New Xbox Kinect - Gamers Downing Controllers and Assuming Game Control Themselves

The New Xbox Kinect: The Next Step In Gaming – Marshall Ward - With the impending release of Microsoft’s new Xbox Kinect system, gamers across the UK will be downing their controllers and assuming control of their games themselves.

Home entertainment, and gaming in particular, is on the verge of being changed forever. Every so often a new product is released that takes the norm and pushes its boundaries a little further; the Xbox Kinect represents a quantum leap. Marshall Ward takes a look at this new platform’s capabilities.
Xbox 360 250GB Console with Kinect
Microsoft is launching their latest console offering on 10 November in the UK and it is set to transform the way that games are played. Using players’ bodies as controllers and allowing an entirely different way of interacting, the Xbox Kinect is sure to provide endless hours worth of entertainment this winter in homes across the UK.

As an introduction to the system, people buying the new Xbox Kinect will receive a free game entitled Kinect Adventures. This demonstrative game is a fun way for gamers to get to grips with the new system’s operation and capabilities. Users can complete an obstacle course on a mountain top, enjoy white water rafting or go deep sea diving to gain a deeper understanding of the new Kinect’s potential.

The new Xbox Kinect’s capabilities aren’t limited to gaming as it will make browsing an already user friendly system even easier. With simple hand gestures and movements, users will be able to navigate their media libraries, game archives and console menus. Not satisfied with just making the navigation of consoles simpler, Microsoft have adapted their new product to allow Xbox Live members to log in and out of the online system by means of facial and vocal recognition.

The Xbox Kinect has the potential to change the way that console games are played forever and it is sure to be a bestseller during the upcoming Christmas shopping season. [Source] [New Xbox Kinect Review]

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