Top 10 Gaming Laptops with Reviews and Buy Online

Top 10 Gaming Laptops with Reviews and Buy Online - Also Find a small review of each of the laptops in the description, if your interested in more reviews or a great place to buy the Laptops at. I show you a link to Amazon, you can find them all there with tons of reviews. So here we go..

1. Alienware M17x

Alienware M17x garners such high ratings among gaming laptops. The brand continues its dominate the gaming category without missing a beat and even the extreme graphics look and specs are carried over into this powerful laptop machine. Go for: Alienware M17x Complete Review

2. Alienware M15x

Alienware M15x may just be the computer of your dreams, this laptop is nothing less than second place. It’s dominate specs bring it to the #2 spot, right under the M17x. It’s a bit pricey, but definitely a great machine. Go for: Alienware M15x Complete Review

3. Dell Studio XPS 16

The Dell Studio XPS 16 isn’t as specifically geared towards gaming as other laptop computers featured on this video. But, it offers enough high end computing features that all but the most extreme gamers will find it to be a good choice. Go for: Dell Studio XPS 16 Complete Review

4. Asus Republic of Gamers

The Asus Republic of Gamers Laptop is excellent for gaming, and it’s cheaper than most gaming laptops as well. This is the best gaming laptop for it’s price flat out, incredible specs. Go for: Asus Republic of Gamers Complete Review

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NuForce Launches Audiophile-Grade Earphones NE-700 Series

NuForce Introduces its Entry-Level Audiophile-Grade Earphones Starting at $65 - The NE-700X features a precision-machined aluminum chassis that minimizes resonance to the vanishing point. Titanium-coated 8mm drivers provide sweet, extended highs, a warm and silky-smooth midrange, authoritative bass, and a lifelike soundstage that far exceeds what one might expect of $65 earphones.

NuForce Launches Audiophile-Grade Earphones NE-700 Series

NuForce’s enviable reputation for high-performance audio at real-world prices continues in fine form with the NE-700X Earphones. Sharing the limelight with their widely praised NE6 Earphones, the NE-700X features a precision-machined aluminum chassis that minimizes resonance to the vanishing point. Titanium-coated 8mm drivers provide sweet, extended highs, a warm and silky-smooth midrange, authoritative bass, and a lifelike soundstage that far exceeds what one might expect of $65 earphones. The NE-700M model includes a hands-free microphone with a pickup button for answering phone calls and operating your music device’s playback and fast-forward features.

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Turn iPod nano Into a perfect Pocketwatch - Danglet Strap System

Danglet Strap System makes iPod nano Into a perfect Pocketwatch - Today, Collins America announces that its patent pending Danglet wrist and neck strap system for Apple's iPhone and iPod products turns an iPod nano into the perfect Pocketwatch or Stopwatch for sports.

Today, Collins America announces that its patent pending Danglet wrist and neck strap system for Apple's iPhone and iPod products turns an iPod nano into the perfect Pocketwatch or Stopwatch for sports.

"The iPod nano's unique clock and stopwatch features have inspired a growing number of wrist watch strap products," says Mike Collins, President of Collins America. "However, many people prefer keeping their watch in their pocket, or using the nano as a stopwatch for sports. These applications are better served with a wrist or neck strap. Danglet is the only wrist and neck strap product on the market that makes that usage possible."

Priced at only US$14.99 (plus shipping), the Danglet is the world's only strap adapter for Apple's iPhone or iPod using the 30-pin dock connector. Danglet orders include the ruggedly engineered Danglet adapter which clips securely into the iProduct's dock connector jack, and two sturdy black Nylon straps with metal clips, one a 7-inch wrist strap, the other a 17-inch neck strap. Additional product information can be found on the Collins America web site.

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Dooney & Bourke Designer Cell Phone Cases - Wireless Emporium

Wireless Emporium Adds Dooney and Bourke Designer Cell Phone Cases To Product Line
In a move geared towards pleasing an ever increasing segment of their consumer base, Wireless Emporium, Inc. has added a full line of designer cell phone cases from Dooney and Bourke.
Dooney and Bourke Designer Cell Phone Cases
Already the leading online retailer for cell phone accessories , Wireless Emporium, Inc. has further expanded their product line to include Dooney and Bourke designer cell phone cases. The cases come in multiple styles and colors, and are made for several popular model phones, including the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G, the Blackberry Storm 2 and the LG Rumor.

In addition to top quality materials and construction, the Dooney and Bourke cell phone cases can double as a handbag, providing additional pockets for cash, credit cards and other incidentals. The new items arrive at Wireless Emporium just in time for post holiday shopping for when people are looking to accessorize any new phone.

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Picture-Perfect Tips for Better Holiday Photos

9 Picture-Perfect Tips For Better Holiday Photos - When those holiday magic moments happen, be sure your camera is ready to capture them. Whether you’re shooting video or stills, proper lens care is crucial. Don’t let fingerprints or smudges ruin the shot. Clean lenses the way professionals do with these camera lens care tips from Clarity Lens Cleaner.

Picture-Perfect Tips For Better Holiday Photos

“Professional photographers and videographers all over the country use Clarity Clean It,” says Jodi Groh, Director of Marketing for Nanofilm, maker of Clarity Lens Cleaner and Clarity Clean It™. “Follow the same guidelines they do and you’ll have crisp, sharp, pristine images every time.”

1. DON’T ever clean a camera lens with paper products or clothing. Dry paper products can grind dust and paper fibers into a lens, leaving scratches. Used with water, paper products can’t remove oils, hair products or fingerprints.
2. DO gently brush or blow away particles on the lens first. Remove anything that could get ground into the lens while cleaning. Use the edge of your cleaning cloth or towelette, a lens brush, canned air or even a puff of your own breath.
3. DON’T use glass cleaners, household detergents, or household soaps. Camera lenses have anti-reflective or other coatings on them that can be destroyed by harsh chemicals.

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Google'’s Nexus S Now Available in Perfecto Mobile'’s Handset Cloud

Google’s Nexus S Now Available in Perfecto Mobile’s Handset Cloud - Enterprises and mobile developers can now access and test mobile apps on real Nexus S devices via Perfecto’s cloud-based mobile testing platform

Perfecto Mobile, the provider of the Mobile Handset Cloud for automated testing and monitoring of mobile applications, today announced it has expanded its Public Handset Cloud testing platform to include Google’s Nexus S, the first Android device operating the latest Android operating system version 2.3 (Gingerbread). Perfecto Mobile is the first mobile testing company to enable customers to test their apps and websites on the Nexus S.

“We recognize the need for developers and testers to have quick access to the latest mobile devices in order to keep up with the extreme market dynamics. Revenue-generating mobile applications coming from banking, travel, retail and other market segments require a serious testing approach, and our patented technology allows us to offer immediate availability of new mobile handsets and tablets as they are launched, in addition to providing a superior automation environment,” said Eran Yaniv, CEO of Perfecto Mobile.

