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Tripp Lite Introduces New Green Surge Suppressor Saving Users Up to $25 on Annual Electricity Bills - Tripp Lite's new environmentally friendly surge suppressor conserves electricity and shrinks carbon footprints--with one click of a button.

Tripp Lite, a world-leading manufacturer of power protection equipment, has introduced a new ECO-Surge™ Suppressor with energy-saving outlets that can be turned on and off remotely.

Green Surge Suppressor
The new TLP66RCG provides a total of six AC outlets, four of which are controllable with an included keychain RF remote. This eliminates wasteful “phantom loads” that continue to consume electricity even when a device appears to be turned off. The RF remote works through walls and furniture for easy activation of the outlets behind an entertainment center or desk.
Key Features and Benefits:

-- Remotely controllable outlets save up to $25 on an average annual electric bill

-- Four Power Save outlets can be turned off when devices connected to them, such as DVD players, gaming consoles and monitors, are not in use

-- Two Switched (always-on) outlets for devices that require continuous power,such as DVRs, cable/satellite boxes and fax machines

-- Included 433 MHz remote works through walls and furniture up to 50 feet from the surge suppressor

-- Six unique codes allow multiple surge suppressors to be controlled by a single remote

-- Manufactured in accordance with strict RoHS environmental standards

With its remotely controllable Power Save outlet array, the TLP66RCG provides an economical green surge protection solution. The included RF remote enables desk lamps, monitors and computer peripherals to be turned off with the press of a single button--a convenient feature for both home and business users. This new ECO-Surge Suppressor conserves electricity without compromising on reliable protection for valuable connected components.

Buy Tripp Lite Eco Surge Protector Green, Info below:

Eco Surge Protector Green 12 Outlet Tel/Coax 10ft Cord 3600 JoulesEco Surge Protector Green 8 Outlet Tel/DSL 8ft Cord 2160 Joules

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