Creative ZiiSound D5 Speaker System for Stereo Bluetooth Audio

ZiiSound D5 Speaker System for Stereo Bluetooth Audio: Creative Unveils ZiiSoundTM D5 - Award-Winning One-Piece Wireless Speaker System with the Purest Bluetooth Wireless Audio Playback.

Winner of “red dot design award 2010” is the Flagship of Creative’s New Range of Wireless Speaker Systems that Works With All Compatible Stereo Bluetooth Portable Devices to Deliver Unparalleled Audio Quality.
Creative ZiiSound D5 Speaker System
Creative Technology Ltd. today announced the ZiiSoundTM D5 speaker system - the personification of the purest Bluetooth wireless audio experience available today. It is a one-piece wireless speaker system that incorporates apt-X audio codec for
superior stereo Bluetooth audio.

The elegant ZiiSound D5 is a recent winner of the prestigious German-based “red dot award: product design 2010” in the Audio Category. It is awarded the “red dot” quality label in recognition of its outstanding design quality and product innovation by a jury consisting of top-class international experts. Its sleek appearance complements any modern contemporary interior décor.

The ZiiSound D5 is the flagship of a full range of wireless speaker system offerings from Creative, comprising the award-winning ZiiSound D5 and Creative InspireTM S2 Wireless, as well as the Creative D200 and Creative D100. The range of speaker systems offers high performance

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DDR3 World’s Fastest High-Performance and Enthusiast Memory

DDR3 World’s Fastest High-Performance and Enthusiast Memory: Patriot Launches Worlds Fastest DDR3 Memory – Viper II Series Sector 5 Edition 2500MHz. Patriot Memory, a global pioneer in high-performance memory, NAND flash, storage and enthusiast computer products, today expanded their lineup of DDR3 memory solutions with the launch of its new ultra-high performance Viper II Series Sector 5 Edition Extreme Performance DDR3 memory for Intel® P55 platforms.

Patriot Viper II Series Sector 5 Edition 2500MHz DDR3 – Worlds Fastest DDR3 memory
Patriot Viper II Series Sector 5 Edition modules pass a thorough qualification and screening process on multiple high-performance motherboards using the Intel® P55 chipset platforms and Intel® Core™ i7 CPUs to ensure performance at 2500MHz with latency timings of 9-11-9-27. These modules are targeted and designed specifically for performance enthusiasts and overclockers looking to set new benchmark records and push the boundaries of computing performance.

“Patriot has been delivering some of the fastest overclocking memory in the world, and our latest solution takes the crown as ‘World’s Fastest Memory’ ”, says Les Henry, Patriot’s VP of Engineering. “Our in-house engineering expertise and knowledge of the enthusiast market has helped us push the boundaries and set the standard for DDR3 memory speeds. With Viper II Series Sector 5 Edition 2500MHz modules we are showcasing our expertise and deep understanding of the enthusiast market to push the boundaries and achieve new speeds and performance capabilities with DDR3 memory.”

Patriot Viper II Series Sector 5 Edition module kits are geared as the ultimate upgrade for overclockers and enthusiasts looking to reach new heights in overclocking and benchmarking. Each module is individually hand tested and qualified in the Patriot lab at our headquarters in Fremont, CA. The Viper II Series Sector 5 Edition 2500MHz modules are specifically designed for Intel P55 platforms paired with Intel® Core™ i7 CPUs. Built with an extruded aircraft-grade aluminum heat spreader, Sector 5 2500MHz modules quickly dissipate heat from the memory ICs resulting in improved stability and reliability during extreme overclocking conditions. These modules will be offered as a 4GB kit (2 x 2GB modules) under the part number PVV34G2500C9K. In addition to the worlds fastest DDR3, Patriot is releasing two new module kits at 2400MHz and 2133MHz with timings of 9-11-9-27 and 9-9-9-27 respectively. Part numbers are: PVV34G2400C9K and PVV34G2133C9K.

Product Descriptions Model # Timings UPC Warranty
Sector 5 2500 MHz 4GB DDR3 memory kit PVV34G2500C9K 9-11-9-27 0815530010029 Lifetime
Sector 5 2400 MHz 4GB DDR3 memory kit PVV34G2400C9K 9-11-9-27 0815530010012 Lifetime
Sector 5 2133 MHz 4GB DDR3 memory kit PVV34G2133C9K 9-9-9-27 0815530010005 Lifetime


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Nokia’s Most Advanced Smartphone - Nokia N8

The Nokia N8, Nokia's most advanced smartphone, intuitively connects to the people, places and services that matter most. This is one of Nokia's new phones where, people can create compelling content, connect to their favourite social networks and enjoy on-demand Web TV programs and Ovi Store apps.

