Skankeywear® Stylish Clothes - Resistant to Stain, Water, Fade, Odor and Wrinkles

Skankeywear Launches a Line of Comfortable Protective Wear - Skankeywear launches its one of kind graphic tee line of clothing treated with C6 Technology a revolutionary process that makes clothing stain, water, fade, odor and wrinkle resistant.

Skankeywear Stain resistant clothing

Skankeywear®, LLC. a Beaverton, Oregon headquartered company has launched the Skankeywear® brand; a range of T-shirts for the US market. The products have unique benefits that protect clothes from a number of things that can damage and stain garments. Given the active lifestyles of America’s youth, this product hits the mark. Skankeywear uses C-6 Technology, which is a special eco-friendly process that allows the clothes to be stain resistant, water repellent, fade resistant, odor repellent, breathable and wrinkle free. This advanced technology has been years in development but the results have been worth the wait. Says CEO Nathan Skankey “Skankeywear is the ultimate protective range of clothes for people that lead an active lifestyle.” Simply put, if you spill something on your clothes you will not have to worry about unpleasant odors and embarrassing stains.

Skankeywear clothes do not require ironing they can be shaken out after drying and immediately put on because they are wrinkle resistant. In a world committed to saving our planet, the consumer is now part of the solution given that they can save valuable energy with Skankeywear clothing.

Skankeywear has a range of stylish clothes to meet a consumers on the go lifestyle needs. In addition, for a limited time during the introduction, Skankeywear will be offering lucrative discounts and value packs. Visit our Facebook page to see these great values.

The products will be sold primarily via online portal at and will be nationally available in the Fall 2010. Over the next twelve months the company plans to expand distribution into both specialty stores and eventually to mass retail outlets.

Join Skankeywear as it brings a new wave of stylish and resistant clothing to consumers.

For further details, please visit at and follow Skankeywear on

Skankeywear LLC is the nation’s leading provider of quality and protective apparel for a range of occasions.

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