Tända Professional Restore Handheld Light Therapy Device for Drug-Free Treatment

An Easy Drug-Free Solution for Hockey Players to Treat and Prevent Injuries - THINK: Prevent injuries and recover from sprains and strains faster with Tända Professional Restore Light Therapy Treatment.

WHAT IT IS: A revolution in sport related injury rehabilitation, the Tända Professional Restore uses proven light therapy (a drug-free solution) to help hockey players recover from injuries faster as well as helping to prevent many common injuries like sprains and strains.

Tanda Professional Restore Handheld Light Therapy Device

Portable and effective the Tända Professional Restore offers a new way to treat tissue inflammation, swelling and pain while on the bench. Hockey players can apply treatments to contact abrasions and temper swelling between shifts. This lessens the possibility of a minor injury becoming a major injury that could keep the player off the ice.

Tända Professional Restore is a handheld light therapy device that emits light in the infrared spectrum, providing the optimal energy to elevate tissue temperature and provide a temporary increase in localized blood circulation.The treatment results in diminished pain, increased muscle relaxation and improved range and freedom of motion. Research supports light therapy as an effective means of reducing inflammation, aiding in lower back pain, diminishing muscle tension and swelling, decreasing edema, speeding up healing times and increasing the tensile strength of repaired tissues.

As part of regular rehabilitation and treatment by sports trainers the Tända Professional Restore has proven to be very effective at lessening a player’s downtime and speeding recovery. Keeping players active and effective is the most important part of their careers. “A 20 year old hockey player initially suffered a high ankle sprain on the first game of the season. He returned in 3 ½ weeks and "re-aggravated" his ankle when a player landed on him. He is now about three weeks out from the second injury and has used the Tända Professional Restore daily for about 10 days. From what I've noticed, he has been able to reach his functional goals much more rapidly as the swelling and pain have been less in comparison to the first occurrence. He was able to commence running much sooner and has now progressed to functional exercises. He should be back on the ice in two weeks.” -- Dr. Jeff Cubos (click for video) BPHE, MSc, DC, ICSSD, CSCS, Alberta Hockey League Chiropractor, Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Tända Professional Restore provides an effective dose of healing energy in just three minutes. The device offers two treatment options: handheld treatment or hands-free treatment with the strap-on extension, allowing hockey players to effectively integrate Tända into a workout, game or an injury rehabilitation program. The compact size and ease of use also offers the option to treat pre and/or post game. Home use of the device enables players to treat and prevent injuries before they become major problems and provides relief for chronic conditions that require ongoing care.

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