Perfecto Mobile’s Handset Cloud is a software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based mobile application testing solution used by enterprises, carriers and developers worldwide to get full access to real mobile handsets and to support their testing and quality assurance needs. The company’s smart automation technology provides enterprises with the industry’s most comprehensive mobile testing automation solution, making complete testing coverage of complex applications easy through the use of high-level scripting and advanced OCR features.

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First Real-time 3D Multi-Dimensional Video Processor Unveiled

Entertainment Experience Showcases eeColor™ During Lunch at Piero’s Event - First Real-time 3D Multi-Dimensional Video Processor Unveiled to the Media

Entertainment Experience, a leader in digital color technology, today announced that it will demonstrate eeColor™ at Lunch at Piero’s 2011 during CES in Las Vegas, January 6 and 7, 2011. eeColor is the world's first and only 3D, multi-dimensional color video technology with full modeling of color space, device characteristics, viewing environment, visual perception and adaptation. Initially being introduced into the home theater market, eeColor dramatically improves the contrast, brightness and color of any television or video display device without changing the artistic look of the media or memory colors like flesh tones and blue skies.

Over the past decade, technology and image rendering has progressed for televisions and video displays. However, digital color standards have not changed since the 1970s and color quality has remained unchanged. The color gamut of most modern devices extends beyond these current standards. eeColor takes advantage of that increased color capability to take the home entertainment experience to a whole new level. This patent-pending technology is now available in the HDMI plug-and-play TruVue eeColor Processor.

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Human Touch® to Showcase Massage Chairs at Digital Experience! 2011

Human Touch® to Showcase Award-Winning Massage Chairs at Digital Experience! Media Event - Special Demo of the iPod Controlled Massage Chair will be Held on the Night Before International Consumer Electronics Show – the Biggest Media Event of the Year.

Human Touch® will be at the 2011 Digital Experience! in Las Vegas, NV, on January 5, 2011 at Caesars Palace Hotel, Octavius Ballroom. A 2011 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards Honoree, Human Touch® is the market leader in innovative massage chairs and valuable wellness solutions.

AcuTouch™ 9500 with HT-Connect™

Digital Experience! is held each year on the night before the International Consumer Electronics Show, and is the biggest and most important media event before CES. DE! showcases the latest innovations in consumer electronics and computers. Pepcom, the producer of this independent media event, expects more than 900 analysts and members of the press to attend this January.

Human Touch® is thrilled to showcase two AcuTouch™ 9500 with HT-Connect™ massage chairs at Digital Experience! Here are some of the reasons to be excited about new AcuTouch™ 9500:

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DIGISTOR™ 50GB Dual-layer Blu-ray Scratch-resistant Media Discs

DIGISTOR™ 50GB Blu-ray Media Discs Provide for Long-Term Archival Storage at Low Cost Per Gigabyte - DIGISTOR now offers Archive for Life® 50GB Blu-ray 6X BD-R media discs--delivering archival storage for as little as 8.3 cents per gigabyte.

DIGISTOR, a leading innovator, manufacturer and distributor of Blu-ray data and video archiving solutions, today announced the release of Archive for Life 50GB Blu-ray media discs. Archive for Life discs provide archival storage of digital media, with a 50+ year lifespan, for as little as 8.3 cents per gigabyte.

Archive for Life 50GB discs are scratch resistant and designed to meet the specialized requirements of individuals, work groups and small businesses, in fields such as photography, broadcasting, videography, court reporting, government, military, medical imaging, architecture and duplication. Ideal for Write Once, Read Many (WORM) Blu-ray applications. Archive for Life media can be used for the authoring and backup of high definition (HD) entertainment, such as movies and television shows--as well as high-resolution media, including RAW format photos from DSLR cameras, multi-track digital audio files, and multi-channel sample rate music.

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Eco Eyewear 'Greenest Glasses on Planet'

Eco - "The Greenest Glasses on the Planet" - Eco is a radically new approach to eyewear using recycled metal and plastic. Eco plants a tree for each frame sold and makes it easy to donate your used eyewear to people in need around the world.

Eco proudly presents an article published by Fast Company naming the Eco collection as “the greenest glasses on the planet”. Fast Company is the world's leading progressive business media brand, with a unique editorial focus on innovation in technology, ethonomics (ethical economics), leadership, and design.

Eco Eyewear Greenest Glasses on Planet

The article describes in detail the foundation of the eco concept and the development of this product based on sustainability. The release also focuses on Eco’s various partnerships and collaborations that not only make a difference in the eyewear industry but also in the well-being of others and the environment.

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Windows 7 Tablet PC that Runs on Full-featured Windows 7 OS

IN Media Announces Windows 7 Tablet PC - One of the world’s first tablets to run world’s most ubiquitous operating system.

IN Media Corp. (IMDC.OB) today announced the release of the Windows 7 Tablet PC, The Tablet PC runs on the full featured Windows 7 operating system the most popular operating system in the world. The product is powered by the 1.66GHZ Intel Atom processor and unlike most tablets comes with a whopping 160 GB hard drive of storage built in allowing users to store all their content including music, games and movies. The Tablet comes with an HDMI interface for viewing high definition content on the tablet or via the tablet to a large screen HD TV.

Windows 7 Tablet PC

With a forward facing camera and an 11 ¼ by 6 inch brilliant LCD screen Skyping and social networking are being brought to a whole new level. The product also comes with built in eReader functionality of a Kindle as one of its many feature sets.

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3D Active and Passive Gaming Eyewear from Dimensional Optics

Dimensional Optics Launches 3D Active and Passive Eyewear - Dimensional Optics, a market leader in the development of 3D Active and Passive eyewear for the cinema, television and gaming industries, announces the introduction of two new lines of 3D eyewear.

Dimensional Optics, a market leader in the development of 3D Active and Passive eyewear for the cinema, television and gaming industries, announces the introduction of two new lines of 3D eyewear.


These 3D active glasses feature high-speed LCD lenses for viewing 3D-ready television and gaming.

3ACTIVE's innovative, light-weight frame design helps to block peripheral light and is compatible for use with Samsung* and LG** 3D-Ready TV's and Blu-Ray players.

Best of all, the affordable price of $84.95 is well below comparable 3D active glasses selling for $130-150.00.

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Lightpeed ZULU Headset - Tops Pro Pilot 2010 Headset Preference Survey

Lightspeed Aviation Named #1 in Pro Pilot’s 2010 Headset Preference Survey - For the first time, Lightspeed Aviation tops Pro Pilot’s 2010 Headset Preference Survey

In the 10th year of Professional Pilot Magazine’s survey of headset preference among its readers, Lightspeed has won best overall in the electronic ANR division. Bose came in 2nd, Telex 3rd, Sennheiser 4th and David Clark 5th.

Lightpeed ZULU Headset

The independently conducted survey asked readers to rate aviation headset performance based on six categories–clarity, comfort, technical advancement, durability, product support and value for price.

