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Laptop Power UK Introduces Acer 934T2180F Laptop Batteries Compatible with Acer934T2180F - Laptop Power UK, the UK's leading online provider of compatible laptop spares and parts, introduces cost effective Acer 934T2180F laptop Batteries compatible with Acer 934T2180F laptop. These laptop batteries contain Samsung battery cells, which will be of equal quality to the Acer 934T2180F battery which came with your laptop.

With Laptop Power UK, laptop batteries, that one buys, generally will give 2 hours battery back up when it is brand new, and this will only deplete at the rate of an original laptop battery for the Acer 934T2180F laptop .This laptop Battery has a capacity of 5200mAh and comes with a voltage of 11.1 V DC. They claim to provide best alternative to the original battery, and one can compare it with their original battery.

Laptop Power UK is already one of the largest suppliers in the country for computer peripherals for a wide range of brands including ACER, Apple, Dell, Sony and many more. They can also offer a repair service in the event of a laptop accident, meaning that customers can simply replace their damaged laptop part as opposed to buying a new laptop.

They supply only the highest quality Laptop Batteries available, from the world's leading manufacturers. The Batteries will be of equal quality to the one which was supplied with original laptop and comes up with 12 month warranty. Some of the renowned brands of Laptop Batteries available at Laptop Power UK are Compaq Laptop Batteries, Apple, Acer, HP and Dell to name a few. [Source]

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