World's First Cloud Antivirus for Google Android Mobile Handsets

Bluepoint Security Launches World's First Cloud Antivirus For The Google Android Mobile Platform: BluePoint Security, an Atlanta based antivirus company specializing in threat prevention and cloud based antivirus solutions, announced today the launch of its BluePoint Antivirus for the Google Android mobile platform.

World's First Cloud Antivirus for Google Android Mobile Handsets

Android powered mobile devices operate cross carrier and worldwide with Google reporting 60,000 Android handsets shipped each day.

“Protecting mobile devices is critical as consumers increasingly rely upon these devices not simply as phones but full featured computer systems. Our solutions are targeted at breaking the incident response and cleanup cycle and providing real-world threat prevention” said Julie Russell, CEO BluePoint Security. Always on networking, memory cards, email, sms and other forms of mobile communication systems present formidable security challenges. Memory cards transferred from personal computers to phones can turn mobile devices into hosts for malicious code. This fact demands that security solutions be able to prevent a full range of threats on mobile devices.

Nearly all mobile antivirus products simply detect phone based viruses, lacking the ability to detect a broad range of threats. Traditional antivirus solutions face several challenges when
operating on mobile devices. Traditional solutions rely upon large definition files or blacklists; these files are often too large to be frequently updated on mobile devices. In turn, mobile security solutions tend to be “lite” versions of typical antivirus software, lacking many of the detection and prevention capabilities as well.

BluePoint Security’s mobile security solution represents a number of technology breakthroughs in cloud processing. The ability to offload processing decisions to the cloud away from resource limited mobile devices allows prevention and detection of millions of threats rather than a few hundred. The solution also eliminates constant definitions and signatures updates, resulting in a much improved experience on mobile devices.


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