Pro Pilot’s Dec 2010 issue carries the entire survey. Following here are sample quotes from those who listed the Lightpeed Zulu as their headset of choice.

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New Freeware MP4 To MP3 Converter Converts to Over 20 Media Formats

MP4 To MP3 Converter Converts Over 20 Media Formats For Free - New freeware utility provides accurate conversion to AVI, MPG, FLV, WMV, MOV MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, and FLAC today announces MP4 To MP3 Converter 3.0, a new freeware Windows application that allows users to convert MP4 to MP3 audio format. MP4 To MP3 Converter also converts AVI, MPG, FLV, WMV, MOV and other video formats to MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, and FLAC. Available today, MP4 To MP3 Converter delivers highly accurate conversion and outstanding performance.

MP4 To MP3 Converter is a powerful, yet free tool designed to produce accurate conversion of media files to MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV, FLAC, AC3, AAC, and AMR. Users have full control over the output and can set output format, bitrate, rate (Hz), audio channel (mono/stereo) and folder to save the output. In addition to single files, the program can convert more than one file in the batch mode. Regardless of the size and number of files in the batch, MP4 To MP3 Converter does accurate and rapid conversion between formats. MP4 To MP3 Converter has undergone several in-house tests that revealed that the software converts 170% faster than any other similar program.

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Play Games and Get Paid 'Great Free Online Games' Contest

Great Free Online Games Contest Pays People To Play Games -, a website consisting of free online games, announced today that it now has over 1,600 games from around the web and is hosting a monthly contest that pays the top player of two monthly featured games.

Great Free Online Games announced today that instead of just providing a great free online games website with over 1,600 games and counting, it is also hosting a monthly contest that will payout prize money to the player registered on the website who has the highest average score of two featured games. The contest for this month will last until Jan. 14th, 2011 12:00 AM CST and will payout a prize of $5.00 USD to the top player of the month's two featured games.

Each month two new featured games are picked and members will compete to get the highest average score of the two games. The rules include that the player must be a registered member on the website, player must have submitted a high score for both featured games as a registered member in order to qualify and player must be able to be paid via PayPal otherwise they forfeit the prize to the next in line.

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Get TrekDesk Treadmill Desk Workstation to Combat Obesity while On-Job

TrekDesk Selected to Scientific American’s Annual Top 10 Gadget Guide - Scientific American has been reporting on technological innovations for more than a century. Ironically, it has recognized the TrekDesk Treadmill Desks in its Top 10 Gadget Guide 2010 as a means of combating obesity related diseases caused in large part by technological innovations.

Scientific American, recognized internationally for its coverage of scientific breakthroughs and technologies, has named the TrekDesk Treadmill Desk to its TOP 10 GADGETS LIST of 2010. TrekDesk has previously been recognized by Forbes Magazine and US News & World Report for its revolutionary approach to health and wellness.

TrekDesk Treadmill Desk Trainer's Best Friend

“Scientific American has been reporting on medical and technological innovations since 1845. We are gratified that the editors recognized TrekDesk for its unique potential for combating the ill health effects of sedentary lifestyles caused in large part by advances in technological innovation,” stated TrekDesk CEO, Steve Bordley

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Newest Intel Designed Classmate PC - 2go E11

CTL Introduces the 2go E11 the Newest Intel Designed Classmate PC - CTL announces their newest netbook, the 10.1" Intel designed E11 Classmate PC.

Portland, Oregon's CTL™ Corporation began shipping its new Clamshell 2go™ Classmate PC E11 netbook today.

The 2go™ Classmate PC E11 is ruggedized to withstand a drop test from desk height, has a water resistant keyboard and screen, has a shock mounted hard drive and includes a retractable carrying handle. With these features the 2go™ Classmate E11 is designed to take the wear and tear students and people on the go require.

Newest Intel Designed Classmate PC 2go E11

Erik Stromquist, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of CTL, said “We are excited to bring this innovative product to the market. The 2go™ Classmate PC E11 expands on the popular Classmate PC line with features that increase connectivity and performance speed. The E11 offers consumers all the features they demand in a state of the art netbook.”

Like the previous model, the new 2go™ Classmate PC E10, the new 2go™ Classmate PC E11 features an energy efficient Intel® Atom™ N455 Processor and 160GB Hard Drive, but the E11 supports DDR3 memory for even faster performance and increased energy savings. And with built in wireless B/G/N and 3G readiness the 2go™ Classmate PC E11 has all of the connectivity users demand.

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Data Destruction Best Practices Recommendations - Data Killers

Data Destruction Best Practices - Data Killers has compiled the recommendations and best practices for shredding hard drives in conjunction with a CISSP and CIPP.

In response to repeated customer inquiries about the standards to destroy hard drives, Data Killers has released a white paper on data destruction best practices.

“We wrote this white paper in conjunction with a well-known privacy and security attorney who is also a CISSP and CIPP. It is available on our website which is People turn to us when they have questions because we have has been in the business of safely and securely destroying all types of media (hard drives, tapes, etc.) including classified materials since early 2005, and have held the government contract for shredding hard drives for over five years,” said Jairus Wright, Marketing Manager. “We thoroughly understand the government and industry standards and norms because we perform on-site shredding and degaussing work nationwide for corporate and government customers.”

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Take Computer in Palm of Your Hand with iTwin

Take Your Computer with you in the Palm of Your Hand with iTwin - Special “first look” release of iTwin’s Unique File Sharing device available for the Holidays

iTwin today announced a limited availability of a first generation plug’n’play device that enables simple and safe data transfer between any two online computers. The iTwin is comprised of two identical parts that resemble a standard USB drive. Each half of the iTwin is plugged into the USB ports of any two online computers a user wishes to share. Today’s announcement marks the first release of iTwin devices in the US, sold in limited quantity for the holiday season.

In today’s highly mobile world, people use multiple devices between work and home, yet files are kept in silos and not easily merged. Even with laptops, airline security regulations can make traveling with them prohibitive, and USB storage devices are often misplaced, introducing risk. iTwin allows users to safely keep all their files in one place, while providing access to them from anywhere; the only capacity limit is the size of your computer's hard drive. The iTwin device does not store any data, eliminating the risk of loss or theft.

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iPad Case from Powis with New Styles for Holiday Special

iPad Case from Powis Introduces New Styles - Holiday Special: Buy one, get the second one of equal or lesser value at half price

Powis today announced that its new iPad cover, the Powis iCase™, is available in two new designs – Tan Pebble Leather and Antique Book. This stylish case, which is inspired by the traditional book, enhances the sleek look of the iPad, while offering quality protection. The sturdy designer stand offers 9+ positions, and the case is available in more than 40 patterns and designs.

New Cover Designs for Powis iCase

“Our “Old Book” design has been very popular, so we have decided to release another one, Antique Book. We have also received many requests for more masculine, premium leathers. Tan Pebble is a perfect choice for executives,” said Kevin Parker, CEO of Powis. “And given the holiday shopping season, we are providing a special limited time offer for customers who purchase two cases.”

