Start Xbox Gaming with New Xbox 360 Slim 250GB

Kinect Yourself to the New Xbox 360 Slim 250GB: The new Xbox 360 Slim is the long awaited brand new games console continuing the 360 range. With the recent price drop there's never been a better time to start Xbox gaming. The Xbox 360 elite console price has crashed from £199.99 to only £149.99 a new all time low! Furthermore the most exciting news is the new Xbox 360 slim 250GB price has been set at just £199.99 to pre-order online in the UK.

Start Xbox Gaming with New Xbox 360 Slim 250GB

One of the main benefits of pre-ordering online early is to guarantee the cheapest price and earliest delivery date, which will be the same date as high street shops sell the new Xbox slim; providing they still have stock by then. By comparing up to the minute deals shoppers' can be certain of getting the best price Xbox slim bundle. At present the attraction of wanting to buy the new slim console is exceeding expectation, and excitement surrounding Kinect has kept the new slim Xbox in the news. For the new slim Xbox has a dedicated Kinect socket too.

For those new to Kinect, a brief overview follows: Kinect is a whole new world of technology that seems years ahead of its time. Think 'Minority Report'. No wires and no controllers; just you and your body are all that you'll need to use this revolutionary form of gaming hardware. YOU are the controller.

Besides 360's Kinect, game players have already started counting down the days to get a hold of good Xbox 360 games coming
soon: Call of Duty Black Ops, Fable 3 and Halo Reach - two big first person shooters and an RPG title.

If that's not your cup of tea Xbox Kinect gaming is certain to appeal to a broader generation:

Exergaming with Kinect:

* Kinect Sports:
* Your Shape: Fitness Evolved
* Dance Central

More details can be found onsite as well as prices for those looking to pre-order Kinect due for release Autumn/Winter.

At we've put together new matrixes to compare deals, prices and live discount offer codes. Perfect for prudent money saving shoppers: Check here to buy Xbox Kinect bundles, cheap Xbox 250GB console bundles, Xbox 360 games and pre-order bonuses.


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