Stealth Electric Bikes ideal for Cross country, Touring and Patrol Applications

World's Fastest Electric Mountain Bikes Emerging As The Next Big Thing In Extreme Sport - Stealth Electric Bikes are the latest extreme sport craze to come out of Australia and are set to go global. The silent mountain bikes that have the power of a small motorbike are well on their way to becoming the next big thing in Europe in 2011.

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Starting out life in the dusty back yard of an Australian engineer, Stealth Electric Bikes was born back in 2005 and since then the company has built an almost cult following with electric bike fans, mountain bikers and some people even swapping their dirt bikes for the 80km per hour slick machines.

Apparently the bikes are becoming popular so fast because they have the freedom and flexibility of a bicycle with the speed and power of a small motorbike; even the police are looking into adopting them for patrolling, because they are not only fast and nimble, but also silent. Not needing much maintenance at all the bikes are a zero emission, more cost effective alternative to a dirt bike.

The founder and head engineer John Karambalis says "the only noise you hear from the bike is when you are doing full speed, you need either a motorbike helmet or ear plugs for the wind noise". When asked "What's the secret to creating the fastest production electric mountain bike in the world?" John simply replied "There is no secret... We just spent thousands and thousands of hours on research, testing and development to set the bar high".

Combining pedal and electric power, the mountain bikes on steroids are ideal for cross country, downhill, commuting, touring and patrol applications and are reported to only take 2 hours to charge from a normal power outlet. To cope with the massive speed the bikes are fitted with heavy duty shocks and over sized brakes.

Being an Aerospace Systems engineer it's no wonder John named 2 of the models Stealth Bomber and Stealth Fighter. The Bomber weighing in at just over 50 kg, with a top speed of 80km per hour and power being transferred through its sequential 9 speed gear box to a high performance hub motor in the rear wheel.

The bikes have even got a good wrap from 2 time Isle of Man TT Superbike Race winner Cameron Donald "There was no noise or hesitation; just instant acceleration from the motor, and suddenly I was travelling at speeds that no amount of pedalling could hope to keep up with".

Karambalis is reported to have secured contracts with distributors in Europe and is now setting his sights on the US market looking for a national distributor.

Word is spreading fast with Stealth Electric Bikes putting out their videos on youtube and gaining popularity very quickly, they suspected it won't be long until they become a house hold name.

You can look on the website for all the specs as well as places to test ride one of the bikes.

Stealth Electric bikes was started in a back yard in Melbourne, Australia in 2005. After thousands of hours of research and testing they are ready to take on the international market, while continuing to develop their machines with the latest in cutting edge technology and design.

John Karambalis has hinted that there are some big developments in the pipeline for Stealth and that they will continue to lead the industry in innovation and technology.

You can see the bikes in action on Stealth's youtube channel at

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