Last Minute Holiday Shopping Special
Many customers have been purchasing multiple iPad cases from Powis for gifts. Given this trend, there is a special limited time offer: “Buy one Powis iCase, get the second case of equal or lesser value for 50% off.” Make the purchase at, good any time through December 21st, 2010. Shipping options are available for delivery by December 25th, 2010.

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New Xbox Kinect - Gamers Downing Controllers and Assuming Game Control Themselves

The New Xbox Kinect: The Next Step In Gaming – Marshall Ward - With the impending release of Microsoft’s new Xbox Kinect system, gamers across the UK will be downing their controllers and assuming control of their games themselves.

Home entertainment, and gaming in particular, is on the verge of being changed forever. Every so often a new product is released that takes the norm and pushes its boundaries a little further; the Xbox Kinect represents a quantum leap. Marshall Ward takes a look at this new platform’s capabilities.
Xbox 360 250GB Console with Kinect
Microsoft is launching their latest console offering on 10 November in the UK and it is set to transform the way that games are played. Using players’ bodies as controllers and allowing an entirely different way of interacting, the Xbox Kinect is sure to provide endless hours worth of entertainment this winter in homes across the UK.

As an introduction to the system, people buying the new Xbox Kinect will receive a free game entitled Kinect Adventures. This demonstrative game is a fun way for gamers to get to grips with the new system’s operation and capabilities. Users can complete an obstacle course on a mountain top, enjoy white water rafting or go deep sea diving to gain a deeper understanding of the new Kinect’s potential.

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Pet Gifts - New Electronic Interactive Toys from Petlinks

Even in a Challenging 2010 Holiday Season, New Niche of Pet Toys by Petlinks Takes Off - Whirling, Twirling, Zipping, Zooming, Flashing, Fluttering Feline Toys Keep Both Pets and Retailers on their Toes as ‘Electronics’ Prove to be the Gift of Choice

Despite a challenging economy in 2010, pet owners are defying all odds this holiday season and generating a wave of excitement around a relatively new category of pet gifts -- electronic interactive toys such as those by Petlinks.

Pet Gifts - New Electronic Interactive Toys from Petlinks

The trend in gifts for pets has been building throughout 2010. An American Express poll this year revealed that even in a down economy, holiday shoppers are more likely to scrimp on gifts to friends and family than let their pet’s stockings go empty. Some will secretly admit to spending more for their pet’s gift than they will their relatives.

“While this trend isn’t good news for in-laws throughout the country,” said Shannon McWilliams, Vice President of Product Development for Worldwise, Inc., “this is exceptionally good news for the 90 million or so cats in the US.”

According to Worldwise, manufacturer of Petlinks, a leading brand of cat toys, scratchers, treats and accessories available exclusively through pet specialty retailers such as PetSmart and Petco, there’s a noticeable new buzz this year around electronic gift options for cats.

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CopperHead 3200 Camera-Mounted Fiber Optic Transceivers for ‘The X Factor’

Telecast Fiber Systems’ CopperHead 3200 and Python II Make First HD Broadcast of ‘The X Factor’ Sing - Highly Versatile Camera-Mounted Fiber Optic Transceivers and Bi-Directional HD Video Systems Enable Effortless Shooting

CopperHead 3200 Camera-Mounted Fiber Optic Transceivers for The X Factor

Telecast Fiber Systems’ CopperHead™ 3200 camera-mounted fiber optic transceivers are playing a starring role in the first high-definition (HD) broadcast of the popular UK-based television series, “The X Factor.” Working in tandem with Telecast Fiber’s Python II™ bi-directional transmit/receive systems, the CopperHead 3200 units have enabled “The X Factor” producers to leverage the portability and low cost of fiber for on-location shooting at a variety of outside broadcast locations.

“The X Factor” is an entertainment talent show originated by Fremantle Media and carried by the British network ITV on its ITV1 and ITV1 HD channels. In early October, the show entered its live studio phase after several weeks of on-location, remote production at various audition, “boot camp,” and “judge’s house” sites around the U.K and the rest of the world. To facilitate the remote HD productions as cost-effectively and effortlessly as possible, show producers Talkback Thames and Simon Cowell’s SYCOtv enlisted the services of HotCam, a broadcast equipment rental company based in the U.K. and U.S. HotCam supplied the production with fiber-optic-based flypack production packages that included 15 Sony XDCam PDW F800 camcorders, each equipped with a CopperHead 3200 HD transceiver. In addition, HotCam provided portable vision mixing and lighting packages that could be delivered in flight cases and easily installed to provide temporary “video villages” in venues including Wembley Arena, Manchester Central, and the Cardiff International Arena.

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iShelf – DC Operated Shelf-Display Plays Customized Movies or JPEG SlideShows

Digital Signage Display Leader i-Display Launches the iShelf – DC Operated Shelf Display that lasts 3 Months on any Supermarket Shelf - With an eye catching flashing LED activation button that plays customized movies or JPEG slideshows, The iShelf replaces in store sales personnel.

Digital Signage Display iShelf

In store marketing has undoubtedly become one of the most vital forms of advertising for many retail stores. However, with limited space and retail environments having become a brand in itself, most department stores or supermarket chains are unwilling to allow each brand to showcase individual counter or floor POS displays to enhance their sales. Moreover, the importance of maximizing shelf space to have products readily available for purchase cannot be compromised.

I-Display has therefore responded to this demand by producing the iShelf, a battery operated, easy to attach digital signage shelf display that can last for over 3 months with constant activation. The i-Shelf comes with an attention grabbing flashing LED activation button that plays movie or JPEGS slideshow with audio and executes the job of a sales person when pressed. According to Ben Chanoch, VP of Sales and Marketing at iDisplay, “The iShelf Digital Signage Display is a low-cost, easy to operate shelf display that allows retailers to engage, inform and educate their consumers while they are in store. Its video content is easily uploaded via a USB stick and there is the added attraction of having replaceable static print that provides strong branding area for your graphics message.”

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Latest Getac S400 Semi-Rugged Notebook Computer - Group Mobile

Group Mobile Adds the Latest Getac Semi-Rugged Notebook to Product Line - Group Mobile, well known for carrying the top brands in rugged laptops, rugged tablet PCs, rugged PDAs, and rugged handheld computers has added the newest semi-rugged Getac notebook computer to its product offerings — the Getac S400.

New Getac S400 Semi-Rugged Notebook

Featuring Getac's ruggedized KryptoShell™ case, the new Getac S400 notebook meets or exceeds military standards (MIL-STD-810G) for temperature, shock, vibration, and drops from up to 2.5 feet. It has a 320GB shock-mounted hard disk drive and 2GB of DDR3 RAM, providing ample storage and memory. Mobile professionals will certainly appreciate the high performance and durability this notebook has to offer.

