New iPhone 5, 4 and 4S Most Tough Rugged Case

The World’s Most Rugged iPhone Case Announced by - An iPhone gets thrown out of a second-floor window to a concrete drive and keeps on recording video completely unharmed! The company behind the revolutionary phone case,, is claiming the title of “The World’s Most Rugged iPhone Case”.

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Yes, there have been plenty of drop tests done at ‘normal’ heights, 3-feet from your pocket, 6-feet from your ear, or even 10-feet in the air just for kicks. But no one in their right mind was ever crazy enough to throw an iPhone from a second-floor window 32-feet down to a concrete driveway. Unless the phone is wearing the right protection, that is. Watch a video of the ultimate iPhone drop test.. Introduced for the iPhone 5, the Tough Case is also available for iPhone 4 and 4S.

The new iPhone 5 Tough Case offers multi-layer protection using a combination of (1) an outer soft rubber shell, (2) an inner polycarbonate hard case, and (3) a clear lens which covers the screen. This case is supremely shock absorbent and withstood a drop test from a second-floor window, free falling 32-feet onto a concrete driveway, and the iPhone keeps on recording video! Since all buttons and ports are tightly sealed, the Tough Case provides rain and splash protection, while giving the user full access at the same time. The included ratcheting belt holster also functions as a convenient kickstand for movie watching.

“iGear’s Tough Case is built like a tank and offers hands-down the best iPhone protection in the industry,” says Jimmy Sun, president of “To put my money where my mouth is, I threw my own iPhone in the Tough Case out of a second-floor window, to demonstrate to our customers its unprecedented durability.”

The Tough Case is available from for immediate shipping. Price at only $39.99 and available in three colors, it deserves a spot on anyone's holiday shopping list. [Video Demo] [Source]

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