Who's Knocking At My Door? Find Out Anywhere Inside Your Home With Handheld Device

Who's That Knocking At The Door? Find Out From Anywhere In Your Home With The iVision Wireless Intercom System - SpyTown.com announces the arrival of the Optex iVision wireless intercom system featuring a handheld LCD display unit that gives home and business owners the ability to see and talk to whomever is at the door, from anywhere in their home.

Optex iVision Wireless Two Way Intercom System

Shockingly, one of the most common ways for an intruder to enter a home or business is right through the front door. Peepholes and chain latches are increasingly becoming less safe, with thieves appearing seemingly innocent through a peephole, and chain latches being easily violated by a thief. The highly anticipated Optex iVision Wireless Two Way Intercom System has arrived and is here to change the face of front door security.

The iVision wireless intercom system features a handheld 2.25" LCD display unit that allows the home owner to see and talk to the person at their door from anywhere in their home, as well as a camera unit for the door. Its 500 foot transmission range allows anyone at home to utilize the wireless unit, no matter how large or small the home is.

It’s commonplace for thieves to target multiple homes in a neighborhood, masking themselves as home repair persons or even security system salespersons. The iVision wireless intercom system also has the ability to take a snapshot of the person at your door, allowing the home owner to provide evidence on exactly who was ringing that doorbell in the event they or the police should need it later.

“The days of leaving your door unlocked are long gone, but the risk of going up to your door to see who's there, or opening it at all without first knowing who's behind it, is greatly increasing. The Optex iVision wireless intercom system is here to change that and give you peace of mind, no matter how 'safe' your neighborhood feels,” asserts Howard Geschwind, SpyTown.com Sales Director.

The Optex iVision Wireless Intercom System adds convenience and portability to home and business security, day and night.

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