Amazon Kindle Classic Price Lowered for this Christmas

Amazon Kindle Classic Lowered in Price for Christmas According to Those Tech Guys - Amazon Kindle Classic is now at its cheapest price for Christmas according to The selling price has been published in a new article as well as the offer for no cost shipping from some retailers online for Christmas.

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Those Tech Guys have published a new article online that details the new selling price for the Amazon Kindle Classic. The new price has been lowered to $69 and is now shipped for no cost by this retailer online before Christmas. This last minute price reduction is part of the incentives that are now offered to Christmas shoppers online searching for the last deals of the season.

The new article explores the comparisons in technology for the entire Kindle tablet series. The classic edition has been updated to include a newer display that is brighter and larger than those used in previous editions. Part of this display upgrade includes better fonts and darker colors to make text stand out when displayed in daylight or night reading instances.

The classic edition has received a longer battery life to help extend the reading time available for this device. Older editions had smaller batteries that did not live up to customer expectations according to the new TTG article. The new battery now offers up to one month of uninterrupted usage for e-book reading or browsing of content available from Amazon online.

The Wi-Fi for the Kindle Classic has been modified to be similar in usage to the Fire HD series. Expanded speed and service area is now making it easier for users of this device to find books anywhere online without dropping carrier signals during a download.

The article that is now posted online is expected to remain updated to provide last minute sale information and in stock details from major retailers online. Those that have not purchased a tablet for Christmas in 2012 could benefit from the discounted Kindle price now available. [Source]

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