The Getac S400 pairs the Intel® Core™ i3-350M 2.26GHz processor with the Windows® 7 operating system for an incredible mobile computing experience. Getac also offers an option to upgrade to the Intel Core i5-520M 2.4GHz processor for even greater speed and performance when using processor-intensive applications. The S400 features a 14" sunlight-readable, widescreen display for easy viewing in any lighting condition, and is available with Getac's optional glove-friendly, multi-touch technology. Multi-touch display technology uses special software to recognize multiple, simultaneous touch points, allowing users to carry out operations via the touch panel display with simple gestures, or using more than one finger at a time.

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'Try us for a £1' Promotion from Reseller Hosting provider Heart Internet

Heart Internet Announces Reseller Hosting for £1 - UK reseller hosting provider Heart Internet ( has announced the launch of their “Try us for a £1” promotion. Normally priced from £29.99 per month, all new reseller hosting customers can now get their first month for only £1.

Backed by 24x7 UK support, the Heart Internet Reseller Pro account allows resellers to sell an unlimited number of websites and domain names, with every aspect of the service fully customisable to fit in with a brand’s look and feel.

“Reselling web hosting is one of the most profitable opportunities for any online entrepreneur, and a fantastic way for agencies to develop recurring revenue. We want to break down any barriers preventing prospective hosting resellers from taking advantage of such a high margin product.” Said Heart Internet director Jonathan Brealey, “There are too many designers, marketers and IT service professionals missing out due to perceived cost barriers. Our first month for a £1 and 30 day money back guarantee will encourage people to integrate hosting in to their portfolio and earn even more.”

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New Shure SE535 Sound Isolating™ Earphones is Best Ear Headphones of 2010

Shure Remains the Leader in Headphones with the SE535 - The new Shure SE535 Sound Isolating™ Earphones have just made the Best In Ear Headphones of 2010 by Earphone Solutions. The company has been rating the best headphones for iPod and iPhone for over 8 years.

New Shure SE535 Sound Isolating™ Earphones is Best Ear Headphones of 2010

Shure headphones and earphones have long been one of the most trusted names in the audio world, with over 85 years of innovation, legendary performance and numerous awards to prove it. Their new SE535 Sound Isolating™ Earphones have just made the Best In Ear Headphones of 2010 by Earphone Solutions. The company has been rating the best headphones for iPhone and iPod for over 8 years. The SE535 has become the product of choice for professionals and those who demand the highest quality earphones available.

The SE535 is lightweight and durably built, with full, robust sound quality. The bass is very controlled and tight, but doesn’t overpower or drown out other frequencies. It combines balanced sound with enough power to satisfy anyone. The earphones are available in clear and metallic bronze, and features triple high-definition micro-drivers.

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On Advent of Slate/Tablet Computing Results in Death of Laptop/Desktop

Death of the Laptop/Desktop: The Advent of Slate/Tablet and Mobile Computing in the Cloud - Desktop for life, LLC (DT4L) has announced a new era in business and personal computing based on the current Slate/Tablet and Smartphone technologies.

Desktop for life, LLC (DT4L) has announced a new era in business and personal computing based on the current Slate/Tablet and Smartphone technologies. The Ubiquitous nature of DT4Life’s platform allows for device, browser, and OS (Operating System) independence in accessing your favorite productivity software and applications.

DT4LIFE provides all the hardened security and discipline of the traditional “Glass House” Data Centers with the portability and always on/always there features of today’s Tablet/Slate and mobile devices. As enterprise users adopt these new technologies already embraced by today’s consumers, DT4LIFE provides an economical, secure and effective manner for the enterprise to manage the proliferation of these devices while safeguarding company data. DT4L technologies seamlessly allows consumers and enterprise users access to an always on/always there desktop image that is free of the technology constraints (maintenance, virus, patching, backups, Hardware failure) inherent in today’s desktop and /laptop environments.

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Android App for Home Control and Automation - HomeSeer Technologies

HomeSeer Releases Android App for Home Control and Automation - HomeSeer Technologies announces the release of its new HSTouch client app for the Android OS. HSTouch is a fully customizable, graphical interface for all HomeSeer home automation systems and will run on virtually any touchscreen including in-wall, stand-alone, tablet and wireless handheld devices. The new Android app puts HomeSeer home automation within easy reach of any Android phone or tablet user.

HomeSeer Android Home Automation App

HSTouch integrates tightly with all HomeSeer home automation systems and the screens are fully customizable to work with virtually all backgrounds, buttons and graphics. An integrated RSS browser is also included for easy access popular data feeds for weather, news, sports and stock information.

HSTouch is IP-enabled and may be used to monitor and control remote HomeSeer installations, including secondary residences. HSTouch is designed to run on Windows®, Windows CE, Linux, iPhone®, iPod Touch, iPad® and now Android devices, ensuring compatibility with the widest range of touchscreens currently available.

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Tända Professional Restore Handheld Light Therapy Device for Drug-Free Treatment

An Easy Drug-Free Solution for Hockey Players to Treat and Prevent Injuries - THINK: Prevent injuries and recover from sprains and strains faster with Tända Professional Restore Light Therapy Treatment.

WHAT IT IS: A revolution in sport related injury rehabilitation, the Tända Professional Restore uses proven light therapy (a drug-free solution) to help hockey players recover from injuries faster as well as helping to prevent many common injuries like sprains and strains.

Tanda Professional Restore Handheld Light Therapy Device

Portable and effective the Tända Professional Restore offers a new way to treat tissue inflammation, swelling and pain while on the bench. Hockey players can apply treatments to contact abrasions and temper swelling between shifts. This lessens the possibility of a minor injury becoming a major injury that could keep the player off the ice.

Tända Professional Restore is a handheld light therapy device that emits light in the infrared spectrum, providing the optimal energy to elevate tissue temperature and provide a temporary increase in localized blood circulation.The treatment results in diminished pain, increased muscle relaxation and improved range and freedom of motion. Research supports light therapy as an effective means of reducing inflammation, aiding in lower back pain, diminishing muscle tension and swelling, decreasing edema, speeding up healing times and increasing the tensile strength of repaired tissues.

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Yamaha YSP-2200 Digital Sound Projector™ for Highly Detailed True Cinema Sound

Yamaha Unveils New Slimline Height-Adjustable Digital Sound Projector With HD and 3D Support - The YSP-2200 Delivers a Highly Detailed and Dynamic Full 7.1-Channel True Cinema Sound Accompanying Subwoofer Offers Convenience and Versatility

Yamaha Electronics Corporation today introduced the YSP-2200 Digital Sound Projector™, the latest addition to its award-winning sound-bar series. Featuring high-quality, True Cinema sound, the YSP-2200 offers Yamaha’s proprietary YSP front surround sound technology for the ultimate home theater listening experience.

