Up-to-Date Resident Evil 6 Video Game Series Information

The Latest Resident Evil 6 Game News, Information and Tips Available at ResidentEvil6.org - ResidentEvil6.org is a website dedicated to providing visitors with the latest news and information about the latest title from Capcom that was released on 2nd Oct 2012.

Up-to-Date Resident Evil 6 Video Game Series Information

The survival horror genre is making it big in the video gaming arena. Setting a perfect example is the Resident Evil series, a video game developed and published by Capcom. Blending the elements of cinematic horror graphics and puzzle solving elements, the action-packed series has generally been received positively by gamers Xbox and PlayStation gamers.

In fact, the Resident Evil storyline has transcended the video gaming landscape, and has become an officially licensed material for novels, comics and mainstream films.

Another much-talked about installment in the third person shooter video game series is Resident Evil 6. Fresh from its release on October 2, 2012, the latest in the franchise can be played on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles, with the Windows version still in development.

Titled Biohazard 6 in Japanese, the latest Resident Evil installment presents to be a promising title, with Capcom reportedly shipping more than 4 million copies of it as of October 3.

ResidentEvil6.org is home to comprehensive, up-to-date information regarding Resident Evil 6 and everything that relates to the latest in the dramatic horror survival video game series.

Catering to legions of Resident Evil fans, the website serves as the go to resource and news for people seeking to know more about the game, its features, gameplay and gaming tips.

Providing details of the plot, ResidentEvil6.org notes that Resident Evil 6 will provide players with an option to choose among three scenarios with connected storylines, with each scenario following one of the three main protagonists, Jake, Chris and Leon.

At ResidentEvil6.org, visitors will gain insights to the voice acting, controls and visuals of the game, as reviewed by the website. The Resident Evil 6 online resource Embedded videos also offer visitors a peek at the game's trailers and some of its exciting scenes.

Citing statements from movie director Paul Anderson, ResidentEvil6.org notes that the most recent installment will influence the next Resident Evil flick.

To stay on top of the latest news and information about Resident Evil 6, please visit residentevil6.org for information.

ResidentEvil6.org is the online resource for everything Resident Evil 6. The website offers news, updates and information on the highly anticipated installment of the Resident Evil gaming franchise. [Source]

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