Fruit Ninja for PC Detailed Tips and Tricks

Fruit Ninja for PC Tips and Tricks Detailed at New Gaming Website, is the go-to online resource for gaming fans of the ever popular Fruit Ninja game title.

Slicing and dicing fruit has become a popular activity among gamers. Developed by Halfbrick Studios in Australia, Fruit Ninja for PC requires the player to slice fruit as it is thrown in the air by simply using the mouse. Available for a variety of platform, the seemingly simple game play is enjoyed by many, from young to the not-so-young.


Fruit Ninja was initially released in April 2010 for iPod Touch and the iPhone, and eventually became available for users of Android OS devices, as well as Windows, Samsung's Bada and Nokia's Symbian platforms.

Fruit Ninja Kinect for the Xbox 360 was also released in August 2011, followed by the arcade version called Fruit Ninja FX. When played on such platforms, the player uses the arms and the hands to swipe and "slice" the fruits. is a website that is dedicated to providing comprehensive information about the interesting game. The website is home to information on the basic gameplay, as well as the cheats, tips and news about the title.

Serving as an online guide, strives to clearly illustrate how to play the game in the classic and arcade modes in an efficient manner. With gaming tips and insights, the website also helps depict how the overall game functions can be maximized for players to achieve a superior score. Fruit Ninja upgrades are also discussed on the website.

Offering relevant news, details how the fruit-slicing game, according to researches, has proved to be beneficial for stroke patients as a recovering activity that veers away from the boring routines.

The website cites findings of a neuroscientist from Australia who utilized the game as an exciting addition to the daily doings of stroke victims. Among other games, Fruit Ninja for PC was found to have helped reduce boredom and frustration of such patients.

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Samsung Galaxy 3 - News and Smartphone Information

Galaxy 3 News and Smartphone Information Takes the Spotlight at - is a website that offers comprehensive information and news on anything and everything related to the Samsung Galaxy 3.

Samsung Galaxy 3 - News and Smartphone Information

The surging prevalence of smartphones all over the globe – in terms of usage and popularity – is compelling manufacturers to form better ideas and make astonishing technologies happen for consumers. In most cases, mobile phone giants create products that do wonders for users and entertain them in ways never possible in the past.

Such manufacturers also find meaning in developing new ones that surpass the existing, in an effort to keep surprising customers.

Samsung is one leading smartphone creator that has emerged to be one of the important names in the smartphone manufacturing industry. From the simplest handset released many years back, the company has presented to the public its Android-based Galaxy S collection.

Continuous in its efforts to delight smartphone supporters, Samsung has released the Galaxy 3 as its latest offering from the Galaxy S line-up. Coming primarily in colors of marble white and pebble blue, the newest Samsung smartphone was also released in garnet red model for U.S. AT&T, and soon to be available in sapphire black, titanium gray and amber brown. is a website that offers a wealth of information about Samsung Galaxy S3 and provides feature articles detailing the mobile phone, discussing its design, development and marketing. The website goes on to talk about the mobile phone's software features and expanded hardware – being the redesigned physique of its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S II.

Much as it is a reliable resource for everything Samsung Galaxy 3, strives to offer unbiased and objective information and data. The website recently reported in one of its post about the manufacturing defects of the Galaxy 3 handset, such as chips in the back paint and cracks in the rear cover affecting the edges of the camera.

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Quality Apple Laptop Chargers and Batteries at Unbeatable Prices

Laptop Power UK Offer Apple Laptop Chargers and Laptop Batteries at Unbeatable Prices - Laptop Power UK has come up with top quality Apple laptop chargers and laptop batteries at unbeatable prices. Laptop Power UK stores the largest range of original Apple laptop chargers and laptop batteries. Apple has a reputation as an economy range laptop brand which is designed with price competitiveness in mind. One of the strongest selling points of Laptop Power UK is that they stock every type of Apple laptop chargers and batteries.

Laptop Power is also the largest supplier of laptop hardware and repair services in the UK to the education sector. With skilled laptop and computer engineers, the UK's largest stock of laptop hardware components and their carefully controlled supply chains have the most stringent safety standards and certificates; they represent the ideal ICT partner for hundreds of schools around the UK. They will be able to provide any school with a better quality service, at a competitive price. This keeps all the schools ICT equipment up and running and makes sure that every school gets value for money out of your equipment. They supply only the highest quality laptop chargers and laptop batteries available, from the world's leading manufacturers. They supply Delta, Lieton, Hipro and AcBel chargers. The chargers will be of equal quality to the one which was supplied with original laptop and come with 12 month warranty.

The company provides a 12 month replacement warranty on all the products sold by it. These products are CE certified and comply with all the UK safety standards. The company also sells other OEM spare parts like chargers, keyboards etc. The company has several service centers spread across UK. They offer a free diagnosis and quote to all customers before they commence the repair and don't charge inspection fees.

