, as well as Windows, Samsung's Bada and Nokia's Symbian platforms.

Fruit Ninja Kinect for the Xbox 360 was also released in August 2011, followed by the arcade version called Fruit Ninja FX. When played on such platforms, the player uses the arms and the hands to swipe and "slice" the fruits. is a website that is dedicated to providing comprehensive information about the interesting game. The website is home to information on the basic gameplay, as well as the cheats, tips and news about the title.

Serving as an online guide, strives to clearly illustrate how to play the game in the classic and arcade modes in an efficient manner. With gaming tips and insights, the website also helps depict how the overall game functions can be maximized for players to achieve a superior score. Fruit Ninja upgrades are also discussed on the website.

Offering relevant news, details how the fruit-slicing game, according to researches, has proved to be beneficial for stroke patients as a recovering activity that veers away from the boring routines.

The website cites findings of a neuroscientist from Australia who utilized the game as an exciting addition to the daily doings of stroke victims. Among other games, Fruit Ninja for PC was found to have helped reduce boredom and frustration of such patients.

To more details about Fruit Ninja for PC gameplay, playing tips, cheats, and everything else, visit to learn more. [Source]

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