iLIVEx X11 Emulator Brings Firefox, Flash to iPads at SuperComputing 2010

iLIVEx X11 Emulator Brings Firefox, Flash to iPads at SuperComputing 2010 - StarNet enhances its iLIVEx X11 emulator for iPad with the ability to automatically display the Firefox web browser. Now users can run flash video on iPads.

Firefox is displayed full screen on the iPad with iLIVEx 1.1

StarNet Communications of Sunnyvale, California, a leading developer of X11 connectivity solutions, announces iLIVEx 1.1, a fast, secure and fault-tolerant X server for the Apple iPad that is now pre-configured to display the popular Firefox web browser full screen. The iLIVEx/Firefox combination enables iPads to display websites with Flash video.

iLIVEx 1.1 ($14.99 in the App Store) will be demonstrated this week in Booth 1713 at the SuperComputing 2010 trade show in New Orleans, Nov. 15-18.

iLIVEx is designed for first-time Linux users. “iLIVEx enables anyone to use Linux applications like Firefox and OpenOffice without training,”
commented Paul Swart, StarNet Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “A majority of iLIVEx users want to run Firefox to view flash video on their iPad. Now we made that a one-step operation."

Firefox is installed on StarNet’s iLIVEx application server where iLIVEx users have a free account that is included with the purchase of the app. Users simply connect to the iLIVEx host and select the Firefox option. Moments later, the popular web browser displays full screen on the iPad. Now users can view web sites that use flash video on their iPad. Alternatively, users can connect to corporate and other Linux and Unix servers on which they have an account.

Besides Firefox, iLIVEx can bring up a full remote Linux desktop and run multiple applications such as word processing, spreadsheet and presentation. “iLIVEx turns the iPad into a low-cost X terminal, enabling users to work productively from anywhere,” Swart said.

Key iLIVEx features include:

* Viewing Flash – With Firefox, iLIVEx enables iPad users to work with flash-based web sites and applications.
* Multi-Tasking – iLIVEx users can work on multiple office applications (word processor, presentation, email, spreadsheet, etc.) simultaneously, even copy and paste data between them.
* Persistency/Fault Tolerance – Users can reconnect to their remote Linux/Unix desktop at any time, even after the iPad has disconnected from the network. No work is lost due to a disconnect and applications continue to process data on the remote host while iLIVEx is not connected to the host.
* Desktop Switching – Users can seamlessly switch their remote desktops between iPads, Windows, Linux and Macintosh PCs using StarNet's desktop LIVE client applications. A 6-month trial license for the desktop apps is also included with iLIVEx.

Product Background
iLIVEx is an X11 PC X server that turns iPads into x terminals for Unix and Linux workstations, mainframes and supercomputers. iLIVEx uses an ultra-thin data transfer protocol allowing for LAN-like performance, even over 3G connections. Connections run over securely encrypted SSH tunnels and built-in session persistency ensures users can reconnect to their remote applications should the iPad get disconnected, turned off or the user temporarily switches to another iPad app. Users can also switch their remote desktops seamlessly between iPads, Windows, Linux and Macintosh PCs.


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