Samsung Galaxy 3 - News and Smartphone Information

Galaxy 3 News and Smartphone Information Takes the Spotlight at - is a website that offers comprehensive information and news on anything and everything related to the Samsung Galaxy 3.

Samsung Galaxy 3 - News and Smartphone Information

The surging prevalence of smartphones all over the globe – in terms of usage and popularity – is compelling manufacturers to form better ideas and make astonishing technologies happen for consumers. In most cases, mobile phone giants create products that do wonders for users and entertain them in ways never possible in the past.

Such manufacturers also find meaning in developing new ones that surpass the existing, in an effort to keep surprising customers.

Samsung is one leading smartphone creator that has emerged to be one of the important names in the smartphone manufacturing industry. From the simplest handset released many years back, the company has presented to the public its Android-based Galaxy S collection.

Continuous in its efforts to delight smartphone supporters, Samsung has released the Galaxy 3 as its latest offering from the Galaxy S line-up. Coming primarily in colors of marble white and pebble blue, the newest Samsung smartphone was also released in garnet red model for U.S. AT&T, and soon to be available in sapphire black, titanium gray and amber brown. is a website that offers a wealth of information about Samsung Galaxy S3 and provides feature articles detailing the mobile phone, discussing its design, development and marketing. The website goes on to talk about the mobile phone's software features and expanded hardware – being the redesigned physique of its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S II.

Much as it is a reliable resource for everything Samsung Galaxy 3, strives to offer unbiased and objective information and data. The website recently reported in one of its post about the manufacturing defects of the Galaxy 3 handset, such as chips in the back paint and cracks in the rear cover affecting the edges of the camera. also presents mobile phone reviews of Samsung Galaxy S3, in comparison with other handsets, such as iPhone and HTC.

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