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New BMW Combines Improved Power and Efficiency - BMW 3 Series Touring

BMW 3 Series Touring Arrives at Cooper Dealerships - Cooper BMW announces arrival of new BMW 3 Series Touring in September at 16 UK dealerships.

It is time to book a test drive in the BMW 3 Series Touring as it arrives at Cooper BMW dealerships in the UK. The new offering from BMW combines improved power and efficiency and also boasts an unrivalled amount of space, out-performing other cars in its class.

NEW BMW 3 Series Touring

The BMW 3 Series Touring is available from September 2012 in a range of models including Modern, Sport and Luxury, and TwinPower Turbo engine sizes including 320d, 328i, 330d 316d, 318d and 320i. Other features that make the 3 Series Touring this year’s must-have high performance luxury estate are:

495 litre load capacity
1,500 litres of overall space with 40:20:40 split rear seat allows
under the boot floor to store the parcel shelf
Rear-wheel drive
near 50:50 weight distribution for agile handling

When it comes to performance, the 320d achieves 0-62mph in 7.6 seconds, combined fuel consumption is 60.1mpg and just 124g/km emissions.

Cooper BMW offer an exclusive ‘Drive It Your Way’ test drive programme, taking the test drive to a new dimension for its customers. Using the uniquely tailored programme, you can now test drive the BMW 3 Series Touring where and when you want, allowing you to take it for a drive on the motorway to experience speed and ability, or in your local area to for testing cornering, agility and urban prowess.

The Cooper Group is one of the largest BMW dealer groups in the UK. All their dealerships are known for providing outstanding customer service from point of enquiry right through to after sales care, with a number of excellent options and packages for its customers to choose from.

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Exercise Device for Seniors to Improve Balance and Flexibility

Seniors Improve Balance and Flexibility with the Revolutionary New 8Board from Grail Sports - The 8Board is an easy to use exercise device for seniors who want to maintain balance, coordination and flexibility in minutes.

Grail Sports Inc is proud to bring the 8Board to the public. This patented training device is revolutionary in that it improves coordination, balance and flexibility for the elderly user. By standing and swiveling on the 8Board the user’s body learns to rotate and pivot properly, on balance. Using the 8Board improves balance, flexibility and coordination for seniors wanting to stay fit and maintain balance.

Exercise Device for Seniors to Improve Balance and Flexibility

The 8Board has become a favorite exercise for seniors because it is easy to do, and can be done at home in minutes. The gentle low impact motion of the "figure 8" helps people over the age of 50 stay "connected" to their bodies, maintain their center of gravity and feel balanced and "centered." The gentle to and fro swiveling action is easy to master and has long lasting benefits. By 8Boarding for just a few minute in the morning, the affects can be felt all day.

The 8Board, originally invented to train tennis players, has only recently been recognized as a useful device for all people wanting to improve balance, flexibility and coordination. And because it is so easy to use, lightweight and portable, it has become a favorite exercise for seniors.

The 8Board has also been used for rehabilitation from injuries, including knees, hips, low back, shoulders and ankles. There are numerous stories of how this simple device has helped prosthetic leg amputees regain balance and equilibrium in minutes. Teachers have had success using the 8Board to improve reading comprehension and behavior in children with ADD, ADHD and autism.

The patented 8Board is the first and only double-swivel device, made in the USA. The 8Board, made of ABS plastic is affordable, light-weight, portable and easy to use for anyone of any age. It can handle weight up to 1500 lbs and is also currently used by obesity clinics for weight loss.

The 8Board invented by tennis coaches Jack Broudy and Paul Mayberry, has been used over the past ten years by many of today’s premiere young athletes. Broudy and the 8Board were instrumental in developing many of today’s top American tennis players, including Sam Querrey, Steve Forman and Steve Johnson. Broudy and Mayberry have also done extensive work with NCAA record setting coach, Peter Smith and his winning USC tennis teams, NCAA Champions 2009-2012. The 8board was also Voted Top 10 Golf Training Devices by PGTAA.

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New iPad® Stand with Flip Mount and Square Card Reader

iPad® Point of Sale Stand for Square™ by nClosures iPad Mounts - Perfect for savvy small business owners using Square Register™, the Sentry iPad enclosure combined with the new Simple Flip Mount and Square card reader adaptor is the best-looking, secure and cost-effective POS stand for Square on the market.

Sentry Squared iPad® Point of Sale Stand for Square™

nClosures Inc iPad Mounts and Stands for Square today announced its sleek new iPad® point-of-sale enclosure for Square™ called, Sentry Squared. Pre-Orders will ship in late October for $199. (

Perfect for savvy small business owners using Square Register™, the Sentry iPad enclosure combined with the new Simple Flip Mount and Square card reader adaptor is the best-looking, secure and cost-effective POS stand for Square on the market.

