New High Precision Digital Thermometer - BetaProbe TI

Martel Announces Precision Digital Thermometer - Martel Electronics, the worldwide provider of Beta Calibrators and electronic testing equipment has recently announced the release of the new BetaProbe TI High precision Digital Thermometer.

Beta Probe TI High Precision Digital Thermometer

A new precision digital thermometer, the BetaProbe TI, is coming from Martel as a ready replacement for liquid-in-glass thermometry applications. With a total-cost-of-ownership far less than the traditional devices, the BetaProbe TI offers advantages in terms of reliability, precision, accuracy and ease of calibration.

The BetaProbe circuit design is based on that of the BetaGauge PI-PRO. It’s a solid design with over 5 years of harsh field experience with virtually no failures. The user interface will also be familiar to users of Martel’s gauge product.

The TI offers an accuracy of ±0.06°C over a measurement range of -50 to 160°C. The integral 3/16" (5 mm) diameter probe houses a quick response thin film sensor for quickly acquiring highly accurate readings using minimal insertion depth.

The integral probe also rotates through 90° for any angle reading of the display. A unique feature of the BetaProbe TI is the user configurable trend indicator. With this feature, the user knows at a glance if the reading is stable or trending higher or lower. The display also incorporates a high intensity blue backlight for easy reading in any lighting condition from full sun to pitch dark.

User selectable features include choice of resolution (up to 0.001°C), engineering unit, auto shut-off time (battery save) and sample rate. A choice of sensor sizes is also available on order to accommodate a wide range of applications.

Since the BetaProbe TI digital thermometer has ATEX and IECEX approvals for hazardous area use, it can be used for applications virtually anywhere.

Power comes from (3) readily available AAA Alkaline batteries. It offers battery life in excess of 300 hours of continuous use.

With the use of optional BetaLOG™ TI software, the BetaProbe TI becomes a high performance, easy to use temperature data logger. It allows the user to create a full suite of logging options, download them to the BetaProbe TI, then retrieve, format, display and save the data using Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet files. The BetaProbe’s RS-232 serial port can also be used for configuration and recalibration support via Windows™ HyperTerminal.

Additional information is available on Martel's web site,

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