Logitech Launch Laptop Accessories for More Laptop Comfortability

Logitech introduces Laptop accessories for more comfortable laptop experience - While no one can debate the enormous benefits provided by laptops, it would be worthwhile to understand some of the health issues that come with their excessive usage, directly impacting posture, eyes or heat burns, amongst a host of other side effects.

Logitech Launch Laptop Accessories for More Laptop Comfortability

In a rapidly evolving technological workspace, laptops have quickly replaced desktops as the most preferred personal computing device. Their portability, mobility and convenience of use have made them an integral part of not only our professional lives, but also our personal space. However, like the proverbial flip side, long hours of working on laptops have brought in a host of health issues for users, which are crucial to understand and combat, to prevent irreversible damage to our nervous, muscular and skeletal systems.

The most common problem being the eye strain caused by them, laptops also lack inclination, which ensures the user sits in a wrong posture while working on them. This causes contraction of shoulder and neck muscles, eventually leading to arthritis and nerve damage.

The heat generated from these machines can not only cause serious burns in incorrect positioning, but also recent research studies have revealed a correlation between this heat and fertility in men. A majority of men using laptops happen to be in the reproductive age range. Laptops are known to generate heat with internal operating temperatures reaching beyond 70°C, thereby increasing scrotal temperatures when used on lap and leading to decreased sperm counts.

Yet another issue that comes with the compact size of laptops is ergonomics. The screen and keyboard are very close together, leading the user to hunch in order to balance the finger typing and monitor levels. Some keyboards are so small that hands have to be cramped to use the tiny keys and tricky touchpads, causing pain in fingers and swellings in due course.

While it is impossible to do away with laptops, a few simple precautions can reduce the drastic side-effects. Logitech has been researching for long in this space and have introduced Logitech cooling pads, Logitech risers and Logitech lapdesks in Indian Market .

Logitech laptop stands come in various shapes, sizes and features, viz. Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700, Logitech Comfort Lapdesks, Logitech Laptop Cooling Pad N100 and Logitech Notebook Riser N110. Apart from attractive designs and affordable price range, some of the other advantages of Logitech laptop accessories are –

* Heat shielding design – protects body from laptop heat
* Angled riser – ensures correct body posture to provide neck and leg comfort when seated
* Thin and lightweight – can accompany your laptop everywhere you go
* Integrated stereo speakers – amplify your entertainment experience
* Quiet cooling fan – works away to quietly reduce heat
* Other additional features like padded base and USB support

With Logitech laptop accessories, consumers don’t have to sacrifice comfort for convenience. From the floor to the couch to the bed, laptop usage can still provide a higher level of comfort along with a boost in productivity.

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