No More Shaky iPhone 5 Videos or Blurry Photos - AirClip

The AirClip Steady-Cam Accessory Works with the iPhone 5 - No More Shaky iPhone 5 Videos or Blurry Photos

The thousands of new and current users of The AirClipⓇ have reason to celebrate today with the news that the award-winning mobile accessory works with the new iPhone 5!

AirClip Steady-Cam iPhone 5 Accessory

The AirClipⓇ was originally designed to work with the iPhone 4 and 4S, but it can also work with the iPhone 5.

The AirClipⓇ is a one-piece device that steadies the hand while taking video. By helping the user hold the iPhone in a more natural way, The AirClipⓇ makes the iPhone more stable, and therefore greatly improves or eliminates the natural tendency people have to "shake" their phone while filming or taking pictures. If you’ve ever watch a mobile video on YouTube, then you know how hard it can be to watch due to the shakiness.

By using The AirClipⓇ, users can shoot or record video in a variety of positions (portrait, landscape, even upside-down), or they can even use it as a hands free stand for FaceTime video calling. The AirClipⓇ is small, portable, and most importantly affordable.

The AirClipⓇ is for sale on Amazon, as well as AirCast Mobile’s own website:

The AirClipⓇ is a Patented and Trademarked product. [Source]

Buy AirClip Steady-Cam Accessory iPhone 5, Information below:

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