OontZ Pack - 3 Wireless Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speakers - Cambridge SoundWorks

Cambridge SoundWorks Announces the OontZ Pack, three Ultra-Portable, Wireless, Bluetooth Speakers for Less than the Price of One Jambox™ - With the OontZ Pack you get three OontZ speakers for just $189.99 and with the OontZ Angle Pack you get three OontZ Angle speakers for just $189.99.

OontZ Pack - 3 Wireless Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speakers - Cambridge SoundWorks

The OontZ Team at Cambridge SoundWorks® announces The OontZ Pack, and the OontZ Angle Pack. Customers can now purchase three of the OontZ or OontZ Angle Ultra-Portable, Wireless, Bluetooth speakers, for a package price of only $189.99, a twenty dollar savings for three speakers over the already jaw dropping low price of $69.99 each when purchased individually. At only $189.99 the OontZ pack and OontZ Angle pack give all audio lovers three high quality ultra-portable speakers for less than the cost of a single Jambox. PadGadget.com just released a review of the OontZ and OontZ Angle entitled “Get the best bang for your buck with the OontZ and OontZ Angle Speakers”. With the release today of the OontZ Pack and the OontZ Angle Pack the amazing low price is even more jaw dropping with three for only $189.99”

“Since we started shipping the OontZ six weeks ago and the OontZ Angle just two weeks ago, the customer response, reviews, and sales have been fantastic,” said Craig McHugh President and CEO, of SoundWorks, Inc. We have seen many of our customers order multiple speakers for their family members, and as gifts for friends. So we decided to allow our customers to buy a three pack and receive a savings over the already low individual speaker price of $69.99. The three pack price of $189.99 is incredible, when you consider the sound quality and surprising volume that the OontZ and OontZ Angle deliver. Also, they are ultra-lightweight, for example, the OontZ Angle weighs just nine ounces, about 33% less than the Jambox. In the PadGadget.com review they noted, “Both the OontZ and the OontZ Angle are constructed from high quality materials that deliver excellent sound. It is clear that the precision drivers in both speakers have been carefully chosen to provide clear, crisp audio that sounds great with every song. The speakers each have a frequency response of 60Hz to 20kHz,”

“Many customers have told us they were skeptical when they first learned of the OontZ and OontZ Angle because of their surprisingly low price.” McHugh continued, “What they have found after listening to the OontZ, and the OontZ Angle, is they have better sound and higher volume and now with the packs, three are less than the price of one Jambox.” The PadGadget.com review gave a final verdict by writing “The OontZ and the OontZ Angle are both quality speakers. I was not expecting the sound quality that they delivered, simply because of the low price tag. If you’re looking for the ultimate in style, portability, and battery life, the OontZ Angle is the perfect speaker for you. If you need booming sound and high quality bass in a small package, go for the original OontZ.”

Read the whole PadGadget.com review: padgadget.com/2012/09/06/get-the-best-bang-for-your-buck-with-the-oontz-and-the-oontz-angle-speakers-ipad-gear-review/

For More Information on the OontZ Pack & OontZ Angle Pack visit TheOontZ.com

OontZ, OontZ Angle, and Cambridge SoundWorks, are trademarks of SoundWorks, Inc. Jambox™ is a registered trademark of Jawbone (AliphCom dba Jawbone).

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