Spurred on by the exponential growth of iPad use in business as well as the increased availability and adoption of Square payment processing, nClosures design and engineering team developed this Square friendly, Apple inspired, slimmer enclosure and more stylish stand – without compromising the Rhino products’ reputation for durability, security and robust functionality. The Sentry Squared protects and secures both the iPad and Square while plugged into the audio jack.

The new space-saving Sentry Squared mounts almost anywhere; walls, tabletops, counters and even under cabinets. A cutout slot in the base provides a power cord pass-through for running connectors and cabling. The rotating iPad enclosure makes it easy for users to share product or service information and to capture customer signatures.

"Using the Square with my iPad at our fundraising events has really helped increase our revenues, but I am always concerned when I have to hand someone my iPad to get their signature. That, and what do I do with my iPad when I am not holding it? I used to just stick it under the counter and hope that it didn't walk off. Now, with the new Square iPad stand I don't have to worry about it anymore. The iPad flips over to face the customer to complete the transaction and the iPad is secured on the counter." - Kemper Barkhurst, Rio Grande Community Farm

Other notable benefits to users:

Made in USA from 100% recyclable aluminum; available in white or black
Square reader ready; secures and prevents removal and rotation of Square card reader
Allows for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 3G/4G connectivity
Pinhole power button access provides easy powering of iPad
Cutouts for home button and camera use

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No More Shaky iPhone 5 Videos or Blurry Photos - AirClip

The AirClip Steady-Cam Accessory Works with the iPhone 5 - No More Shaky iPhone 5 Videos or Blurry Photos

The thousands of new and current users of The AirClipⓇ have reason to celebrate today with the news that the award-winning mobile accessory works with the new iPhone 5!

AirClip Steady-Cam iPhone 5 Accessory

The AirClipⓇ was originally designed to work with the iPhone 4 and 4S, but it can also work with the iPhone 5.

The AirClipⓇ is a one-piece device that steadies the hand while taking video. By helping the user hold the iPhone in a more natural way, The AirClipⓇ makes the iPhone more stable, and therefore greatly improves or eliminates the natural tendency people have to "shake" their phone while filming or taking pictures. If you’ve ever watch a mobile video on YouTube, then you know how hard it can be to watch due to the shakiness.

By using The AirClipⓇ, users can shoot or record video in a variety of positions (portrait, landscape, even upside-down), or they can even use it as a hands free stand for FaceTime video calling. The AirClipⓇ is small, portable, and most importantly affordable.

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Cost Effective Acer 934T2180F Laptop Batteries - Laptop Power UK

Laptop Power UK Introduces Acer 934T2180F Laptop Batteries Compatible with Acer934T2180F - Laptop Power UK, the UK's leading online provider of compatible laptop spares and parts, introduces cost effective Acer 934T2180F laptop Batteries compatible with Acer 934T2180F laptop. These laptop batteries contain Samsung battery cells, which will be of equal quality to the Acer 934T2180F battery which came with your laptop.

With Laptop Power UK, laptop batteries, that one buys, generally will give 2 hours battery back up when it is brand new, and this will only deplete at the rate of an original laptop battery for the Acer 934T2180F laptop .This laptop Battery has a capacity of 5200mAh and comes with a voltage of 11.1 V DC. They claim to provide best alternative to the original battery, and one can compare it with their original battery.

Laptop Power UK is already one of the largest suppliers in the country for computer peripherals for a wide range of brands including ACER, Apple, Dell, Sony and many more. They can also offer a repair service in the event of a laptop accident, meaning that customers can simply replace their damaged laptop part as opposed to buying a new laptop.

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iPad Galaxy Tab Win Editors Choice Awards in 3 Tablets Categories

iPad, Galaxy Tab Win 10rate Editors Choice Awards in 3 Tablets Catagories - Editors from 10rate evaluate and recommend tablets from various categories and issue Editors Choice awards.

10rate editors Chris and Steve Holdgren cut through all the choices out there in the Tablet category to come up with their top choices. According to the Best Tablets page at they selected their top choices based on the following criteria:

Google Nexus 7 is a very highly rated Android tablet

1. Price
2. Speed of the device
3. Amount of internal and expandable storage for apps, photos, games, and music
4. Wifi and cellular network accessibility
5. Size of screen and resolution
6. Operating system
7. Attractiveness of design
8. Comfortable to use

Blackberry, Apple, and Samsung all had highly rated tablets according to the reviewers.

Editors also evaluated and selected the Best 7” Tablets based on the following:
1. Price
2. OS (Android, Windows, etc)
3. Features
4. Wifi/3G/4G Connectivity
5. Internal Memory Space + Expandability
6. Inputs/Outputs
7. Battery Life
8. Out of box experience/usability
9. Tablet build quality + Look and feel

According to reviewers Google, Amazon, Samsung, and Acer all figured prominently in the rankings.

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