Yamaha YSP-2200 Digital Sound Projector™ for Highly Detailed True Cinema Sound

The versatile design of the slimline 3D-compatible sound projector enables it to conveniently fit in front of a TV, eliminating the need for additional speakers, cabling and stands that can clutter home entertainment spaces. Measuring at 3½ inches, the YSP-2200 has height-adjustable feet to allow for use with virtually any flat-screen video display without blocking any of the picture. The YSP-2200 comes complete with a 100 watt subwoofer (compact enough to fit into a shelf) that can be positioned either vertically or horizontally, giving users an unobtrusive, space-efficient environment and adding extra bass reinforcement.

The ingenious design lets the YSP-2200 offer a 7.1 surround sound without any extra speakers via Yamaha’s YSP technology that is also used in the company’s higher-end sound projectors (YSP-4100/5100).

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Stealth Electric Bikes ideal for Cross country, Touring and Patrol Applications

World's Fastest Electric Mountain Bikes Emerging As The Next Big Thing In Extreme Sport - Stealth Electric Bikes are the latest extreme sport craze to come out of Australia and are set to go global. The silent mountain bikes that have the power of a small motorbike are well on their way to becoming the next big thing in Europe in 2011.

Stealth Electric Bike Power Slide

Starting out life in the dusty back yard of an Australian engineer, Stealth Electric Bikes was born back in 2005 and since then the company has built an almost cult following with electric bike fans, mountain bikers and some people even swapping their dirt bikes for the 80km per hour slick machines.

Apparently the bikes are becoming popular so fast because they have the freedom and flexibility of a bicycle with the speed and power of a small motorbike; even the police are looking into adopting them for patrolling, because they are not only fast and nimble, but also silent. Not needing much maintenance at all the bikes are a zero emission, more cost effective alternative to a dirt bike.

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USB Solar Charger for Small Electronic Gadgets and Gaming Devices

Introducing the Latest in USB Solar Charging from Suntactics - Powerful Compact Solar Charger for iPod, iPhone, Droid, Blackberry, Palm and most all small electronic gadgets including GPSs, eReaders, and portable gaming devices. It can run and charge a device at the same time.

USB Solar Charger for Small Electronic Gadgets and Gaming Devices

Introducing the latest in USB solar charging from Suntactics. This is not an ordinary small solar charger. The PC5 uses high efficiency solar cells like the ones used in industrial grade solar systems. No other small solar charger that we have found can match the same solar energy output in such a small package.

This PC5 USB solar charger has the ability to run and charge a USB device without any backup batteries.

Very common to other solar charger designs is the use of an internal built-in battery. They use a small solar panel to trickle charge this battery. Once this battery has a charge after some hours or even days, the dead USB device can finally be charged from the battery.

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Clarity Clean It Recommended for Electronics Display Surfaces Care

Clarity Clean It Recommended For Electronics Care - Clarity Clean It optical surface care spray and towelettes from Nanofilm have been recommended for cleaning electronic display surfaces like iPads and computers, iPhones and other cell phones.

Tested and recommended by HeathaplexVision, J. Scot Heathman, owner of HeathaplexVision, said in the company’s online review, “the results were astounding! A perfectly clean surface, free of streaks and fingerprints.”

Clarity Clean It Recommended For Electronics Care

Clarity Clean It optical surface care spray and towelettes from Nanofilm have been recommended for cleaning electronic display surfaces like iPads and computers, iPhones and other cell phones. Tested and recommended by HeathaplexVision, J. Scot Heathman, owner of HeathaplexVision, said in the company’s recent online review, “The results were astounding! A perfectly clean surface, free of streaks and fingerprints.”

The Clean It recommendation from Heathaplex Vision continues, “My first test involved using the spray on my iPhone 4. I sprayed a small amount on a clean cotton rag and gently wiped off the surface of the phone. With very little effort, the Clarity Clean It removed all the fingerprints, dust, and dirt from the surface. When I was finished, I ran my finger across the phone and felt a remarkable difference to the touch. It felt like a freshly waxed car and did not leave any streaks or residue.

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Logitech Launch Laptop Accessories for More Laptop Comfortability

Logitech introduces Laptop accessories for more comfortable laptop experience - While no one can debate the enormous benefits provided by laptops, it would be worthwhile to understand some of the health issues that come with their excessive usage, directly impacting posture, eyes or heat burns, amongst a host of other side effects.

Logitech Launch Laptop Accessories for More Laptop Comfortability

In a rapidly evolving technological workspace, laptops have quickly replaced desktops as the most preferred personal computing device. Their portability, mobility and convenience of use have made them an integral part of not only our professional lives, but also our personal space. However, like the proverbial flip side, long hours of working on laptops have brought in a host of health issues for users, which are crucial to understand and combat, to prevent irreversible damage to our nervous, muscular and skeletal systems.

The most common problem being the eye strain caused by them, laptops also lack inclination, which ensures the user sits in a wrong posture while working on them. This causes contraction of shoulder and neck muscles, eventually leading to arthritis and nerve damage.

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.INFO Domain Remains Most Successful New TLD Ever Launched

Afilias Releases .INFO Domain 2010 Annual Report - .INFO remains the most successful new TLD ever launched: Afilias, a global provider of Internet infrastructure services and registry for the .INFO top-level domain (TLD), has released its 2010 .INFO annual report which recaps .INFO’s growth in 2010.

.INFO Domain Names

.INFO maintains its position as the number one new TLD ever launched and is the seventh largest TLD on the Internet today with nearly 6.8 million domain names.

“.INFO now represents 44 percent of the registration market for new TLDs and is more than double the size of any other new TLD ever launched,” said Roland LaPlante, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Afilias. “.INFO’s success provides many lessons applicable to the launches of new TLDs to come. Afilias has been able to use our experiences with .INFO as a foundation for supporting the successful approval, launch and growth of more new TLDs than any other registry services provider.”
Key findings in the 2010 INFO annual report include:

* In 2010, .INFO saw a significant increase in domain names under management, growing nearly 30 percent from 2009 to over 6.8 million domain names registered.
* .INFO domains are now available at more than 360 registrars, representing more than 90 percent of the worldwide domain marketplace.

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Newly Re-Designed Advanced HDTV Tuner Receiver Box - PHD-205LE

PrimeDTV ( is Introducing Newly Re-designed PHD-205LE and New Pricing of PHD-8VX for Holidays - With Stronger DTV Channel Reception from new PHD-205LE and Brilliant Cinematical Video Quality from Full HD 1080p HDMI A/V Switcher, Digital HDTV Tuner Receiver Media Hub, PHD-8VX, PrimeDTV web store, is now offering Hottest HD Video Products for Holidays!

HDTV Tuner Receiver Box - PHD-205LE

PrimeDTV’s web store, is promoting holiday sales with newly re- designed advanced HDTV tuner receiver box, PHD-205LE and new holiday pricing for PHD-8VX and PHD-HM5.

(1) PHD-205LE, ATSC / QAM (HD) / NTSC (Pass-through Only) Tuner Receiver Box. New DTV tuner design generates better channel reception performance. In most cases, PHD-205LE will receive more and steady digital channels ever! Supporting many different HD output as well as composite video and s-video outputs with DTV over-the-air (OTA) and Cable (QAM) signals reception. It is the most cost-effective and high-quality DTV Tuner Receiver box in the market! Now offering $139.95 for holidays!

