iPhone 5 - Apple WWDC an In Depth Look

The Top 5 Reasons The iPhone 5 Will Be The Best Phone Ever Made - HasCoupons.com Presents: Apple WWDC An In Depth Look At The iPhone 5

No. 5: The Audio Port Is At The Bottom.

The audio port on the bottom is one of the most revolutionary changes apple has made in the last 5 years. This way when in the car and charging the iPhone 5 and listening to audio via the auxiliary port in the car, it will not look like you are diffusing a bomb.

No. 4: Screen Size Is Larger

Yes, Apple iPhone's are great but as in all technology, evolution must occur. As multitasking and dependency on technology becomes more prevalent, things must change. That thing, is screen size, the iPhone 5 will have a 5 inch screen size almost a whole inch bigger than that of the iPhone 4s.

No. 3: Standardized Charging Port

Even though the iPhone 5 will have a 28 pinned charging port unlike any other, it must stay F.C.C. compliant. In which a law was passed in 2010 making all cellular phones obliged to having a standardized port by 2012. The Apple iPhone 5 will be able to run off of a 2.4 amp micro USB car charger. Since an average micro USB car charger is lesser amperage, it must be Apples version, however they are still compliant.

2: True Multitasking

Need a little multitasking in the business department? The iPhone 5 will provide true multitasking. This means you can watch a YouTube video, and write and email at the same time just like you would be able to do one the computer!

No. 1: Evolution Of Great Products
Apple's innovation leaves no rock unturned. Throughout the last decade they have been the largest technology innovator on the planet and we expect them to continue their pattern even if Steve Job's is absent. Carry on Apple, keep evolving.

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