Google Chrome™ Browser Version of SiteLauncher® Released

New: SiteLauncher® for Google Chrome™ released by DoneSmart Ltd - DoneSmart Ltd, makers of the widely-used SiteLauncher Add-on for the Mozilla Firefox™ browser, today officially announce the much anticipated first release of SiteLauncher for the Google Chrome browser.

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The first ever version of the SiteLauncher software for the Google Chrome browser has now been officially released to the public. The new browser extension - a free-to-use product from UK based startup, DoneSmart Ltd - is designed to give users a faster and clutter-free method to navigate to sites they regularly use and to help them manage their bookmarks in a more efficient fashion.

"SiteLauncher started out with one focused goal - find the way for users to access their important websites and manage their bookmarks in the quickest and most streamlined way possible. A lot of thought and development time has gone into making the user experience feel as quick and light as possible" said David Morrison, DoneSmart CEO. "Technology changes on a daily basis, but what hasn't changed is the user need to regularly get to different services online - the services change
, but not the need to navigate to and from them. This need is central to the browser experience, yet arguably has seen the least amount of innovation over the last decade."

The original Firefox version of SiteLauncher received much acclaim from technology columnists and bloggers when first released in December 2008. Its unique keyboard shortcut approach to navigation was described as a "stroke of genius" (Jessica Dolcourt, CNET). The Chrome version of SiteLauncher builds further on the original interface, and also extends its support to touch-screens.

"We want to free up people's time and create a more fluid web browsing experience, everything about the on-going development of SiteLauncher is kept to that end" David Morrison added.

SiteLauncher for Google Chrome is available for users to download at

The original SiteLauncher Add-on for Mozilla Firefox is available at


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