Designer Architect Stylus for Apple iPad and Touchscreen Devices

Arctic Announces Designer Architect Stylus for Apple iPad and other Capacitive Touchscreen Devices - The Architect is a stylish and ergonomic stylus that combines style and functionality into one iconic design.

Arctic announces the Architect stylus that aims to provide a stylish instrument and a superior writing experience for all devices with capacitive touchscreens such as the Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire.
Designer Architect Stylus for Apple iPad and Touchscreen Devices

The Architect is a capped, 9.5mm thick stylus engineered from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminium. Its surface is anodized to a smooth, matte finish that gives a premium, tactile feel. The dual purpose cap protects the silicon rubber tip from the elements for lasting effectiveness. A lanyard may also be threaded through the stylized black loop on the cap, offering the user an extra carrying option.

“We felt that the market lacked a fashionable yet professional looking stylus,” said Pedro Gomes, Product Designer for Arctic. “To fill this niche, we sought a design language that communicates elegance without losing sense of practicality.”

The 7.0mm smooth silicon rubber tip is designed with accuracy and ease of use in mind. Together with the extended body length, this small tip offers the user more visibility of his work, a vital factor for note-taking, sketching or playing games.

Much thought has been given to the overall weight of the stylus. At 16g, the Architect has been ideally weighted; just enough to guide each stroke the user makes, and not tire the user with excessive weight.

Pedro articulates, “The overall design is characterized by simple forms produced in anodized aluminium, giving the product a highly detailed and harmonious feeling.”

The Architect will be available for purchase online for a special pre-order price of 22.95USD. For a limited period only, when a pair of Architects are purchased, stylus cases will be bundled together for free. For more information and to view the promotional video, Love At First Write, please visit [Source]

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