(2) PHD-8VX, Full HD 1080p HDMI A/V Switcher and Digital HDTV Tuner Receiver Media Center. The best HD media center box available today for home entertainment system with large screen TVs or HD projectors. Now new holiday price, $197.95, available immediately with on-line order from

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MedFolio Medication Management Device - Electronic Pillbox

MedFolio Launches Innovative Electronic Pillbox Targeted For Aging Baby Boomer Generation - The MedFolio Medication Management Device signifies a time when the old-fashioned pillbox meets the 21st Century. Innovative pillbox technology assists the patient to be an independent and autonomous advocate for their healthcare in the area of medication management.

MedFolio Medication Management Device - Electronic Pillbox

The MedFolio Medication Management Device signifies a time when the old-fashioned pillbox meets the 21st Century. Innovative pillbox technology assists the patient to be an independent and autonomous advocate for their healthcare in the area of medication management.Over the next several years, our current healthcare system will be challenged by the population surge of aging baby-boomers requiring acute and chronic healthcare services. According to the report released by the CDC (Centers of Disease Control), The State of Aging and Health in America 2007, the number of Americans aged 65 years and older will more than double by year 2030 to 71 million, comprising 20 percent of the US population. Additionally by year 2030, the nation’s health care spending is projected to increase by 25% due to these demographic shifts. An enhanced focus on promoting and preserving the health of older adults is essential if we are to effectively address the health and economic challenges of an aging society.

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Carbon Fiber Protection Skins for New Apple Macbook Air Computers

Carbon Fiber Protection Skins for New Apple Macbook Air Computers: PhantomSkinz Releases Their Newest Line of Carbon Fiber Protection Skins for the New Apple Macbook Air Computers - PhantomSkinz, manufacturer of the original Ultra-Clear Protection Film for Cell Phones and Electronic devices, announces the release of Black Carbon Fiber and White Carbon Fiber Protection Skins for both the new 11" and 13" Apple Macbook Air computers.

Apple MacBook Air Black Carbon Fiber Chromatics by PhantomSkinz

PhantomSkinz has rapidly gained notability as a trend-setting provider of protection films for electronic devices. The original Ultra-Clear has become an industry standard for clarity and smoothness for touch screen devices. The MATTE Finish version combines Full Body Protection with a finger print proof texture, hiding most pre-existing scuffs and scratches after application. The newest line called Chromatics by PhantomSkinz, offers individuality through 10 amazing metallic colors and 3 Carbon Fiber skins. The Carbon Fiber products act as a super-tough barrier against everyday scratches and dings while adding personalization.

Now available for the Macbook Air line of notebook computers by Apple, Chromatics Carbon Fiber by PhantomSkinz not only offer amazing protection, they offer a realistic 3D look and feel to the device.

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Infuse Watch Strap accessory for iPod nano 6G

Frontal Concepts Launches the Infuse Watch Strap Accessory for the iPod nano 6G - Not just your average iPod nano watch strap - The Infuse allows users to mount their iPod nano 6G in a minimalist and ergonomic manner via its unique “Wristlock” mechanism.
Infuse Watch Strap for iPod Nano
Frontal Concepts is pleased to introduce the Infuse, a sophisticated minimalist wristwatch accessory for Apple’s iPod nano 6G. Infuse’s uniquely designed mounting system, the WristlockTM Mechanism, allows you to easily “snap” your iPod nano in or out of the Infuse. The Infuse also orientates the iPod nano in an ergonomic fashion such that the earphone wire runs parallel to one’s arm such that it will not be a hindrance to movement. Infuse’s silicone straps are custom made from high quality material and finished with an anti dust coating. The Infuse has been designed to augment, not to obscure, the iPod nano’s clean, modern look.

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World’s Fastest Efficient Hand Dryer - Anti-bacterial Bio JetDrier

World’s Fastest, Most Efficient Hand Dryer Now Available in the U.S. - The speedy, anti-bacterial Bio JetDrier has long been popular in Europe, Asia, and Australia. With as fast as a 7-second dry time at under 65 decibels, it is often considered the quietest and sexiest jet hand dryer in production.

Anti-bacterial Bio JetDrier Hand Dryer

The world’s most advanced and energy-efficient hand dryer finally has an American distributor.

The Bio JetDrier was developed in South Korea and first sold there in 2001. Updated models have since become popular in Europe, Australia and other parts of Asia. Now, Hygen-Eco Systems of Atlanta has begun North American master distribution of the stylish, cutting edge device.

“I first saw the Bio Drier at a clean-tech trade show in Israel and was amazed when my hands were dry in 7 seconds. It was quickly dominating the market there over the brands that are currently being sold in the United States,” Hygen-Eco Systems President Randy Crohn says. “I kept in touch with the distributor there because I thought it could be a revolutionary product for the U.S. market.”

At the time, Crohn, a former Atlanta real estate executive, was the Treasurer and volunteer Manager of two shelters for the African Refugee Development Center in Israel. But, he says, “I wanted to return to the United States to play a role in the greening of commercial properties. Used paper towels are not recycled. Even recycling releases dioxins in the process. This is another way to discourage deforestation and lower our carbon footprint”.

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Samsung GALAXY Tab P1000 with Android 2.2 Cell Phone Tablet

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in mobile technology, today announced the launch of the Samsung GALAXY Tab (Model: GT-P1000). Powered by Android Operating System 2.2, the Samsung GALAXY Tab is the first of the company’s tablet devices, representing a new category of mobile products for Samsung.
Samsung GALAXY Tab with Android 2.2 Touchscreen Cell Phone
The Samsung GALAXY Tab brings together all of Samsung's leading innovations to provide users with more capabilities while on the move. Consumers are able to experience PC-like web-browsing and enjoy all forms of multimedia content on the perfectly sized 7-inch display, wherever they go. Moreover, users can continuously communicate via e-mail, voice and video call, SMS/MMS or social network with the optimized user interface.

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Sony PSP-3000 Black Friday Bundle with Goodies

Sony PSP-3000 Black Friday Bundle with Little Big Planet, Karate Kid, 1GB memory stick - PSP has a vibrant widescreen LCD screen and built-in microphone! Play thrilling games, movies, music, connect to the Internet, and more. With the best portable games, and a dazzling LCD screen, everywhere just got better!

The biggest little PSP-3000 bundle yet

The Sony PlayStation Portable 3000 LittleBigPlanet / Karate Kid bundle brings together the latest revision in the PlayStation Portable (PSP) hardware line, with the PSP version of one of the most creative games of all-time and a reimagined cinematic classic. The bundle includes both a "Piano Black" PSP-3000 system, a copy of LittleBigPlanet for PSP and a UMD formatted copy of the 2010 remake of The Karate Kid staring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith. Toss in a 1 GB PRO Duo Memory Stick, as well as the media rich features of the PSP-3000, including Wi-Fi access to the Internet and the PlayStation Store¹, music, movie and Skype functionality, a built-in microphone, a brighter screen and the ability to play games and movies in digital and UMD format and you have a handheld gaming bundle suited to any player.


