Sony PSP-3000 Black Friday Bundle with Goodies

Sony PSP-3000 Black Friday Bundle with Little Big Planet, Karate Kid, 1GB memory stick - PSP has a vibrant widescreen LCD screen and built-in microphone! Play thrilling games, movies, music, connect to the Internet, and more. With the best portable games, and a dazzling LCD screen, everywhere just got better!

The biggest little PSP-3000 bundle yet

The Sony PlayStation Portable 3000 LittleBigPlanet / Karate Kid bundle brings together the latest revision in the PlayStation Portable (PSP) hardware line, with the PSP version of one of the most creative games of all-time and a reimagined cinematic classic. The bundle includes both a "Piano Black" PSP-3000 system, a copy of LittleBigPlanet for PSP and a UMD formatted copy of the 2010 remake of The Karate Kid staring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith. Toss in a 1 GB PRO Duo Memory Stick, as well as the media rich features of the PSP-3000, including Wi-Fi access to the Internet and the PlayStation Store¹, music, movie and Skype functionality, a built-in microphone, a brighter screen and the ability to play games and movies in digital and UMD format and you have a handheld gaming bundle suited to any player.


* Enjoy the high end multimedia support for games, movies, music, video and the Internet, as well as microphone functionality used in certain games and Skype calls
* A Piano Black version of the PSP-3000
* A copy of LittleBigPlanet for PSP in UMD format
* A UMD formatted copy of the 2010 remake version of The Karate Kid staring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith
* A 1 GB PRO DUO memory stick used for saving content downloaded to your PSP from the PlayStation Store and other locations

About PlayStation Portable 3000

Now with Included Microphone and Brighter Screen - The latest PlayStation Portable revision, the PSP-3000, has everything the older PSP's had but now includes a built-in microphone, which lets you take advantage of voice features in some games as well as the PSP's built-in Skype functionality without having to use a headset. The new PSP-3000 also includes an improved anti-reflective screen that offers higher contrast and clearer visibility in well-lit places and can even be used outdoors.

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