10 Years of Apple Earphones Love Em' or Loathe 'Em

Earphone Solutions Reflects On 10 Years of Apple Earphones: Love Em’ or Loathe ‘Em - Earphone Solutions pays tribute to the white earbuds that started the earphone revolution, and helped changed the way we listen to music, nearly 10 years ago.

November 10th marks the 10 year anniversary of the debut of the iconic white Apple earphones, paired with the release of the first version of the iPod. Earphone Solutions, online retailer of earphones for iPhone 4S, reflects on the memory of Steve Jobs and the simple earphones that changed the way listeners connect with music.
Shure SE535 with iPod
Flavio T., Owner of Earphone Solutions, founded the online store in 2000 when earphones were just beginning to become popular.

“We went from supplying earphones to music professionals to a much broader market – iPod owners. We kept growing with all the versions of the iPod, and then the iPhone – and now, the iPad, of course. It’s really a testament to Steve Jobs’s innovation that a company could release so many successful products,” reflects Flavio.

Earphone Solutions cites the classic white earbuds as an integral part of almost all Apple products, sparking many advertising campaigns depicting music listeners with the long earphones in.

According to the IrishTimes.com article “Smoke, mirrors and earphones: the rotten things about Apple,” the free earphones that come with Apple products are only appropriate “If you want to feel like you have a small pebble in your ear, these are the earphones for you.”

However, Washington D.C.’s TBD.com expounds on how iPod earphones have played a vital role in our culture in their “Steve Jobs transformed our commutes with the Apple iPod” article, “The white, sleek, distinctive iPod and those earbuds were a revolution in their own right, and despite a history of different music devices in prior years, none had captured the aspirational desires of consumers in quite so visceral a way.”

The iPod launched a revolution in connecting listeners with music at their fingertips – no matter whether they’ve been playing the guitar for years or can’t sing a lick.

“I was never a musician - I always wanted to be but simply never had it in me. Exploring the fascination caused by Apple’s earbuds when the iPod was first released, and today, helping people find the best earphones for iPhones, has continued to give me a renewed satisfaction in this business,” says Flavio.

Earphone Solutions emphasizes a continual focus on connecting customers with the ideal in ear earphones for their needs, including the best earphones for music listening on the iPhone 4S as well as the best earphones with mic for iPhone 4S. [Source]

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