New Affordable and Secure ATM - Genmega 1900 Series ATM

Genmega Launches the New 1900 Series ATM - The 1900 Series brings an affordable and secure ATM to the retail market. Genmega, a provider of leading edge products and technologies for the retail ATM market, is proud to launch the new 1900 series ATM to better secure and manage retail ATM investments. The 1900 series introduces new layers of security to ward off theft in addition to a cost-effective alternative to upgrade pre-existing ATMs.

A new flashing LED light is strategically placed to inform individuals of the heightened security level, acting as a theft deterrent, and the UL 291 business hour cabinet features a vault door overlap thereby increasing the level of difficulty to obtain access to the unit.

With the new cabinet design, Genmega is now able to accommodate the Talaris SDD 1700, a popular cassette mechanism known for its long life cycle and found in many retail ATMs. As such, many Independent Sales Organizations are now able to purchase a Genmega 1900 ATM without the cassette mechanism. This will allow businesses to update retail ATM estates to meet various regulations and certifications
, Triple DES, ADA, and PCI/Visa/Interac, for a fraction of the cost.

“Genmega is proud to offer an affordable and secure alternative to distributors,” says Wes Dunn, vice president of sales and marketing for Genmega. “With the proven track record and advanced features of the 1900 series, this offering truly allows customers to increase the value of their ATM portfolio for a reasonable price.”

The 1900 series is host to numerous features such as: a dual magnetic head swipe card reader, designated location for a security camera option, and a sliding cash dispensing unit. For more information on the Genmega 1900 series, unsurpassed value for the retail ATM market, contact a local Genmega representative.

About Genmega
Genmega is a global ATM manufacturer with over ten years experience leading the market for Retail ATM solutions. Continuing the tradition, Genmega is committed to providing leading-edge products and technologies for today’s competitive ATM market. For more information, visit or call 1-510-314-8225.


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