Nokia N8 Smartphones
This amazing new phone is available in select markets during the third quarter of 2010, the N8 touch screen phone has an the estimated retail price of the Nokia N8 is €370, before applicable taxes or subsidies.

“The Nokia N8 offers better imaging capabilities than any other mobile device in history,” says Jo Harlow, Head of Smartphones at Nokia.

With a supreme 12 megapixel Carl Zeiss optics with Xenon flash, the Nokia N8 smartphone introduces the ability to record HD-quality videos and edit them with an intuitive built-in editing suite. Doubling as a portable entertainment center, people can enjoy HD quality video with Dolby Digital Plus surround sound by plugging into their home theatre system. The Nokia N8 smartphone also offers Web TV services that deliver programs, news and entertainment from channels like CNN, E! Entertainment, Paramount and National Geographic, additional local Web TV content is also available from the Ovi Store.

“Social networking is second nature to the Nokia N8,” adds Harlow.

With Facebook and Twitter feeds live in one view on the homescreen, people can comment, read and send messages, update their status, share their location and photos. Missing meet ups become a distant memory with the Nokia N8 smartphone transferring your Facebook events directly into your calendar.

The Nokia N8 comes with free global Ovi Maps walk and drive navigation, guiding people to places and points of interest in more than 70 countries worldwide. It will be hosted on Check out more at

Symbian^3 in action

Powering the Nokia N8 is the latest edition of the world’s most used smartphone software, Symbian^3. This latest version introduces several major advances, including multi-touch and support for gestures such as pinch-to-zoom. The Nokia N8 offers multiple customizable homescreens which can be loaded with applications and widgets, and moved with a simple flick. The new 2D and 3D graphics architecture takes full advantage of the Nokia N8’s hardware acceleration to deliver a faster and more responsive user interface. With greater memory management and a visual task manager, Symbian^3 raises the bar in multitasking performance, allowing more applications to run in parallel for a faster multi-tasking experience.

Getting Qt for Developers

The Nokia N8 is Nokia’s first new device model to be integrated with Qt, a software development environment that simplifies the development and makes it possible to build applications once and deploy across Symbian and other software platforms. Nokia has also made the powerful and simple to use Nokia Qt SDK available, in its initial beta, to enable developers to start realizing the potential of Qt.


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Oransi Ionic Air Purifier for Big Kitchen Odors

Save Money While Silently Removing Kitchen Odors with Oransi’s Affordable New Refrigerator Air Purifier: The new refrigerator air purifier from Oransi is silent, lightweight and small (4” x 2.8” x 2.5” and weighs 0.2 lbs) – yet removes big kitchen odors caused by bacteria in the fridge. While highly effective, the affordable Oransi Ionic Air Purifier also saves money three ways – it is a filterless air purifier so there are no expensive replacement filters to buy, it uses 2 AA batteries every 90 days thereby costing only $1 per month to operate, and it keeps food fresher by reducing spoilage and waste.

Oransi Ionic Fridge Air Purifier - uses no filter and ozone safe
Oransi – a leading provider of new air quality and green home cleaning products, has launched an affordable new refrigerator air purifier that is low maintenance and costs only $1 per month to operate. The Oransi ionic air purifier for refrigerators features patented Piezo-electric technology that removes odors and bacteria to clean the refrigerator air thoroughly yet silently - and without the harmful side effects of ozone that normally is found in standard ionizers.

The Oransi ionic air purifier is healthier than other refrigerator air purifiers and has been third-party tested by the Industrial Research Technology Institute (ITI). The ITI testing results found Oransi’s refrigerator air purifier to be 78% below the required FDA limits for ozone production.

In addition, Oransi’s refrigerator air purifier saves money by:

* Reducing food spoilage and waste. It not only removes odors from the refrigerator, it also removes the bacteria that cause odor and food decay - thereby keeping food and produce fresher for extended periods of time.
* Using no filters – no expensive filters to replace.
* Running on only two AA batteries for up to three months – the cost to operate is approximately $1 per month. A built-in micro processor controls the operation of the air purifier so it will cycle on and off to save battery life.

“We are pleased to be able to offer consumers an affordable yet powerful new refrigerator air purifier under $40 that takes up very little space in the fridge,” said Oransi’s CEO Peter Mann. “The Oransi refrigerator air purifier is extremely effective in controlling odors and reducing food spoilage, thereby allowing consumers to save more money.”

Oransi’s ionic air purifier for the refrigerator also provides the following benefits:

* Easy to use – just turn it on and place in the refrigerator.
* The small size is convenient - allowing it to fit in any size refrigerator.
* Its neutral color and contemporary design is attractive.
* Patented Piezo-electric technology allows for a high negative ion output to freshen the refrigerator without the harmful side effects of ozone that is found in standard ionizers.
* It has received safety certifications from GS and CE as well as the RoHS lead free directive.
* Made of durable fire-resistant ABS materials.


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