* Enjoy the high end multimedia support for games, movies, music, video and the Internet, as well as microphone functionality used in certain games and Skype calls
* A Piano Black version of the PSP-3000
* A copy of LittleBigPlanet for PSP in UMD format
* A UMD formatted copy of the 2010 remake version of The Karate Kid staring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith
* A 1 GB PRO DUO memory stick used for saving content downloaded to your PSP from the PlayStation Store and other locations

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New WiFi Baby 3G lets Parents to Watch their Baby on PC Mac iPhone or iPad

New WiFi Baby Video Monitor Lets Parents Watch and Hear Their Child on PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad: WiFi Baby, an innovative baby monitoring equipment supplier, announces the release of the WiFi Baby 3G. Unlike other comparably priced video baby monitors on the market, the WiFi Baby 3G uses superior technology to securely stream interference-free video and audio to PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad.

New WiFi Baby 3G lets Parents to Watch their Baby on PC Mac iPhone or iPad
Wireless video baby monitors are popular with parents despite common complaints about static, picture quality and distance limitations because these monitors work on analog or digital radio signals. These issues have been solved with the release of the WiFi Baby 3G, a comparably priced video baby monitor that uses superior technology to conveniently stream interference-free video and audio to a PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad.

The WiFi Baby 3G is both a camera and a computer; its advanced system creates a password-protected wireless internet connection to any compatible device in a home WiFi network. Unlike a stationary webcam, the WiFi Baby 3G does not require a physical connection to a computer and its compact design allows it to be easily mounted on the wall, ceiling or anywhere near an electrical outlet.

While the technology of the WiFi Baby 3G is advanced, the set up process is simple. The included software and dedicated iPhone and iPad apps were designed with the busy lives of parents in mind. No technical background is needed. Besides a crisp color picture and sound, the WiFi Baby 3G also offers night vision, motion detection, and an on-screen clock to assure parents they are watching a current video stream.

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NXTera™ 6.1 High Performance RPC Middleware Released

NXTera 6.1 Release to Include Open Security Model, Native FORTRAN Stubs and BASIC Language Support in High Speed RPC Solution for .NET and JAVA Web Services - Now business logic written in a wide variety of languages can easily inter-operate with contemporary Web Services. Adding FORTRAN and BASIC to COBOL, C/C++ and JAVA makes NXTera 6.1 the most flexible high performance RPC middleware available.

NXTera™ 6.1 High Performance RPC Middleware Released

eCube Systems, a leading provider of middleware modernization, integration and management solutions, announced plans for NXTera™ 6.1 High Performance RPC Middleware. NXTera 6.1 includes a new open security platform for authentication, authorization and encryption; tools for FORTRAN and BASIC language integration; and enhancements to it generation of C# and JAVA services interfaces and clients.

NXTera’s new open security platform will continue to support Entera’s legacy security model, while building its basic security model on LDAP. Kerberos, SSL, TLS or other security models can also be implemented with NXTera 6.1 providing a more robust security environment for companies that need it. This new security model will enable customers to replace legacy application security with contemporary security models seamlessly.

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2goPad SL10 Pro - Multi-Touch Capacitive Screen Newest Tablet PC

CTL Announces The 2goPad™ SL10 Pro - CTL Introduces Their 2goPad SL10 Pro, The Newest Addition to Their Tablet Line: Today CTL™ introduced the newest product in their tablet line, the 2goPad™ SL10 Pro. The 2goPad™ SL10 Pro takes the incredibly popular 2goPad™ SL10 and adds features and accessories that increase functionality and connectivity.

2goPad SL10 Pro Multi-Touch Capacitive Screen Newest Tablet PC

The 2goPad™ SL10 Pro offers the same state of the art multi-touch capacitive screen, Intel® Atom™ N450 1.66GHz processor and generous 2GB of memory as the SL10 but includes a 64GB SSD Hard Drive, Microsoft® Windows® 7 Professional pre-installed, capacitive stylus pen, custom cleaning cloth and a small highly portable Bluetooth enabled wireless keyboard with a track pad. Additionally, the Pro model is 3G ready.

With a 64GB Solid State Hard Drive, the SL10 Pro offers an experience up to 56% faster than standard hard drives. The Solid State Drive also offers increased reliability and faster boot up times. And the wireless keyboard and capacitive stylus makes the 2goPad Pro even easier to use.

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New Green Surge Suppressor Conserves Electricity - Tripp Lite

Tripp Lite Introduces New Green Surge Suppressor Saving Users Up to $25 on Annual Electricity Bills - Tripp Lite's new environmentally friendly surge suppressor conserves electricity and shrinks carbon footprints--with one click of a button.

Tripp Lite, a world-leading manufacturer of power protection equipment, has introduced a new ECO-Surge™ Suppressor with energy-saving outlets that can be turned on and off remotely.

Green Surge Suppressor
The new TLP66RCG provides a total of six AC outlets, four of which are controllable with an included keychain RF remote. This eliminates wasteful “phantom loads” that continue to consume electricity even when a device appears to be turned off. The RF remote works through walls and furniture for easy activation of the outlets behind an entertainment center or desk.
Key Features and Benefits:

-- Remotely controllable outlets save up to $25 on an average annual electric bill

-- Four Power Save outlets can be turned off when devices connected to them, such as DVD players, gaming consoles and monitors, are not in use

-- Two Switched (always-on) outlets for devices that require continuous power,such as DVRs, cable/satellite boxes and fax machines

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Solid State Doctor™ - SSD Utility Suite for Performance Related Issues

Solid State Doctor™ – SSD Utility Suite Cures Performance Related Issues for SSD’s: LC Technology International, the leading provider of commercial and OEM data recovery technology and file system utilities for Flash Storage Devices announced today a comprehensive new suite of utilities aimed at maintaining the performance of Solid State Drives (SSD’s). The suite is not only designed to help SSD’s maintain write performance, but it also will help monitor the lifespan and health of SSD’s running on Microsoft® Operating Systems.

Solid State Doctor SSD Utility Suite for Performance Related Issues

The SSD Utility Suite gives consumers access to some of the unique features built into today’s SSD’s, most important being able to utilize the TRIM capabilities, giving the end user the ability to optimize the drive – even if the OS doesn’t support the TRIM command.

“The SSD Utility Suite is an essential set of tools to provide performance enhancement, data security and device management for Solid State Drives. More importantly, the Utility Suite is a proactive support tool, enabling customers to make informed decisions regarding their data – whether to back it up, erase it securely or optimize the drive”, says David Zimmerman, President of LC Technology. “The standard features give the end user the ability to execute the TRIM command manually or through various scheduling options running as a service for any supported drive to maintain consistent write performance of the SSD.

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