World’s Fastest Efficient Hand Dryer - Anti-bacterial Bio JetDrier

World’s Fastest, Most Efficient Hand Dryer Now Available in the U.S. - The speedy, anti-bacterial Bio JetDrier has long been popular in Europe, Asia, and Australia. With as fast as a 7-second dry time at under 65 decibels, it is often considered the quietest and sexiest jet hand dryer in production.

Anti-bacterial Bio JetDrier Hand Dryer

The world’s most advanced and energy-efficient hand dryer finally has an American distributor.

The Bio JetDrier was developed in South Korea and first sold there in 2001. Updated models have since become popular in Europe, Australia and other parts of Asia. Now, Hygen-Eco Systems of Atlanta has begun North American master distribution of the stylish, cutting edge device.

“I first saw the Bio Drier at a clean-tech trade show in Israel and was amazed when my hands were dry in 7 seconds. It was quickly dominating the market there over the brands that are currently being sold in the United States,” Hygen-Eco Systems President Randy Crohn says. “I kept in touch with the distributor there because I thought it could be a revolutionary product for the U.S. market.”

At the time, Crohn, a former Atlanta real estate executive, was the Treasurer and volunteer Manager of two shelters for the African Refugee Development Center in Israel. But, he says, “I wanted to return to the United States to play a role in the greening of commercial properties. Used paper towels are not recycled. Even recycling releases dioxins in the process. This is another way to discourage deforestation and lower our carbon footprint”.

Hygen-Eco Systems specializes in the distribution of such energy-saving products as LED and induction lighting, and of hygienic touch-free devices such as faucets and door handles. The Bio JetDrier fit that lineup perfectly. Its revolutionary design relies on heating air without the use of a heating coil and on three sensors to track precisely when hands are inserted or removed. With an 1100-watt motor made by Daewoo, it uses up to 80 percent less energy than other hand dryers. A “Noise Adjustment Module,” or NAM, keeps sound levels below 65 decibels — far below the tested levels of other jet hand dryers.

The touch-free operation, together with an antibacterial filtration system and antimicrobial surfaces, also makes the Bio JetDrier the most hygienic hand dryer in production. Many medical facilities in South Korea are using it due to its advanced hygienic traits. Unlike heavily marketed, high-end jet dryers that entered the market later, the Bio JetDrier stores water inside the unit — rather than allowing it to drip down walls or onto the restroom floor.

Best of all, the Bio JetDrier completely dries hands in as little as seven seconds. The jet-drying process quickly forces water from both the palms and backs of hands. No more rubbing palms together under a conventional blower until you get impatient and wipe them on your pants!

Reviews of the Bio JetDrier from early U.S. customers are enthusiastic. Among the first clients is the Atlanta Fish Market, rated by the Atlanta Business Chronicle as the top grossing restaurant in Atlanta.

“We were able to recoup our costs in less than four months, because we’d been spending so much on paper towels and cleanup,” says Atlanta Fish Market General Manager Gabriel Gotchev. “After so many positive reviews from our customers, we’ve chosen to eliminate paper towels entirely. Keeping our washrooms immaculate is important for our restaurants, because the customer often judges the kitchen by the cleanliness of the restroom.”

Gotchev adds that the highly efficient dryer “makes a statement to customers that we care about the environment.”

The elimination of paper and maintenance costs, without an appreciable increase in energy bills, makes the Bio JetDrier a cost-effective alternative that quickly pays for itself — particularly in heavily trafficked restrooms.

The Bio JetDrier’s streamlined, modern design makes it a fittingly elegant upgrade for restaurants, arenas, health clubs, medical facilities, malls, offices and other settings where businesses wish to project a clean, high-tech and planet-friendly image to their clients and customers. The units feature attractive blue LED lights and come in metallic red, white, blue or silver finishes.

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