New WiFi Baby 3G lets Parents to Watch their Baby on PC Mac iPhone or iPad

New WiFi Baby Video Monitor Lets Parents Watch and Hear Their Child on PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad: WiFi Baby, an innovative baby monitoring equipment supplier, announces the release of the WiFi Baby 3G. Unlike other comparably priced video baby monitors on the market, the WiFi Baby 3G uses superior technology to securely stream interference-free video and audio to PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad.

New WiFi Baby 3G lets Parents to Watch their Baby on PC Mac iPhone or iPad
Wireless video baby monitors are popular with parents despite common complaints about static, picture quality and distance limitations because these monitors work on analog or digital radio signals. These issues have been solved with the release of the WiFi Baby 3G, a comparably priced video baby monitor that uses superior technology to conveniently stream interference-free video and audio to a PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad.

The WiFi Baby 3G is both a camera and a computer; its advanced system creates a password-protected wireless internet connection to any compatible device in a home WiFi network. Unlike a stationary webcam, the WiFi Baby 3G does not require a physical connection to a computer and its compact design allows it to be easily mounted on the wall, ceiling or anywhere near an electrical outlet.

While the technology of the WiFi Baby 3G is advanced, the set up process is simple. The included software and dedicated iPhone and iPad apps were designed with the busy lives of parents in mind. No technical background is needed. Besides a crisp color picture and sound, the WiFi Baby 3G also offers night vision, motion detection, and an on-screen clock to assure parents they are watching a current video stream.

In addition to the WiFi Baby 3G's main purpose as a baby monitor, it also has advanced features. With a few adjustments, it can work with a wireless router to allow viewing outside of the user's home by PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad. This allows the WiFi Baby 3G to be used as a Nanny Cam or a home security camera once users outgrow the need for a baby monitor. There are no monthly fees for remote internet access.

The idea behind the WiFi Baby 3G came from WiFi Baby CEO Stefanie Fox's own challenge of finding a quality baby monitor to watch her son.

"When I asked my friends for a baby monitor recommendation, they all had the same complaints regardless of brand or price... interference, static when on different floors, picture and sound would fade out, rooms that couldn't get a signal. It didn't matter if they lived in a high-rise in Chicago, a three story townhouse or a ranch style home in the suburbs, it was the same story."

"Also there was the issue of security," Fox continued. "One of my friends caught footage of their neighbor's baby because they owned the same brand monitor!" The privacy risks of owning a baby monitor that uses analog or digital radio signals has gained nationwide attention including a recent feature on the Today Show.

About WiFi Baby

Florida based WiFi Baby is a company that leverages advanced technology to bring a new wave of wireless baby monitors to market. WiFi Baby partnered with UK manufacturer Y-Cam to provide a video baby monitor that uses WiFi technology, but in the same price range as those using analog or digital radio signals. For more information on the products WiFi Baby offers, or for a live demo, please visit

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