Bloodhound Super Sonic Car Set to Reach 1000 mph Land Speed Record

DiSTI Sponsors the Bloodhound Super Sonic Car - GL Studio Is Instrumental in Display Development for the Bloodhound Prototype Vehicle Set to Reach 1000 mph

Bloodhound Super Sonic Car

The DiSTI Corporation announces its strategic sponsorship of the Bloodhound Super Sonic Car (SSC) project, a U.K. program intending to break the land speed record with a vehicle capable of reaching 1000 mph. DiSTI’s industry leading graphical user interface toolkit, GL Studio, has been used for the development of the vehicle’s dashboard displays as well as the displays within the simulator.

The Bloodhound SSC Project uses GL Studio to gain the ability to prototype, test, train, and deploy their interface designs in real-time, thanks to the unique design architecture provided by the toolkit. With an environment that has no room for error, GL Studio’s high-fidelity and high-performance runtime graphics display engine is tuned to meet the demands of this project. GL Studio has been used to design and create the displays that will be embedded into the vehicle and reused in the simulator, offering critical consistency and efficiency to the program; ultimately conserving time and eliminating unnecessary redevelopment efforts.

“I have found GL Studio to be powerful as well as very flexible; allowing me, in a short time, to learn how to program the various functions and how best to link these displays to the data for real-time display,” remarked Dr. John Davis, Control Systems Bloodhound SSC. “The toolkit allows us to change the layout and function of the display with almost every run, from when the car is being tested right up to the world record run, to present the maximum amount of information to aid Wing Commander Andy Green in his demanding task.”

Bloodhound SSC’s objective is to inspire the next generation to pursue careers in science, engineering, technology and mathematics by demonstrating how these disciplines can be harnessed to achieve the seemingly impossible. Under Project Director Richard Noble and Andy Green, the project brings together over 40 individuals on the exciting engineering adventure of breaking Green’s current land speed record with a car capable of 1000 mph. In fact, the program brings Noble and Green together for the third time. The pair reached 714.14 mph in September 1997 with the Thrust SSC and on October 15, 1997, Green became the first and only man to exceed the speed of sound at ground level with a 763.03 mph record.

“DiSTI is thrilled to be involved with such an historic and exciting endeavor,” said DiSTI President Joe Swinski. “As GL Studio celebrates its tenth anniversary, it’s outstanding to witness the instrumental involvement of the toolkit in the creation of the Bloodhound SSC displays.”

The Bloodhound SSC is expected to make its first test run in 2011. For more information and updates on the Bloodhound SSC project, visit:


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