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Mobile Fun Launches GamingZap.com Gaming Accessories Website - Gamingzap.com to sell high end gaming accessories and peripherals. Mobile Fun, the UK’s leading Internet retailer for Everything Mobile, is widening its reach in the electronics and entertainment accessories sector by launching GamingZap.com (gamingzap.com), an online retail site dedicated to delivering the best console, PC and online gaming accessories and peripherals.

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GamingZap will cater for pro and hardcore gamers with a range of high end peripherals and accessories, many of which will be exclusive to GamingZap.com.
PC gamers will be able to purchase the newest and best accessories including gaming mice, keyboards and headsets.

As if that wasn’t enough, GamingZap will also provide console gamers with products such as headsets, joysticks and controllers.

GamingZap’s launch product range features items from well-known pro-gaming brands such as:

* Madcatz
* Turtle Beach
* Razer
* Steelseries
* Sennheiser
* Tritton

Not only will customers have access to some of the best and latest gaming kit on the market, they will also benefit from fast delivery times. Orders placed by
GamingZap customers before 5pm are shipped from the warehouse on the same day, for next day delivery.

Mo Hussain, MD of Mobile Fun, said: “We identified a growing demand for gaming accessories and peripherals on our main mobile (mobilefun.co.uk) and laptop and tablet accessories sites (gearzap.com). Pro and expert gamers are looking for a trusted resource, affording a wide range of high performance products that give them an edge, and fast delivery - exactly what GamingZap offers.

Coupled with our existing supply chain and a growing demand for gaming accessories and peripherals, we are confident that the new website will be a successful addition to our online retailing portfolio.”

Exclusive products GamingZap will offer at its launch include:
Hori Real Arcade Pro VX-SA Joystick (gamingzap.com/hori-real-arcade-pro-v3-sa-joystick-for-playstation-3.html). Designed for the Xbox 360, this specialist joystick gives gamers an arcade-like experience with high responsiveness and accuracy, from the comfort of their living room. GamingZap is currently the only UK and EU stockist offering this limited edition joystick, priced from only £139.99.

Another exclusive for GamingZap is the Tritton AX Pro Universal 5.1 Gaming Headset (gamingzap.com/tritton-ax-pro-universal-gaming-headset.html). Priced at £154.99, the Tritton AX Pro delivers professional gaming grade sound reproduction for any gaming platform. Featuring eight speakers, the Tritton AX pro is one of only a few true 5.1 headsets offering pinpoint accuracy directional sound. Certified by Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic, the Tritton AX pro headset comes with speakers that gamers can tailor to their perfect volume level as well as an adjustable time delay for a more realistic surround sound.

GamingZap also offers the latest gaming mice, such as the Saitek Cyborg R.A.T. 7 Gaming Mouse (gamingzap.com/saitek-cyborg-r-a-t-7-gaming-mouse.html), priced at £89.99. The highly distinctive R.A.T.7 is arguably the best mouse with the highest user customisability for gaming. The R.A.T. 7 helps gamers play like the pros, providing an array of customisable features such as adjustable weight, palm rests and on-the-fly dpi switching as well as a precision aim function. The R.A.T. 7 gaming mouse is designed purely for precision, comfort and performance.


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