Pet Gifts - New Electronic Interactive Toys from Petlinks

Even in a Challenging 2010 Holiday Season, New Niche of Pet Toys by Petlinks Takes Off - Whirling, Twirling, Zipping, Zooming, Flashing, Fluttering Feline Toys Keep Both Pets and Retailers on their Toes as ‘Electronics’ Prove to be the Gift of Choice

Despite a challenging economy in 2010, pet owners are defying all odds this holiday season and generating a wave of excitement around a relatively new category of pet gifts -- electronic interactive toys such as those by Petlinks.

Pet Gifts - New Electronic Interactive Toys from Petlinks

The trend in gifts for pets has been building throughout 2010. An American Express poll this year revealed that even in a down economy, holiday shoppers are more likely to scrimp on gifts to friends and family than let their pet’s stockings go empty. Some will secretly admit to spending more for their pet’s gift than they will their relatives.

“While this trend isn’t good news for in-laws throughout the country,” said Shannon McWilliams, Vice President of Product Development for Worldwise, Inc., “this is exceptionally good news for the 90 million or so cats in the US.”

According to Worldwise, manufacturer of Petlinks, a leading brand of cat toys, scratchers, treats and accessories available exclusively through pet specialty retailers such as PetSmart and Petco, there’s a noticeable new buzz this year around electronic gift options for cats.

“The consumer electronics industry has had a big influence on the pet products marketplace,” says McWilliams. “Battery-operated, interactive toys are popular items because they are as much a toy for the person as they are the pet.”

Despite the fact that electronic toys typically have higher price points than their traditional catnip filled mice counterparts, many consumers this year are proving to be unabashedly generous when it comes to gifts for their pets. Electronic cat toys can deliver a lot of bang for the buck. They expend excess energy and calories, extend playtime, stimulate the pet’s senses and are just good-fun and good-for everyone in the room.

“Strange as it may sound, one side-benefit of automated toys is that it takes some of the ‘work’ out of playtime,” says McWilliams. “You can make dinner while you play with your pet. And let’s face it, playtime that is not dependent on the human limitations of patience or time will happen more often and last a lot longer.” This is a special bonus to sedentary or overweight cats.

Here are some of the innovative, interactive cat toys offered by Petlinks that ‘give’ to the pet and pet owner alike:

Fun Beam interactive laser light toy
Mouse-shaped, hand-held Fun Beam laser light toy gets your kitty moving in a flash. The bug-sized spot of light replicates the lightning-quick movement of prey, shifting your cat's activity level into overdrive with excitement and fun. Your belly will get a workout too as you chuckle at your cat’s high-flying antics. Includes battery and three replacement batteries. MSRP $5.99

Super Swooper electronic motion ball
This colorful electronic motion ball anchors a feather-tipped wire that flips and flutters erratically when you flip the switch. The rolling motion, together with the natural appeal of a fluttering feather will mesmerize your cat. Requires two AA batteries (not included). Two speeds to suit your cat’s fickle moods. MSRP $13.99

Cheese Chaser remote-controlled mouse toy
This remote-controlled toy keeps your cat in hot pursuit as it zips wildly around the room with you at the controls. A handheld remote starts the wheels turning on the plush, refillable catnip mouse toy. Cats love the irresistibly erratic movements you can create by reversing directions or stopping the toy dead in its tracks. Requires two AA batteries (not included). MSRP $14.99

Pure Commotion electronic activity toy
This automated toy includes a base unit and a feather-topped wand that moves wildly and erratically to delight your cat. Pure Commotion keeps you in control of the speed and duration of play; it can be programmed for up to two hours of continuous play with the simple touch of a button. Pure Commotion is a great way to boost the activity level in housebound cats. Requires three AA batteries (not included). MSRP $24.99

Petlinks brand cat toys, scratchers, catnip, bedding, furniture and accessories are sold exclusively at pet specialty retailers nationwide. For more information on Petlinks products, visit

About Worldwise
The Petlinks brands are manufactured by Worldwise, a leading consumer pet products company. By developing unique, high-quality products made from natural, recycled, reclaimed and certified organic material, and distributing them through the nation’s leading retailers, Worldwise brands are changing consumer beliefs about the look, feel, price and performance of environmentally-responsible products. [Source]

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