Sony Ericsson says Open Source Mobile OS Android is Best for Brands

Android is The Best Development Platform, Says Sony Ericsson - Android, the open source mobile application operating system, is the best platform for brands to choose as it is already favoured by large numbers of developers and it is now expanding into further countries at a rapid rate, according to Sony Ericsson.

Plenty of organisations have chosen to develop their applications on Android and, as stated by telecom research firm Ovum, the platform is poised for tremendous growth over the next couple of years. In June 2010, Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google said that Android is getting 160,000 new users per day and at the end of September 2010 Android announced that developers from 20 more countries can sell paid apps on Android Market and users in 18 additional countries will be able to purchase paid apps from Android Market by mid-October.

Developers are giving preference to Android due to a number of technology related reasons but one of the main benefits to the system is that it is open source and therefore free. This is especially advantageous for amateur developers who want to try their hand at turning an application idea into a reality that other people can download from the Android Market. Additionally, other platforms insist on approving app products
before they are can be accessed by the public and this can often be burdensome and take a number of submissions before they are allowed. Android does not restrict the availability of new applications so when a developer uploads their creation it is obtainable from an android smartphone in minutes; therefore, it is helping to encourage new talent into the development arena.

It is often described as being developer-friendly and flexible and because many professionals working with the system are already familiar with Java, the language that Android uses, they don't need to learn a completely new scripting method. For those not fluent in Java, it has been noted that the layout, organisation, and naming conventions of Android are consistent and predictable making it much easier to learn than other systems. Within a matter of minutes, users can have the full source code available and easily step through the platform code in the emulator to learn more about the desired results.

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