Get Misting Cooling Fans for Cool Summers

Auramist Makes Headway With Top Quality Fans - Auramist Misting Fans are creating great waves of influence all over the internet with their high tech design outdoor cooling systems.

New technology and advanced mechanics are not the only thing that are keeping your summers cool. Cooling Fans have been around for awhile, but apparently there's a new kid on the block! Auramist has their high-tech mister and cooling fans selling on shelves nationwide throughout major brand retailers.

Misting Cooling Fans for Cool Summers
Heat can cause discomfort for both outside events and those held indoors as people forget to experience what has gathered them together and start complaining of unbearable heat. Besides, it is very uncomfortable for someone to sweat when taking a warm or hot beverage, thus heat can also act detrimentally to the appetite of guests at your event.

Auramist displays a new technology of fans now available to the public, mentioning their different features and showing you a reason or two why you ought to have one for yourself.

Auramist is now offering a range of misting fans for conscious living that will keep your gatherings cool by creating a comfortable atmosphere especially at the hottest months of the year.

Their Velos 16-inch misting fan serves both indoor and outdoor environments. It reduces temperatures by up to 30°F because of its non-clogging nozzles capable of a fine mists that is dry when touched since the water is broken down to microscopic levels. On efficiency, the Velos uses eighty percent less water compared to other misting fans and is UV and rust resistant. You can use any standard garden horse or spigot to connect it to the mains water. The design is practical, portable and versatile. The Auramist cooling and misting fans are showcasing a full one year warranty.

The Milo Auramist 18-inch misting fan is the latest company product that has a streamlined design and has the same unique technologies in addition to an onboard 2.7-gallon reservoir, which provides over 5 hours of misting when fully filled. The fan is 55.75-inch tall and is made from the same materials as other Auramist misting fans.

If you have large areas, it is wise to consider theBrisaAuramist 30-inch misting fan offering the same benefits as the other misting fans from Auramist together with a one year limited warranty.

It is impractical to have a misting fan on a golf cart and Auramist has extended its patented innovative technologies to create the Bahia golf car cooling system that brings the coolness where it is needed most. Complete will all the benefits provided by the Auramist range of patio misting fans, the Bahia offer s an adjustable mist output control. It has three fans speed that give the cart occupants a variety of cooling options.

Auramist, Incoffers efficient liquid atomization products like misting fans and golf car cooling systems. It works with 22 retailers to provide customers with enough options of getting the misting fans cooling solutions for homes, outdoor events and business premises. The company provides all replacement parts for its products.

Auramist is not just making fans, they are creating a new type of technology that helps consumers across the nation. [Demo Video][Source]

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